Best Vape Mods, E-Cig Mods & Temperature Mods 2018

Apollo Vtube 4 Vape ModStarter Kit

Apollo Vape- vTube 4.0 Mod

Wattage: 5-50 W
Battery: 2900 mAh
Resistance: 0.2 and 0.5 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $115.95

The vTube 4.0 from Apollo was among the first tube-shaped regulated mod capable of sub-ohming filling a . In stainless steel, and available in a variety of colors ranging from bright and fun to sleek and classic, the vTube 4.0 lets you show whether you’re feeling playful or refined simply by taking your vaporizer out. With the vTube 4.0, Apollo has increased the maximum wattage to 50W, and the sub-ohm tank lets you fire up as low as 0.2 ohms for intense vapor production. The easy to program digital display provides real time information about your wattage, voltage, atty resistance, and provides a resettable puff counter. With 510 and eG0 threading the vTube 4.0 can be used with most accessories and can handle nearly any tank or atomizer including RDAs and RTAs. They’ve included their Phazer sub-ohm tank, allowing you the freedom to sub-ohm without the headache of building your own coils. While the vTube 4.0 locks for safety, you can’t turn it off manually to save battery power. The 18650PF batteries are removable however. The vTube 4.0 is a solid investment for intermediate and advanced vapers.

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VaporFi – VOX 60W TC MOD

Battery: 2200 mAh
Resistance: 0.5- 1.2 ohms
Temp Control: Yes
Price: $129.99

The latest from VaporFi, the VOX 60TC is a pocket-sized yet powerful device from the innovative Vox series. Boasting an exterior case that is constructed of lightweight zinc alloy for ultimate portability, this tiny mod is packed with awesome features. We will first start by looking at the chipset, which fires up to 60 watts, includes temperature control which will let you toggle between standard kanthal, nickel or titanium coils, a bright OLED screen, short-circuit protection, reverse battery protection, automatic ohm resistance meter, low voltage protection and a device lock feature for ultimate safety. The internal battery on the Vox 60TC is 3000 mAh which is more than enough to get you through a full day of vaping. The flush-mounted firing button on the Vox 60 reduces the probability of accidental firing, the battery casing is vented and the sleek lines of the design offers great ergonomics and looks. If you don’t need as much power from the 100W version, and you want to save a few bucks, the Vox 60W TC from VaporFi is a fantastic option for entry level or advanced users.

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VaporFi Vice

VaporFi Vice E-Cig Mod

Battery: 2200 mAh
Resistance: 0.5- 1.2 ohms
Temp Control: No
Price: $99.99

The VaporFi Vice is a compact yet powerful mod in vape pen form. With a 2200 mAh battery, 2 large air vents with a control valve for adjusting air pressure, and sub-ohm resistance as low as 0.5 ohm, you can chase the perfect clouds. VaporFi Vice’s custom tank holds a respectable 2.5 mL of your favorite juice and they’ve included a window to monitor your e-juice levels so you never run out. Variable voltage allows you to fire up your VaporFi Vice between 3.4 and 4.2V letting you find the perfect flavor and vapor production. You’re protected by a safety cut-off in the event of too-low voltage or a short circuit.

The Vice is user-friendly, even for beginners, and may be an excellent step-up from generation-1 cig-a-likes . Experienced vapers may also enjoy the Vice. The starter kit contains your 2200 mAh battery, a sub-ohm tank, two atomizers–1.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm, an AC adaptor and USB charger.

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ePuffer Phantom-HD3 portable Vaporizer

ePuffer Vape- Phantom HD3 Portable Mod

Battery: 1100nmAh
Resistance: 2.1ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $34.95

The Phantom HD3 by Epuffer is a solid, sleek, and classy looking vaporizer that was designed with heavy smokers in mind. With each puff, you get a large volume of vapor, and Epuffer offers a small but tasty variety of e-liquids. Epuffer is consistently one of the top vaping supply brands, and their products are quality and prices are still reasonable.

