How to Find the Best Chocolate Vape Juice – 2021


The world is filled with many flavors. Some of them are only enjoyed by a small niche, and others have a much wider following. But out of all the flavors out there, one of them is probably the most universally enjoyed, and this is chocolate. Sure, it has some naysayers, but you can’t deny that they are few and far between. Chocolate has been one of the most loved flavors in society for decades, and it will probably be loved for decades more. That being the case, it sure would be odd if chocolate wasn’t a part of the plethora of vape juice flavors out there, wouldn’t it? Fortunately for us all, chocolate is just as popular a flavor when it comes to vape juice as it is everywhere else.

What Is Chocolate Vape Juice?

You probably already know what chocolate vape juice is. It’s just vape juice that’s chocolate flavored, right? Well, there certainly are vape juices out there that are solely chocolate flavored and nothing else, but there are dozens of other flavors out there that utilize chocolate as just one part of the blend. You can find flavors like chocolate and strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, or even chocolate milk. Being such a versatile and well-loved flavor, you’ll be able to find all sorts of blends in your search for the ideal chocolate vape juice. Other than that, there’s nothing fundamentally different about chocolate vape juice: like all vape juices, you can find chocolate blends in various PG to VG ratios and nicotine levels, or at various flavor strengths.

How to Choose a Chocolate E-Juice?

When it comes to choosing the vape juice that you’ll enjoy the most, chocolate or otherwise, there’s no easy way to go about it. Like anything you can taste in this world, you won’t know if you like it until you try it. A vape juice might sound delicious in the description and have great reviews, but you could still end up disliking it when you try it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get around that, because it’s just life. What you can do is try and align the vape juices you choose with chocolate recipes you already like. If you really like chocolate-covered bananas, look for a vape juice that uses those flavors. If you like chocolate chip cookies, try to find a blend that emulates that. Whatever your favorite chocolate treat is, you’re much more likely to enjoy a vape juice that tastes like it. While there’s still no guarantee that you’ll enjoy a vape juice no matter what its flavor is supposed to be, you have a much higher chance of getting it right the first time. Of course, reading reviews is generally a good idea; you still need to form your own opinions, but a flavor with a lot of good reviews probably is pretty enjoyable for the most part.

Still, you might not even know what kind of options you have available. If you aren’t even sure where to begin looking, we’re going to talk about some of the most popular chocolate-based vape juices right here.

Top 10 Chocolate Flavor E-Juices

#10 Third Base Vape Liquid

Peanut butter and jelly has nothing on the age-old, well-loved classic combo of strawberry and chocolate. The sweetness of a fresh, red strawberry just can’t be complimented so well by anything other than smooth, creamy chocolate, and Third Base from South Beach Smoke takes that double burst of flavor to the max. Delightfully creamy, utterly sweet and refreshingly juicy, Third Base is perfect for any occasion, any time of the day. With just the right amount of added cream in the mix, this spectacular flavor duo will have you watering at the mouth every time you think about a delicious sweet treat to enjoy. Available for $15.99 for a 30 ml bottle, you can get this delicious blend in PG to VG ratios of either 70/30 or Max VG. Be aware that there is nicotine in this product, which makes it a viable replacement for cigarettes, but keep in mind that nicotine can be an addictive substance.

Third Base Vape Juice

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#9 Amaretto Truffle Vape Liquid

When it comes to decadent and even somewhat scandalous flavor combinations, a chocolate truffle with a good amaretto is hard to beat. Of course, that combination is also kind of luxurious to enjoy in its natural state, being both expensive and a little high on calories. But with the Amaretto Truffle blend from VaporFi, you can enjoy every aspect of this dynamic duo with none of the bad bits. There’s no such thing as too much of this intense, smooth, yet subtle blend of strong amaretto taste and underlying chocolate tones. Every draw of this dessert blend will fill you with the taste of outright decadence. It’s $15.99 for a 30 ml bottle and $24.99 for a 60 ml, and the blend is available in PG to VG ratios of 50/50, 70/30, or Max VG. There is nicotine in this product, which can be an addicting substance, though it makes it a good replacement for traditional cigarettes.

Amaretto Truffle Vape Juice

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#8 Choco-Nut E-Liquid

It may not be one of the most universally loved flavors out there, but some of us do love coconut, and we especially love when coconut gets to shine alongside one of its best friends and partners, chocolate. Choco-Nut from South Beach Smoke takes these two unique flavors and successfully merges them into a spectacularly sensational blend. This dessert flavor is perfect for after-dinner evenings or afternoon sweet tooth cravings. With its combination of decadent chocolate and scrumptious coconut, Choco-nut is sure to become the favorite vape juice of many a chocolate lover. It costs just $15.99 to purchase a 30ml bottle of this vape juice, which is available in PG to VG ratios of 70/30 or Max VG. There is nicotine in the product, which makes it a suitable replacement for traditional cigarettes, but it also means that it can be addicting. Keep this in mind when you are considering a new vape juice, as not all vape juices have nicotine even if most do.

