Nicotine Free E-cig

When smoking a nicotine free e-cigarette you might notice a singular difference from smoking regular nicotine-rich e-cigs — a lighter and gentler inhale when puffing. This doesn’t take away from the experience, but rather you simply experience less of a harsh inhale and more of a smooth flavor when smoking. When smoking nicotine free e-cigs, you will have a more enjoyable and relaxing experience with the smooth vapor inhale. It delivers a rich and exciting exhale that continues to burst with flavor and provide you with a mellow feeling.


Quitting Tobacco & Nicotine

When it comes time to quit the addictive chemical nicotine that’s common in many e-cigarettes and in all tobacco products, it’s best to consider going the nicotine free route with nicotine free e-cigs. This is a safe alternative to quitting cold turkey and has a high success rate of eliminating your body’s dependency on nicotine-riddled products. Nicotine free e-cigs consist of cartridges and e-liquids with all the flavor but with no nicotine, and they are commonly sold in the form of 0mg cartridges. When choosing to go the nicotine free e-cig route you really have to stick with it in order to see the desired results – loss of dependency on nicotine. Within a mere three days of using nicotine-free electronic cigarettes, you will start noticing your body begin gaining its strength as well as begin experiencing a rejuvenation towards all of your senses. Within a month you will feel as if you have never ingested nicotine ever and your dependency on nicotine is gone. While you may not want to smoke traditional e-cigs with nicotine, you still may enjoy smoking a nicotine free e-cigarette since there’s no risk of dependency or withdrawal afterwards.

Why are Nicotine Free E-Cigs Healthier for You?

You may be surprised to hear that nicotine in and of itself isn’t as detrimental to your health as you’ve been lead to believe. When you light up a cigarette, you inhale the fumes given off by burning tobacco leaves. This is the process of combustion. Combustion, whether it is the combustion of tobacco leaves, cannabis leaves, or what have you is extremely dangerous because it releases tar, which you inevitably inhale. A nicotine-free e-cig never burns any tobacco. Nicotine free electronic cigarettes are built with a heating coil that heats up a tobacco-flavored liquid until it evaporates.
That is specifically why nicotine free e-cigarettes produce vapor and not smoke. You can find e-cigarettes with nicotine and e-cigarettes without nicotine. Really, it all depends on the e-liquid you buy. Manufacturers sell e-liquids with higher and lower concentrations of nicotine, and if you want an e-cig no nicotine added then you just select 0mg. You can get a disposable e-cigarette no nicotine, a vape pen no nicotine, or even a sub-ohm mod no nicotine. It really all depends on the vape juice you use. You can vape plenty of e-cigarettes without nicotine because really all you have to do is choose your vape juice wisely.

No Side Effects

With nicotine free e-cigs you will still have the enjoyable experience of ‘smoking’ an electronic cigarette and get the same amount of joyous flavor from the vapor, just without any of the negative side-effects. These side effects may include a loss in senses such as taste and smell, jitteriness, and an uncontrollable dependency. While withdrawal is likely in everyone that has ingested nicotine, it is still dependent on the person and everyone will experience it differently. For some it will be easier to quit while others will have a harder time adapting without nicotine. The added bonus of a nicotine-free electronic cigarette is that you still get the ‘hand to mouth’ motion and the inhale and exhale of the vapor. This can provide you the same sense of satisfaction as if you were smoking an e-cig with nicotine. For people that have developed habits such as driving and smoking, drinking and smoking, or drinking a cup of coffee and smoking – nicotine free e-cigs are the best alternative to nicotine e-cigs and tobacco products. They allow you to keep enjoying the things you have always loved without risking the side-effects of addiction and withdrawal that accompany nicotine.

No Residual Residue or Lingering Smell

Nicotine free e-cigarettes are great for circumventing smoke-free laws in public buildings and private establishments without putting anyone at risk. Nicotine free vapor does not expose anyone to nicotine, and therefore the risks associated with them are minimal for you and non-existent for those around you.

The medical community has not reached a conclusion as to what risks there are in inhaling the vapor directly put off from e-cigs, so there may be some minimal risk involved. However, there are no second-hand style risks to those around you as there are with regular tobacco products.
In fact, your friends and neighbors might even find that they enjoy your disposable e-cigs if you vape fruity cocktails. Of course make sure to ask them first!