Epuffer’s Phantom HD3 comes with a 1.6 mL Liquamizer tank, an atomizer, the 1100 mAh battery, a USB cable, and an instruction manual. Liquamizer is Epuffer’s private brand clearomizer.

As always there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. Epuffer also offers free shipping to the US with orders over $50, so add in a bottle of eliquid or two and take advantage of that! As an added benefit, Epuffer is offering, for a limited time, a free bottle of e-liquid (limited flavors) for free with purchase so hurry up and click the link to get it before it’s gone.

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VaporFi PRO II Vape Mod Colors

VaporFi Pro II Kit Vape Mod

Battery: 650 mAh
Resistance: 1.5 or 1.8 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $49.99

The Pro II is a moderately compact, slim pen vape. Although this kit comes in black, there are colored clearomizers and batteries available. The battery can be increased to a 1000 mAh variable if you stay with VaporFi’s line or you can use a 510/eGo compatible battery for more vape time between recharges.o The Pro-L II tank has a 1.5 mL capacity. Like the battery you can buy outside of VaporFi’s line if you want larger. Despite the relatively low voltage the battery provides enough power to the dual coils to achieve surprisingly large clouds.

Included in your VaporFi Pro II starter kit is a 650mAh 3.7 volt battery, the Pro-L II clearomizer with a 1.5 ohm OCC atomizer, 3 spare 1.5 ohm OCC atomizers, a USB charging cable and wall adaptor and instruction manual.

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VaporFi Edge - Black

VaporFi Edge Vape Mod

Wattage: 1-100W
Battery: 1800 mAh
Resistance: 0.1-3.5ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $129.99

The Edge is a very bold looking mod by VaporFi. Despite it’s compact size–only 22×87 mm–it’s a powerhouse with wattage up to 100W and resistance as low as 0.2 ohm with the included atomizer and the option to go down to 0.1 ohm. The Edge mod isn’t temperature controllable, but the Edge tank can be outfitted to be, with a TC device and optional nickel atomizer. The tank holds an astonishing 7 mL of liquid allowing a lot of vaping before you need to refill. Being made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, you can use the more acidic juices with the Edge. Enhancing vapor production is a drip tip that is 12 mm inner diameter. While you can go up to 3.5 ohm resistance, the Edge is designed for sub-ohming. The sub-ohm atty is pre-configured; there’s nothing to build, making this ideal for first time sub-ohmers. Air– and juice–flow are adjustable, allowing for customization to suit most vapers. One significant drawback is the integrated battery, which, at nearly $60, is quite expensive to replace.

The Edge starter kit includes a sub-ohm 1800mAh integrated battery, a sub-ohm Edge tank, a 510 drip tip adaptor, replacement tank glass, two atomizers–a 0.2 and a 0.5, and the USB charger and wall adaptor.

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VaporFi Rocket- Silver

VaporFi Rocket E-Cig Mod

Wattage: 3-15W
Battery: 1600 mAh
Resistance: 1.5 or 1.8 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $89.99

The Rocket is a sleek looking pen vape from VaporFi. Its integrated battery offers variable voltage and plenty of power and the 2.5 mL tank offers adjustable airflow, allowing you a fair amount of customizability while remaining simple enough for newer vapers. The tank features an OCC bottom mount atomizer. The coils have a decent lifespan–depending on usage you can get 2-4 weeks out of one. If you prefer your own atty, the Rocket’s collar is removable allowing you to use any 510 or eGo style atomizer. With stainless steel-surrounded glass, the tank is quite durable, and you’ll find that you won’t need to replace it often, if at all.

The Rocket by VaporFi starter kit comes with a 1600mAh variable voltage battery, the Rocket tank, a USB charging cable and wall adaptor, 5 spare atomizers for a total of 6 (all 1.8 ohm), and a user manual.

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Platinum Pro II mod

VaporFi Platinum Pro II Mod

Battery: 650mAh
Resistance: 1.5 or 1.8 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $58.97

Another vaporizer in the Pro line, the Platinum Pro II is as durable and reliable as one expects from VaporFi. The Pro series is popular among experienced vapers for the advanced options and its thick, heavy vapor production. It’s often overlooked by novices who are intimidated by the customizability which is a shame. The Platinum Pro II is an excellent pen vape for novices and those stepping up from generation 1 ecigs.

