The Best Box Mod (Vape Box) in Australia – 2021

The Best Box Mods in Australia
For the modern vapers, the need for more e-liquid and a greater battery life has resulted in aftermarket “tinkering”. Vaping has become the next wave in the tobacco industry. Since e-cigarettes or e-cigs have grown in popularity, so have the different modifications or “mods”. One such modification is the box mod.

This mod gives the e-cig a unique shape, about the size of an original MP3 player. This additional space allows for a larger tube to hold an increased amount of e-liquid. For individuals who are heavy smokers that have made the switch to an e-cig, this is the type of modification that gives them the ability to enjoy a vape as frequently as they want throughout the day, but without the necessity of carrying an e-liquid refill.

Another plus about the box mods is the increased battery life. Why does the battery last longer than the more traditional slender e-cigs? Simply put, the battery size can be increased by using the bonus space provided by the box shape. So how can you choose the box mod that will fit your needs the best? Continue reading

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The Designs of Box Mods

Various individuals started tinkering to create their box mods, which quickly became commercialized. One such box mod is the Gizmo. This is a compact and sleek design that can fit comfortably in anyone’s hand. Using brass coils to minimize the voltage drop from the battery to the atomizer means that the overall quality and thickness of the vapor is improved. Other box mods are more creative, making them appear like smaller pieces of luggage or designer jewelry.

For those who prefer to make the changes to their e-cigs themselves, anything can become part of their box mods, making them very unique. But for those who do not want to try their hand at creating their own box mod, there are still plenty of great options available that can give you a unique and stylish vaping experience.

Box Mod Vaporizers Components Infographic

Checking off the Features

Box mods typically feature a few standards, particularly when it comes to the actual vapor. First, the best models will have a built in battery and charging port. If you have those, it makes the recharging simpler, plus if the box mod has a USB port, charging can be accomplished in the car or at any USB charging station.

Others even offer the option of charging at your computer, allowing you to vape while working and charging.

Look at what the coating is made of as well. After all, this is something that will be put in a purse or pocket with keys and who knows what else, so having a scratch resistant coating is a key feature. Other great features include an OLED screen that enable you to digitally change the controls on your mod.

Another area that you can have included in your box mod, depending on the manufacturer or brand, is a variation of voltage and the ability to adjust it yourself. Various models can be adjusted in 0.1 increments, from 3.0 to 7.0 voltage. This can translate into a heavier or lighter vapor depending on your mood or the setting. You can also find the setting that works best for you and your particular vaping habits.

Another area that might be adjustable is the wattage. With changes in the wattage, you also affect your vapor and the length of time you can vape. Those with adjustable wattage can typically be adjusted in 0.5 increments, with a range that can span from 6 to 40 watts or more. As you can see, the range is pretty wide, so adjustable wattage can give you plenty of options, depending on your mood and the frequency of your vaping.

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Adding Options to Your Box Mod

Box mods can come with a variety of safety and functional features. One such feature is the low voltage notification, as well as overcharge protection. Other subtle but important additions include short circuit or atomizer protection, giving your box mod the ability to notify you of any problems. It will also typically turn itself off before operating in otherwise unsafe conditions. These detectors will also note if the atomizer’s resistance is low, and most will not allow the box mod to power on as a result. This protection will keep your box mod from being damaged and provides a safeguard for your investment.

Another thing to look for is the actual wattage. This can also have an effect on your vaping time and the quality of your vapor. Just remember that mods with higher wattage outputs typically cost more.

Other box mods might come with an adjustable spring, thus allowing you to make sure your e-liquid vile is snug in the box mod. Want to monitor how many puffs you take per day? Then look for a box mod with a puff counter, thus allowing you to keep track of the number of puffs you take per day.

Power Output Levels You’ll Need to Know

The main difference between an e-cigarette and a box mod is the power level. If you simply want to quit smoking, a cig-a-like will suffice, but if you intend to make vaping into a sport or pastime, you’ll want more power. The kind of power you can get from an eGo-style battery with 200mAh is quite limited. These mouth-to-lung devices can only produce so much vapor, and so if you want to turn your habit into a hobby, you’ll need to invest in a box mod.

Vape pens and other smaller devices typically don’t exceed a 15-30W output, but a box mod can go much higher. You’ll find mini box mods that go up to 40-50W and larger devices that can reach up to 200W. Most average devices can reach between 60-80W though, and rarely will vapers exceed this limit. In fact, vaping past 100W becomes quite difficult simply because the temperature of the vapor is intolerable.

That all being said, you cannot legitimately reach 200W unless you have an incredibly strong battery. Most batteries aren’t nearly powerful enough to support a power output of 200W especially if the mod is a sub-ohm device. Though it’s a flashy advertising point, vaping technology hasn’t advanced to the point where 200W vaping is really possible.

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Comparing Battery Capacity

The battery capacity refers to the battery life. Box mods generally use one or more 18650 cells that offer the user extended battery life. Unlike e-cigs which will last only a few hours at best, a box mod can last you all day long.

Battery life is measured in milliampere hours, which are abbreviated as mAh. An ampere hour is a measure of electric charge multiplied by time. That is to say that a battery with 1000mAh will expend 1000 milliamps in one hour.

Typical vape pens will come with batteries of anywhere from 500mAh to 750mAh. However, box mods have batteries upwards of 2500mAh. Now, box mods do take up more energy because the batteries have lower resistance levels. However, you should have no reason to charge your batteries during the day as long as you start the day fully charged. It might not last for days on end, but it will certainly get you through the work day and the early evening.

