Apollo Review for 2021

Vapor Quality
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Apollo E-Cigs Pros & Cons

  • Large Selection of E-Cigs, E-Liquids & Accessories
  • Affordable Prices
  • Great Customer Service
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Cigar Smokers Have a Small Selection

Start Vaping with Apollo

Apollo E-cigarettes has built up a reputation as being a reliable and customer – friendly company. Since launching the company, Apollo has grown and expanded and is now regarded as one of the more respected companies in the e-cigarette market.

First Impression

Apollo E-cigarettes has been in production for a few years. After launching its website in 2010, it has grown in size, boasting a considerable range of products at affordable prices. The company does its own research and development, guaranteeing quality and satisfaction. The people of Apollo have thought of everything to ensure the company achieves a good reputation. With award-winning customer service, an easy-to-use website, and a variety of products to accommodate all types of smokers, Apollo is at the top of its game.

Apollo Vapor Production

The vapor production could potentially be one of the better aspects of Apollo E-cigarettes. The vapor is smooth and consistent, guaranteeing a comfortable sensation with each puff. There isn’t that feeling of exasperation whenever you take a draw, as with one easy drag the cigarette releases a considerable mist of vapor. Moreover, it packs a punch. All smokers want that feeling of satisfaction in the back of the throat with every puff, and Apollo’s vapor manages this.

Apollo Ecigs Clearomizer

Apollo Ecigs Accessories

Not only does Apollo boast a wide selection of e-cigarettes, but its choices of accessories are also pretty impressive. If there is anything you want or need to improve your vaping experience, Apollo sells it. The accessories section offers the regular replaceable gadgets, such as USBs and car and wall chargers at affordable prices. The smoker can also purchase cases, such as the basic Apollo Leather Case, conveniently sized to carry all the e-cigarette necessities.

If style is a priority, Apollo also offers the fashionable Jewel Case for both the standard and extreme kits. This design is more sleek and elegant, created to mimic the classic gentleman’s cigarette case. It is a perfect size to slip into a pocket or purse without being too bulky.

Apollo E Cigs Handy PCC (Portable Charger Case)

The handy PCCs or portable charger cases are also available. Again, Apollo supplies them for both the standard and extreme e-cigarettes. The PCC works as a battery charger when there isn’t access to a power supply, ideal for when the smoker is out and about. The case includes a storage slot for an extra battery, and the LED power indicator advises the smoker on the case’s remaining power. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to recharge a battery, and the PCC can charge your batteries five to eight times before the case itself needs to be recharged.

On top of this, Apollo also has a variety of converters in a wide range of sizes. These converters are suitable for use on any atomizer or cartomizer. Apollo stands out from the rest with this product. It acknowledges that the customer may prefer to use other brands of e-cigarettes, and so it has created an adaptable and versatile converter to accommodate the customer’s needs and preferences.

new e-liquid flavors from apollo

Apollo E-Liquid Flavors

When it comes to flavored e-liquids, Apollo has thought of it all. Sold in 10ml bottles, the flavors are categorized as tobacco, menthol and mint, fruit, drink and dessert, as well as a limited flavors bonus section. The cartomizers also come in five different flavors, including tobacco, menthol, coffee, cherry, and vanilla. If unsure about which flavor to choose from, Apollo also has a selection of five 5ml bottle sample packs, making it easier to find the juice that’s right for the smoker.

E-liquid bulk packs USA made apollo

With each drag of an e-cigarette, the smoker is left with a rich flavor in their mouth. The classic tobacco flavored juice is similar to Marlboro Red, perfect for the smoker who appreciates the natural flavors of tobacco. The throat hit is strong, but not harsh, offering a smooth, satisfying experience.

If menthol is the preferred flavor, then Apollo’s menthol range is highly recommended. The menthol is particularly strong with a fresh and lasting taste. The smoker experiences the sensation of mintiness in the back of his or her throat. The flavor that is most predominant is vanilla. The taste released is soft and sweet, as expected from a vanilla e-liquid. However, there is a noticeable champagne after-taste, making this flavor surprising yet pleasant.