The glass tank is suitable for highly viscous eliquid and can handle high-acidity juice with no trouble. A 1000mAh variable battery is available for purchase if you need something a bit longer lasting.

Included in the Platinum Pro II starter kit are a 650mAh 3.7V battery, a Pyrex glass tank, 2 O-rings for the base of the tank, a USB charger and wall adaptor, 2 OCC 1.5 ohm atomizers, and instructions.

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VaporFi Rebel II

VaporFi Rebel II Vape Mod

Wattage: 3.0-15.0 W
Battery: 750 & 2800 mAh included
Resistance: 2.5 ohm dual coil
Temp Control: No
Price: $129.99

With easy to adjust variable voltage adjustable in 0.1V increments and variable wattage adjustable in 0.5W increments, the Rebel II by VaporFi is an advanced mech mod that is simple enough for novices. New vapers can buy this now and continue to use it with increasing customization as they become more experienced. The vaporizer tube is telescoping to accommodate batteries of various sizes. A 4 mL Pyrex tank is included; you can enjoy the more acidic juices that you can’t use in plastic or polycarbonate tanks. Be gentle with glass tanks though–they can break when dropped or bumped against something. The Rebel II has 510 and eGo threading so you can use the tank of your choice if that doesn’t suit you.

When you purchase the VaporFi Rebel II, you get the vaporizer, a 2800mAh battery (18650 size) and a 750 mAh battery (18350), a dual coil clearomizer with adjustable juice flow atomizer head, and a wall charger, plus a user manual.

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apollo aspire-cf-sub-ohm-mod

Apollo Vape – Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Mod

Battery: 2000 mAh
Resistance: suitable for 0.3 – 1.0 ohm only
Temp Control: No
Price: $35.99

The Aspire CF Sub Ohm Mod is a highly affordable, top-selling regulated mod with a 2000 mAh non-removable battery. While designed specifically for the Aspire Atlantis Tank, you can use the Aspire CF with any appropriate 510 or eGo threaded battery. The connector is spring-loaded, ensuring a consistently strong contact with the battery.

Several protective features and easy to read indicator lights are loaded into the Aspire CF. The dual colored LED (orange and blue) lights indicate the voltage range of your battery, in real-time. The LEDs are also your first resource if something goes wrong with the Aspire CF. If the atomizer short circuits during use, the battery will automatically go into sleep mode and both colors of indicator lights will flash three times. You’re protected from overcharging by a cut-off chip that stops charging at 4.2V, and the battery cannot discharge any lower than 2.8V; the device will shut-down and the LED blinks orange 15 times. If there’s a short circuit during charging your battery will automatically stop charging, turn off, and both colors of LED lights will flash six times. The Aspire CF also boasts 5-click on/off. Ultimately, the Aspire CF is a classy looking device that you can comfortably carry in a pocket or bag.

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Apollo Phantom by Wotofo Mechanical Mod

Apollo – Phantom Mod by Wotofo

Wattage: 40W
Temp Control: No
Price: $34.95

WOTOFO brings you another high quality vape in the top-selling Phantom Mechanical Mod. This extremely affordable mech mod is elegantly simple in appearance yet offers a lot of features for maximum customizability. When you purchase the Phantom, you’ll receive interchangeable hybrid and standard adjustable 510 connections, interchangeable hard and soft 24k gold plated springs for adjustable throw, fixed and adjustable rhodium-plated copper contacts along with a spare positive contact, and two adjustable delrin negative rings. You can use any long pin RBA, RDA, RTA, and sub-ohm atomizer.
Being a mech mod, there are no official safety features built into the Phantom but using the hard spring will likely prevent accidental firing. Some users have reported that even the soft spring is a relatively hard throw.

You can find the Phantom by WOTOFO at Apollo at the link below for $34.95 including free shipping in the US.

