2021’s Best 11 Drip Tips

Best DripTips
A drip tip is essentially a mouthpiece that screws onto the atomizer of a vaporizer and allows you to inhale the vapors. Whether you’re using an RDA, RTA, or sub-ohm tank, there is a drip tip for you. Lo and behold, drip tips really are exactly what they sound like. You can drip your e-juice right through the drip tip onto the atomizer or into the tank, and you’re ready to puff. With today’s top-fill designs, vaping is easier than ever. Plus, drip tips come in all sorts of colors, materials, and shapes. No matter what kind of vaper you are, there is definitely a drip tip out there for you. Here at E-Cig Brands, we did the research for you, so you can just sit back and relax while we tell you all about the outstanding drip tips every vaper should know.

What Materials Do Drip Tips Come In?

Glass-You wouldn’t drink Chianti in a plastic Solo cup, so why would you drink premium e-liquid from a cheap, disposable drip tip. If you’re a flavor purist, then you’ll want to settle for nothing less than the best. These gorgeous designs are carefully crafted by the finest artisans, and, while they’ll cost you a pretty penny, you’ll be the envy of all your friends with a one-of-a-kind blown design.

Wood-Wood doesn’t conduct heat well, so you won’t have to worry about burning your lips even when you turn up the temperature. Wood can look refined, elegant, and sophisticated, but only if it has a decent finish. Without a good finish, a wooden drip tip is likely to fade and splinter.

Metal-Metal look good on pretty much any kind of mod, and, after plastic, metal is the most popular choice for drip tip. They are generally crafted out of stainless steel, aluminum, and occasionally titanium. Vapers do complain though that metal drip tips tend to impart a bitter aftertaste to an otherwise decent e-liquid and that they can overheat quickly.

Plastic-Plastic, while not luxurious, is the cheapest and most popular form of drip tip. They usually ward off heat fairly well and are sold by Delrin, Teflon, and Ultem.

Stone-Ceramic and stone drip tips come in beautiful, vibrant colors. While they may be more expensive, stone drip tips are the artist’s best friend. Vapers with a flair for all things creative will be immediately attracted to these stunning marbled designs.

The Best Glass Drip Tips:

Glass Swirl Drip Tip:

This glass drip tip will look fabulous with any outfit, and with a 510 thread connection, this drip tip should fit on most of your tanks. Plus, the wide bore tip provides for more airflow than ever. If you want to stick out from the crowd, make a good impression, or express your inner artist, this is the drip tip for you. You certainly won’t be able to blend in or hide in the shadows with this drip tip.
VaporFi Glass Swirl Drip Tip Wide Bore

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Glass Art Drip Tip:

Some of us live our lives the way it is, and some of us make life a work of art. With this glass art drip tip, you’ll be making the world just a little bit more beautiful. The lovely swirled flower design will attract eyes everywhere you go, and the glass tip will keep the e-liquid pure. If you want a drip tip that epitomizes elegance, this one is definitely for you.
Glass Art Drip Tip Wide Bore

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The Top Wood Drip Tips:

Wood Drip Tip:

A drip tip like this with a classic wood finish is meant for the finest of gentlemen. The oak wood exterior will protect your lips from overheating and won’t collect gunk overtime. The extra long shaft will keep your lips far away from the atomizer, and the wide bore shaft will supply you with optimal airflow.

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The Best Metal Drip Tips:

Honeycomb Drip Tip:

This drip has a cool, funky design and comes in six bright colors. Although it’s short, it is insulated to prevent overheating. It has a wide bore design to improve airflow, and the holes around its edges will provide even more air. In fact, if you’re not careful, you might even cough if you’re not used to all the air you’ll get with this drip tip.
VaporFi Honeycomb Drip Tip Wide Bore

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NonStick Drip Tip:

The only thing worse than a dry hit is a drip tip coated with layers of residue leftover from previous vaping sessions. Even if you have the most stylish drip tip around, if it’s covered in grime, no one will be able to see it. This metal drip tip has a sleek nonstick finish that makes it easy to clean and even easier to keep clean.
VaporFi NonStick Drip Tip Wide Bore Review

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Airflow Drip Tip:

This drip tip has adjustable airflow slots that give you control over your vape. You thought that adjustable airflow control was only on tanks? Well you were right, until now. If you want a tight mouth-to-lungs vape, close the slots completely. If you want to suck in loads of thick vapor, then open them up widely. The choice is up to you!
VaporFi Airflow Drip Tip Wide Bore

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Top Quality Plastic Drip Tips:

Disposable Fun Drip Tips:

Feeling blue today? What if you’re tickled pink tomorrow? You want drip tips that work with your style. These drip tips allow you to switch up your vape to match your outfit on a daily basis. Plus, if you want to take a hit of your neighbors great new vape juice without sharing germs, then take out your own drip tips. They’re small enough that you can fit several in your pocket. Then just whip them out when you need one.
MigVapor Disposable Fun Drip Tips

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Acrylic and Stainless Steel Drip Tips:

Let’s say you want a drip tip with low-conductivity that stays clean, but you still want to look stylish? It seems like if you want style, you have to sacrifice on functionality. Well that certainly isn’t the case here. These drip tips come in modern, marbled designs and stylish colors like teal, amber, and magenta, but they still will keep your lips clean and safe.
Acrylic and Stainless Steel Drip Tips

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The Best Stone Drip Tips:

Short & Tall Artistic Drip Tips from VaporFi:

Ladies, gentleman, cloudchaser-wannabe’s, and flavor-chasers of all shapes and sizes! These artistic drip tips are made from mineral stone by the most skilled craftsmen. They come in gorgeous tie-dyed designs and come as either short or tall. Keep the short one with you because it’s cute and portable, then whip out the tall one when you want extra heat protection.
VaporFi Short Artistic Drip Tip

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The Best Hybrid Drip Tips:

Teflon Drip Tip:

No one wants to walk around with grime on their drip tip, but cleaning it all the time can be a hassle. This drip tip has a metal exterior with a plastic outer coating so cleaning at the end of the day is a breeze. Just wipe it down and go. Plus, these drip tips come in six bright colors. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds in this drip tip that is both plastic and metal.
VaporFi Teflon Drip Tip Review

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Carbon Fiber Drip Tip:

Made of carbon fiber and stainless steel, this drip tip is sleeker than ever. More and more mods these days come with carbon fiber decals, so you can match your drip tip to your mod.
VaporFi Carbon Fiber Drip Tip Wide Bore

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Safety and Maintenance

It would be nice if we could assume that because vaping itself is safe, we don’t have anything else to worry about. However, if you don’t take care of your drip tips, you could end up with blistered, cracked lips. It’s best to choose a drip tip made from heat-resistant material like plastic, acrylic, wood, or stone. Otherwise, you could get a long drip tip to maintain the distance between your lips and the tank. Also, always make sure to clean your drip tips regularly with hot, soapy water and disinfectant especially if you plan on letting anyone else take a puff of your vaporizer.


Without a drip tip, you won’t be able to vape very easily, but they have more than a practical function. Your drip tip can be a fashion statement. Use it to express your personality! Are you refined and sophisticated? laid back and artistic? elegant and fashionable? Have your drip tip let us know! Now you know the 11 outstanding drip tips every vaper should know, so you can pick your favorite!