Best 10 E-Liquid Flavors for 2021

VaporFi new Vape Liquid Flavors

2018 was a good year for vaping. Boom growth, ever-increasing market share, and, of course, some awesome e-liquid flavors. It seems like every year the quality and creativity of vape liquids goes up and up. We’re getting more true-to-life fruits and tobaccos, sweeter and richer desserts, more warming and satisfying coffees, and every more creative and original blends. There were too many great, top-selling e-liquids on the market in 2017 to name but a few deserve special recognition. So here is E-Cig Brands’ list of the top ten e-liquid flavors of 2021.

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10. Apollo Fa-Q American Pie Max VG – $12.99 USD for 16ml/$19.00 USD for 30ml

Apollo’s Max VG line of e-liquids is made of nearly 100% vegetable glycerin, providing a thicker, more viscous vape liquid that doesn’t hit the throat as hard as a more even VG and PG (propylene glycol) mix. The result: a smoother vaping experience and larger, denser clouds. Though specially designed for RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) because of the high wattage, which generates a thick and flavorful vapor cloud with these kinds of thick e-liquid, Max VG will work with most e-cigs (because of the thickness it will perform it’s best with higher-end clearomizers, like a newer Sub Ohm model). The entire Max VG line is a cloud-chaser’s dream and American Pie is a delicious dream at that. Fa-Q American Pie tastes like a spoonful of fresh apple pie, perfectly balancing the warmth of hot, sticky apples; the spice of fresh cinnamon; and the sweetness of rough, raw sugar. It’s like Thanksgiving dinner or a visit to Grandma’s place in an e-liquid.

Pro Tip: Add a drop of Apollo’s French Vanilla vape liquid for a delicious apple pie and ice cream taste experience. It’s like vaping dessert.


Get Apollo’s Fa-Q American Pie Max VG E-Liquid Here!

9. Apollo’s Signature Series TWO – $4.99 USD for 15ml

Apollo’s Signature Series is a new direction for the company, away from single flavor e-liquids and towards layered, complex dripping liquids hand-designed by their chief chemist Chris Gaskill, whose signature adorns the logo and lends the series its name. Like the Max VG line, the Signature Series will perform its best in very high quality clearomizers, because the e-liquids are so dense with flavor. TWO is a 50/50 vegetable glycerin/ propylene glycol reformulation of Apollo’s best-selling e-liquid, Miss Samoa, from the Fa-Q Max VG line. That reformulation means TWO is more friendly to tanks and clearomizers than its Max VG predecessor. No flavor has been lost in the remix, though. TWO is a rich and layered vape liquid, with a fudge cookie base smothered in caramel and generously dusted with toasted coconut. The entire Signature Series bears the personal guarantee of Chris Gaskill: they represent the best of Apollo’s continued evolution in flavor and quality.


Get Apollo’s Signature Series TWO E-Liquid Here!

8. ePuffer Menthol – $19.95 USD for 30ml

If you’re after an e-liquid to recreate the experience of menthol cigarettes, look no further. If you’ve been on the hunt for a while, chances are you’ve dealt with more than a few liquids that just taste like gum or mints. Epuffer’s menthol flavor provides the genuine taste experience of a traditional menthol cig in a vape liquid. It’s a smooth, stress-busting flavor that, thanks to ePuffer’s True Nicotine Content feature, retains the flavor of real nicotine. That makes ePuffer’s Menthol a great e-liquid choice for traditional smokers of menthol cigs looking to give vaping a try. And, like all of ePuffer’s e-liquids, Menthol comes in a safe, child- and tamper-proof container, making it safe to throw in your bag or pocket whether you’re out the afternoon or traveling cross-country. So if you’re feeling stressed, whether it’s that big meeting next week or just your so-far fruitless hunt for a replacement for traditional menthol cigarettes, give ePuffer’s Menthol a try.


Get ePuffer’s Menthol E-Liquid Here!