When you’re comparing box mods, you’ll want to look for numbers between 3000 and 5000 mAh. You may notice, however, that some mods don’t advertise the battery capacity. If they require external batteries, you’ll have to check the battery life on the batteries themselves because the mAh will depend on your choice of batteries.

Can I Mix and Match?

Most mods come as starter kits complete with a charging cord and sometimes a tank. That being said, a mod simply refers to the vaporizer battery. The tank, batteries, and any accessories you may choose to use are completely separate.

Thankfully, vaporizer components are fairly standardized across industries. So, you can purchase a mod from one company, a tank from another, and a drip tip from a third. You’ll simply want to make sure that they both use the same 510 connection before completing your purchase.

Vapers regularly mix and match equipment from different vaping stores. For example, you may want to use one of the TFV tanks from SMOK because they come with triple and quadruple coils, but you may prefer a high-quality American-made mod from VaporFi or South Beach Smoke. The possibilities are endless with a bit of creativity.

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Unregulated Box Mods: What Are They & Do I Want One?

Regulated box mods are designed with safety features in place to prevent you from any accidental explosions or mishaps. Any box mod you buy from a reputable company like ePuffer, or South Beach Smoke will be regulated. However, there are individuals who choose to build their own box mods without the standard features in the hopes of creating a device with lower resistance and more power.

You have to be extremely careful with unregulated box mods, and you should NOT attempt to build or use one unless you know Ohm’s Law and battery safety rules thoroughly.

Ohm’s Law states that the voltage is equal to the current multiplied by the resistance.


Or alternatively…


Mods today come with sub-ohm resistance levels, and when you divide by a very small fraction, you end up with a larger number. So imagine, if the voltage is a standard 7.4V with two 18650 cells and the resistance is only 0.05Ω, you have to have a current of 148 amperes–a very high number considering most batteries have between 20 and 35A.

Unless you are very experienced, you risk seriously hurting yourself and those around you by vaping on an unregulated box mod.

How Complicated Are Box Mods?

Most vapers decide to start with e-cigarettes when they first start vaping vaping simply because cig-a-likes resemble their analog counterparts. E-cigarettes are meant to function and feel like cigarettes, and for the most part they do. While you’ll have to change out the cartridge and charge the battery from time to time, you really don’t have to do all that much. If you opt for disposable e-cigarettes, you’ll have to do even less.

If you’re new to the vaping world, you may assume that box mods are only for the experienced, and that’s partially true. You shouldn’t start building your own coils or messing with advanced controls until you’re familiar with battery safety. However, they’re not really as complicated as they may seem.

If you’re purchasing pre-made kanthal coils, box mods really aren’t that much more complicated than the vape pen or cig-a-like you might have been using up until now. You’ll have to fill up the tank and change the atomizer out, but as long as you follow the instructions provided, you should have no issues.

You’ll have to experiment a bit when using wattage control to find your preferences, but as long as you’re using standard kanthal coils, the settings should be fairly straightforward. Temperature control is slightly more complicated, but there’s really no need to use this setting until you feel ready.

Recommanded Box Mods

What do Australians Like in Today’s Box Mods?

Australians are likely to go for the box mods with quirky gadgets and gizmos. In a survey of vapers in Australia, it was found that more and more Australians are purchasing box mods with touch screens, colored LED bands, carbon fiber panelling, and other interesting add-ons.

Whether the box mod has only a few basic functions or it can vape at up to 150W, Australians will go for devices with interesting, unique features. For instance, Australians love to shop from SMOK, the Chinese vaping company that continually releases high-powered mods with fascinating new features.

One of SMOK’s popular new devices this year was the T-Priv 3, a 3-battery mod made from a gorgeous psychedelic zinc alloy. SMOK is definitely a favorite brand for box mods in Australia because they offer cutting-edge technology and striking designs.

What Will I Have to Pay for the Best Box Mods in Australia?

The very, very most advanced box mods in Australia come with a big price tag; however, the most expensive may not necessarily be the best. There are a plenty of box mods in the middle price range that perform very well and come with a number of interesting features.

Mods with DNA chips usually cost between $150-250, but these tend to attract aficionados. You can find all-in-one devices, mini-mods, touch screen mods, and mods in all different kinds of colors in the $80-130 range.

Unfortunately, many of these inexpensive devices do come from China, but just because they come from China doesn’t necessarily mean they’re of inferior quality. If you stick to well-known brands and shop from companies you know, like the ones we review here on E-Cig Brands, you shouldn’t have a problem.

That being said, the best box mods in Australia are usually made and sold here in Australia.

The Future for Box Mods

We’ve seen plenty of box mods with DNA chips the past couple of years. DNA chips are computerized chips that allow you far more control over your vape settings. However, they are very expensive and are too nuanced to appeal to the average vaper.

I think that the future of box mods is in usability and appearance. We’ve only seen a couple of box mods with touch screens, and while the technology is still expensive, I’m positive touch screens will be everywhere in a few years. They’re far simpler than the OLED displays that are so prevalent now, and they’re far more modern.

Only time will tell though!

Final Thoughts on Box Mods

The interesting part of box mods is how they were born from the creativity of others within the vaping community. They are part of a larger tinkering community that wants to improve their vaping experience.

Thus, for those tinkers on box mods, they have created their own unique vaping experience. recommends you to check out the following box mod brands: Mig-Vapor, VaporFi and E-Puffer.