Try Smoking Without the Risk of Addiction

Nicotine free electronic e-cigs are great for people who want to try out smoking for the first time without developing an addiction towards nicotine. That is because nicotine free e-cigs may help decrease some of the negative side effects that are associated with nicotine. Nicotine is a mild stimulant to the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system. Some of its short term effects include jitteriness due to a constriction of blood vessels, as well as an increase in blood pressure and blood fat levels. It is an extremely powerful chemical that you don’t have to worry about dealing with when you smoke nicotine free e-cigs, regardless of whether or not it’s your first time smoking or something you do on a regular basis. You can rest assured that you will maintain complete freedom and control to quit whenever you feel like because you won’t have to go through the painful and frustrating withdrawal that’s caused from nicotine.


ePuffer is known for its exceptional taste, rich flavors, and a full atmospheric experience of thick vapor clouds.

ePuffer is one of the few well-known and reputable brands that provides customers with completely nicotine free vapor, nicotine free cartridges, nicotine free hookahs, nicotine free e-liquid and a nicotine free electronic cigarette. ePuffer aims to provide people with the ability to smoke e-cigs without the risk of becoming addicted and dependent. They are one of the few brands that can be used to successfully beat this life-crippling addiction, while simultaneously providing those who have quit the option to continue smoking without the fear of withdrawal.

Different Types of Smoking Methods

There are different methods of smoking nicotine free vapor. You can smoke using the e-cigarette, an electronic hookah, electronic cigar, herbal vaporizer, vape mod, vape pipe, or a vaporizer with e-liquid. Each has its merits. E-cigarettes are one of the most convenient ways in which to smoke a nicotine free e-cig — they are disposable but also provide about 500 puffs of a delicious nicotine free vapor. An electronic hookah features about 800 puffs of a sweet and fruity vapor that’s available in a convenient and portable manner. A vaporizer is typically a rechargeable battery that heats and atomizes e-liquid and delivers a more traditional smoking experience with robust atmospheric vapor clouds. Each goes up in size respectively. Electronic cigarettes are considered a generation one model due to their smaller size and early introduction to the market. The hookah is more of a medium size and therefore it is considered to be a generation two model. Finally, the vaporizes is a generation three model. It’s traditionally much larger and features a larger vapor return when inhaling and exhaling. All are available in a nicotine free version, especially when purchasing from ePuffer.

Reduce Your Nicotine Consumption Gradually

What happens though if you’re not quite ready to vape a no nicotine e-cig? That’s okay! You don’t have to go cold turkey if you don’t want to. Plenty of people choose to reduce their consumption of nicotine gradually thereby reducing the symptoms of withdrawal. What is all this nonsense?

No, it’s true. Most companies will offer you a choice upon purchasing. Depending on the provider and the vape juice, you can vape anywhere from 0mg/mL all the way up to 36mg/mL. Typically, pack-a-day smokers will start with 12mg/mL or 18mg/mL and work their way down until they’re not inhaling any nicotine at all. Of course, many never pick up a cigarette again after their first e-cig. It can be difficult to go straight from cigarettes to a non-nicotine e-cig, but then again e-cigarettes today are so similar to analog cigarettes, that it can actually be possible to forget or at least overcome your cravings. A disposable e-cigarette no nicotine even looks and feels exactly like a regular cigarette with the yellow paper at the end and an LED for the butt. That satisfying punch at the back of the throat is sometimes sufficient. If you want to give it a try, then purchase a disposable e-cig no nicotine and give it a try. Worst comes to worst, you can always purchase some e-liquid with nicotine and continue vaping. Better yet, have someone else purchase e-liquid for you without nicotine without your knowledge then see if the placebo effect alone can cure you of your dependencies. Of course, this is tricky to pull off and highly idealistic thinking, but you never know!