7. VaporFi Grand Reserve Catch Ya Latte – $17.99 USD for 30ml

From VaporFi’s chef-inspired premium Grand Reserve collection of vape liquids, Catch Ya Latte, which took the Best in Show title for coffee flavors at the 2016 Vape Summit in Houston, Texas, offers the taste experience of a premium latte made by a first rate barista (no Starbucks in here, we’re talking some cramped place run by 20-something girls in horn-rimmed glasses with superhero tattoos and weird graphs about the blends all over the walls). Forget the hot cups of brown they serve in the office ‘kitchen.’ Forget the bland, oily ‘coffee’ at the diner around the corner. This is hot, fresh espresso blended with perfectly frothed milk and topped with crema in the shape or a leaf or little heart or the damn Mona Lisa. All VaporFi e-liquids use top-rated nicotine and glycerin; completely kosher, higher than food-grade ingredients; and come in child-proof bottles with clearly labeled lot numbers so you can trace your e-liquid’s and its ingredients’ origins.


Get VaporFi’s Grand Reserve Catch Ya Latte E-Liquid Here!

6. ePuffer Havana Cigar – $19.95 USD for 30ml

The embargo my be lifted but getting your hands on fine, hand-rolled Cuban cigars isn’t as easy as popping down to your local tobacconist. I mean, who even has a tobacconist anymore? And it’s not like they’re stocking Cubans behind the counter at 7-Eleven. It’s even worse if you’ve given up smoking: there aren’t many alternatives to that uniquely fine experience that is a hand-rolled Cuban cigar. And experts say that cigars contain even more carcinogens per inhale than cigarettes. Want that famously fine taste experience without breaking the bank or going back on your New Year’s resolution to ditch the cigarettes and stick to vaping? Then you need ePuffer’s Havana Cigar e-liquid. Havana Cigar vape liquid promises a high vapor density to guarantee a flavor-rich vaping experience to really capture the unique pleasure of a fine Cuban in a way you just can’t find with any other e-liquid.


Get E-Puffer’s Havana Cigar E-Liquid Here!

5. Vaper Empire’s Velvet Elvis – $15.00 AUD for 10ml

Are you nothin’ but a Hound Dog for a bold e-liquid flavor experience? Can’t Help Falling in Love with unique vape liquids? How many Elvis song titles are you going to have to endure in here? From Australian retailer Vaper Empire’s Artisan Collection of unique flavors and awesome names, Velvet Elvis, inspired by none other than the King of Rock ‘n Roll himself, is a candy lover’s dream e-liquid. Daring, unique, and unforgettable as the King himself, Velvet Elvis offers a smooth blend of Gummi Bears, Bubblegum, and Skittles, to please and delight your taste buds just like its namesake pleased and delighted your eardrums. One deep inhale and it’ll be Stuck on You. And you know what? That’s All Right, because Velvet Elvis e-liquid is a Mystery Train of bold, delicious candy flavors. Just try not to spill any on those new Blue Suede Shoes.

… Jailhouse Rock.

Get Vaper Empire’s Velvet Elvis E-Liquid Here!

4. VaporFi Reserve Northern Lights – $19.00 USD for 30ml

From VaporFi’s premium Reserve collection, Northern Lights clocks in as one of the best vape liquid choices for a cool, refreshing burst of flavor. But this isn’t just a wallop of mint. Northern Lights e-liquid provides layers of fresh menthol and fruity flavors, providing notes of mint and melon and finishing like a fine mojito on a warm, sandy Cuban beach. It’s a unique, refreshing combination that’s a step up from regular menthol vape liquid flavors. Where can you get the cool, refreshing air of the Northern Lights and the sweet, fruity freshness of the Caribbean all at the same time? No other e-liquid offers you the same unique refreshment experience. As always with VaporFi, Reserve Northern Lights e-liquid is made with VaporFi’s top, better than food-grade, Kosher ingredients and only the best-rated nicotine and glycerin and packed in a child- and tamper-proof bottle with a trackable lot number.


Get VaporFi’s Reserve Northern Lights E-Liquid Here!

3. ePuffer Premium Tobacco – $19.95 USD for 30ml

Looking for a classic, premium tobacco experience? Not interested in a bunch of fancy flavors? Don’t understand why anyone would want to smoke coffee or fruit? Then ePuffer’s Premium Tobacco e-liquid is the vape liquid for you. It’s the essence of a classic, traditional tobacco cigarette distilled with organic ingredients into the convenience and health-friendliness of vaping. Like ePuffer’s Menthol vape liquid, Premium Tobacco is a great stop is you’re just starting out and need a familiar flavor experience from your e-liquid as you transition away from traditional cigarettes. If you’re using a cigalike you probably won’t even be able to tell the difference, assuming, of course, that you’re used to good cigarettes. Premium Tobacco is an ideal choice for the new or first-time vaper who’s just making the switch, or the experienced vape-aholic who loves the taste of first-rate tobacco in their box mod.