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Apollo oracle portable vaporzier

Apollo – Oracle & Oracle-X Vape Mods

Battery: 900 mAh
Temp Control: No
Price: $17.95

The Oracle line by Apollo is an absolutely basic, no frills eGo style of pen vape. They’re very simple to use, and are highly inexpensive up front. With your purchase, you receive a 900mAh Luminous (Oracle) or a 900mAh superior (Oracle-X) battery, a CE4 clearomizer, a USB charger, and 10 mL of your choice of flavors (depending on availability) in and strength (Oracle only offers 12mg but Oracle-X has a range of strengths). The Superior battery is marketed as being for heavy smokers, but there doesn’t seem to actually

This vape is best-suited for people who want to step up from cigalikes but have no real desire to customize or those looking to see if they prefer pen vapes without investing in expensive gear. You can use any 510/eGo compatible tanks with the battery and, likewise, any 510/eGo batteries with the clearomizer. If you’re considering customizing that way, you may wish to factor in overall costs.

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Apollo Kanger EMUS Starter Kit Portable E-Cig Mod

Apollo – Kanger EMUS Vape Mod

Battery: 320mAh
Resistance: 2.2 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $44.95

Kanger is a Chinese company but holds itself to standards that meet US and EU manufacturing standards. They’re one of the names you can rely on in a largely-unregulated industry. The EMUS is a simple pen style ecig–ultra slim and compact (142mm/5.6in by 12.5mm/0.5in). It’s very sleek looking and elegant and wouldn’t look out of place in the pocket of your jeans or in a 3-piece suit. The 1.3 mL clearomizer is fitted with an easy-to-replace bottom coil. The battery is designed specifically for the Kanger EVOD clearomizer. However, with 510 and eGo threading the clearomizer will work with most batteries; with such a low mAh output, this is a good thing as you’re going to want to pick up longer-lasting batteries.

The Kanger EMUS starter kit comes with 2 320mAh batteries, 2 clearomizers (2.2 ohms), a 5 pack of replacement coils (2.2 ohms), a 500 mA eGo USB charger, wall charger (not adaptor), and instruction manual.

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Apollo valiant portable e-cigarette vape mod

Apollo Vape – Valiant Portable Mod

Wattage: 3-15W
Battery: 1300 mAh
Resistance: as low as 1.2ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $39.95

The Apollo Valiant is a surprisingly affordable, highly customizable pen mod. The Valiant battery, which replaces Apollo’s eGo VV battery, offers both variable voltage 3.0-6.0V (0.1V increments) and wattage 3.0-15.0W (0.5W increments). The battery boasts a built in ohm meter, viewable on the digital display which also displays the charge level. In automatic mode, the battery automatically sets recommended voltage and wattage when you insert a new clearomizer. You can change it to your own settings however as well as setting manual mode. The Valiant is compatible with any 510/eGo clearomizer, as long as the atty is 1.2 ohms or higher. There are a number of safety features, including 5-click on/off, low resistance and short circuit cut-offs and an auto shut-off if the fire button is held for more than 14 seconds. The only thing some vapers may see as a drawback is that you can’t sub-ohm with theValiant

Your Valiant starter kit comes with a Valiant 1300mAh vv/vw battery, a Kanger ProTank 2 clearomizer, your choice of 10 mL of ejuice from a variety of flavors and strengths, a USB charging cord, comprehensive user’s manual, and a vaping power chart to help calculate voltage and wattage.

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Apollo vape endeavorX starter kit

Apollo Vape – Endeavor & Endeavor-X Mods

Battery: 900mAh
Resistance: 2.0 – 2.3ohm (Endeavor) / 1.5 ohm (Endeavor-X)
Temp Control: No
Price: $49.95 (Endeavor) / $22.95 (Endeavor-X)

The Endeavor and Endeavor-X are Apollo’s upgraded EVOD vape pens. Quite affordable, especially with the included ejuice (regularly $6.95 each), the mods are attractive, slim, and compact for easy portability. Worth noting is that the batteries included with both kits have markedly long lives for a relatively low strength. They’re marketed as lasting for 800-1000 puffs on a full charge; heavy vapers have reported that one battery lasts a full day, or nearly a full day, without charging. The batteries feature a spring-loaded center pin, to protect in the even of overtightening, 3 safety features–low battery, short circuit, and overcharge cut-off, and LED indicators showing the charge range. They’re also 510/eGo threaded, so you can use them with most clearomizers and atomizers available.

