How to Choose CBD Edibles? – 2021

cbd edibles

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are cannabis-infused food substances that you can eat.

Do you want a smoke-free, stress-free and enjoyable way of ingesting CBD? How about trying about some delicious CBD edibles?

You have a wide array of options to select from. There are gummy bears, licorice sticks, fruity flavors, chocolates, candies, caramels, froggies, fruity chunks etc. 

If you are a non-smoker, what better way could there be to benefit from CBD than eating a tasty, sumptuous CBD snack?

With edibles, you get the full CBD experience, and you won’t miss out on anything. It’s so safe, convenient and stress-free. You don’t need to fill out any vape device or charge any vape device. You don’t need to carry a lighter around with you. You won’t disturb others with smoke and fumes.

You could literally sit anywhere and munch on your treats without anyone having an idea of what you are eating. You can carry it conveniently to wherever you want. It’s no wonder a lot of CBD users are now turning to CBD edibles as opposed to the traditional ways of ingesting CBD.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can choose the best CBD edibles. Continue reading

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How to Choose CBD Edibles

  • Taste
    What’s the point of a CBD edible if it doesn’t taste great? The fact that your friend swears by a mango-flavored gummy bear doesn’t mean that it is right for you. Find something awesome on your taste buds and will keep you coming back for more. But of course, don’t be tempted to eat more than what you should. After all, CBD edibles are medicinal and should not be consumed like other foods. They should be eaten in doses.
  • Vegan or Non-Vegan, Halal, Gluten-free, GMO and Other Specific Food Preferences
    If you’re a vegan, you should look out for products that are certified vegan. If you’re a Muslim, then you’ll want to buy products that are marked halal. If you’re allergic to gluten, you should check for CBD edibles that are gluten-free. If you don’t want any GMO product, check for products that have been marked non-GMO.
  • CBD Content
    You are purchasing CBD edibles for their CBD content and not for how great they taste, look or smell. The CBD content will be specified on the pack, and it is usually measured in milligrams.
  • CBD Extraction Process
    The method used to extract the CBD ingredient of the CBD edible has a significant role to play in how effective the CBD content is and how it works in your body. Look for products that have been extracted using the CO2 extraction process. The C02 extraction process is the best of all as it ensures that you get CBD of the highest quality with as little impurities as possible.
  • Certificate of Analysis
    A certificate of analysis shows that a CBD edible product has been tested in accredited laboratories and held to the strictest standards. It shows that you are buying a quality product. If you’re making a purchase online, you will be shown a link to the certificate of analysis of the product. The certificate of analysis will show you all the tests carried out on the product amongst other things.
  • Size
    If you’re making your purchase online or in a faraway location, you need to buy the quantity that can satisfy you. Some CBD edibles are sold in quantities that are as small as just 4 in a Pack which will not last for up to a week. You could buy a large pack that will last you for long. If you’re someone who wants to carry his/her treats around, you might want to go for several small packs that can fit into your pocket.

CBD Edible FAQ 

  • Will I Get High from Consuming CBD Edibles?
    No, you won’t. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of marijuana. It won’t get you high like THC which is psychoactive.
  • But, If CBD Is Non-Psychoactive, Will I Still Enjoy the Benefits I Ought to Gain from The Marijuana Plant?
    Yes, you will.
  • What Health Benefits Can I Gain from Eating CBD Edibles?
    CBD edibles can help to improve sleep, relieve pain and treat conditions like anxiety, arthritis, etc.
  • What’s the Right Dosage for CBD Edibles?
    CBD edibles vary in shape, sizes and ingredient. There is no specific dosage for all. The dose is usually written on the pack. Stick to what is written on the pack and don’t overdose.
  • How Long Does It Take for CBD Edibles to Take Effect on The Human Body?
    The truth is there is no definite time duration for CBD edibles to affect your body. Body metabolism is different in each human. Also, CBD edibles are different from one another. Some people might start to feel the effects within 2 hours while others may not feel anything for about 4 to 6 hours. Some experts say that CBD edibles work faster on an empty stomach than after eating a full meal.

Legality of CBD Edibles  

CBD edibles are subject to Federal, State and Jurisdictional legislations on cannabis products. You will do well to read up more about marijuana regulations in your region and how they apply to CBD edibles.