Get ePuffer’s Premium Tobacco E-Liquid Here!

2. ePuffer Valerian Natural Relaxant E-Liquid – $24.95 USD for 30ml

The good folks at ePuffer see vaping as more than a pastime. They’ve worked to create vape liquid variants and styles that can have a deeper impact on your life. The newly reformulated Valerian Natural Relaxant E-liquid is a prime example. A vape liquid naturally formulated with Valerian root, sage, and cannabis terpene extracts, Valerian Natural Relaxant E-liquid. Don’t worry/get too excited, you won’t get high from Valerian Natural Relaxant E-liquid, just a bit sedated. Epuffer don’t use any THC, CBD, or active cannabis components in their formula. Instead, they rely on all-natural sage, relaxing cannabis terpenes, and Valerian root extract, which has been known to relax the nervous system and promote sleep.

valerian relaxante liquid by epuffer

Get ePuffer’s Valerian Natural Relaxant E-Liquid Here!

1.VaporFi Grand Reserve Island Frost – $17.99 USD for 30ml

Topping of our list is another one from VaporFi’s first-rate Grand Reserve collection of premium e-liquids. Island Frost e-liquid is a cool, brisk breeze on a Caribbean island in a 30ml bottle. Building on a delicious base of pineapple and coconut, VaporFi layer champagne-infused blueberries, sweet muddled mint, and tangy lime garnish. The contrast and combination is an overwhelmingly delicious mix, as enticing as a day on a warm sandy beach with a cool island breeze and an ice cold pitcher of piña colada at your side. With so much complexity, you won’t be surprised to find that every inhale is different, with different flavors coming to the fore every time. That layering, complexity, and incredible range of flavor experience all make VaporFi’s Grand Reserve Island Frost a favorite all-day vape. As ever, VaporFi use only top quality, better than food-grade ingredients, with the best nicotine and glycerin, all of it completely Kosher and all the bottle child- and tamper-proof and labeled with clear lot numbers to make your bottle of e-liquid and its ingredients completely trackable.


Get VaporFi’s Grand Reserve Island Frost Vape Liquid Here!

So there you have it, E-Cig Brands’ Best 10 e-liquids flavors of 2021. There were more than a few deserving honorable mentions who didn’t make the list. All the e-liquid makers we mentioned today produced a wide range of first-rate flavors in 2021, all worth a try if they’re up your particular alley: desserts and candies, coffees, fruits, mints, tobaccos, and unique blends. All in all it was an explosion of quality flavors and liquids, with more set to tumble down the pipeline with every passing month. We here at E-Cig Brands, at least, can’t wait to see what awesome e-liquid flavors 2021 will continue to bring. If 2016 was anything to go by, the best is yet to come.

How Do We Choose Our E-Liquids?

E-cigarettes are best enjoyed when you have a favorite e liquid flavor. This means finding one that is both a flavor that you really enjoy as well as is at the nicotine level that will satisfy the cravings. Additionally, you will want to choose an e-cig liquid that contains a balance between propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

South Beach Smoke E-liquid Flavors

What Is In E-Liquid?

Typically, e-liquid for e-cigarettes consists of three to four ingredients – this is nicotine, flavoring, PG, and VG. Nicotine is what creates the addictive component of both traditional tobacco cigarettes as well as e juice for e cigarettes. Flavoring is what gives you the unique taste that you’re after. PG, or propylene glycol is what creates the vapor that you see when smoking an e-cig. It works with the atomizer to create the viscous vapor that you see and feel. And finally, the VG, or vegetable glycerin works with the atomizer to produce noticeably more vapor than that of its counterpart PG (propylene glycol).

How Does Propylene Glycol (PG) Work?

At room temperature propylene glycol, also known as PG, is colorless, tasteless, and has no opacity, however once it comes into contact with the atomizer it turns into a viscous and smooth vapor. E-cig manufacturers use propylene glycol as a way to both deliver the nicotine and to speed up the delivery and vapor forming process. PG allows atomization to occur in the e cig delivery process at a much lower temperature than what would otherwise be needed to create the vapor. Delivery of nicotine occurs when the vapor is inhaled, without the vapor nicotine would not be delivered and flavor would be compromised. Without propylene glycol, e-cigarettes would lack an efficient method of delivering the nicotine and developing the vapor. The most noticeable side effect of propylene glycol vapor alone is the dry mouth that accompanies this form of vapor, that’s where vegetable glycerin comes into play.


