How to Choose the Best CBD Vape Additives? – 2021


What Is a CBD Vape Additive?

The rise of CBD vape additives has been exponential in the past decade due to its alluring health benefits, fetching convenience and low out of pocket expense. They are arguably the most popular form of CBD on the market. Beneath their exterior appearance as just another vape juice, these additives have unlocked a whole new world of vaping. Continue reading

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How Are CBD Vape Additives Made?

CBD vape additives are the product of tedious extraction and purification processes. First, the cannabinoids are extracted using a CO2 method from a female cannabis plant. The purification process removes any potential chemicals and THC from the product. Next, a base medium, also known as a thinning liquid, is added to the cannabinol. These will usually be a certain ratio of vegetable and propylene glycerin. Finally, the company may choose to add flavors at their discretion, however the majority of additives are flavorless.


What Are the Benefits of CBD Additives?

CBD additives have the attractive feature of a fairly low long-term expense. Especially in comparison to the other treatments and pharmaceuticals currently available. The bottles are bigger, last longer, and on top of that they effects are instantaneous.  

The most admired detail of CBD vape additives are their added health benefit. The cannabinols awaken and revitalize the endocannabinoid system. Our endocannabinoid system oversees tasks such as our rest and our appetite. But, beyond that, it helps control and manage pain. This significant operation is why CBD can limit symptoms such as:

  • Aching
  • Soreness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation
  • Stiff Joints

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Studies are currently underway that are analyzing the depth of impact that CBD can have on the brain and body, and not just in humans, in pets, too!


What Is the Right Dosage for CBD Additives?

The dosage for the CBD vape additives range from 25mg to 300mg. This refers to the amount or ratio of cannabinol in the product. Another label will specify the milliliters; this is simply the volume of the bottle and its contents. Keep this subtle difference in mind and remember that the two are not interchangeable.  

Most vape pens have a 1ml to 2ml cartridge, which means that the vape additives should be able to last for quite a bit. You can calculate the actual amount of CBD you are getting by dividing the milligrams of CBD by the milliliters in the bottle. This will tell you how much CBD there is per milliliter. Then, you take that quotient and subtract it by the number of milligrams per drop. Additionally, you can estimate the amount of CBD you should take based on your weight and the extremity of your affliction.

Another factor of dosage to take into consideration is bioavailability. Bioavailability is how much of the cannabinol that will be processed by the body. Vape additives’ bioavailability sits at a large 50-60% in contrast to edibles which is about 4-20%.


What CBD Vape Additive Is Right for Me?

Choosing the best CBD vape additive can be a daunting task considering all the options out there. You can narrow down your options by specifying a certain quantity– it is recommended that new users start with smaller doses—and a vape additive that targets your specific ailment. There are some universal features of CBD vape additives that everyone should consider when searching for the right product such as:

  • Origin of the Cannabis Plant
    High quality CBD vape additives will come from GMO-free plants. This means that cannabis or hemp plant was not grown with the help of fertilizers and pesticides which are unhealthy and bad for the environment.
  • PG/VG Content
    PG and VG stands for propylene and vegetable glycerin. These are added individually or together to the product. Typically, propylene glycerin is better for the vape cartridge, but vegetable glycerin is healthier. The impact of either isn’t extreme enough to stress over the trade-off, just keep these attributes at bay.
  • CBD & THC Content
    These amounts will be specified on the products bottle and website. If you are looking for a strong product, make sure the concentration and amount of cannabinol will meet your needs. The THC content legally has to be less than 0.3%. There are brands of CBD that contain absolutely no THC in them if you prefer.
  • Extraction Method
    The extraction method is significant because some companies may use harmful chemicals which could be bad for your health and it decreases the quality of the product. The best extraction method for a high-grade CBD vape additive is the CO2 process. You can check if the company uses this by looking at their website.
  • Certification of Analysis
    The certification of analysis informs the consumer and market if a particular product has passed certain tests. These tests ensure the product is not harmful and meets government and health standards.
  • Third-Party Testing
    Third-party testing is an important feature because this means that the results and unbiased and honest. This information should be on the company’s website.


Legality of CBD Oil for Vaping

Cannabinoids have been a somewhat controversial topic in terms of legality because it comes from the same plant as THC. However, cannabinoids are not psychoactive, in fact, they actually counteract the effects of THC. Read below to see the legality of CBD in your country.


Australia requires a prescription for the purchase of CBD because they want it used strictly for medicinal purposes. If you do not have a medical prescription, you can import the CBD by purchasing it online.

United States & Canada

The United States and Canada legalized the general and medicinal use of CBD. You can purchase CBD at dispensaries, vape shops, online and they are available at various establishments here and there.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s market for CBD is still relatively new. They require the THC content to be less than 0.2% and prohibit the advertisement of CBD as having any medical benefits. While the options in the UK are somewhat limited, you can always place an order online.