Apollo e-liquids don’t seem to loose their taste and flavor, even when the battery on the e-cigarette is running low, and, unlike other e-liquids on the market, the flavors are rich and taste like what their names suggest. If quality is what you look for in e-juices, Apollo is the place to go.

Although Apollo has an overwhelming choice of e-liquid flavors, when it comes to pre-filled cartridges, the choice is limited. Be aware that if you choose to try other brands of e-liquids with your Apollo e-cigarette, the highly acidic e-juices, particularly cinnamon flavored e-juice, could damage the gadget.

apollo e-liquid discounts

Battery Performance and Charging

The cig-a-like batteries, suitable for standard and extreme e-cigarettes are easy-to-use and long lasting. The LED light indicator lights up with each drag taken and indicates when the battery is running low. The extreme battery is particularly strong. Although it says it lasts about 300 puffs, it can be stretched out. At full charge, the battery can withstand around three hours of heavy smoking. It is also available in automatic and manual styles.

E Cig Battery Power Cig USB Charger

The EVOD batteries are suitable for the Apollo Endeavor and the Apollo Deluxe, available in both VV and automatic styles. The 650mAh VV battery has a twist dial, allowing the smoker to adjust the voltage between 3.3v and 4.8v. Perfect if the smoker wants to change the quality of vapor.
The EVOD automatic has a button design to prevent accidental activation. The strong 900mAh capacity battery can produce between 800 and 1000 puffs. This battery means less charge time and more smoking.

The advanced Apollo Valiente battery has a powerful 13000mAh capacity and can be bought in either the Variable Wattage capacity or the Variable Voltage. The VV version varies between 3.0v and 6.0volts, whereas the VW battery can be altered between 3.0w and 15.0w. The Valiente battery has a built-in short circuit and low resistance protection. On top of this, the battery has a charge level display, advising the smoker on how much power is left.

Apollo Selection

Apollo features a wide variety of products, starter kits, accessories ,and e-liquids for all smokers. With regards to the kits, Apollo offers a range of starter, advanced, and express kits, thereby accommodating all types of smokers. The option of purchasing clearomizers is distinguished between the classic clearomizers, the replaceable coils, and any spare parts needed. This section is ideal for when servicing your e-cigarettes is needed.

Apollo E-Cigarettes Kits , Disposables and Bottles
Unfortunately, the selection of e-cigars is limited, with only disposable e-cigars on offer. In addition, Apollo does not make or sell e-pipes. However, what it lacks in e-cigars and e-pipes, it makes up for in e-cigarettes and e-juices.

Packaging & Design

On first impression, the packaging stands out from the rest. The e-kits arrive in neat, simplistic boxes, reflecting the brand and the product itself. Apollo doesn’t cut corners when taking into account the packaging and design. The cardboard boxes have a flip-top with a magnetic grasp. When you open the box, the device and accessories are meticulously laid out and held in a foam container. The people of Apollo are fully aware of the superficial importance of packaging and design, and this is noticeable, particularly in the e-kits.

Apollo E-Cigs Endeavor Kit

One of the most important elements of smoking is the aesthetics of the gadget. The design of the cigarettes is predominantly noticeable with Apollo. The cig-a-like e-cigs are sleek and stylish, with the option of purchasing them in either black or white. The design is both minimalistic and striking. With the LED light indicator, the futuristic appearance with every puff makes the cigarette that much more eye-catching. Moreover, Apollo makes smoking fun with the vape-pen designs. These are available in a variety of colors, allowing the smoker options. Even the e-liquid bottles are designed to stand out from the rest. The bright red cap and label reminds the consumer that or she is smoking an Apollo product. On top of this, the image on the front of the bottle that indicates the liquid flavor is also colorful and fun.

