The Best E-Cigarette in Canada – 2021

the best e-cigarettes in canada
As a cigarette smoker, are you feeling hounded and banished at gatherings or local establishments? Looking to rejoin the party? E-cigarettes, or e-cigs, are a more acceptable way to enjoy smoking without chemical intake. In Canada, e-cigs have made major leaps from previous versions, providing coil technology that allows you to enjoy every last drop of e-liquid.

These tiny vapor machines are not forbidden in restaurants and various public places, including government buildings. Don’t get banished to the outdoor elements, use an e-cig instead. So how do they function? Continue reading

Top Electronic Cigarettes Brands in Canada:

Kit's Price
Start Vaping
South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes CAD $20.39 9.9 Read Review Has E Cig Cupon Code Visit Site
epuffer vape tables logo CAD $27.13 9.7 Read Review Has E Cig Cupon Code Visit Site
Apollo-E-Cigs Review CAD $67.93 9.1 Read Review Has E Cig Cupon Code Visit Site
DirectVapor Review CAD $10.81 7.3 Read Review Has E Cig Cupon Code Visit Site

Breaking Down E-Liquid Ingredients

E-cigs contain Canadian e-liquid, created with water, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. Nicotine can be added, along with a large variety of flavourings. Two of these ingredients are inert and the nicotine can be reduced or maintained depending on your particular habit. Nicotine consumption can be scaled back to overtime assist a smoker in breaking the habit.

This type of smoking puts you in the driver’s seat, while keeping down the chemical intake. While second hand smoke is also a risk for those who don’t smoke, the vapor from e-cigs has not been shown to have the same harmful effects.

Tap into your creativity and design your own unique flavour. The taste will be better that any standard cigarettes, leaving a nice aftertaste, plus you won’t be driven outside to enjoy your habit. Similar to the scents of incense, non-smokers will find it more enjoyable to be around.

quality e-liquid flavors in canada

Save Your Cash

As with any purchase option, it comes down to cost. The e liquid is cost-effective when compared with standard cigarettes. Buying your favorite flavours in bulk can achieve greater savings over time. With vaping, the flavour varieties are vast. Never have the same one twice, or stick to tried and true favorite. Plus, newer e-cigs allow you to carry enough e-liquid for a whole day of vaping right in your e-cig without having to carry extra liquid.

With traditional cigs, flavour options are non-existent. Plus, the cost of a pack of cigs a day for a month can surpass a month of e liquid. Look for refill e-cig cartridges or buy in bulk, so that is something to keep in mind when choosing your personal e-cigarette (more about that later).

Without ashes or old-fashioned smoke, e-cigs are an affordable alternative to cigarettes without the normal damage or offensive odors. There are several options out there for choosing an e-cigarette, so how can you make the best choice?

best vaping cigarettes in canada

Match Your Needs to Your E-cig

Choosing an e-cigarette is about defining your lifestyle and which design will work best for your life. The first option is a mini, which resembles a standard cigarette in size and weight, geared for beginners. However, the mini has a shorter battery life than other e-cigs.

Mid-size models can be similar in size to a cigar, with a slightly longer battery life. They typically produce more vapor within an extended period of time. These are a quality choice for those heavier smokers who prefer an extensive vaping experience.

For experienced “vapers”, advanced personal vaporisers (APV) or mods can be a great option. APVs or mods provide a longer vapor experience, but they typically include additional parts and require more background knowledge. So how can you get that smoking sensation with e-cigs?

vaporfi electronic cigarette starter kit

Vaping with E-cigs

To enjoy vaping, you need to match the vapor production, battery life and throat hit to your smoking level. The better the vapor production, the more it can mimic a real cigarette. The throat hit is the extent of the burning feeling you get when you take a drag. Battery life is critical, because heavy smokers want to enjoy the practice more frequently throughout their daily activities.

The e liquid will have the maximum effect on these two parts, so it’s important to find one that you like and that suits your needs. Take the time to do your research, so you can find out what flavours and other options will fit your requirements.

Overtime, you might find that you want to vape more or you want to begin the process of slowing down your nicotine. Either way, it’s important to know about all the e-cig options available to find the one that’s right for you.

