How to Choose the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer in Canada for Medical Weed & Other Herbs – 2021

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There is one facet of Canada’s burgeoning new vape scene which has always been depicted as the black sheep of the vaping family, or maybe more aptly, the weed in the flower bed.

As dry herb vaporisers are now going through somewhat of a renaissance period across North America, there’s no better time than the present to look at the choices currently available in the Canadian vape shops for this premium and undervalued product. Continue reading

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What Are Dry Herb Vaporisers (Herbal Vaporisers) All About?

Dry herb vaporisers had been gathering traction when marijuana became legal for medicinal use. The truth is dry herb vaporisers have always been available to people, although it was usually used before for tobacco and other herbs. Today, this innovation developed its thriving subculture that gave way to new industry moves. This increase in following happened for a few reasons and these reasons are viewed as a sign of progress from the notoriety of traditional cigarette smoking.

Vapours created by these devices contain about 95% pure substance (nicotine, THC, etc.) and 5% aromatic oil. Smoke, on the other hand, contain about a hundred different compounds that are by-products of the process of combustion. Herbal vaporisers harvest substances from herbs through processes that change their physical state. These processes are not similar at all to combustion, a chemical reaction that breaks down or combines matter at a molecular level to produce new matter.

What does this mean for you? Well, it just means that you can be sure that your body is taking in THC when you’re vaping weed, not other substances like sulphur dioxide. Another disadvantage of the toxic substances produced by the combustion involved in traditional smoking is that it’s not only you who will inhale them. There’s a term called second-hand smoke, which is the smoke you exhale that mixes with the air around you. Second-hand smoke can be inhaled by non-smokers around you. Smoke can also add to the pollution in the environment. Some people shift to vapes because they want no part of the inconvenience of others.

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Reasons People Have for Choosing Dry Herb Vaporizers in Canada

With marijuana use restricted in Canda to those with a certified medical reason, vaporisers provide a relatively clean and simple method of ingesting the herb even for patients who have never previously smoked tobacco.

The most practical reason is conservation of active ingredient. As we said above, traditional smoking involves combustion, which is a chemical reaction that changes substances altogether.

What the vaporisation process does is heat up the liquid components of a particular dry herb to the point that it becomes vapour. Since heating up to the boiling point does not change the chemical composition of substances. Nicotine stays as nicotine and THC stays as THC. Other substances may vaporise too, but all of these are not produced by chemical change. This efficiency is what attracted people to buy their vapes and ditch their traditional paper-wrapped dry herb sticks.

Research shows that using vape to take in THC from marijuana (cannabis) can produce puffs that contain 90% of the substance at the very least, compared to an upper limit of 80% plus toxic substances in every puff of cigarette smoke. This way, you can adjust your dosage per vape session so that you can save up your stash to the maximum.

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How to Choose a Dry Herb Vaporiser

Through the years, many varieties of vaporisers were produced and sold. Dry herb vaporisers are just one of the many types. Most of these varieties sprang from the market’s changing needs. One of these needs is maximum portability. Vape pens were made for this particular need. Vape pens are smaller than your regular vapes. Although it performs less impressive than average vapes, they are as portable as any other of your gadgets. Another need in the market is collective recreation. Some people don’t like sharing vapes or using vapes at all but loves the vapour it gives the atmosphere and hanging out with friends for a good time. Desktop vaporisers are the best herbal vaporisers for these situations. They’re far from being the most portable vapes around, but it produces the highest quality of vapour. It acts as a room freshener and through these vapes, you can share the goodness of a herbal vaporiser with everyone without being limited in terms of power and performance.

Vape experts recognise significant factors a vaper must pay attention to when he selects his prized vape. These factors are price, durability, flexibility, vapour intensity, portability, stealth, ease of refill, battery life, and health effects. A particular factor seasoned vapers take into account is the e-juice’s base solution, which can either be propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. These liquids act as hydrophilic entities (water-retentive) in your e-liquid that helps it transform liquid to vapour through the atomizer. In dry herb vaporisers, this is not a factor. Other factors include heating process (conduction/convection). We will expound individually.

Price is just the market value of the vape. When we talk about price, we talk about affordability and value for money. If you’re the type of guy who uses price tags to determine quality, then buy an expensive vape. If you’re the kind of person who knows the ins and outs of vape economics, then you can go for the cheaper ones that offer a bigger value-price margin. But At the end of the day, it all comes down to how the product answers your particular needs. Cheap or expensive, if the product does not meet your needs, it will be deemed a bad purchase.