How Does Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Work?

Vegetable glycerin, also known as VG, is similar to propylene glycol (PG) in that it creates a viscous vapor and is used as a delivery agent for the nicotine, but it’s significantly different because it doesn’t result in a dry mouth, has a noticeable taste to it, and produces considerably more vapor. VG produces significantly thicker and denser vapor than that of its’ counterpart. It also provides the user with a slightly sweet flavor although it doesn’t affect the flavor the e-liquid is.

Combining PG and VG

E-cig manufactures use a combination of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in order to provide the user with the best experience possible but ultimately it’s up to you to choose what you prefer. One of the best combination levels that many users seem to love is a mix of 70 to 80% propylene glycol with 20 to 30% vegetable glycerin. This measured mixture allows the user to inhale and experience a large exhale of vapor without feeling like you have a dry mouth. Additionally, the user will experience only a slight hint of a sweet taste without being overwhelming. But ultimately it’s up to the user to choose what they prefer and that’s the beauty of e-cigs and e-juice – you can!

E-liquid Flavors

Choosing Your Nicotine Amount

Having the ability to choose your preferred nicotine level makes it possible to completely quit tobacco or e-cig products if that is your ultimate goal, but it also makes it possible to receive a sense of satisfaction to a nagging need and desire. While nicotine is what delivers the addiction components, it’s also what delivers a powerful punch to an e-cig when inhaling. Some prefer a powerful back of the throat type of burn which both enhances the flavor and creates a more dynamic experience for the user. This type of preferred delivery method is achieved through higher nicotine levels; so if that is what you’re looking for then choose an e-liquid flavor that is mid-strength and above on nicotine levels. There are generally five different levels of nicotine that you can choose from. While these levels are not standardized, many e-cig manufacturers follow these general principles although they may offer different milligram levels accordingly. The general principles of nicotine levels is as follows:

  • Nicotine Free (0 mg of nicotine)
    This is considered not to be addictive and is safe to use for those that are attempting to quit nicotine, those that have successfully quit, and those that don’t want to become addicted. When smoking an e liquid free of nicotine you will not experience any of the withdrawal symptoms that are commonly associated with nicotine, rather you are simply inhaling pure vapor that contains nothing more than flavor.
  • Low Strength (4-8 mg of nicotine)
    This level is a step before going completely nicotine free. Ideal for those that are trying to quit but are unable to completely stop nicotine altogether.
  • Mid Strength (10-14 mg of nicotine)
    This is the middle level of nicotine and is a good step forward for those that want to quit smoking traditional tobacco and/or e-cigarettes all together as well as a good place to start for those that are just getting into e-cigarettes and want to experience nicotine.
  • High Strength (16-18 mg of nicotine)
    This is the second highest dosage level of nicotine available and is where many regular tobacco cigarette smokers start out at.
  • Extra-High Strength (24-54 mg of nicotine)
    This is the highest dosage of nicotine levels that one can safely buy without it being considered immediately toxic. The highest amount of nicotine, 54 mg is even considered too strong and should only be used with discretion.

Top Vape Liquids

Choosing Your Flavor

As it pertains to different e-juice flavors the sky is the limit. There are flavors that replicate that of the traditional tobacco cigarette and the menthol cigarette, then there’s the sweet and fruity flavors, then there’s the really decadent ones, and finally there’s custom mixes.

Tobacco Cigarette E-Liquid Flavors

Often times an e-cigarette user is or was a traditional tobacco cigarette user as well. So when it comes time to transition towards an e-cig most prefer to stick to something that they’re familiar with and that’s traditional tobacco cigarette flavorings. There are two types of tobacco cigarette flavorings that a vape user might look for, this is regular tobacco and minty menthol. The e-cigarette company Halo Cigs provides some of the absolute best and most natural tasting e-juice flavors out there when referring to traditional tobacco and menthol flavored cigarettes. Halo Cig has more than ten e juice flavors in different variations of a traditional tobacco cigarette while they also have more than five menthol flavored e liquids to choose from. Their goal, just like many other e-cigarettes goals are to parallel the taste and experience of traditional tobacco and mentholated cigarettes.

