Choosing the Best E-Pipes (Electronic Pipes) in Canada for 2021

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For many of us, pipes are associated with mysteries or men in smoking jackets. Yet these pipes have long been part of the smoking tradition, considered the oldest form of traditional smoking. The question is if these staples of the smoking community have made the transition to vaping. E-cigarettes have become a huge industry in Canada, with a variety of options available. Still, for those who prefer the pipe to the cigarette, have they been left out of this growing industry? The answer is most definitely not. Throughout this article, we will discuss electronic or e-pipes and how they have grown as a segment within Canada’s vaping industry.

Smoking (Tobacco) Pipes

The traditional pipe is made up of the bowl where the tobacco is held and the stem or shank which extends out to the mouthpiece, often known as the bit. These pipes can be made of clay, hard dense woods or even minerals. When pipes are made of clay, the stem and bowl can be one continuous piece. Other materials allow for the stem to be disconnected from the bowl for cleaning or storage. These can be artistic and elegant pieces, in addition to their practical application for smoking tobacco. One can use a variety of tobacco flavorus to achieve a relaxing and enjoyable smoking experience. A pipe smoker typically needs a pipe tool, which allows the tobacco to be compacted into the bowl, thus making it easier to burn because of an optimised airflow. The tobacco itself is lit by means of matches or a lighter.

What Is an E-Pipe?

An electronic pipe or e-pipe takes its cue from the traditional pipe, by providing a bowl, stem and mouthpiece. However, instead of using traditional tobacco, the e-pipe uses atomizer is filled with an e-liquid. The liquid is heated and as the user inhales, they receive the traditional throat hit of a pipe smoking experience. Within the bowl, various e-pipe manufacturers include a light that glows as the user inhales. Earlier versions of the e-pipe looked a bit fake, but as the industry has progressed, the look has become more natural.

Still, e-pipes do take some of the rituals associated with pipe smoking out of the picture. For example, there is no tamping of the tobacco in the bowl or the repeated lighting of the tobacco. Many e-pipes just require the user to push a button to begin the process of vaping. The shapes mimic traditional pipes, but they often have a lithium battery that can be recharged as necessary based on usage.

There are several different types of e-pipes, such as the Jazz. Stems can be converted from a universal adapter to one that can handle a 510 drip. For example, the Jazz e-pipe comes with an o-ring, which is similar to the normal drip tip. E-pipes can also be fitted with stainless steel to create a slick appearance.

Some of these pipes come with an automatic switch that activates when the vaper inhales. A vast majority come with a manual switch, which allows the user to activate the device when they are ready to begin vaping.

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How to Find Canada’s Best E-Pipe?

When looking for an e-pipe that will fit your vaping needs, it is important to find one that you enjoy using. If possible, stop by at one of the many vaping stores that are continuing to spring up all over Canada to try a sample pipe. Do you find that all the parts are fitting together well? If there are gaps or other areas of concern, that e-pipe might not be the best fit for you. Additionally, e-pipes are not a fashion accessory and so you should choose one based on what you like versus what matches an outfit. But that’s not to say you can’t choose a model which has a sleek and attractive design.

It is also good to note that while buying an inexpensive traditional pipe, it may prove to be relatively difficult to learn how to smoke it, whereas an e-pipe is pretty standard in its operation. If you prefer a more traditional looking e-pipe, then you will need to look for an e-pipe that mimics that look, versus having the atomizer visible.

As you will see, e-pipes can be as varied as their more traditional counterparts, giving their users plenty of ways to express their own tastes.
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Vape Pipes Accessories

vaping e-pipe accessories
There is a variety of accessories including different coloured bowls and stems that include the atomizer. However, it is important to note that if you want a more traditional looking pipe you will want to choose a stem that reflects that aesthetic. For those who prefer mods, there are several options to create a sleek modern look. With a variety of colours and finishes, the e-pipe can be customised to fit anyone’s personality.

There can also be adjustments made to the voltage and wattage to create a unique vaping experience. In many ways, the e-pipe can be modified similar to the e-cigarette in terms of e-liquid, voltage, and wattage. There are options in terms of coils and tanks.

Another option for customisation is the pipe bowl and stem themselves. As with traditional pipes, there are wooden ones with beautiful carvings in both the bowl and stem. There are plenty of options for creating artistic versions of e-pipes.

Electric Pipe E-Liquid Flavours

vape pipe e-liquid flavor
As with e-cigarettes, e-pipes offer various flavours. While a majority of these options have a more tobacco flavouring to reflect traditional pipe tobacco, there’s also sweeter choices available to Canadian shoppers. These liquids come in a variety of nicotine strengths, so you can still enjoy the effects of nicotine. With e-pipes, there is no tar or other chemicals, thus making them appealing to those who want to enjoy a pipe but not all the chemical extras.

The e-liquid is manufactured with much the same formula as e-cig liquids, which means they contain nicotine, flavouring and usually a combination of propylene glycol and glycerin. Depending on the manufacturer, you can order e-liquids with fruit or candy flavourings, as well as more traditional menthol. It is worth noting that the regulations in Canada surrounding vaping are a little more complex than most people realise.

Although no new laws have yet been actioned across the country, several policies and proposals concerning the vaping industry have come into effect on a regional level in some of the countries provinces. In an endeavour to protect Canada’s youth, any flavours which are deemed to be enticing to minors in the country are being prohibited. Flavours which are currently under scrutiny include candy-style and even menthol flavoured e-liquids.