The Endeavor starter kit is essentially 2 kits in one. With your purchase, you’ll receive 2 Apollo 900mAh Luminous batteries, 2 Apollo EVOD 1.6 mL dual coil clearomizers, a USB charging cable, a car charger, and a USB wall adaptor, plus 2 10 mL bottles of ejuice in your choice of flavors and strengths. Unlike some kits, you can get 2 unique flavors; you’re not forced to get 2 of the same flavor (you do get the same strength).

With the Endeavor-X you get 1 Apollo 900mAh Luminous battery, an Apollo 1.5 ohm EVOD bottom mounted dual coil clearomizer, a USB charger, and 1 bottle of ejuice in your choice of flavor and strength.

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Apollo vapeKanger Esmart starter kit black and white

Apollo Vape- Kanger Esmart Mod

Battery: 320 mAh
Resistance: 1.8 – 2.2 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $34.95

The Esmart by KangerTech is a slim eGo-style vape pen, ideal for a light vaper (equivalent to smoking up to 1/2 pack a day or so). As such, the tank is rather small, and the battery is only 320mAh, giving about 2-3 hours of vape time between charges. The bottom coil is removable for easy replacement. As the clearomizer is a small EVOD, you will need a needle tipped bottle cap.

Included in the Kanger Esmart starter kit is 2 Esmart 320 mAh batteries, 2 1.3 mL clearomizers, a USB charger, a wall charger (not adaptor), and a user manual. While the device has 510 threading the included batteries are 11mm as opposed to the standard 9mm so you may need a ring adaptor if you change batteries. If you prefer variable voltage, you can purchase the Kanger EVOD variable, which is compatible with the included clearomizer.

A word of caution: do not charge the batteries in a standard eGo charger or any charger with an output greater than 200 mA; this will damage the batteries.

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Apollo Vape Kanger Evod Portable mod

Apollo Vape – Kanger EVOD Mod

Wattage: 3-15W
Battery: 650mAh
Resistance: 1.8 or 2.2 or 2.5 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $49.95

The EVOD is a top selling starter kit from Kanger. With everything but the juice included, you’ll be ready to go in no time. Reliable and easy to use, the EVOD is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced vapers. The clearomizer has simple to replace bottom heating coils, and holds 1.6 mL of juice. EVOD tanks are interchangeable with any eGo battery, however the EVOD battery will only work with the EVOD clearomizer.

Your Kanger EVOD starter kit comes with 2 complete vape pens: 2 EVOD 650mAh batteries, 2 EVOD 1.6mL clearomizers (2.5 ohm), 5 replacement coils (2.5 ohm), a 500mA eGo USB charger, a wall charger (not adaptor), and a user manual.

The EVOD is available at Apollo and includes free shipping; buy one today and find out why so many vapers are calling the EVOD one of the best vaporizers they’ve used!

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Apllo Vape Ohm Go Vaping Mod

Apollo Vape – Ohm Go

Wattage: 5 – 50 W
Battery: 1900 mAh
Resistance: as low as 0.3 – 1.0 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $39.95

If you’re looking to make the switch to vaping, the Ohm Go by Apollo should be on your list of vaporizers to consider. Available in two colors or stainless steel at no extra cost, the Ohm Go is an accessory as well as a vape. The battery allows passthrough vaping to help protect battery life. The variable wattage battery is self-adjusting; you can simply vape without having to make adjustments each time you change your juice blend. The Ohm Go comes with 2 sub-ohm atomizers, with a third resistance available separately, a variety that is suitable for all PG/VG percentages.

The Ohm Go kit comes with an Ohm 1900 mAh battery, the Portal sub-ohm tank, a 0.5 ohm coil, a 1.0 ohm coil, a USB charging cable, and the user manual.