Choco-Nut Vape Juice

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#7 Neapolitan Ice Cream E-Juice

Most flavors complement another in a pair; two flavors are easy to mix well while balancing three can be difficult and even result in something unpleasant. But for as long as ice cream has been around, there has been one trio of flavors that work in perfect harmony, and that’s strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Neapolitan Ice Cream from VaporFi takes these three classic flavors and gives you a way to enjoy them all without any of the calories real ice cream bothers you with. With an underlying tone of vanilla that is enriched by powerful strokes of chocolate on the inhale and subtly sweet hints of strawberry on the exhale, this blend will make you feel as though you really are enjoying this classic Italian recipe. There are three PG to VG ratios available, at 50/50, 70/30, or Max VG. A 30ml bottle is %15.99, while a 60ml bottle is $24.99. Keep in mind that this flavor does have nicotine.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Vape Juice

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#6 ChocoMint Vape Liquid

This flavor combination from South Beach Smoke takes the ancient concept of putting two very different flavors together to achieve one extremely delicious one. Chocolate and mint have a long history of mixing together and bringing out the best parts of each other. The smooth and subtle chocolate of this blend is enhanced beyond its limits by a tingling, refreshing mint. When you get a blend like this, it’s about more than just the flavor; the aroma is enticing, and the sensation itself titillating. A mint and chocolate combo always has the potential to be amazing, but this ChocoMint blend nails the perfect nuance to make it top-notch. You can get a 30ml bottle of this blend for $15.99, in PG to VG ratios of either 70/30 or Max VG. The nicotine in this product means it can serve as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, so long as you keep in mind that nicotine has addicting properties.

ChocoMint vape juice

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#5 Smooth Chocolate E-Liquid

Keep in mind, this isn’t just your run of the mill chocolate flavor: this is smooth chocolate. It’s creamier than the usual variety, silkier and more decadent than its more common brother. This blend takes the appeal of chocolate ganache and kicks it into overdrive, capitalizing on every strength and snuffing out every deficiency. Quite frankly, smooth chocolate overdoes it. But it does so in a way that chocolate lovers can’t help but revel in. More akin to double dark chocolate than milk chocolate, this blend is mellow yet still carries a strong and enjoyable simplicity. For the chocolate purists out there, there are few options as desirable as this one. Smooth Chocolate is available at $15.99 for a 30ml bottle, and it is available in PG to VG ratios of either 70/30 or Max VG. There is nicotine in this blend, but that can be a boon if you use vaping to replace traditional smoking.

Smooth Chocolate Vape Juice

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#4 Chocolate Cherry Tobacco E-Liquid

Chocolate and cherries are well-known for going together in a deliciously sweet combo, but what about chocolate, cherry, and tobacco? This combination takes something that is pretty ordinary and adds one flavor that takes the whole thing to new heights it never could have reached before. The earthy, sublime appeal of tobacco is a perfect addition to an otherwise sweet duo of cherries and chocolate, making for a unique taste that sets it far apart from regular chocolate blends that focus entirely on sweetness. Just the right amount of tang, sweetness, and subtlety makes Chocolate Cherry Tobacco an ideal blend for anyone that wants to try something unique. You can get a 30ml bottle of this interesting triad of flavor for $15.99, and in PG to VG ratios of either 70/30 or Max VG. The blend does contain nicotine, which is important to keep in mind when searching for a vape juice that is ideal for you personally.

Chocolate Cherry Tobacco

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#3 Pinktober Vape Liquid

Pinktober vape juice may have been created to support the Pink Ribbon cause, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the blend anytime you want. Pinktober is a combination of two flavors that have been enjoyed side by side for decades; chocolate and cherry. Each draw will be met with creamy, smooth chocolate, only to be usurped by a bursting surge of cherry, combining the two in a delectable, rewarding ensemble. Sweet in all of the right ways, this blend is the perfect dessert flavor for those with a sweet tooth, though you get to enjoy the lack of calories involved in this particular dessert. You can get a 30ml bottle for $15.99, or a 60ml for $24.99. Available PG to VG ratios include 50/50, 70/30, and Max VG. There is nicotine in this product, which has the potential to be addictive if you’ve never used it before but can also scratch that itch if you have.


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#2 ChocoJava E-Juice

A bit of chocolate in your coffee can go quite a long way. It goes even farther when the coffee in question is java, which pairs perfectly with smooth and decadent chocolate. The combination of the two results in an unbelievably rich yet subtle flavor that is sure to enrich any morning or afternoon. You may not be able to get the traditional caffeine hit out of this blend for a wakeup call, but you can definitely still enjoy the taste of a great cup of chocolate enhanced coffee. The aroma alone will make most people fall in relaxed, carefree love. For $15.99, you can purchase a 30ml bottle of ChocoJava from VaporFi. The blend is available in PG to VG ratios of 70/30 or Max VG and does contain nicotine, which has the potential to be addictive, so keep that in mind when you are thinking about which vape juice is right for you.


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#1 Chocolate Delight Vape Juice

As you might imagine, there is a very large demand for straight chocolate-flavored vape juice. After all, some people just really like chocolate in its purest form, without any other taste or flavor encroaching on its signature sweetness. Chocolate Delight from VaporFi is exactly that kind of purist blend. It’s just chocolate, unadulterated and unmodified. For those who truly enjoy the pure and decadent taste of chocolate, with nothing else to get in the way, Chocolate Delight is the ideal vape juice. And of course, because this is such a straightforward vape juice, it’s great for mixing with other flavors to create your own unique combination. Available at PG to VG ratios of 70/30 or Max VG, you can get a 30ml bottle of Chocolate Delight for $15.99. You can also get the flavor in double or triple strength. Be aware that the product contains nicotine, which can be addictive if you’ve never smoked before.

chocolate delight vape juice

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