The Best Vape Pen for E-Liquid in Canada – 2021

how to find the best vape pen for e-liquid in Canada
As vaping in Canada continues to surge in popularity, vape pens are becoming a common and very fashionable option.

Research carried out across the country suggests that somewhere between a third and a half of all smokers have at least tried vaping, with the mid-sized vaporisers, or vape pens, proving to be a prominent choice. But why are vape pens proving so popular in Canada and what choice is there on the market today? Continue reading

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When Size Matters

For those who prefer to vape but find tube mods and box mods too bulky for everyday use, vapers looking for a more discreet option need look no further than a vape pen. These devices are very similar in size to a normal ink pen or cigar and can easily be slid into a pocket or purse to allow you to vape any time with ease.

As many Canadians make the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs, the portability offered by vape pens is a huge attraction, as is the fact that they provide greater durability and quality to the mini e-cigarette.
vape pen for e-liquid reviews

The Decline Of Smoking In Canada

Statistics on Canada’s vaping trends shows that the most popular reason for people taking up vaping is to replace or reduce regular cigarettes. With a national census showing a recent decrease in the number of people now smoking in Canada, opinion is still divided on the true reason behind this. However, as the number of smokers in Canada fell over 10% between 2013 and 2015, this seems to corroborate with the rising popularity of vaping.

This has lead many people, experts and ex-smokers alike, to firmly believe that e-cigs significantly increase the success rate of quitting nicotine. One of the main reasons for this appears to be through replacing the habitual process of smoking. By replicating the tactile and sensory components of smoking, the physical nature of smoking is preserved and so removes one of the two key elements of the addiction which needs to be broken.

As such, the vast majority of new vapers in Canada begin using either mini or mid-size e-cigs which both offer a similar level of tactility to traditional cigarettes. With vape pens providing a harder physical throat hit in comparison to cig-a-likes, longer battery life and greater control over the amount of nicotine ingested, it is clear to see why heavy smokers prefer vape pens in their transition from traditional tobacco products.

Flavoured Options Available In Canada

But what can you use to vape with these vape pens? Depending on the brand, you can vape with your favourite flavoured e-liquid while some are also compatible with essential oils or even dried herbs. The result is that you can have different flavours and vaping experiences with this one small, thin device. However, there are plenty of options in Canada when it comes to the variety of vaping pens available. So one must make sure to match the device with your personal vaping habits.

One such example is the VaporFi Stratus, which is a herb vaporiser pen. It provides an innovative temperature control. As well, the device is built to hold approximately 1.5g of loose tobacco or other herbs. Thus, the device can accommodate even the most intense vaper.

Another option is the echo disposable e-cig from ePuffer. This e-cig device is a thin and elegant option that comes in three different flavours. However, the downside is that the throat hit is not as strong as with more traditional e-cigarettes. Therefore, if you’re looking for a larger throat hit, you may want to consider a larger device with a more significant kick or throat hit. There’s also a limited choice in the number of flavours available with vape pens compared to larger mods, so for those that prefer to experiment with different tastes and nicotine strengths, this pen might be a bit limiting. Still, the overall construction and vaper production is solid for a thin device.

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Style And Substance

With a wide range of Vape pens already in circulation around Canada, there is already a wealth of choice on the market when it comes to choosing a model.

Key factors in determining the most appropriate vape pen for your needs can include build quality, battery life and designs which are proven not to suffer leakage as well as a model which produces a greater amount and a better quality of vapour.

While many people prioritise a more durable option, vape pens also offer a broad range of sleek and stylish modern designs. As vaping is becoming more widely accepted as a lifestyle choice across Canada, more choice is entering the market to fulfil the new demand.

The Price Of Vaping In Canada

Although budget may also be a factor in your decision, it is often advisable not to make a choice purely on this basis as many of the budget options are simply not as reliable. Lower prices often equate to lower quality products and the vape market is no exception to this.

Vaping equipment is often found to have an inflated price across Canada relative to other regions and although this trend is beginning to change, it is normally worth investing some time to looking for deals and discounts once you have made a choice on the model you wish to purchase. Despite this, vaping remains far more economical compared to traditional cigarettes in both Canada and the world at large.

Choosing The Best Canadian Vape Pen for 2021

In choosing a vape pens it is important to understand both the pros and cons of this particular device. Vape pens are a discreet and portable way to carry on your vaping habit without carrying several miscellaneous parts and accessories. One simply needs to carry a fully charged vape pen. On the other hand, a heavy vaper might find that the vape pen does not have enough e-liquid to make it through the day. Yet for lighter users, they can find that the vape pen is more than effective in handling their vaping demands.

These pens typically come with a battery that can handle a day’s worth of vaping without needing to be recharged, but the battery itself cannot necessarily be switched out for a fully charged one. Therefore, it might be important to make sure that you have at least two vape pens so that one can be charging while the other is in your pocket ready for use.

When it comes to vape pens, there are quite a few options. However, as with any non-tobacco vaping option, you need to match the device to your own personal vaping habits.