The Ohm Go kit is available exclusively through Apollo. Purchase today and enjoy free shipping!

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V2 Pro series-7-dry herb vaporizer colors

V2 Pro Series 7 Herbal & Liquid Mod

Battery: 1800 mAh
Resistance: N/A
Temp Control: Yes
Price: $169.99

The Pro Series 7 is the bigger, better version of the Pro Series 3. It offers all the functionality of the 3, but more of it. The length remains nearly the same–the Pro Series 7 is actually about 0.5 in shorter, but it’s much wider. The passthrough battery lasts nearly three times longer than the previous version. Perhaps the biggest change is the size of the loose leaf cartridge: in the Pro Series 3, it was 385 mm cu. In the Pro Series 7, it’s more than tripled to 1300 mm cu. One significant drawback is the price. However that does include the cleaning/maintenance kit ($9.99), wall adaptor ($12.99), and loose leaf cartridge ($29.99); overall it’s definitely worth the price if you can swing it.

Included in your Pro Series 7 kit you’ll find the 3 in 1 vaporizer, a liquid cartridge, a loose leaf cartridge, the USB charger and a wall adaptor, and a maintenance kit. The wax cartridge is sold separately.

V2 offers free shipping within the US on all orders over $50; this powerhouse definitely qualifies. Head over to V2 and get yours today!

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V2-Pro series 3 herbal vaporizer mod

V2 Pro Series 3 Herbal & Liquid Mod

Battery: 650 mAh
Resistance: N/A
Temp Control: Yes
Price: $59.99

Introduced in 2014, the Pro Series V3 is one of the most technologically advanced vaporizers in the world. Though advancements have been made, The Pro Series 3 is still a premiere pen vape. Like all V2 vaporizers, the Pro Series 3 a 3 in 1 vaporizer, suited to vape ejuice, wax, oils, and gels, and loose leaf or dry herb products. V2 has made aesthetics a strong focus and it shows in the Pro Series 3. The pen, available in three colors, is sleek and smooth looking, using magnets instead of threading to put it together. The power button is a double-click to lock and unlock the Pro Series 3, and smart LED technology shows not only the status of charging but, when using the loose leaf cartridge, indicates the status of oven heating, and when to puff. The Pro Series 3 does require proprietary cartridges but fortunately, they’re not terribly expensive.

The Pro Series 3comes with theV2 Pro vaporizer, a liquid cartridge, USB charger, and manual. Wax and loose leaf cartridges are available for purchase from V2.

The Pro Series 3 is available from V2 with free shipping!

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south beach smoke air vape mod kit

South Beach Smoke- Smoke Air Vape Mod

Battery: 360 mAh
Temp Control: No
Price: $29.99

The South Beach Smoke Air is an affordable and compact vaporizer with a smooth, stylish design. It’s an excellent step up device from cig-a-likes. As the tank holds 1 mL, the Smoke Air is most suited for very light use; if you’re a more frequent user, you will likely find yourself refilling it frequently. The included battery is 350 mAh, but you can purchase a separate one up to 900 mAh. One unique feature with the Air is the mouthpiece cap that comes with the device and all replacement tanks. With it protecting your drip tip, you truly can just slip the Air into your bag or pocket. Both the Air starter kit and its replacement parts are modestly priced, making this a truly affordable option.

The Smoke Air starter kit comes with 1 complete vaporizer–tank, 350 mAh battery, and a mouthpiece cap, a wall charger, and a USB charger.

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south beach smoke thunder vaporizer

South Beach Smoke- Thunder E-Cig Mod

Battery: 1300 mAh
Temp Control: No
Price: $31.25

The Thunder vape pen from South Beach Smoke, available in black and stainless steel, is both powerful and portable. With a 1300 mAh variable voltage battery and adjustable airflow, you can customize for the right throat hit and cloud size. And at 130×16.5mm you can bring it with you anywhere you go. The Thunder does come with 5-click on/off so you can ensure your battery won’t fire accidentally. The battery does not have any sort of meter or indicator of power, so you will have to carefully track your usage, or keep the battery topped up (or carry a spare, which is always advisable anyhow). The Thunder tank and battery are both interchangeable with all other South Beach Smokes batteries and tanks.