Durability is the strength and endurance of the vape. Bigger vapes are normally sturdier than smaller ones. With this, you can argue that desktop vaporisers are more durable than vape pens, which is true. Ask your local vape shop retailer (which are now prevalent across Canada) about the materials used for the body of the vape. Normally, the more compact and massive it feels, the sturdier it is. Durability in terms of herbal vaporisers are inversely proportional to the portability.

Flexibility can mean two things. It can be the dry herb vaporiser’s ability to perform consistently in different environments and conditions. It can also mean the dry herb vaporiser’s ability to accommodate many functions and purposes. There are so many types of dry herb vaporiser in the market that it’s likely that there are variations of vape that functions as a vape for your mouth and a desktop vape that produces aroma for everybody. If there is something like that in the market, that will top most flexibility rankings.

Vapour intensity is the power of the vapour, which includes flavour strength, aroma strength, and high. For dry herb vaporisers, it mainly depends on several factors: quality of the dry herb, quality of the drying itself, the quality of the chamber, the quality of the atomizer, and the proper heating of the vape. Many vapers argue about the ideal temperature for the best quality of vapour you can get, especially when you’re planning to vape marijuana using an herbal vaporiser. We’ll reveal the golden number later.

Portability and stealth are two more important factors most vapers check. Vaping may not be readily acceptable to the general public and in general public spaces. If you’re the type of person who values the opinions or, at the very least, the well-being of the people around you, pay attention to portability and stealth. Why? You will need portability and stealth to conveniently hide your herbal vaporiser whenever the situation demands so.

Ease of refill depend on chamber size, and chamber size does not mean only the ease of refill. When the chamber size is spacious, this means that you can fill your dry herb vaporiser with more shredded dry herb, aside from being able to change load quickly. And if your vape burns little amount of dry herb per puff, bigger chamber size means a full load can last longer than average. This is probably one of the most important factor you need to take note of when you’re planning to buy a dry herb vaporiser.

Battery life is crucial if you are a traveller or just very particular with continuous experience. It determines how long you can enjoy your vape without recharging it for a given period. Other than battery life, consider the way your vape is recharged, how long it takes to recharge to full battery mode, the current type of your charger, and the voltage it needs. There are dry herb vaporisers that have a built-in rechargeable battery. Some of them are removable and should be charged separately.

As much as possible, pick dry herb vaporisers that offer an assortment of warranty deals. Maximize the advantages your warranty gives. The longer the dry herb vaporiser’s warranty lasts, the higher the quality of the dry herb vaporiser is.

Are you particular about weight? You should be. Weight is less of a factor compared to volume and size. Lighter vapes are more prone to damage, and heavier vapes are harder to carry. Which can you tolerate?

There’s one thing that must not depend on other people’s opinions. Style. Style should depend on you and you alone. The style, design, and colour of your dey herb vapour must fit your preferences and needs.
top quality dry herb vaporizers

The Perks of Using Dry Herb Vaporisers

It’s wise to keep in mind that dry herb vaporisers generate not smoke but vapour. What’s the difference? Vapour is a high-temperature mixture of the gaseous form of a liquid and its lighter-than-air liquid particles. Vapour disperses into the air a lot easier than smoke, which contains solid particles. This nature of vapour helps maintain the flavour in its purest form while minimising stench. These are only a few of the many reasons people join the vape bandwagon.

The closest thing that can mimic the feeling of vaping is using a bong or a hookah. You may think that due to the small size of vapes, vaping will produce weaker puffs. The truth is it is best to inhale vapour from vapes in gradual puffs. Since the vapour contains pure THC/nicotine, you will get caught off-guard by the potency of dry herb vaporisers.

To get consistent flavour and vapour intensity, make sure you grind and shred your dry herbs well before loading it into the chamber. An ill-ground herb will be hard to burn and may cause uneven distribution of intensity and flavour. Make sure that your dry herbs don’t get too exposed to heat, sunlight, and oxygen before loading it. This preserves the integrity of the herb.

It’s paramount that you master the basics of vaping. It can be a very rewarding recreation and recently, it’s becoming an art on its own. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself struggling to decide which vape is the best for your preferences. It’s wiser to make things easy for yourself. Don’t listen to others. The ultimate question you have to ask yourself is this: “Do I prefer flavour or intensity?”

