How to Find the Best Box Mod in the EU – 2021

the best box mods in the EU
Looking for the best box mod in the EU? Well, you have your work cut out for you then. There are hundreds upon hundreds of different kinds of box mods, and no two are quite the same. You’ll have to look at battery life, wattage output, coil type, price point, and more. It’s not a simple task, but E-Cig Brands is here to help you.

I will never forget the first time I tried a box mod. I had been a chain smoker for the past ten years, and I desperately wanted to quit, but didn’t have the willpower. I had tried e-cigarettes from time to time, but none of them seemed to work. They didn’t deliver as much nicotine as a standard cigarette, and the taste wasn’t authentic.

Then I tried box mods.

My life completely changed. I put down my cigarettes forever and never looked back even once. With box mods, I can blow beautiful, thick clouds of vapor in any flavor I can imagine.

Box mods are your answer to bigger clouds and better flavor. Unfortunately, there’s only so far you can go with cig-a-likes. That’s not the case with box mods though. The sky is your limit! Continue reading

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How Do You Find the Best Box Mods in the EU?

Do you know what the best box mods in the EU are? When looking for your box mod, you’re going to want to keep four things in mind: tank capacity, battery life, power output, and the atomizer coils. Below, we discuss all four.

Tank Capacity

A standard tank on a box mod will hold between 6-7ml. However, you can find box mods that hold as much as 10ml of e-liquid especially if it’s an all-in-one device. While a larger tank will last you longer, it will also take up much more room. In fact, if your tank is larger than 25mm in diameter, it might not even fit on your mod battery.

You’ll have to fill up more frequently with a smaller tank, but on an aesthetic level, you might prefer a smaller tank. A mod with a large, bulky tank is far more difficult to carry around. Plus, if you like to vape different e-liquids throughout the day, a smaller tank might even be preferable. Drippers don’t even come with a tank at all. Instead, you have to carry around your e-liquid with you separately.

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Battery Life

Battery life indicates how long your mod will last. Usually, you’re going to want to look for a mod that has a battery capacity of at least 3000mAh if it is, indeed, a box mod. You might notice that a vape pen can run on a capacity of only 750mAh, but box mods drain battery far more quickly. A sub-ohm mod will drain the battery at two or three times the rate of a standard e-cig. With at least 3000mAh, you should be able to last the entire work day and evening without having to recharge.

Power Output

If you’re a cloud chaser, power output is undoubtedly important to you. Power output isn’t the only metric you should pay attention to if large amounts of vapor is on your mind. However, you’ll want to be able to turn up the wattage if you’re into chucking clouds.

You’ll want to make sure the mod can reach up to at least 70-80W, but ideally it should reach at least 150W. Of course the wattage level you can reach largely depends upon the strength of your battery. There’s only so far you can go on a weak battery especially if your resistance is below 1.0Ω.

Atomizer Coils

Take a peak at what kind of coils the tank has. Do they use horizontal or vertical coils? How many coils does it have? Usually, the more coils on a tank, the more vapor it produces. Are the coils kanthal coils, or does the starter kit also come with a nickel or titanium coil? Maybe you prefer to make your own coils and need to know that the tank comes with a deck to build on. Today, you can even find advanced coils created in different shapes.

What Are the Best Box Mods in the EU?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of different kinds of box mods available throughout Europe, and no two are exactly alike. That’s the best part about shopping for box mods though.

Europeans generally go for value for money especially since the Tobacco Products Directive passed. The TPD, as it’s called, restricts the size of tanks to 2ml and the size of e-liquid bottles to 10ml. So, most Europeans tend to opt for mini mods and vape pens rather than large box mods.

What Should I Pay for the Best Box Mods in the EU?

There isn’t always a direct correlation between price and quality, but as a general rule of thumb, I like to spend at least $100 for my box mods. There are plenty of box mods made in China that sell for as low as $50, and many of these are very well made; however, if you’re supporting American companies, you should expect to spend at least $80.

That being said, you don’t have to use a box mod. There are a lot of advanced tube mods, mini mods, and vape pens that work just as well and offer almost as much power and battery life as a box mod just without the extra bulk. Some of these sell for less than 50 bucks and will last for days.

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Where Do You Find the Best Box Mods in the EU?

You can find the best box mods in the EU at your local vape store. You should be able to find a brick-and-mortar store either in a shopping center or as a separate boutique. Otherwise, you can order from online. Some of my favorite box mods are found on South Beach Smoke. South Beach Smoke is known for its high-quality, high-end devices.

Otherwise, I generally purchase my box mods from Mig Vapor. Mig Vapor is known for their ingenuity. Though it’s a relatively new company, they’re constantly edging out the competition with new, unique devices that always fulfill a real need.

Lastly, if you’re looking for value for your money, you’ll want to head to VaporFi. VaporFi offers a wide selection of devices at very reasonable prices. While some of them come from overseas, if you purchase from VaporFi, you’ll work exclusively with their customer service team and never with the original company.

Top Box Mods in the EU?

So what do you think are the best box mods in the EU? Do you prefer box mods with lots of bells and whistles, or does the battery life matter to you most? When you go shopping, do you head down to your local shop first or do you jump online?

There is no one best box mod in Europe (after all, Europe is a pretty big place!) Thankfully, with the tips we’ve outlined above, you should be able to narrow down the options pretty quickly.