The Thunder starter kit comes with everything you need to vape, except the juice. You get a 1300 mAh variable voltage battery, a tank and atomizer, 5 additional replacement atomizers, a wall charger, USB charger, and instruction manual.

The Thunder is available for an amazingly low price at South Beach Smoke’s website. Click now–you can NOT afford to pass this up!

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SBS Curve Kit

South Beach Smoke- Curve E-Cig Mod

Battery: 650 mAh
Resistance: 2.2 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $16.25

Available in seven mix-and-match colors, the Curve starter kit is an affordable, fun looking vaporizer by South Beach Smokes. While targeted to women with its softer colors and gently curving features, the Curve wouldn’t look out of place in the hands of a man. And the Curve is trying to capture the female market. Other e-cigs have sought their attention with pretty colors and designs, but South Beach Smokes has gone directly for women with the first eGos reflective of their curves. The Curve tank holds a generous 2.2 mL of juice, and with a 650 mAh battery, moderate vapers can get a full day’s use. Heavier vapers will need to recharge around mid-day or swap out batteries.

With purchase of the Curve starter kit, you’ll receive 1 Curve tank with an atomizer, a Curve battery, a USB charger, a wall charger, and user instructions.

The Curve by South Beach Smoke is available online by following the link below. It’s currently on sale so hurry to get yours today before they’re sold out!

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HaloCigs – Tracer Vape Mod

Battery: 2600 mAh
Resistance: 0.5 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $59.99

With a massive battery, wide mouthpiece, and low-resistance coils, you’ll be blowing huge clouds in no time with Halo’s Tracer mod. This vape mod was designed for sub-ohming. The included Tracer tank has a 4 setting adjustable airflow, dual sub-ohm coil heads, and holds 3.5 mL of juice. Tracer users have reported that the 2600 mAh battery lasts more than a full day before requiring recharging. With a 15 second battery cut off, you can produce huge clouds.

The Tracer starter kit includes everything you need to start vaping right out of the box. You get a 2600 mAh battery, a 3.5 mL Tracer tank, a stainless steel wide bore mouthpiece, a glass mouthpiece, 2 0.5 ohm single coils, a USB charging cable, a wall charger, a user manual, and a 30 mL bottle of Halo V-Type High VG e-liquid from a select variety of flavors and strengths.

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halocigs triton vape pen

HaloCigs – Triton E-Cig Mod

Battery: 400 or 650 mAh
Resistance: 2.2 – 2.4 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $49.99

Available in your choice of 11 colors sure to suit all, the Halo Triton is a simple to use pen vaporizer that is capable of producing surprisingly large clouds. With your purchase of the Triton starter kit, you receive two complete Triton pens, so you can always have a backup battery and, if you like to mix it up, a different flavor juice ready to go. The included tanks have a resistance of 2.2-2.4 ohm, but you can purchase replacement coils between 1.8 – 3.2 ohm. Batteries are available separately up to 1300 mAh, and there is a variable voltage battery (900mAh) available separately.

In the Triton starter kit by Halo, you get 2 Triton batteries in your choice of 400 mAh, 650 mAh, or one of each; 2 2.4 mL Triton tanks, a nose cone to cover the clearomizer, a USB charger, a user manual, and 1 30mL bottle of e-liquid of your choice.

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Volcano Lavatube 3 – Vape Mod

Wattage: 1-40W
Resistance: 0.16-2.0 ohm / 0.1-1.0 ohm
Temp Control: Yes
Price: $149.99

Volcano’s Lavatube 3 is a lightweight tube mod featuring temperature control and variable wattage powered by the DNA40 chip. It’s fully adjustable with temperature control (200-600F), variable voltage (1-9V), and variable wattage (1-40W). There are 10 different colored rubber grips that you can purchase separately, allowing you to change the aesthetics as well. Your purchase comes with the device, a USB cable, and a wall adaptor. No battery or tank is included, making the hefty price tag a significant drawback.

