E Cigarette Nicotine Levels

While the nicotine level in cigarettes is generally the same in every brand, there is an option of varying nicotine levels in e-cigarettes. The level chosen may depend on the user’s experience with smoking and how long he or she has been smoking. Also, non-users may also be exposed to nicotine levels even though they are not smoking.

Nicotine Levels

E-cigs give users the luxury of choosing how much nicotine one can have in a session. There are several strengths to choose from, and each nicotine level offers a different experience.

The first level is 0mg nicotine, described in 0 Nicotine E-Cig. The e-liquid, or e-juice, has no nicotine at all in this level. Many users of 0mg nicotine learn that this nicotine level is actually satisfying, as they may be more in need of the motion of hand-to-mouth and the social aspect of smoking.

E-Cigs Nicotine Levels

The 6mg nicotine option, or low level, is the lowest level available at a commercial level. Typically, users who choose the 6mg level are looking for just a hint of nicotine for their satisfaction.
The 12mg level, or the medium level, is meant for smokers who smoke cigarettes casually.

There is also an 18mg level, or high level, that appeals to many heavy smokers. This level offers the most comparable feeling to what a cigarette would have.

Lastly, the 24mg, or the extra high level, is for the most experienced e-cig smokers. Those who choose this strength are cautioned, however, as it may be too strong for some users. It is suggested to begin with the 18mg even for experienced smokers and then move to 24mg if the user feels comfortable.

In low level nicotine e-cigs, there would be equivalent to about 60% of a nicotine dosage in a tobacco cigarette. In a medium level nicotine electronic cigarette, that would be equivalent to about 80% of a nicotine dose in a tobacco cigarette. A higher level nicotine e-cig will give the user about 100% the typical nicotine dosage of a tobacco cigarette. Finally, for the extra high level, this would have approximately 120% of a tobacco cigarette’s nicotine level. In some cases, there is an option for a level even stronger than the 24mg strength. This could be up to 36mg of nicotine, which would be equal to about 150% of nicotine to that of a tobacco cigarette.

How Much Nicotine Is in One E-Cig Vapor Puff?

This is where some math comes into play. It all depends on the milligram strength of the nicotine in the e-cigarette. As an example, for a 12mg nicotine level in a 10ml bottle, there will be 12mg of nicotine per milliliter. Therefore, there will be 120mg of nicotine per bottle. A 10ml bottle is understood to be around 9 packs of cigarettes, and since each pack has 20 cigarettes, and on average there are 20 puffs per cigarette, that is about 3600 puffs per 10ml bottle. When 120mg per bottle is divided by 3600 puffs, this gives a total of 0.03mg of nicotine with every puff. Some brands may be slightly different, but this is the general guide on the amount of nicotine per puff.

Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Levels

Tips for Choosing Nicotine Strength

First of all, it is advised to begin slowly. Since an e-cig is a completely different product than a cigarette, it may take the body some time to adjust. Also, it is best to begin with a nicotine strength that is closest to the level in the product used prior to the e-cigarette. The body will adapt better and yield an easier transition to a new product.

In addition to beginning slowly, it is very crucial to not skip levels. The body needs to adjust to different levels of nicotine gradually as to not cause shock. Begin using a weaker milligram strength and move up from there if desired.

Don’t be too afraid of trying new levels of nicotine. The key is to do so slowly and move up level by level, but don’t shy away from a different level than usual. By choosing different levels, you can improve the experience with e-cigs, and a new satisfaction may be discovered.

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E-cigarettes come in many variations, and users have the added bonus of choosing the nicotine milligram strength that best matches their experience with smoking the product. This may, in fact, be one reason why e-cigs are appealing more to the general population of smokers, thus rapidly changing the market of cigarettes. By choosing different nicotine levels, the user gets a unique experience each smoking session, unlike a tobacco cigarette that has fewer choices when it comes to levels of nicotine. Check out our South Beach Smoke review to learn about one of our favorite vaping companies that sells e-cigarettes with different nicotine strengths.