Why Do People Vape?

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If you were to take a trip down memory lane to visit Marilyn Monroe and her elegant cohort in the far-off world of 1950’s glamor, you would find white cigarettes dangling from the mouths of stylish ladies on every street corner. Fast forward and you won’t find nearly as many cigarettes, but you will find quite a few futuristic boxes with fruity-flavored vapor emanating from them. We know why people smoked, and we certainly know why fewer do today, but why do people vape? What is so attractive about those vape pens and box mods? Here are the top 4 reasons why people decide to take up this pleasurable pastime.

1. Quit Smoking

It should come as a surprise to no one that the large majority of vapers take up the hobby to stop smoking. Electronic cigarettes, unlike their analog counterparts, wicks special e-liquid onto an atomizer, which heats it until it transforms into vapor. Because there is no burning of tobacco, there is consequently no tar and, therefore, no carcinogens. We all know the dangers of smoking, and even though most smokers don’t intend to keep poisoning their lungs, quitting can be easier said than done. Vaping gives smokers a way to gradually eliminate their nicotine usage without totally giving up their hobby. After smoking a pack a day for however many years, smoking becomes an ingrained behavior. However, giving up cigarettes can be a challenge not only because of the physical dependency also because psychological reliance.

While nicotine patches and gum can accomplish the same feat, smokers who try to quit often report feeling awkward in social situations or fumbling with fingers that used to hold cigarettes. Vaping allows for a seamless transition away from smoking because vaping and smoking resemble each other so closely. Plus with the plethora of fruit and dessert flavors, smokers who want to quit can even swap in their tobacco for a tropical treat. By purchasing e-liquids of various concentrations, former smokers can also decide how quickly or slowly they reduce their nicotine consumption. Vaping provides a customizable and stylish way for smokers to finally kick their habit. Nicotine patches aren’t exactly trendy, and while they may be useful, they won’t capture anyone’s attention for very long.

With a vape in hand, conquering your cravings isn’t nearly as much of a chore. Today there are thousands of vaping kits and e-juice combinations to try, so those who want to quit can spend the free time they acquire on a new hobby. Vaporizers come in different colors and sizes. They have varying battery voltage capacities–no two are the same. With so many ways to personalize your vaping experience, smokers don’t have time to think about what they are giving up.

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2. Follow the Trend

So, why do people vape even after they’ve weaned themselves off of nicotine? Those who set out to make electronic cigarettes a possibility may have intended to provide an alternative to traditional smoking, but the vaping world has become an entire industry in and of itself. Ten years ago, you may have looked for disposable E-Cigarette (cigalikes) at your local convenience store, but today, you have any number of vaping outlets accessible right from your computer. Unless you’re an aficionado, it’s hard to even keep track of the latest trends. From three-in-one vape pens to e-pipes, there is always something new on the market. Oftentimes smokers get into vaping because they enjoy it, and then they stay because they are hooked! Others are intrigued by these futuristic devices they see floating around on the city streets and want to get involved. Either way, vaping is popular because, well, put simply, it’s really cool!

Vaping communities have sprung up all over the United States and Europe. Vaping enthusiasts tend to stick together, and so if you are in on all the latest trends, you have access to a whole new community. Part of the greatest part of having a hobby is sharing your passion for it with others, and you will find no shortage of fans with whom to chat about the latest e-juices and the hottest new tanks. Drop in at any local vaping outlet, and you’re sure to find a friendly shop owner happy to talk to you about the differences between one clearomizer and the next. He might even have a cafe area where he’ll let you try different combinations of the store’s favorite e-liquids. Become a loyal customer, and you’re likely to make a friend in the process.

There are always new things to talk about when it comes to vaping because the industry is constantly changing and evolving. In fact, today there are even bars specifically designed for vapers. Since vaping isn’t welcome in all public spaces, vaping bars are sure to draw huge crowds. Plus, if you want to see what mod you should try next, there’s a good chance you can pick up some advice at a vaping bar.


3. Relaxational Therapy

Let’s say you are a non-smoker though. “Why do people vape if they aren’t choosing it merely as an alternative?” you might ask. Is there any reason to vape if you are not a current or former smoker? Where it’s legal, many choose to use vaporizers for dry herbs for medicinal purposes. Vaping loose leaf offers a clean, crisp taste, and many prefer it. Plus, vaporizers like V2’s three-in-one Series 3 or Series 7 make vaping loose-leaf a cinch. All you have to do is pop in the cartridge and puff away. Medical marijuana has been known to reduce chronic pain, migraines, seizures, and tremors.

There are also new types of e-liquid out on the market today specifically designed to help ease anxiety through their natural relaxant powers. For instance, ePuffer’s Valerian Natural Relaxant E-Liquid is derived from an ancient root used throughout history meant to increase GABA, a neurotransmitter found in the brain that aids in brain cell communication. This herbal remedy has helped people reduce anxiety and insomnia for centuries, and 30-40 puffs on a vape will have the same effect. Unlike prescription pills, this e-liquid comes from a natural source and won’t have any negative side effects. Prescription pills can cause morning grogginess and dependency, but products meant for vaping works with your body’s natural abilities rather than against them.

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4. Cloud-Chasing

Today, vaping isn’t only a casual hobby, it’s also a competitive sport. Who would have imagined that an electronic alternative to smoking could become so intense. Once vapers discovered that by lowering resistance they could produce larger clouds, the race to the bottom had begun. Vaping companies built larger tanks and more powerful batteries that can reach higher temperatures and voltages for the ultimate vaping experience. They reached 1.0Ω and then went even lower. Today you can find devices whose resistance reaches almost 0.

You can be assured that these vapers aren’t puffing on disposable cigalikes. They are optimizing their devices for dense clouds that billow out and fill the room. Though competitions started out on the West Coast, they have found their way across the country. You can find competitions in New Jersey, Illinois, New Mexico–you can even take your cloud-chasing overseas. There are official rules for each competition. Typically there is a limit for minimum resistance beyond which is prohibited. Competitors are provided with pure vegetable glycerin and are expected to blow when asked and practice good sportsmanship. Of course all participants must be at least eighteen years of age or older. Ironically enough, smokers aren’t usually known as athletes on the field, but in the world of vaping, competition is fierce. Everyone wants to blow bigger clouds than the guy or girl next to them, and if you are sitting in the corner with a vape pen, you are out of the race.

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So, why do people vape? Maybe the better question would be why don’t more people vape? While most people pick up vaping as a way to put down their cigarettes, that’s not usually why they continue. Because vaping makes it easy for smokers to reduce their nicotine intake without totally changing their daily habits, many former smokers don’t take a second look back. However, they stay because vaping has so much more to offer. From the herbal remedies and medicinal purposes to the caramel mocha latte e-liquid flavors to the latest box mods–vaping has truly become a new kind of hobby. There are vaping bars and vaping cafes, so if you are a vaper, you are sure to have company! You might even want to join in on a cloud-chasing competition if you think you can handle it. If you are a non-smoker, and vaping interests you, then don’t hesitate to join in. Just make sure that when you purchase e-liquid, you specify 0% nicotine content. Nicotine is a harmful, addictive substance, and while vaping can be good, clean fun, you don’t want to develop a dependency. Well, there you have it! These are the top four reasons why people choose to vape. Why do you like to vape? Is it because it is trendy and cool? Can you not resist the delicious e-liquid flavors? Everyone has their own reason, and whatever yours is, we are glad you’ve joined in on the fun.