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What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is an electronic device (normally operated by a reusable battery of varying sizes) that generates a thick vapor like substance when the user inhales through the mouthpiece of a vaporizer causing the e juice to flow towards the mouth, through the atomizer, and out into the users mouth, lungs, and body. Vapor is a form of delivery for the different nicotine potency levels. Vaporizers are also known as electronic cigarettes (aka e-cig and e-cigarettes), personal vaporizer’s (PV for short), and an electronic nicotine delivery system (also known as ENDS). The vapor produced from a vaporizer is designed to taste like and feel similar to smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette allowing it to be interchangeable with one another.


The vaporizer can also be used as a tool to replace smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes altogether through the gradual transgression of lowering nicotine potency levels so that the user can eventually quit if that is their ultimate goal. Most people that start up vaping after having smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes intend on quitting eventually and e-cigarettes make it more possible and easier for the user to slowly transition away from smoking addictive nicotine riddled products to a more natural 0mg nicotine-free product or nothing at all. Additionally, those people that do want to quit the addiction can continue to enjoy smoking with all of their favorite activities because non-nicotine or 0 mg nicotine e-juices are offered as an option meaning that the user can still smoke because they enjoy it, not because addiction is causing them to.

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Vaporizers come in several different forms. They are available in the mini, the mid-size, and the APV (also known as mods) form or are referred to as 1st-generation, 2nd-genertion, and 3rd-generation models. The different models depict things such as overall size, battery capacity, and robust vapor output. Most e-cigarette brands provide at least one form of every generation’s model so as to give the user options under a specific brand name. The World of Vape has hundreds to choose from in all different model sizes and makes it convenient for the user to mix and match between brands as they desire.

Mini Vaporizers

Mini vaporizers go by several different names, such as ‘stick ecigs’ or ‘cigalikes’ and they are what vapers refer to as “1st generation models. They are often the preferred method of vaping for new users as they both look like traditional tobacco cigarettes and feel similar plus they are the most efficient method of trying it out. Minis consist of a two part series in order to function properly – that is the cartridge which contains the flavoring and atomizer that produces vapor and then there’s the rechargeable battery which gives the cartomizer fuel to heat up and convert the refreshing flavor e-liquid into a thick and robust vapor. Minis are great for keeping a low-profile as they are portable vaporizers that allow for one to be discreet regardless of location whether that be indoors or outdoors. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using a mini. Disadvantages to using a mini are primarily based on personal preference as they are smaller meaning that they are generally considered a less efficient means to vaping since they have smaller batteries and little customization offerings. The advantages to using a mini vaporizer far outweigh the disadvantages.

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Most come in automatic modes, they are discreet, feel like a normal tobacco cigarette, and are the most inexpensive way to get started vaping. Minis may not create as robust and thick of vapor clouds as their generational counterparts but they can still appease the user with their thick vapor output similar to a standard tobacco cigarettes smoke output.

Mid-Size Vaporizers

The 2nd generation models of vaporizers are also known as mid-size models. Mid-size vaporizers are also known as eGo-type and fat-batt and are considered the number one rated vaporizer because it suits all vapers needs. Mid-size vaporizers are preferred because they are slightly larger than the 1st generation, they are about the size of a cigar, and have a larger battery. This means that they last longer and are more efficient for users.

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Additionally, this also means that vapor production is larger and far more enhanced than its smaller counterpart. These generally will be a little more expensive than the smaller mini-model model, by about 50% more, but it’s still a cost efficient method of vaping if the user is new or experienced. Some newcomers may feel discouraged by the manual operations but it provides for more customization and personalization based on personal preference of nicotine delivery. The e-juice compartment is normally clear unlike the solid and self-contained cartomizer of the 1st generation, which allows the user the ability to view the e-juice and makes it easier to refill. Unlike the disposable cartridges from the mini vaporizer which are harder to refill and not recommended to do so by e-cig manufacturers, the mid-size vaporizers are reusable and can easily be refillable with a little practice.

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Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs)

APVs or mods as some call them are a logical progression from the 2nd generation. These are considered 3rd generation vaporizer models and are noted by their larger appearance and unique “gadget-like” appearance. In general, there are two classes to the APV – the box shaped boxmod and the tubular shaped tubemod. The boxmod is similar in appearance to a pack of cigarettes with an attached mouthpiece while a tubemod looks more like a flashlight with a mouthpiece attached, both models feature large batteries and fully manual delivery systems which means that you’ll experience the exact vaping experience that you’re looking for as well as be able to completely customize the entire vaporizer. This advanced model is not recommended to newcomers as it is more complicated to use and has many bells and whistles which may overwhelm or discourage the user. In addition, they are also reusable and require refills like its counterpart, the 2nd generation mid-size vaporizer. Remember, battery size is everything in an e-cig vaporizer meaning the bigger the battery the better the performance.

How Do I Select a Vaporizer?

