What is The Best E Cigarette?

Going The Distance

As you might anticipate, the best e-cigarette for you to buy depends on your particular vaping needs. The everyday smoker is best suited with a rechargeable or disposable gadget, considering how reasonably priced and widely accessible they have been in the recent years. Heavy smokers, however, may want to think about buying an e-cig mod as they offer a greater level of personalization and long-lasting battery life. It would be suggested to test out a few distinct models, if it’s able to be done, so you will have a greater idea of which type of model you like most. Furthermore, day-to-day vapers will likely turn into an advantage when purchasing a back-up electronic-cigarette. It surely does not need to be top-of-the-list, but having an extra gadget to carry you over if your main one ever ceases to function is never a bad idea.

These smokeless devices are growing rapidly in popularity. Based on scientific analysis, they are credited with helping smokers decrease their tobacco consumption or even quit their smoking addiction entirely. Since analysis of these vapor cigarettes began, they have helped most pack-a-day-smokers turn down regular smokes after almost three months completely.

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Traditional vs. Vapor / Smoke vs. E-juice

E-juices can have nicotine included, in ranging-amounts from zero to 4.8%, and come in a wide range of flavors depending on the different brands on the market. All e-liquids contain PG (Propylene-Glycol) and / or VG (Vegetable Glycerin). These are the materials that create the vapor. A strong e-liquid mixture will frequently offer the vapor a powerful sensation, received similar to inhaling cigarette smoke.

Equally fascinating is the idea that, given the diversity of flavors and the opportunity of zero nicotine juice, even people who don’t smoke have begun the vaping habit for nights out on the town.

Between the analog cigarette changes and the new electronic nicotine delivery system users, the market is erupting. Vapor-cigarette sales achieved over three billion dollars last year, considered by most a healthy sales statistic, but one that brings some possible health concerns as well.

Brands & Style Options

Some brands starter-kit examples:
ePuffer ($7.95 to $69.95)
V2 ($19.95 to $59.95)
South Beach Smoke ($19.99 to $43.99)

These devices are developed in three types of electronic cigarettes:

  • Disposable Devices

    These gadgets are what most people imagine when they think of an e-cig. They appear very similar to a normal tobacco cigarette and even light up at the end. They generally use an automatic power unit that enables when used. Because most of these devices have a small size, the battery has a relatively short life. They use a pre-filled cartridge that is discarded when empty of liquid. Additional cartridges are then acquired and are normally specific to the gadget.

  • Refillable Devices

    Users looking for a more budget-cost option with strong vapor power and long-lasting battery life may consider a refillable electronic cigarette as a good choice. These gadgets are re-filled with e-juice that is accessible in many different flavors and that can be purchased individually from a wide range of suppliers. They operate a vapor-puff system that can be re-filled many times before requiring replacing. They use a larger battery that enables for a higher capacity and requires less recharging.

  • Variable Voltage/Re-buildable Devices

    For a maximum performance and vapor achievement, a MOD or a variable-voltage-device can be used. These devices offer the user a wide-range of advanced features, but they tend to be costlier. A wider selection of vapor systems can be puffed, including re-buildable atomizers that can be altered and substituted by the user. These gadgets are for experienced electronic-cigarette fanatics who have a clear understanding of how e-cigs function and aspire for the best possible performance that a battery-powered puffer can deliver.

Electronic nicotine delivery systems develop a vapor that simulates the experience of smoking when a customer inhales from an e-cig. An e-cigarette has three important parts: a lithium power unit for powering and recharging the electronic device, an atomizer that includes the heat-up gadget which products the vapor, and a cartridge or tank that carries the e-juice liquid.

Choosing Your Desired Device

These are some of the options you need to do research on before choosing your ideal electronic cigarette:

Vapor Quality

The quantity and quality of vapor that an e-cig can produce decides how well it reproduces the experience of smoking tobacco. The vapor device and the power of the battery are key factors for its quality.

