The Best Vape Pen for E-Liquid in Australia – 2021

how to find the best vape pen for e-liquid in Australia

Is a Vape Pen Right for Me?

Those who prefer to vape, but find box mods and other e-cigarettes might seem too bulky for various settings. Vapers who are looking for a more discreet option can look no further than a vape pen. These devices are very similar in size to a normal ink pen or marker. They can easily be slid into a pocket or purse to allow you to vape anytime with ease. Continue reading

Top Vape Pen for E-Liquid Brands in Australia:

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Vape Pens: Oil, E-Liquid, and Herbs

But what can you use to vape with in these vape pens? Depending on the brand, you can vape with your favourite flavoured e-liquid in these vape pens. Others allow you to vape using essential oils or even dried herbs. The result is that you can have different flavours and vaping experiences with one small and thin device. However, there are plenty of options even within the world of vaping pens. So one must make sure to match the device with your personal vaping habits.

One such example is the VaporFi Stratus, which is an herb vaporiser pen. It provides an innovative temperature control. As well, the device is built to hold approximately 1.5 g of loose tobacco or other herbs. Thus, the device can accommodate even the most intense vaper.

Another option is the echo disposable e-cig from e-Puffer. This e-cig device is a thin and elegant option that comes in three different flavours. However, the downside is that the throat hit is not as strong as with more traditional e-cigarettes. Therefore, if one is looking for a larger throat hit, then one would want to consider a larger device with a more significant kick or throat hit. One is also limited in the number of flavours, so for those that prefer to experiment with different tastes and nicotine strengths, this pen might be a bit limiting. Still, the overall construction and vapour production is solid for a thin device.

In choosing one of these vape pens, it is important to understand both the pros and cons of this particular device. Vape pens are a discreet way to carry on your vaping habit without carrying several miscellaneous parts and accessories. One simply needs to carry a fully charged vape pen. On the other hand, a heavy vaper might find that the vape pen is not enough e-liquid to make it through the day. Yet for those who choose to vape on a lighter scale, they can find that the vape pen is more than effective in handling their vaping demands.

These pens typically come with a battery that can handle a day’s worth of vaping without needing to be recharged, but the battery itself cannot necessarily be switched out for a fully charged one. Therefore, it might be important make sure that you have at least two vape pens so that one can be charging while one is in your pocket for use.

When it comes to vape pens, there are quite a few options. Still, as with any non-tobacco vaping option, you need to match the device to your own personal vaping habits.

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How to Choose the Best Vape Pen for You

With so many options out there, setting out to invest in a new vape pen can be a daunting prospect. Here we will offer some advice on how to make this process as easy as possible!

The first thing to consider is what you are looking for from your vape pen. Your vaping needs are specific to you, and finding the best pen for you is all about prioritising these needs. It may be that you plan to be vaping a lot on the go, and so you may want to prioritise a long battery life. Or perhaps you want your pen to perfectly match your style, or to be small and discreet. Again, maybe the most important thing to you is the functionality of your vape pen! If it works, it works for you. Now, this is not to say that you can’t find a vape pen that delivers in all of these areas – they are out there – but it can be helpful to decide what is the most important feature of your vape pen.

With your priorities in mind, you are ready to start shopping around. Vaping shops are a great place to start, as they allow you to truly see what the pens look and feel like and to make comparisons easily. There will also be someone on hand to answer any questions that you might have (a definite plus). In some cases, vendors will allow you to try out a vape pen or a particular flavour before buying, so make sure to ask if this is an option.

If you decide to shop online (a good bet in Australia due to restrictions on the selling of vaping products) then there are a few extra considerations to be made. We will get to these shortly. Whether you decide to buy in a brick and mortar shop, or online, be sure to compare retailers and brands to find the vape pen that best fits your needs, for the right price for you.

Buying a Vape Pen Online (Australia)

Shopping online is a fast and convenient option if you are looking to invest in a new vape pen or accessories. It can actually work out a lot cheaper at times, not only due to better online deals, but also the possibility of saving money by bulk ordering. With this in mind, it’s always good to check the shipping and handling costs before assuming you have found the best deal! These can quickly add up, and this is another benefit of bulk ordering. It’s also important to check how long it will take for your vape pen to arrive. Nobody wants to be waiting months for a delivery!

When you are happy with your order, make sure to check that you are able to import vaping products into your state or territory before ordering. We will let you know a little more about the rules and regulations that may apply to you below.

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Vaping Rules and Regulations in Australia

Rules and regulations on buying, selling, advertising, transporting and importing vaping products vary widely across Australia. The number one piece of advice to remember? Check. If you are unsure about whether you are allowed to vape or buy vaping products in your state or territory, or when abroad, always make sure to check online for the latest legislation before vaping or making a purchase. Different countries have different laws, and this is something to bear in mind when ordering vaping products online. Not only do you need to know whether you can import into Australia, but also whether that country is allowed to export the product!

This can seem very complicated, we know! However, the good news is that it is currently legal to use an e-pen in all eight Australian states and territories. What you have to be sure to keep an eye on is the nicotine content of your e-juice. It is legal to vape e-juice containing nicotine in six out of eight of the states and territories, with Victoria also permitting it if you have a valid medical certificate. Even in these states, though, it is not always legal to buy e-juice containing nicotine, or to vape in certain areas. We recommend that you get familiar with the rules of your place of residence before vaping.

Wrapping it Up

After reading this article, hopefully you have a better idea of how to find the best vape pen for you in Australia. Although legislation is constantly changing, we are sure that you can find the perfect vape pen to suit your needs.