If you need flavour, you must choose dry herb vaporisers that have a medium peak temperature. If you want intensity, make sure you get herbal vaporisers that reach high temperatures. Whichever you choose, always pick the choice that will give you the satisfaction you deserve.

You will hear lots of people showing you their e-juice stash or their prime quality THC wax or their gourmet marijuana oil. Some people just want it raw and primal. Sometimes, the good old-fashion dry herb will just do the job. Dry herb vaping is probably the type of vaping that’s closest to the purest form of smoking.

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Dry Herb Vaporisers’ Unique Vaporising Processes

The magic of vaping is the process of vaporising dry herb. Wait. How in the world can you vaporise a solid? Is this sublimation or something? How can you vaporise something dry? Well, kind of close, but it’s not sublimation. Let it be known that dry herb is not always devoid of liquid. It should have minimal to zero water content but the truth is the essential oils and active ingredients are still contained within the dry herb. Why so? How come water is expelled but the oils are still inside? It has something to do with the osmosis process and differing boiling points of liquids.

When you ignite dry herb, it will burn to crusts and the oils will be tampered with toxic by-products. When you vaporise, you just let the dry herbs’ fluids evaporate into vapour. There are two ways to vaporise dry herb and they have a tiny difference that makes one more preferable than the other.
Herbal vaporisers are either conduction-type or convection type.

Conduction is the process of putting dry herb in direct contact with a heating element. This directly heats up the herb and vaporises the oils inside. The advantage of this type of vaporising process is it heats up very fast, and it’s cheaper to produce. This means most low-end dry herb vaporisers are conduction-type vapes and they are the ones that offer a quick puff easily. The danger of conduction-type dry herb vaporisers is the risk of actual combustion when the heating element heats up too much that it burns the dry herb. You won’t want that if the reason you quit traditional smoking in the first place is to have nothing to do with combustion.

Convection is similar to conduction, but there’s a subtle difference with the heating process. If direct contact is needed in conduction, only airflow is needed in convection. Convection also uses a heating element, but its purpose is to heat up the air around the dry herb, not the dry herb itself. Imagine a steam bath. This way, the risk of combustion is minimised to virtually zero. The lack of contact also contributes to maintaining the quality of the dry herb extracts as it turns into vapour. Not only that, convection-type dry herb vaporisers distributes heat more evenly and produce more consistent puffs. The disadvantage of convection is that it may take a while for the herbal vaporiser to reach its peak temperature, unlike conduction vapes.

To make it a full experience, make sure your dry herb reaches its ideal temperature from 375°F to 430°F. If you’re just in it for taking in tobacco in a cleaner way, the ideal temperature range for dried tobacco is 257°F to 302°F. Anything below the lower limit will result in low-quality vapours. Exceed the upper limit and get ready to see your herb burn. Lower-limit temperatures give better flavour but upper limit temperatures make more intense vapour. It’s up to you if you’ll pick flavour or intensity.

If you want the best herbal vaporiser for your marijuana, we suggest the ePuffer Cosmos Professional Dry Herb Vaporiser. It uses a Smart OLED digital control panel to control the heat. Cosmos Professional is a high-grade convection-type dry herb vaporiser that heats up somewhere between 385°F and 430°F. Marijuana’s ideal vaporisation temperature is 375°F to 430°F, so this means it’s the ideal dry herb vaporiser.

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What Makes Dry Herb Better Than E-Juice & Wax?

Vaporised organic oils from the leaf itself make sure that no chemical processing is involved. Below are the ideal temperatures of particular dry herbs for vaporisation:

Chamomile – 212°F to 257°F
Lemon grass– 257°F to 302°F
Coffee (the beans) – 302°F to 347°F
Ginkgo – 257°F to 347°F
Morning glory – 65°F to 392°F)
Salvia divinorum – 410°F to 446

Final Thoughts: Canadian Interest in Dry Herb Vaporisers

Be mindful of your decision to start vaping with dry herb vaporisers. You have to be a responsible vaper and you can start by checking if your hangout spots allow vaping. Even though herbal vaporisers claim to produce clean vapour, it’s still more courteous to isolate yourself from other people when you vape. Other than this, acknowledge the fact that you can finally take in THC (on condition you have a medical condition of course) and nicotine without shouting it to the world and fellow Canadians through repulsive scents. Maximise your vaping lifestyle and don’t hesitate to vape with friends and family who are interested because at the end of the day, your self-satisfaction and your relationships with people around you are more important.

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