How to Choose the Best CBD Isolates? – 2021


What Is a CBD Isolate?

CBD isolates are a highly refined class of cannabinoids that typically originate from the hemp plant. They are growing in popularity due to their flexibility and effectiveness. Isolates are the only form of cannabinoids presently obtainable that are 99% CBD.  Continue reading

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How Are CBD Isolates Made?

CBD isolates undergo a very comprehensive manufacturing process before they are equipped for the market. First, the isolate is extracted from a specific part of the cannabis plant using the CO2 extraction method. Next, the product is rid of the remnants of the plant such as the chlorophyll, waxes and oils; this process is called the filtration process. Finally, the isolate is “winterized” which completely purges the isolate from the plant. The end-product is a fine white powder.


How to Take CBD Isolates?

CBD isolates cannot be boxed into a single method of application like most of the other forms of cannabinols. In fact, they can essentially morph to become every other form of CBD. You can use isolates by sprinkling them on food, cooking them into to food, blending them with creams and lotions, applying them underneath the tongue, and mixing them in with vape juice. Not to mention that all of these tasks can be accomplished using both the powdered and crystallized versions of CBD isolates.

If you are interested in creating your own CBD vape juice or edible using a CBD isolate, you can find dozens of “do it yourself” recipes online.


The Benefits of Using CBD Isolates

Cannabinol in general has been growing in popularity because of its health benefits. This includes treating and relieving symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Inflammation
  • Soreness
  • Aches
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Fatigue

The high concentration of cannabinol has proved to be a fruitful ally for consumers in need of relief. In comparison to most over the counter pharmaceuticals, CBD isolates emerge as the more attractive option. The ingredients are all-natural which limits the possible side effects and is better for your body than synthetic materials. CBD isolates are also the more cost-effective alternative. The impact of the CBD works on a less is more basis which one might call getting more bang for your buck.

And beyond all of that, the effects of CBD isolates last longer and can be felt immediately. This makes CBD isolates the more convenient option as well. And, as you read, you can use the isolates in a variety of manners which leaves the depth of ease at your discretion.


Are CBD Isolates Legal?

CBD isolates are legal in various countries either for general, recreational, or medicinal use. In the United States and Canada, for example, CBD is completely legal and can be purchased in numerous retail and department stores as well as dispensaries, vape shops and online. In Australia and the United Kingdom however, CBD is only legal for medical purposes and consumers must have a prescription.

It is important, when speaking of legality, to unearth some common misconceptions concerning cannabinoids. Because CBD originates form the same plant as THC it has created a bit of controversy as to whether or not it is safe or should be legal. CBD, in reality, is not psychoactive, so those who use CBD cannot get high from it. In fact, CBD actually counteracts the effects of THC such as drowsiness and paranoia.


How to Select the Right CBD Isolates for You?

With the abundance of possibilities for CBD isolates saturating the market, finding the right CBD isolate could take forever. However, we have a couple of tips for you which should narrow your options considerably.

  • GMO-Free
    GMO-free means the cannabis plant that the CBD isolate came from was not sprayed with pesticides or planted with fertilizers. Plants free of GMO’s are better for your health and the environment.
  • Extraction Process
    The extraction method should use naturally occurring chemicals and not man-made processes. The most favorable extraction method is the CO2 method. You can find this information on the company’s website.
  • Certificate of Analysis
    The certificate of analysis is a sequence of results from meticulous tests that analyze the chemical and cosmetic aspects of a product. Products with this certification are genuine, high grade, and safe for use.
  • Third-Party Lab
    Third-party testing is beneficial because they are a neutral party which ensures the authenticity of the results. You can find out if the company uses a third-party on their website.
  • Customer Reviews
    The customer reviews will alert you to the genuine experience of individuals using this product. Here you will be able to obtain details such as the odor, taste and aftertaste of the product as well as the strength of the product and how quickly it works.