Primarily, when selecting a vaporizer it’s all about personal preference, however, this may take some time, practice, and some actual testing out of different vaporizers before you feel comfortable in knowing what it is you like and what exactly it is you don’t like. Additionally, there are several different portable vaporizers to choose from which adds to the shock and selection all-in-one. If you’re a newcomer to vaping then it’s highly recommended that you start with a 1st generation vaporizer or a 2nd gen and proceed until you find one that you’re comfortable smoking. There are many kits available that offer the user a premium experience at a reasonable cost, and you can find many different varieties at the World of Vape (Wov).
They provide the best selection of vaporizers at the best price and are considered to be a premium vapor cigarette retailer.

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Why Should I Consider Using a Personal Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are simply put, safer for the user than traditional tobacco smoking. This is because the user is inhaling 4000 times less chemicals than traditional tobacco cigarettes with most e-juice’s consisting of a mere five or less ingredients. Additionally e-juice vape liquid does not affect anyone’s personal environment. This means that vapor cigarettes can be smoked, or inhaled inside of anywhere where traditional tobacco cigarette bans may be in place. This includes airports, bars, and cafes. This broadens the horizons and makes e-cigs and vaporizers more accessible as well more environmentally friendly and safer for all of those involved and within close proximity to the vapor.

Safer for You in Comparison to Other Smoking Methods

Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain literally thousands of ingredients of which many of them are known carcinogens, however, vapor e-cigarettes do not contain thousands of ingredients but rather a handful. Normally, e-juice consists of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring, and nicotine. Sometimes you may find e-liquids that have additional enhancements such as caffeine, but even at that, there are merely a handful of ingredients compared to the thousands in traditional tobacco cigarettes. While the full effects of vapor from e-cigarettes has not been extensively studied like that of tobacco cigarettes, it’s still safe to say that something with far less ingredients is much more safer for you than the alternative. Additionally, when you’re smoking something safer for you, you are also benefitting those around you.

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Vapor Cigarettes are Environmentally Friendly

Vaporizers are both safe for you and safe for those around you while also being environmentally friendly by reducing added waste byproducts that are created from alternative forms of smoking. No longer do you need to fear second-hand or third-hand smoke effects as is the case with traditional tobacco cigarettes. With vaporizers there is nothing but vapor that dissipates shortly after being expressed. This also means that there’s no lingering smell that may bother those with asthma and allergies and there’s no yellow residue to stand and imprint itself on furniture and walls.

There’s not trace left behind when e-cigs are smoked unlike tobacco cigarettes which leave behind a smell and a stain. Additionally, vaporizers produce less trash than alternative smoking methods as e-cig cartridges are easily disposable but last 1.5 times longer than standard tobacco cigarettes and more advanced models of vaporizers are simply refillable so they hardly produce waste by-product except for the e-juice liquid bottles that refillable liquid comes in.

Vaporizers are a More Cost-Efficient and Inexpensive Method of Smoking

Whether you decide to go with a series 1 vaporizer, a mid-size vaporizer, or a fully enhanced third generation vaporizer you will find that the cost savings in comparison to traditional tobacco cigarettes is outstanding. The initial purchase is usually the most expensive purchase but think of it as an investment for cost-savings in the future. Initial price ranges for vapor starter kits can start at $50 and go on up to several hundred depending on what kit you purchase, what type of vaporizer, and any personalization choices you choose. If you were to smoke an average of a pack of cigarettes and its’ equivalent for a month the average cost breakdown is as follows:

  • 31 packs of tobacco cigarettes x $6 = $186
  • 31 e-cig cartridges x $2.50 = $77.50
  • 3 30ml bottles of e-liquid x $15 = $45

The cost savings is substantial.

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Finding a Vapor Cigarette Store Near Me

There are many smoke shops nowadays that sell or even specialize in vaping, but if you’re not comfortable with going in one, want to shop a nearly endless selection, or don’t live near an e-cig vapor smoke shop then a great place to start is the World of Vape (WoV) online. They are a vaporizer and e-cig wholesaler that offers popular brands, starter kits, 1st through 3rd generation models, delicious e-liquids, refill cartridges for e-cigs, and every accessory imaginable.

If you’re looking for a good brand to start vaping with then you should check out the popular vape brand Apollo as they offer inexpensive starter kits that start at a mere $54.95, five levels of nicotine, you can custom make your own e-liquid, and they have 25 unique flavor choices to choose from. If you wish to stop in a store, check out VaporFi. They have over 30 locations in the US. You can shop online as well. They offer free shipping on orders $75+, 30 day money back guarantee on devices, a 90 day warranty on devices, and offer over 30,000 e-liquid combinations.


Vaporizers are the new wave of smoking. They are healthier, safer, last longer, are more cost-efficient, and they’re environmentally friendly. The World of Vape (WoV) offers a tremendous selection of American made e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Besides being a store, The World of Vape is also a community of vapers where competitive prices are offered and only top of the line products get sold.

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