V2 Cigs Flavor Samples

Fruity E-Juice Flavors

If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up in the morning or during the mid-afternoon slump and you’re in the mood for a sweet refreshing and natural treat then you may want to try out a delicious fruit flavored e-juice for reusable e-cartridge or vaporizer. Fruit flavored e-juices can be enjoyed all day long or can be used intermittently between favorite flavors to spice things up – it’s all in personal preference. The e-cig brand, Vapor Fi has a remarkable selection of sweet and fruity e-juice flavors. You can find popular e-liquid flavors such as a crisp appletini, a fresh blast of sun ripened orange juice, an exotic and tart pomegranate rush, or a crisp and ripe cherry flavor.

Decadent Desert E-Cig Juice Flavors

Desert flavored e-liquids are some of e-cig user’s favorites. They allow the user to indulge in a decadent, mouth-watering, and absolutely delicious desert without gaining a pound! Desert flavored e-cigarette juices can be used to stifle unhealthy cravings for fattening foods such as thick, rich, and majorly sugary desert foods. Let’s say that you’re in the mood for a rich mouth-watering cherry pie but you’re on a diet that both restricts calories and requires you to watch your carb intake then what can you do? You can choose to enjoy a delicious alternative such as flavored yogurt but you’re still ingesting additional calories that you need to account for somewhere else during the day. So why not enjoy your favorite desert guilt free with a desert flavored e-cigarette. If you’re not into dieting or simply don’t care about losing weight then you can still indulge in your own sweet treat of your choice. Depending on preference, the user may enjoy smoking a sweet and flavorful desert e-juice all day long or they may enjoy it on the rare occasion – either way, it’s your life and your choice so live it the way you have always wanted to. The popular e-cig brand, Apollo Electronic Cigarettes, has an amazing array of delicious, mouth-watering, desert inspired e-juice flavors. Some examples include: cinnamon Danish, chocolate covered strawberry, orange sherbet, banana lemon meringue pie, and pumpkin spice. There’s always room for desert with these tasty confectionary vapor flavors!


Fun and Outrageous Drink Inspired E Liquid Flavors

Fun and outrageous e-cig flavors can be enjoyed all day long or just at certain times of the day; it all simply depends on your preference. For example, you may want to smoke the vapor from a mocha cappuccino e-juice or a green tea flavored e-juice in the early morning when you sip your cup of coffee or warm tea. Or, you may want to indulge in a sweet cola flavor or a smooth bourbon flavor at the end of the day when you sit down to enjoy a warm meal. If you’re a coffee lover then you’re likely to enjoy casually smoking a rich espresso flavored e-cigarette all throughout the day. Or, if you prefer a delicately sweet and lively flavor and you enjoy the taste of tea then you may like inhaling white tea e-liquid or green tea e-juice electronic cigarette all day long. The e-cig brand, Apollo E Cigs has a large variety of fun drink inspired e-liquids to be used with your e-cig, hookah, or vaporizer. One of the more interesting flavors is the all nighter e-liquid; it contains caffeine and your choice of nicotine and tastes similar to popular bull-themed energy drinks. It’s a bold yet tart flavor that will stimulate your taste buds and wake up your mind and body.

Make Your Own E Juice Flavor

Many of the popular e-cigarette company’s now provide you with the option to create your own custom flavor, which typically involves ordering a custom flavor from the brand of preference’s website and then choosing the flavors you want to be combined. In addition to custom designing your own e-juice you can also choose the level of nicotine that you want as well. Custom designing your own e-juice is recommended for those that have tried a large variety of flavors and are really comfortable in knowing what flavors they like and which ones they don’t like. Sometimes a brand may put a limit as to how many different flavors or what certain types of flavors can be combined so as to ensure that the final product still tastes appealing, but overall, this method of choosing a flavor is great for true personalization and for very refined palates.

If you’re not interested in purchasing your own custom blended e-juice then you can also custom make your own e liquid by purchasing several different flavors across multiple different e-cig brands and mixing them up yourself. This method of custom making your own e-juice is normally recommended for those that have been vaping for a while as they are likely to be more familiar with how to do it safely and as well as how to refill an e-cig cartridge or vaporizer which also requires practice, skill, and some knowledge.