Apollo E-Cigs Extreme Kit Black


Apollo offers shipping to both US national orders and international orders. The national orders are speedy: if the buyer places an order before 11am PST, they will receive the package within 24 to 48 business hours. Apollo also offers free US deliveries for orders over $30. US shipping prices are between $2.07 and $18.95, depending on the shipping method chosen.

With regard to the international delivery options, prices are a little more expensive, with the option of a $19.95 standard delivery or the $29.95 priority shipping. The international orders are shipped with USPS Delivery Company.

Apollo keeps the customer updated with his or her order by sending a tracking email once the package has been dispatched.

Apollo Warranty

Apollo prides itself on the quality of its products, and this is noticeable in its Limited Lifetime Warranty. However, take note that this warranty only applies to the Apollo electronic component.

Apollo Limited LifeTime Warranty

Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to cartridges, cartomizers, clearomizers, disposables or e-liquids. But don’t despair, Apollo offers a two-week warranty for cartomizers and clearomizers. Please note that the warranty can only be used within 60 days of the last purchase through the Apollo website. Be aware that e-liquid and disposable sales cannot be exchanged.

Customer Service

Apollo stops at nothing to ensure its at the top of the e-cigarette market. We see this once again with its award winning customer service. There are many ways to get in touch with the customer service department. The toll free telephone number means you can chat to the very friendly Apollo crew on the end of the line, who are more than willing to help you out with any queries. There is also a selection of email addresses depending on the department you want to contact, and the online live chat is quick and easy to use. Although it isn’t live 24 hours, the live chat is very helpful and ideal for quick questions. Furthermore, Apollo’s website includes a community forum where potential customers and users of Apollo products can exchange tips and suggestions.

Apollo Starter Kits

The Apollo Extreme Starter Kit comes with all the essentials expected from a starter kit. The e-cigarette is easy to use and is quick to assemble. The kit has two Apollo Extreme batteries, allowing you to puff away while the other battery is on charge. Included in the kit is a pack of five cartomizers with the option of any flavor and strength the consumer desires. This is an added bonus seldom offered by other brands. The e-cigarette produces a large mist of vapor, perfect for the effortless smoking experience. This particular starter kit is great for novice e-smokers who are new to the e-cigarette lifestyle. The Extreme Starter kit has a money back guarantee and is subject to the lifetime warranty.

Apollo E Cigs Oracle Kit Parts

The Apollo Oracle Starter Kit is the perfect kit for beginners. The kit includes a 900mAh luminous battery and a CE4 clearomizer. The battery collaborates well with the clearomizer using a spring connection pin. It also has a short circuit, low battery, and overcharge protection built in for that added safety. With the LED power indicator, the smoker is always aware of the battery power. Unfortunately, the customer is unable to choose the color of the battery preferred, but Apollo offer a free 10ml e-liquid bottle whose flavor you can choose–a rarity in the e-cigarette world. The kit has a USB charger included, but a wall charger is not offered. Apollo has an oracle range that includes the Oracle S-Kit and the Oracle X-Kit. The S-Kit doesn’t come with the option of a free e-liquid bottle, and the X-kit has a Evander eGo battery for the heavy smoker.

Apollo E-Cigs Valiant Kit

The Valient kit is perfect for the enthusiast and is one of Apollo’s top sellers. With both a variable voltage and variable wattage battery included in the kit, the smoker can really enjoy his or her experience. The kit also includes a pro tank and a free 10ml e-liquid of your choice. For the kits that include a VV or VW battery, Apollo adds a vaping power chart to help the user calculate the voltage or wattage. The e-cigarette is lightweight and durable. It is perfect for the smoker who has been using the cig-a-likes and wants to upgrade to a more powerful experience in vaping.

Apollo ECigs Endeavor Kit

Endeavor kit is arguably Apollo’s best kit. It has all the essentials, including two 900mAh eGo batteries that claim to last around nine hours when fully charged. The kit also comes with two CE4 clearomizers, and with a capacity of 1.6ml, it can hold enough e-juice to last about 500 puffs. This kit is truly designed for the enthusiast. With an empty 10ml bottle, the user can enjoy mixing and experimenting with e-liquids. Not only can customers choose their free bottle of e-liquid, but they can also choose the color of the battery. The Endeavor kit has revolutionized e-smoking.

