The Best E-Cigarette in UK 2018

The UK has often been described as a “cultural superpower”. Here literature, music, art, and architecture thrive and are well known across the face of the planet. The UK is also very prominent in the areas of science and technology. In fact the Industrial Revolutions has its origins her in the UK. Science and innovation here have always been prominent. This may be the reason behind the widespread use of the relatively new electronic cigarettes.

Quick to recognize the harm of traditional cigarettes and their foul secondhand smoke, the government here has passed laws that ban smoking from all public places, transport, restaurants and more. Smoking is even restricted in company vehicles that are used by several people, even when nonsmokers are not in the car at the time.

In some locations, it is restricted outdoors such as on football grounds or covered walkways. As such E-cigs in the UK have grown, not only because of their innovative features but because they provide so much more freedom than the traditional cigarettes. Continue reading

The Reasons Behind E-Cig Preference in the UK

There are so many things in life that are meant to be savored, not rushed. From fine cuisine to luxurious chocolate, these are not things we consume as fast as possible. Traditional cigarettes force you to consume the entire cigarette in one use, you light it and it’s burning. E-cigs have gained popularity because they fit into the culture of appreciation here in the UK.

These e-cigarettes work by gently heating the nicotine solution within electronic cigarettes producing a vapor to be inhaled. These electronic cigarettes have no need to burn the tobacco and emit the harmful second hand smoke. They are also activated when you take a draft, and the battery is easily recharged. Therefore, the user can enjoy it when he/she wants, in the quantity wanted- unlike traditional cigarettes that must be consumed in one sitting.

Regular cigarettes also give off a very strong odor that seems to saturate and permeate everything. The furniture, clothing, car, and everything in contact with it becomes consumed by that lingering stale tobacco air. E-cigs provide an alternative that fits your lifestyle better, only editing a quickly dissipating flavored aroma.

Furthermore, e-cigarettes offer a wide variety of flavors, nicotine concentrations, and many are even nicotine free! This appeals to the diversity of tastes and has even helped some cut back on their nicotine intake in exchange for lower doses/nicotine free flavors of e-liquid.

With the ban in effect here at the UK, you would have had to go outside and be chained to your cigarette until it burns out. With an e-cig you have more freedom and are no longer chained. Simply take a few puffs and then set it down anytime you need to.

E-Cig Varieties Used in the UK

Electronic Cigs actually come in a variety of shapes types for different users. The first is known as a “cig-a-like” or the Mini. These are preferred by first time users in the UK who are just switching from tobacco cigarettes. This is because this form of e-cig is the most similar to the traditional cigarettes. They look and feel very similar and are also the cheapest. They are also small, discreet, easy to use, and come in both disposable and rechargeable forms.

The mini e-cigs have a very short battery life and those who are heavier smokers in the UK often opt for an electronic cigarette type called a Vape Pen. These are bigger in size (about the size of a standard cigar), and have much more vapor and battery length than the mini.
The third type is the is known as an advanced personal vaporizer, or APV, some refer to these as the tanks. These are considered to provide the best vaping experience. As smoking is prevalent in the UK and EU, these have been used the most. They provide the most vapor, the longest battery, advanced features and performance. Due to its cost, most smokers and ex-smokers in the UK start with the smaller types of e-cigs and progress to the tank system.

In the UK, e-cigs save you a substantial amount of money. For example, a classic starter kit offered by the Cigees brand and Jac-Vapour sell for an average of £15.00, almost 80% cheaper than the traditional cigarette, and it will last longer. E-cigs also provide you with more places to vape, as the restrictions are less strict on e-cigs, and keep the environment clean. Unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes only give off a water vapor with no tar or carbon monoxide present. Now you can enjoy your nicotine fix, or flavor vape on the go without having to rush.

The options and kits offered by popular brands in the UK are limitless and customizable. There are starter kits, super kits, and majestic kits. These kits are designed to provide everything you would need to start vaping. As the price goes up so does the quality of the vape and the battery life. More expensive kits also include multiple batteries, more chargers, as well as more refills and fancier carrying cases.

E-Cigs Style

If you like style and design, you must admit that a paper cigarette is quite boring. With electronic cigarettes you can easily customize and accessorize your product. The options are numerous, from classic white, stainless steel, slim or thick, or colorful you are sure to find an e-cigarette that matches your style and life.


When one considers the current laws in the UK, the smell and cost of tobacco cigarettes, it is no surprise when more and more individuals are choosing to opt to electronic cigarettes instead. These give you more freedom, more choice, more style, and a cleaner environment. With the scientific innovation of the e-cig you can now spend less and enjoy more. Find now the best tobacco e-juice flavour for you!

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