The Highest Quality E-Liquid in Australia – 2021

the best e-juice in australia
E-Liquid (also called E-Juice) is a blend of artificial or natural flavours, nicotine, sugar, and other organic or chemical compounds. It is a liquid that is added to an electronic cigarette, commonly called an e-cigarette or e-cig. This liquid is heated by the e-cigarette device and then aerosolised as the user inhales the e-Juice product. E-Liquid comes in many flavour options. Many users enjoy this feature as it allows them to customise their smoking experience. Users can select which flavours they would like to taste as they smoke, as well as select how much nicotine they are consuming—if they choose to have nicotine in their liquid at all, since e-Juice gives smokers the option of having all of the flavour and none of the nicotine if they choose.

When it comes to getting the highest quality e-liquid, there are many choices to filter through. This may leave e-cig users with many questions. However, how to get the best e-Juice in 2021 doesn’t have to be a mystery. This brief guide will help to answer some questions about lasting flavour, starting flavours, nicotine levels and more. Continue reading

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Longer-Lasting Taste

In short, the quality and type of e-liquid used will impact the flavour.
Quality: In order to get the best quality, it is important to purchase e-Juices from trusted brands, known for their high-quality products. Many e-Cig users turn to trusted American brands, such as Apollo E-Cigs or HaloCigs E-Cigarettes, for their e-Juice needs. Purchasing e-Juices from trusted brands will help to ensure the quality and flavour of the products.
E-liquid Flavors
Type of liquid: E-Liquids are often mixtures of Propylene Glycol [Pg], Vegetable Glycerine [Vg], liquid Nicotine, and added flavours. Variations in the percentages of each amount of the liquid will impact the flavour. For more flavour, many clients prefer to have higher percentages of Pg than Vg, and recommend a mixture rate of 70:30 or even 80:20.

Liquid Intensifiers: Certain liquids exist to intensify flavours, create thicker puffs of smoke-rings, and otherwise enhance the smoking experience. These special intensifying liquids can be purchased from many of the same retailers of e-Juice. Sometimes, these special e-juices require specific devices which ae better adapted to handle the additional temperatures that these liquids burn at. It is necessary to check the compatibility or device requirements when using such intensifying e-juices.

South Beach Smoke E-liquid Flavors

Common Starter Tastes For E-Cig Juice Beginners

Transitioning from traditional cigarettes to e-Cigs or vaporisers may require an adjustment period to acclimate to the new smoking experience. For this reason, many beginners prefer to start out with familiar flavours and find the Tobacco, as well as Menthol, or even Mint flavours to be good fits for them. However, after adjusting to what many clients deem a “cleaner” feeling of smoking, it is common to switch over to sweeter flavours.

Therefore, after the transition period, many users find Fruity or Dessert e-Juice flavours best for their tastes. E-juices have many flavour options to choose from, so while sticking with the traditional flavours certainly is an option, it is not the only choice in the pursuit of the best e-Juice.

Many vendors have the option of purchasing DIY kits and e-Juice recipe books, which allow users to further customise their smoking experiences and create the best e-liquids for their tastes. These DIY kits and e-Liquid recipe books are sold by many online vendors, as well as available through select, traditional speciality shops. With so many flavour combinations, it is possible for a user to create the next best exotic e-Liquid flavour.

Whether or not to purchase e-Liquid and what type of vape liquid can be used depends on the device.

Disposable Devices: Some e-Cig and Vape devices are disposable and run using cartridges. For these devices, it is not necessary to purchase e-Liquid, as this type of fluid cannot be used with the device. Additionally, not all disposable devices have the option of replacing cartridges. Reading package labels and descriptions can let the user know if their particular device is disposable and whether or not it can be paired with other cartridges.
Reusable Devices: For this type of e-Cig device, fluids are often required for use. Purchasing fluids from trusted e-Cig vendors can help to determine which types of fluids are needed for the specific device. Many e-liquid fluids can be paired with most devices; however, for specialty fluids, or intensifying fluids, device compatibility checks may be especially needed, as these types of fluids are known to be incompatible with certain devices. If a client is concerned about compatibility, it is advisable to read all product labels and descriptions, to check with any guide books, or to ask a trusted sales representative.