The Lavatube 3 is designed to be easy to hold with intuitive placement of the fire and control buttons. However the buttons are small, and the fire button is set inside a circle created by the power buttons, so it’s easy to press a power setting button instead of the fire button. The DNA40 chip does allow you to lock your power settings to prevent accidental settings changes from this. There are built in safety measures, protecting you in the event of reverse polarity, short circuit, and an over discharged battery.

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Volcano TEPHRA 1 & 2 Vape Mods

Battery: 2800 mAh / 4000 mAh
Resistance: as low as 0.2 ohm
Temp Control: No
Price: $49.99 – $99.99

Volcano’s Tephra mod comes in two sizes, the Tephra 1 & 2. Both sizes are quite compact and ultra lightweight. For those who enjoy customizing the appearance of their mods, there are aluminum sleeves in a variety of colors, for the device and the recommended atomizer, the Cauldron.

The Tephra 2 is a powerhouse. The 26650 style battery delivers massive amperage and with the ability to go as low as 0.2 ohms you can put out some major clouds. While the Tephra is intended for use with Volcano’s Lavacell batteries, it’s compatible with any 26650 size, so you can find different amperage if you prefer. Similarly, Volcano recommends that you use the Cauldron 2 atty with the Tephra 2, but with 510 threading you can use any tank.

The Tephra 1 is a scaled down version of the Tephra 2, the size and power are essentially the only difference. It’s slimmer, as it only requires an 18650 size battery. If you opt for the Cauldron, you’ll want the Cauldron 1, instead of the 2.

If you opt for device only, that’s precisely what you’re getting–no atty or battery. The starter kit, while costing an extra $35-$45, is a bargain. You get the Cauldron RDA 1 or 2, a 35 amp 18650 or 40 amp 26650 battery (charger not included), and 30 mL of Lava eliquid in your choice of strength and flavor. The juice alone sells for more than $22. You do still need to buy your own wick and wire. You also need to build your own coils, but it’s easy enough that even a beginner will be successful with just a bit of research, there are multiple guides and videos on how to do so.

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Volcano Inferno Portable Vape Mod

Volcano Inferno

Wattage: 100W
Battery: 650 mAh & 900 mAh
Resistance: 1.8 ohm recommended
Temp Control: No
Price: $79.99

Yet another quality product from Volcano’s line of vaping devices, the Volcano Inferno is a reasonably priced starter kit that is perfect for a beginner. Everything you need to start vaping comes in this kit: the device, 2 batteries (650mAh and 900 mAh), a mini USB cable and wall charging adaptor, a BC tube tank with 1.8 ohm single wrap coil and a 3 pack of replacement coils, and 15 mL bottle of eliquid in your choice of strength from a wide variety of flavors.

To help prevent overcharging, there’s an LED that glows red when charging; when the battery is fully charged, the light goes out. During use, if the battery reaches 10% capacity, if the fire button’s LED glows purple, indicating the need to recharge. The Inferno uses a standard 5-click on/off and the LED indicates when the device has been turned on and off successfully. The BC tube is clear, so you can keep an eye on your juice levels.

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Volcano – Pele Vape Mod

Battery: 2800mAh (18650)
Temp Control: No
Price: $139.99 (device only) / $199.99 (kit)

The Volcano Pele is the very first mech mod Volcano released. With an adjustable 510 connection, you can use not only the Caldera RDA (included in the starter kit) but any atomizer you prefer. There is a locking mechanism to prevent accidental firing and you can adjust the air flow, and there are three vent holes for safety.

If you choose the starter kit, you get the Pele, a Caldera RDA, a 35 amp 18650 Lavacell battery, 30 mL of ejuice in your choice of strength and flavor. The battery is rechargeable but you have to buy it separately from Volcano. You also need to buy your own wick and wire. Our recommendation is to buy the starter kit. You’re essentially getting the battery and juice for free and the accessories included are consumable, so you’ll be needing them anyhow.

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