  • Disposable e-cig: Utilizes a cartomizer-system and a small power unit with low to medium vapor.
  • Refillable e-cig: Utilizes a cartomizer / clearomizer with an eGo manual power unit, with medium to high vapor.
  • Variable voltage/re-buildable e-cig: Utilizes a high voltage power unit with an improved vapor system to create very high vapor.

Ease of Use

The clarity of a gadget goes together with its performance. An automatic battery with pre-filled cartridges is the simplest to use. A re-fillable gadget requires some fundamental understanding of how to refill and maintain its condition but provides better capacity and is more economical.

  • Disposable cartomizer: The simplest system to use. Just screw-in the cartridge and draw-on the vapor-cig to activate.
  • Refillable clearomizer: Refilling most gadgets is a easy process of opening up the clearomizer and placing your e-liquid choice inside.
  • Variable voltage/re-buildable: A comprehension of resistance and power along with technical knowledge of the interior workings of the gadget is needed. Recommended for knowledgeable users only.

Refill & Delivery System

There is a wide-range of systems that are used to produce the vapor in an electronic-cigarette. Each of them has its ups and downs including strength of vapor, flavor, and the simplicity of filling. Refillable devices are ideal for low cost usage.

  • Prefilled cartomizers: Come set to use and are mostly not refillable. Vapor offering is limited.
  • Refillable clearomizers: Nice vapor offering and flavor. Simple to use and simple to fill.
  • Refillable cartomizer-tanks: Large volume and nice vapor offering, but more difficult to assemble and fill.

Battery Life Calculation

Size/Battery Life

The largest part of an electronic cigarette’s size is its battery / power unit. A bigger battery holds more charge and has a longer-lasting life. A more close-packed gadget with a smaller power unit is easier to transport and more discrete but needs recharging more frequently.

  • Disposable e-cigarette with a slim automatic battery: Tiny and compact. Continuous time of use: 2 to 3 hours.
  • Refillable e-cigarette with 650 mAh eGo manual battery: A rather wider gadget that will comfortably fix in a pocket. Continuous time of use: 4 to 6 hours.
  • Replaceable power-unit for variable voltage MOD: Utilizes a wider, replaceable battery. Continuous time of use: 8 to 10 hours.


Pre-filled cartridges have a wide-range of flavors based on the manufacturer. Using a re-fillable system enables you to choose from a variety of e-liquids from many different brands. There are hundreds of distinct flavors to inspect and personal likings vary greatly.

  • Tobacco: If you are new to vaping, you might wish to search for a flavor that replicates the smokes you are used to.
  • Fruits: Tasting a fresh watermelon or orange can be enjoyed any time of the year when choosing your desired e-liquid fruit flavor.
  • Menthol sensation: A crispy cool and vaguely sweet flavor makes the sensation of menthol one of the best tastes available.

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Appearance and style are key elements in today’s world. There is a wide-range of distinct looking products available, like those that are similar in design to tobacco cigarettes or like larger ones that have a more advanced system.

The Top of The Class

One of the leading e-cig brands that cover most of the internet and electronic-cigarette commercials, are the V2 Cigs, known now as the Vapour2 cigarettes. We have seen V2 Cigs grow from a small company to one with the most popular and top rated brands of electronic-cigarettes on the market.

The starter V2 kit is really an ideal option if you would like to get it all in a single order at a truly reasonable price. Even if you are quite a strong smoker, this kit will keep you running for a while with no reorder of cartridges needed. The kit includes three V2 accumulators, twenty-five V2 flavor capsules, one AC adapter, one smart charger, one car adapter, one transportable charging case, one V2 Power Cig, one metal supporting case, one lanyard, and a comprehensive instruction manual.

V2 Cigs give a nice introduction on the wrapping of a big white box filled with all the elements tidily organized and ready for usage. The battery is moderately charged, so you can just breathe in that first vapor right away rather than delaying it or waiting for your batteries to charge up.
Reviews on V2 Cigs can be found in all places. All the reviews are positive and V2 is ranked number one across most online sites. They are the most favored brand for a bunch of reasons: their innovation is non-stop, the consistency they show, and their accessible prices. Check out E-Cig Brands V2 Cigs review.