Clearette E-Liquid Flavors Made In USA

Common Bottle Sizes in Australia

Sample and Small Sizes: Sample sizes are available from some vendors of e-Cig products. These sample e-juices may be purchased for the price of shipping or a reduced price of around $3. The sizes of samples vary, but may commonly be around 5ml, which offers e-Cig users a taste of new flavours or products to see if the taste is suitable to the user. Many e-Cig users find samples and smaller sizes a great way to test out flavours that they haven’t tried yet, without having to commit to purchasing larger sizes, which are often more expensive.

Medium or Regular Sizes: Many vape juices are sold in the standard size of about 30ml. While pricing varies for this size, common pricing is between $13.27 (AUD) and $19.90 (AUD) per 30 ml bottle. Some special blends of flavours, or limited edition e-Juices may be more expensive.

Larger Sizes: For those who have found a flavour or vape juice that works well for them, they may want to purchase a larger size bottle of the favourite e-Juice. Larger sizes are available in double the regular size, 60 ml. Pricing for this higher quantity varies, but may be purchased for about double the regular price, or about $39.81 (AUD).

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What You Need to Know About Nicotine and Nicotine Strengths in Australia

A traditional cigarette has about 1 milligram of Nicotine each. With e-Cigs, users can control how much, if any, Nicotine that is added to e-Juices. Some users prefer to gradually phase out the use and reliance on the substance. While others, prefer to maintain a certain amount in their blends. With this in mind, Nicotine liquid is commonly available in the following dosage amounts:

Nicotine Strength Levels: 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%, 3.2%.

In order to choose the best e-liquid blend, it is important to understand these basics and personal smoking needs; using this knowledge one can create a customised best e-liquid.

As we will outline in the next section, there are numerous laws and regulations on the use of nicotine in Australia, and many of these prohibit the sale of nicotine. It is important to bear this in mind when purchasing your e-juice or other vaping products.

V2 Cigs Flavor Samples

Australian Vaping Regulations 2021

Vaping regulations vary between states and territories in Australia. It is important to be aware of the laws relating to vaping and nicotine in your place of residence.

E-juice is legal to use, providing it does not contain nicotine, in all eight Australian states and territories. It is legal to use vape liquid which contains nicotine in Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania. However, even when it is legal to use vaping products, it doesn’t always mean that it is legal to buy, sell, advertise or import vaping products. Although the regulations are somewhat complicated, it is worth taking the time to get familiar with the regulations of your state or territory!

How to Find the Best AU E-Juice for You

Flavour is a massive consideration when it comes to finding the best e-liquid for you. With so many fruity, exotic, or traditional flavours or flavour combinations available, definitely try and make the most of these by trying out a few! Some shops will allow you to try before you buy, while others may offer discounts (in the shop or online) for buying e-juice in bulk. Either way, experimentation doesn’t have to put pressure on your wallet. As we mentioned earlier in the article, try out different Pg: Vg ratios, and intensifying liquids, to find the blend and taste that suits you.

Having chosen the e-juice that fits your needs, you can now consider where it would be best to buy it. Perhaps you bought some from a vaping store, but want to invest in a greater quantity? Or you experimented with some flavours from different online vendors, and now want to stick to one retailer? Maybe you were even able to try out different brands and flavours before buying! Whatever the case, where you choose to buy has to do with the regulations of your state and territory, and with price.

As mentioned earlier, restrictions are in place on the sale of vaping products (especially those containing nicotine) within the Australian states and territories. Given that it is legal in most cases to import vaping products (always check before ordering!), this can prove a great solution for many vapers. If you want to be able to buy vape liquid containing nicotine, then ordering online is your only option.

With this in mind, shopping online can be a fabulous way to cut costs! Whether through bulk ordering your favourite flavours, or subscribing to a membership scheme, ordering online is both convenient and cost-effective. The only thing to watch out for is shipping and handling fees, as these can quickly add up. With this information in hand you are now ready to set out and find the best e-juice for you!