Choosing the Best Australian Vaporizer 2021

the best vaporizer in Australia
With so many options, choosing the best vaporiser in 2021 may seem overwhelming; luckily, we’re here to help. Continue reading the guide to learn more about the options you have. The best vaporiser will depend on an informed decision that is right for you. Here is a guide of things to know and consider in your search for the best vaporiser. Continue reading

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Disposable vs Rechargeable

Disposable_vs_Rechargeable vaporizers
Electronic smoking devices, such as electronic cigarettes (e-cigs for short) and personal vaporisers are devices which modernise traditional means of smoking, such as cigarettes and cigars. These electronic devices come in a variety of styles, brands, and features to appeal to different personal smoking needs. They fall into two basic categories: Disposable and Rechargeable.

  • Disposable devices:
    • E-Cigs: The original versions of Electronic Cigarettes were modelled after traditional cigarettes, and were referred to as smokeless cigarettes. These e-cigs feature a similar shape to traditional cigarettes, but are often larger in scope. They contain different segments: a segment which the user inhales from and the end which is designed to light up like a traditional cigarette. The disposable cigarette is designed to be used until the nicotine cartridge runs out, and then it can be thrown away. Common disposable e-cigs are designed to last approximately 500 puff each.
    • E-Hookah: The disposable e-hookah features a similar design to the e-cig, but is designed with more flavour cartridge options. These flavours cartridges are attached to the e-hookah device and enjoyed until each cartridge finishes (on average 500 puffs) and then tossed away.
    • The appeal of disposable e-smoking devices: One of the big appeals is that these devices are readily available in the same locations as traditional smoking devices, relatively inexpensive (general costing in the market of $10), and easier to use than more advance electronic smoking devices which require more assembly, calculation, and liquids, but offer more customisation.
  • Rechargeable devices:
    • E-cigarettes: The non-disposable type of electronic cigarette is more advanced than the disposable type and allows users to customise the levels of nicotine that they consume through liquids that are added to the device, which are then heated and consumed by the user.
    • Vaporisers: These non-disposable devices are similar in concept but differ slightly in design. These devices have a wide assortment of flavour options and special liquid blends which are designed to maximise the flavour and amount of vapour released from the device. These devices release an aerosolised mist, referred to as vapour or vape.

Rechargeable Vape Device Choices

Rechargeable portable vaporizers
Personal smoking needs, style, and or budget will likely dictate which device you choose, as there are many brands and types to choose from. The choices vary in size: the smaller sizes are about the size of a traditional cigarette, and the larger sizes are about the size of a small flashlight. There are many choices in colour and design as well, which adds another level of customisation to the smoking experience. The style and size depends on the function of the device. These are the four main categories of vaporisers to choose from:

  • The smaller sizes are functional as portable devices, which are more compact and can travel along with you.
  • More advanced devices, are slightly larger in size, carry longer battery lives and are designed to offer more vapor and bolder flavours; these devices tend to pair with the more intense e-Juices or e-liquids.
  • Custom built devices allow for more technical customisation and personalisation and are often the largest devices, ideal for personal use in the home.
  • There are also devices designed for herbal use that are smokeless and paired with dried herbs or tobacco.

Pros of Disposable devices: The benefits of the disposable devices are less mess, no fussy liquids to mess with, and an easier set up when it comes time to smoke. There’s no need to check any dials or electronic gauges. Simply ensure the cartridges are attached and enjoy.
Cons of Disposable devices: The potential drawback for the disposable devices is that they do not last as long as the rechargeable one. Disposable devices will need to be repurchased, repeatedly, once the cartridges run out.

Pros of the Rechargeable Devices: One of the major pros is it lasts longer. This allows users to grow more attached to their device and customise it to best suit their needs and style. In the long run, the device could save money over the other smoking methods.
Cons of the Rechargeable Devices: The initial price is more expensive than the disposable or pack-by-back purchases, but e-smoking enthusiasts attest the potential savings are in the thousands for the passionate smoker who makes the switch from traditional to electronic. The final potential drawback is the size is larger than other methods.