Just make sure that you don’t get your disposable e-cig no nicotine from a gas station or convenience store. Products sold at discount locations are usually of poor quality, and more often than not they aren’t labelled properly. It may be tempting to pick up a nicotine free disposable e-cig while you’re filling up your car, but the cashier probably won’t be able to inform you of the nicotine level and you could end up with a nicotine concentration much, much higher than what you’re even ingesting now with cigarettes. Always make sure to purchase your disposable nicotine-free e-cig from credible vaping shops either in your local community or online.


What Other Nicotine-Free E-Cigs Can I Try?

There are plenty of other disposable e-cigarettes without nicotine besides ePuffer e-cigs. South Beach Smoke has a set of deluxe packs that include a couple of batteries each and bunch of cartridges to get you vaping for at least a few weeks or so. V2 (V2Cigs) also offers a few packs of disposable e-cigs, but their cartridges come with nicotine concentrations of either 1.8% or 2.4%.

Then there are any number of reusable nicotine free electronic cigarettes. These e-cigs have a rechargeable battery and either a refillable tank or pop-in cartridges. If you’re just starting, you may want to try out a disposable e-cig without nicotine first, but once you’ve graduated from disposables, you’ll want to check out some more advanced devices. You’ll save a lot of money with reusable e-cigs, and besides, they usually have longer lasting batteries and provide more power.

The new trend in nicotine-free e-cigs are e-cigs that come in a portable charging case that resembles an actual pack of cigarettes. You can find these on ePuffer and VaporFi. They have room to hold one e-cig, an extra battery, and an extra cartridge. Since e-cig batteries only last so long, a portable charging case can be incredibly convenient. Not only are your e-cigs inconspicuous, but you’ll always have a battery ready to vape when you are. There are also a number of popular e-cigs that are long and thin and perfect for twirling between your fingers. They don’t really resemble traditional cigarettes, but they are still very easy to use. However, you should note that these e-cigs tend to use cartridges. Since vaping companies have a smaller selection of cartridges than they do e-liquids in general, you need to check to verify that the e-liquids are, in fact, nicotine-free. Some of the disposable e-cigs especially come with a single cartridge, so if you aren’t careful, you might end up vaping with nicotine after all.

You might also want to check out vape pens. Vape pens aren’t exactly e-cigarettes because they are larger and usually come with a refillable tank. In other words, you would never mistake them for real cigarettes, but they certainly don’t resemble the mechanical monsters known as vape mods. Vaper Empire has a number of simple vape pens suitable for beginners. Essentially, a vape pen has a battery just like an e-cig, but it can also come with a cartomizer, which is refillable. That way you’ll buy a bottle of e-juice and refill the tank periodically rather than purchasing pre-packaged cartridges for every vape. You’ll end up saving money, and since vape pens rarely come with variable settings, you really won’t have much to worry about besides screwing in the tank and replacing the atomizer coils if that is required.


Whether you choose to go the route of nicotine free e-cigs, nicotine free hookahs, or nicotine free vaporizers, we here at E-Cig Brands want you to know that you can rest assured you are not starting up an unhealthy addiction habit. It doesn’t matter if you’re just quitting or starting out, by smoking a nicotine free e-cig you are not creating an unhealthy habit but rather leading your life to more freedom. You can also rest comfortably knowing that you are not exposing others to harmful chemicals, nasty aromas, and residual residue that is common when smoking traditional tobacco products. Sleep comfortably and smoke in peace with a sound mind while enjoying the robust and flavorful vapors of nicotine free e-cigs.

Nicotine free e-cigs, hookahs, and vaporizers are very similar to traditional e-cigs, hookahs, and vaporizers, but they do not contain the chemical additive that causes addiction – nicotine. You will still be able to enjoy a vibrant and full experience that delivers powerful flavor and lots of vapor. Your experience will not be hindered by the lack of nicotine, but rather you may enjoy a more invigorating and exciting experience since you can simply enjoy it when and where you want without worrying about feeling ill, getting sick, or needing to smoke again in only a few hours. Nicotine free e-cigarettes make the whole experience more enjoyable, so why not give them a try. Whether you’re a first time smoker, a regular smoker, or just someone who wants to quit, you will still enjoy an invigorating and pleasurable experience when smoking nicotine free e-cigs, nicotine free hookahs, and nicotine free vaporizers.