The Best E-Cig Reviews

Top Quality E-Cigarettes Reviews

#1 Best Electronic Cigarette Canada: South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate E-Cigarette Kit

The Deluxe Starter Kit is one of South Beach Smoke’s most popular kits, and for good reason, too. Designed to provide a regular smoker with enough supplies for two to three weeks of vaping, this starter kit is the perfect way to jump right into vaping without looking back.

The atomizer component is included in the cartridge, so there’s no need for extra cleaning or maintenance. You’re ready to go as soon as you swap out the cartridge. You’ll also find a wall charger, deluxe battery, and high-capacity battery to get you started.

In the ultimate pack, you’ll also receive a fancy carrying case, lanyard, portable charger, car charger, a manual battery, and another ten cartridges, which is equivalent to about 28-32 packs. You get all that for what would turn out to be only $1.41 per pack of analog cigarettes. These must-have accessories make transitioning from smoking to vaping that much easier. Better yet, these electronic cigarettes resemble cigarettes almost perfectly. Except for the charging cord, you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference.

Cartridges are available in a wide range of flavors including tobacco classic, menthol, vanilla, cherry, peppermint, pina colada, peach, chocolate, tobacco blue, golden tobacco, watermelon, tobacco mint, orange mint, grape hookah, Frank’s lemon-lime, or double apple hookah. Once you’ve chosen your flavor, you can choose your nicotine strength–0, 6, 12, 16, or 24 mg/ml.

This is the perfect starter pack for someone who wants a reliable set of electronic cigarettes that will last them at least for several weeks while they get used to vaping and decide whether they want to continue.

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#2 Best Electronic Cigarette Canada: ePuffer – Magnum Snaps E-Cigarette

These e-cigs from ePuffer were designed to be a satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes. The Magnum series of e-cigarettes comes in two starter colors: black and authentic white. Black offers a little something out of the ordinary, while the traditional colors mimic a real cigarette (complete with a golden faux filter).

The battery of the Magnum series has something extra for e-cig enthusiasts: the battery is magnetically attached to the flavor cartridges. Although not necessary, it does add an element of convenience and novelty to one of ePuffer’s most popular products.

Finally, ePuffer’s Magnum Snaps E-Cigarette offers a 220 mAh battery, which is slightly above market average. Still, this e-cig battery cannot be expected to last all day with continuous use. Luckily for the consumer, the starter Magnum packs include two rechargeable batteries. The quality of ePuffer’s batteries is second to none, so you can expect your battery to last through 400 charge cycles before needing to purchase a new one.

As far as e-cigarettes go on the market, it is hard to go wrong with the Mangum series from ePuffer.

Retail Price: $49.95

What’s included in the Magnum Snaps Starter Kits:

  • Two Lithium Rechargeable Batteries
  • Five Flavor Cartridges
  • USB Wall Adapter (110/240V)
  • USB Charger
  • Instruction Manual


  • 2.5mL Tank Capacity
  • Battery Capacity 1000mAh
  • Battery Voltage 3.5 volts
  • Atomizer Resistance 2.0ohm
  • USB Wall Charger Adaptor 100-240V Input, Output 5V

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#3 Best Electronic Cigarette Canada: Apollo Challenger Vapor Cigarette Kit (Formerly Extreme Kit)

Great Vapor Cigarette
The Challenger Starter Kit is one of the most affordable vaping starter kits available. When you decide to try vaping, you don’t want to have to put down $100 for a new hobby especially if you’re not even sure you’ll like it. Apollo’s Challenger Kit is sold at an extremely reasonable rate for those who are just not so sure about the entire idea of electronic cigarettes.

This also just happens to be a very well-made, solid device. It comes with a powerful battery that packs a powerful punch at the back of throat, and while the cartomizers are sold separately, they’re large enough to last you a while. The sleek, black batteries have the name Apollo printed across the side and come with an LED tip to mimic the glowing end of a burning cigarette.

This is the perfect kit for someone who wants to try vaping, but doesn’t want to end up with eight unused cartridges they’ll just end up throwing out. The Apollo Challenger is powerful enough for a realistic mouth-to-lungs draw, but simple enough for a beginner. Try it out, and if you don’t love it, you really haven’t lost that much anyway. We’re sure you will love it though because it’s very solidly made.

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