How to Find the Best Candy Flavor E-Liquid – 2021

the best candy vape liquid flavors
If you look to your right, there’s Lord Licorice, don’t venture too close! Just look a little bit further though, and you’ll see Princess Lolly, Queen Frostine, and, you guessed it Grandma Gingerbread! If you’re already reminiscing with us, then listen up! We have your favorite Candyland-inspired e-liquid flavors.

Most vapers start off by vaping tobacco- or menthol-flavored e-cigs, but after they’ve gotten used to the controls, they realize there’s a whole new world available to them. Vaping doesn’t have to be reserved solely for traditional flavors. Even after weaning themselves off of nicotine, a load of vapers continue to vape because they fall in love with the flavors of e-liquid. On a second note, some vapers notice that they develop cravings for sweets after they give up their cigarettes, so e-liquids are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without causing damage to your waistline.

From gumdrop buttons to candy cane forest, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store! E-Cig Brands went through the trouble of sampling the candy-flavored e-liquids out on the market today, and we boiled down the list to these eight. Read on to discover what sugary adventures lie in store for you.

Top 3 Candy Flavor Vape Juices

#3 VaporFi’s Grand Reserve Cloud Candy E-Juice

We know we already love VaporFi’s Grand Reserve line. This fan favorite is made from a bizarre combination of gummy bears, cotton candy, pomegranate, and lemon-lime. Not too many people can make candy look classy, but if anyone can do it VaporFi can.

This vape juice reminds me of fruit loops, lollipops, and rainbows–I guess that is if you could taste rainbows. Anyway, I’m totally addicted to this flavor.

VaporFi Grand Reserve Cloud Candy Review

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#2 ePuffer’s Yummy Candy E-Liquid

ePuffer is known for its high-quality ingredients and classic vape juice flavors, and so we were surprised to see this candy flavor derived from gummy worms and gummy bears. Nonetheless, it hit the spot! ePuffer knows how to make a good vape–that’s for sure!


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#1 Marshmallow Breeze E-Liquid

Do you remember those fluffy little marshmallows we added to hot chocolate or roasted and sandwiched between two graham crackers? Well now you can have the adult version!

I used to add marshmallows by the spoonful to my hot chocolate. I was in looove with them, and now I add them to my vape pens. You probably need at least a double or a triple shot because the flavor isn’t all that strong otherwise. When you first inhale this vapor, you’ll feel like you’ve died and been reborn as a child again. It’s simply heavenly.
-Jason F.

South Beach Smoke’s Marshmallow E-Liquid

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Conclusion: So there you have it. We may not have chocolate waterfalls and everlasting gobstoppers, but then again, that means that there’s no chance you will fall down the “bad eggs” shoot or blow up like a blueberry. Enough kidding around, we loved these e-liquid flavors, and we hope that you do too. Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a leftover Halloween treat or Easter egg hunt treasure! Go on! You know you can’t resist.