Apollo E-Cigarettes Prices

Unlike other brands on the market, Apollo has its own high tech team of technicians and manufacturing facilities. Producing e-cigarettes and e-liquids itself means Apollo can sell its product cheap without compromising the quality. On the website, the company continuously offers a discount on all products, encouraging you to buy. As an example of the price, an Extreme starter kit will set you back $49.95, while other brands on the market might sell their standard cig-a-like cigarettes for double the amount. The e-liquids are priced at around $6.95, again significantly cheaper than other brands on the market.

Start Vaping with Apollo


Apollo likes to award its customers, so it has devised a rewards system. With MyRewards, customers receive points based on the total purchase amount. If they win 100 points, they receive $1 off their next purchase.

Alternatively, the customer can win points by writing testimonials. If Apollo likes the testimonial, and wants to display it on its website, the customer can receive MyRewards points.

If that isn’t enticing enough, by referring a friend or family member, the customer can earn some cash. The friend receives 15% off his or her first purchase, and the customer can receive 20% earnings. For instance, if the friend spends $100 on his or her first order, the customer will receive $20 cash.

Other Products

For cigar smokers, Apollo has also released the e-cigar. At only $4.95 a pack, you can’t go wrong. The cigar-a-like is thicker, holding a larger 1300mAh battery and letting you smoke up to 1500 puffs in each cigar. The cigar releases a thick mist of vapor with each puff, and the smoker will notice that the vapor doesn’t become significantly weaker as the battery begins to run low. However, options are limited with the e-cigar. The disposable device only comes in one flavor: the rich, strong flavor of a Cuban cigar , which has 18mg of nicotine. But, if the customer chooses to buy the e-cigar from the website, Apollo has a great offer: buy six cigars, get the sixth one free.

Apollo E-cigar

If the user prefers a disposable device, Apollo also sells disposable e-cigarettes. The disposable e-cigarettes don’t have the same strength as the refillable e-cigs, nor do they offer the same hit at the back of your throat that you might experience from other products by Apollo. However, the user can reach about 500 puffs per cigarette and it comes in three different flavors: the classic tobacco, menthol, and watermelon. First time customers can redeem one free disposable e-cigarette.

Apollo Disposable E-Cigs Boxes

The disposable cartomizers collaborate with the standard and extreme e-cigarettes. Packs of five are available in tobacco and menthol and vary in five different strengths, including the option of no nicotine. The cartomizers can produce enough vapor for around 200 puffs. The only downfall with the disposable cartomizers is that there is only a limited amount of flavors on offer. However, the cartomizers release a significant amount of vapor right up until the final puff.

The holiday special eGo kits are an extra for the Christmas period. Available in red or green, the niche stocking filler comes with a 650mAh eGo battery, a CE4 clearomizer, and a USB charger. And don’t forget the free bonus bottle of e-liquid.

If there is that special someone who wants to give up smoking and live the smoke-free lifestyle, why not buy them a gift certificate? Apollo has even taken gifts into account. Choose how much to spend and set up credit for your friend or loved one.


The benefits of buying from Apollo are the distinctiveness of the company in comparison to other brands on the market. Apollo has a team of professionals who have conducted extensive research to ensure quality products that are durable and stand the test of time. Because of its own manufacturing, the prices are competitive, arguably the cheapest on the market and good value for your money.

Apollo has thought of everything when it comes to its products. It offers devices and kits for all types of smokers, beginners and enthusiasts alike. You are guaranteed to find what you want at Apollo, and if you can’t, just contact its award-winning customer service department.


There is frankly little to complain about when it comes to the subject of Apollo E-cigarettes. It has a high rating in all areas of an e-cigarette company, and it is well worth investing in. With the expansive stock and the low prices on Apollo’s website, customers are bound to find whatever they are looking for.

Start Vaping with Apollo