Although no formal law has been put into place by the government as of yet, several provinces and cities have already chosen to push ahead with these restrictions and so there is currently an uneven balance across the country as to what is judged by local authorities to be legal actions in selling e-liquid flavours. As such, your local vape store is an ideal place to visit and learn more about the restrictions currently in force within that area.

Where to Buy an Electronic Pipe In Canada?

Electronic pipes can be found in most local vaping stores, of which there are currently many new shops opening up around Canada on almost a daily basis. Traditional tobacconists are also now stocking these products, although, like general stores and supermarkets, their range of vaping products is not as extensive as the specialist outlets.

Another good option is to shop at one of the multiple sites that offer vaperisers and flavour choices online. You can also choose to buy directly from a manufacturer who can create a customised pipe, or you can purchase a more traditional option from them if they produce a model or flavour that suits your needs and requirements. Many Canadian manufacturers offer starter kits with a complete e-pipe, a sample of e-liquid, one or two stems and of course the items necessary to charge your e-pipe.


Electric Pipes in Canada

E-pipes can be purchased within Canada, However, if you are a resident of the U.S., companies outside of the U.S. are restricted from shipping tobacco products into the country. Likewise, shipping vape products into Canada can be problematic as it is technically an illegal act, as is the sale of any e-liquid product in Canada which contains nicotine. These rules are outdated and in the process of being reworked leaving this a grey area at present, therefore, it is currently advisable to seek opinion from the seller you are considering purchasing from to ask their opinion on the current situation and what contingencies or guarantees can be mutually agreed in case any problems occur with the delivery of your goods.

Therefore, it is important to make sure of the manufacturer’s country of origin, to make sure that your purchase can be shipped to you successfully. While e-cigs and e-pipes might fall into the gray area of not being specifically tobacco products, there may still be potential issues in terms of quantity limits that can be purchased by an individual consumer.

Canadian sites also offer a variety of flavourings and various options to customize your e-pipe. Depending on the site, you may find the flavourings are made in Canada, or they may originate from another country. Thus, it is important to remember to check where the e-liquids are made prior to purchase. Standards for e-liquids can vary depending on their manufacturing country of origin. Not all are required to make them to food grade standards, so the product you receive might not have the same consistent and robust flavour throughout the tank.

Buying an Electronic Pipe Online

When it comes to purchasing e-pipes online, beginners would be wise to purchase a starter kit from their manufacturer of choice. This allows them to try out the e-pipe without a major investment. Online purchases do not allow for you to try out the product or sample a liquid prior to purchase, so be sure that you know the return policy for your specific manufacturer. If the project arrives broken or you are not satisfied, it is important to know what your rights are. This is particularly true if you are purchasing from a manufacturer or website outside of your country.

Depending on the site, there may be requirements of the types of shipping available. You might not be able to get a second day or quick delivery of your product. Thus, it is key to read all the information on shipping to your country prior to purchasing. Customs can often delay packages. A negative about online purchases is that you might have a significant wait to receive your products, while brick and mortar stores allow you to walk out with your product that day.

Online purchases can also eat into any 30 day return policy, particularly if it will be a week or more before you receive your purchases. Yet another reason to be familiar with the return and warranty policies prior to purchase.

Another item to note is most websites will not sell to consumers under the age of 18. Some sites will even require ID proving you are 18 before you can sign for your first shipment. Although, once you verify your age, the shipments can be delivered without further proof of age. Thus, new consumers will need to be aware of any shipping restrictions prior to purchase.

For those looking to move into e-pipes, there is plenty to consider before enjoying the unique experience of pipe vaping.

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Top Quality E-Pipe Reviews

Top Quality Electronic Pipe Reviews

ePuffer – E-Pipe 609 Review

The 609 ePuffer electronic pipe, unlike the 605 model, is offered in only one color option: real, solid wood. The 609 is a testament to ePuffer’s attention to fine detail and quality. It looks and feels like a classic smoking pipe, yet has all the benefits of a vaporizer.

It operates on a 900 mAh battery, which is more than enough to last two or more days with frequent use. Included in a starter kit are two 900 mAh batteries, so you’ll never be without a fully charged product. Like the 605, the 609 model uses flavor cartomizers, which are available for purchase on ePuffer’s website.

The 609 is ePuffer’s answer to those who would say the 604 underperforms. It is ideal for people who use a pipe often, and are looking for a daily replacement.

Retail Price: $89.95

What’s included in the 609 Kits:

  • Solid wood electronic pipe bowl
  • Two 900 mAh batteries
  • Three Tobacco Flavored Cartomizers
  • Universal Battery Charger
  • Extra Mouthpiece Stem
  • User Guide

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ePuffer – E-Pipe 629X Review

The 629X electronic pipe model is a luxury item and it is clear in the craftsmanship. The bowl is solid mahogany, which connects to a clear glass tank, and comfortable mouthpiece. The device operates off of an 1100 mAh battery for ample vaping time. Unlike the 605, this e-pipe has its own tank, which you can fill yourself and replace the atomizer as you see fit, rather than screwing on cartridges.

Retail Price: $179.95

What’s included in the 629X Kits:

  • Solid wWooden Bowl
  • Two Rechargeable 1100 mAh Batteries
  • Three Spare Atomizers
  • Spare Liquimizer Tank (3mL)
  • Universal Rapid Charger
  • Wooden Giftbox
  • User Manual

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