The Best E-Cigarette in EU 2021

the best e-cigarettes in EU
The E-Cig market is booming in Europe. It is estimated that there are approximately 29 million users of e-cigs in Eu today, and the number is steadily growing. Electronic cigarettes in the EU are used frequently and on a daily basis. Why? Because they fit well into any lifestyle and are simple to use. Did you know that the word Vape, has been so frequently used that it has actually been added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014? So why exactly are e-cigs so so popular? Continue reading

Top 6 E-Cigs in Europe

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Benefits of E Cigs

For one they do not chain you as a traditional tobacco cigarette does. With an electronic cigarette you can take a draw and set it down, unlike a traditional one that must be smoked from start to finish. Furthermore you can set the exact amount of nicotine you need, or skip it altogether unlike traditional cigarettes where the number is predetermined for you.

Second, the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette will not stench up your house, your clothes, or your car, letting you live and breathe in a better environment.

Third, adjusting the level of nicotine helps many back away from traditional paper cigarettes, and instead chose flavors that are nicotine free and unique.

Here in the EU, many love the wide range of flavors that are available, as well as the savings that come from using an electronic cigarette. Many in the EU appreciate the fact that e-cigs contain only 16 ingredients as opposed to the estimated 4000 chemicals in traditional tobacco-60 of which are know to cause cancer.

electronic cigarettes vs tobacco cigarettes

Preferred E-cigs in the EU

In Eu, consumers prefer electric cig tanks and electronic cig juice over 2-piece systems, although these are on the rise as well. One of the popular rising brands in EU is the Jac Vapour brand, also popular in the UK.

Tanks are reputed to provide users with a cleaner taste and are considered easier to refill than the cartomizers found in 2-piece systems. These are the first choice for European vapers.

Though more expensive, these tanks perform better than the standard 2-piece e cigs. The tanks offered by Jac Vapour and other brands are also popular because they are rebuildable, so you only have to replace the coil after 10 refills rather than have to purchase a completely new unit. Those in the EU take their vaping seriously, and if they can save money, then it’s a deal.

The products offered by e-cig brands are diverse and appeal to a wide range of audiences. In most simple terms, companies describe their e-cigs as battery driven devices that vaporizes a liquid solution containing nicotine or flavor.

E-Cigarette Battery

The battery used in the e-cig determines how long the e-cig can be powered. Batteries come as automatic which use 3.7v and manual (4.3v). Those in the EU generally prefer a bigger vapor production and as such go for the more powerful e-cigs with a 4.3v battery.
Some even prefer the variable voltage e-cig models. These models offered by top brands allow users to set their desired voltage anywhere between 3.3v and 4.8v. All e-cig batteries use lithium-ion cells.

E-Cig Kits and Top Preferred Brands in EU

Jac Vapour offers starter kits with a high quality battery. While the company is more pricey than others on the market it remains on top for quality and is the top preferred brand at the moment. They offer starter kits for all types of e-cigs EU, including a manual 900mAh starter kit from £39.99, Kit Pro with two batteries, Genie (Aero) kit, Twist (400mAh) starter kit, and a Protank Starter Kit.

As tanks are more preferred in EU, the Protank Starter Kit is a favorite. The kit contains 1 series-E battery, an additional optional battery, Protank 3 tank and two coils, a USB charger, a beauty ring, and a custom Series-E hard case.

Jac Vapour is not the only popular brand in Eu. V2 kits have also gained popularity in Europe as has Halo. The top picks are the V2 starter kits. These kits includes standard batteries in three sizes as well as classic flavor cartridges, prefilled for you, in addition to the electronic cigarette, charger, and car adapter. V2 also offers E-Liquid kits, as well as an extended V2 standard kit. Liquid kits are more regulated in the EU.
Halo-Cigs has actually won the Editor’s choice award from PC magazine for its Halo Triton Tank System. This tank system is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle as it is easy to fill, lightweight, and has a top loading tank. Furthermore the Triton Tank system comes with 2 tanks, 2 batteries, a USB adaptor, wall charger, and a padded case and adaptor cone which allows you to use pre-filled cartridges.

Those who prefer the traditional e-cigs but love tank system as well turn to Halo’s G6. This is great because you can switch between the regular e-cig to a refillable mini tank e-cig when you want. This cool kit comes with a 5 pack of cartomizers, USB, wall charger, and case.


There is certainly no shortage of E-cigs in EU. Tank systems are frequently used for their clean quality and their easily refillable nature. But those in the EU do go for the traditional electronic cigarettes as well. With the popular brands, individuals can quickly find the right starter kit based on their own preferences, style, and experience vaping.

All kits offered by the top favored brands include all the basics needed to start as well as more expensive packages that include all the bells and whistles that come with vaping.