Vaporiser Battery life

One of the important features to consider in searching for the best vaporiser in 2021 is the battery life. Having the best vaporiser and a dead battery will not do you much good when you need to smoke. Here are some battery basics to help you in your selection. On average, the battery life for a vaporiser will depend on the quality from the manufacturer. Some batteries, such as an 1100mAh battery, will last a bit longer than others, such as a 650mAh Battery. The difference in battery life is about 1000 puffs per charge, versus about 400 puffs per charge. If you want to go longer between charges, be sure to look for a vaporiser with a higher quality battery. The bigger the battery, the bigger the amount of time that you can go between charges.

top portable vaporizers

Tips for Improving the Battery Life

Tip One: Store the device in moderate temperatures, as temperature extremes will impact the battery life, especially if the device is stored in these conditions for extended periods of time. For example, avoid storing the device in the boot of a car on extremely hot days, as this will shorten the battery life.

Tip Two: This may seem like a no-brainer, but in order to prolong battery life, turn the device to the “off” position when it is not in use. Doing this between short periods when the device is not in use; even if you plan to use it soon, say within the next 10-15 minutes, turning the device off will help conserve the battery.

Tip Three: Avoid over-charging the device. Selecting a device with a battery indicator can help to prevent shortened battery life due to over-charging the device. If your device doesn’t have this feature, no worries; simply follow the other tips to maximise battery life. If it does, however, follow the charge advice and avoid charging the device if the battery is over 50%.

e-cigarette battery life

Vaporiser Chargers

Most vapes come with a charging home-station; however, if yours does not, you may be able to purchase the charge-station from the same place that you purchased your vaporizer from for an additional cost. Most charge-stations plug into the wall or USB-port. The charge stations may attach directly to the device, or require the batteries to be removed from the device and charged in the charging station.

The Best Australian Vaporiser for 2021

Whether you choose to opt for a rechargeable vaporiser or a disposable one, a long battery life or a vaporiser for shorter use, this flavour or that flavour, there are two extra things to consider before buying your vaporiser!

First, vaping regulation. We know, we know. While the different rules and regulations across the Australian states and territories can be both confusing and a hassle to deal with, it is important that you aware of how the law will affect vaping in your place of residence. It is currently legal to vape in all eight Australian states and territories, and it is legal to vape using nicotine-containing products in Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania. Additionally, it is legal to vape using nicotine in Victoria with the ownership of a medical certificate. As vaping becomes more and more popular, regulations and laws are likely to continue developing and changing. For this reason, make sure to keep an eye on the vaping laws for your place of residence.

Second, shipping and handling. Before placing your order, in addition to checking the rules on importing vaping products into your state or territory, make sure you know how much it will cost you to do so! Ordering e-juice or accessories in bulk will help to keep costs down in the long run. In some states or territories, it may be the case that buying online and importing your vaping products is the only option, so it is well worth making the most of the fantastic deals available online.

E-Liquid and E-Juice for Vaporizers

Top Vape Liquids for Vaporizers
In addition to the device and battery, you will likely want to purchase e-Juice or e-Liquid to accompany your smoking device. These liquids pair with vaporisers to offer customisable smoking experiences. Vapers can choose the type of flavours that they wish to use. Flavours are available in traditional flavours, such as tobacco, Menthol, or Mint, as well as available in Sweeter and Fruitier flavours, such as Cotton-Candy, or Mango. Flavours also are available in single flavours or blends of multiple flavours. They are often available for purchase at the same locations that vapours and other smoke devices are available.

Vaporiser Accessories

Volcano E-cig & E-liquid Accessories
With a new device, you may want to accessories, either for fashion reasons or functional reasons. In either case, Vape accessories include cleaners, carrying cases, filter screens, containers, sleeves, extra parts and more. These accessories can be part of your style and/or simply a functional way to keep your device well-maintained. Store extra batteries, and e-Juice or e-Liquid in water-tight containers to avoid leaking. Keep the device in its own carrying case to protect it when not in use. Sizes, styles, and prices vary for accessories depending on the vendor and quality. These accessories are often available at the same locations where vaporisers are sold and may include online retailers, or specialty shops. Choose the accessories that are right for you.

Easy Guide to choosing the best vaporiser for you in 2021:

  1. Start by selecting the type of device that you would like: disposable or rechargeable.
  2. Next, choose your flavour(s): traditional, sweet, and fruity.
  3. Choose accessories and chargers as desired.
  4. Head over to your choice vendor, and make your purchase.
  5. Once you have your device, be sure to maintain it properly in order to ensure the longest battery life.