The Best Wax Pen (THC Oil Vape) in Europe – 2021

the best dab wax and oil pens in EU
When e-cigs were released over ten years ago, they looked like cigarettes and were meant to vaporize e-juice only. Vaping technology has advanced considerably in the past fifteen or so years, and vaporizers are no longer what they once were. Along with fancy wattage and temperature control, drippers, squonk tanks, and rebuildable atomizers, you now have ceramic heating chambers and quartz wicking rods. Essentially, we’re here now to introduce you to the best wax, dab, and oil pens in the European Union.

That is to say that today’s vaporizers can also handle concentrates. Whether you’re vaping shatter, wax, taffy, CBD oil, or even essential oils, you can load it up into a vaporizer and take it with you. These revolutionary new vapes are changing the way people dab making it safer and easier than ever.

In this article, we’ll talk about what wax, dab, and oil pens are, why you should use them, how to find the best ones, and where to start looking.
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What Is a Wax Pen?

Wax, dab, and oil pens resemble traditional vape pens except for minor differences. Usually, the wattage output is considerably lower than in regular vaporizers, and the heat-up time is much longer.

Because dabbing was traditionally done with a dab rig–a titanium nail attached to a glass pipe–the coils in wax, dab, and oil pens are often made from titanium as opposed to kanthal. The best weed oil pens make use of ceramic or quartz wicking rather than cotton wicking because they have higher heat resistance and help to better preserve the flavor of the concentrates. Ceramic and quartz are often used for the coils themselves as well.

Other marijuana oil pens come with a ceramic chamber as opposed to two or three coils. The concentrates are placed inside the ceramic chamber, which heats the dabs or oils more evenly evenly. Otherwise, the battery resistance, battery capacity, and general appearance are fairly similar. The vaping process doesn’t change all that much, and so the vape pen won’t look all that different from the e-juice one you have now.

Why Should I Use Wax Pens in the EU?

Standard dab rigs are extremely dangerous because they require the use of a blow torch. By contrast, the best wax, dab, and oil pens are light, portable, and, best of all, electronic. You can slip a vape pen in your pocket or your purse and save it for your lunch break–something you definitely cannot do with a blow torch. The key word here is discreet.

Cannabis oil pens are also much safer. Even if you don’t happen to burn yourself with a blowtorch, you may overheat your concentrates if you’re using a nail. Dab rigs don’t give you any control over temperature, and there’s no way to monitor the heat levels. Just because you’re using concentrates as opposed to dry herbs doesn’t mean you’re safe. If you overheat the concentrates, you can burn still them.

By contrast, vape pens are either pre-programmed to run on a certain wattage level or come with controls you can alter yourself. Whether you’re using wattage/voltage control or temperature control, you’ll be able to adjust the settings to your preferences and keep the power level within reasonable limits.

wax pen battery

How to Find the Best Dab Pen in Europe?

There are a number of qualities you should consider when purchasing the best wax, dab, and oil pens in the E.U. only the last of which should be price.

You’ll want to take a look at how many coils a vape pen has. The more coils, the faster the device will vaporize your concentrates, and the more power it will consume. Ceramic usually takes longer to heat up but better preserves the flavor of the substance. Ceramic also tends to burn off the concentrates more completely leaving you with less gunk to clean off. Quartz coils/wicking heats up much faster and produces more vapor with shorter hits.

Wax, dab, and oil pens in the E.U. take slightly longer to heat up than e-liquid ones. Look for one that doesn’t take much longer than a few seconds. Any longer than 4-5 seconds and you’ll be wasting your time. Otherwise, you’ll want to take a look at the capacity and resistance levels for a standard oil pen battery. Battery life for concentrates vape pens usually ranges from 750mAh-1500mAh even with sub-ohm resistance levels.

You can certainly find top-notch wax, dab, and oil pens for reasonable prices in the E.U., but if you’re looking for something really nice produced in North America, you’re probably going to have to pay for something upwards of $100. That being said, there are plenty of devices that function perfectly well in the lower price brackets.

Are THC Oil Pens Legal?

Wax, dab, and oil pens are almost always legal because they are classified as vaporizers. So you shouldn’t have a problem purchasing or importing the actual devices as long as you comply with the standard regulations regarding vaping in your area. That being said, wax, oil, and dabs are more often than not extracted from the cannabis plant. Whether you’re vaping the substance for recreational or medical purposes, you’ll have to check with your local authorities to make sure the concentrates are permitted and in what circumstances. However, since the laws regarding these concentrates vary dramatically even from region to region and are constantly changing, we’re not going to discuss them in detail here.

Where Can I Find the Best Oil Pens in the EU?

You should be able to find many of the best wax and dab vape pens at your local specialty vape shop, but if you’re looking to buy online, E-Cig Brands has a few suggestions for you. Though you’ll find the widest selection of budget vape pens at DirectVapor, you’ll find several good ones floating around on our other favorite sites.

South Beach Smoke has a selection of very high-end devices that work very well but tend to cost upwards of $150. Mig Vapor is probably the place to go for the best wax pens. They have an interesting range of unique vape pens at reasonable prices. Mig Vapor also carries a selection of wax, dab, and oil atomizers if you prefer to just use your box mod instead.

Final Impressions on Best Wax, Dab, and Oil Pens

Looking for the best wax, dab, and oil pens in the European Union? Vaping concentrates with a vape pen is safer and more convenient, and today, they’re easier to find than ever.