How to Find the Best Sub-Ohm Tank

VF Volt Sub tank

E-cigs are wonderful, but what if you want more vapor? What if you crave denser, thicker clouds that billow up around you and swallow you whole? Well, you need to check out sub-ohm vaping. When the resistance on the atomizer hits 1.0Ω, your device will heat to higher temperatures and get you those clouds you’re dreaming of. Once vaping manufacturers discovered this little-known trick, it was a race to the bottom. Today, you can find sub-ohm mods as low as 0.12Ω. Read on to find out more about sub-ohm vaping and how you can find the best sub-ohm tank on the market.

Understanding the Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: How Do They Work?

The first thing you need to understand about these tanks is that they vaporize a significant amount of e-liquid. This really means that sub-ohm tanks use more e-liquid than a traditional clearomizer, not that these sub-ohm tanks will not necessarily hold a significant amount of e-liquid. Instead, these tanks will vaporize a larger amount of e-liquid in a shorter amount of time. So while these tanks might need to be refilled more frequently, they also produce a significant amount of vapor clouds.

In addition, these tanks operate with coils that heat the e-liquid at a significantly faster rate. So you need to be sure that the battery in your e-cig is up for the challenge of these coils. This follows Ohm’s Law: the lower the resistance of a coil, the more power or wattage that will be needed to produce the voltage the user requires.

What Are the Disadvantages of Sub-Ohm Tanks?

These tanks might not work with the average e-cig, so it will probably need a new device. A new device can produce the voltage needed for the sub-ohm tank to heat the coils as quickly as they are designed to do. Once it is purchased, a user might find that there are additional expenses, such as batteries and purchasing e-liquid at the quantities a sub-ohm tank can go through.

The coils also tend to be more expensive than traditional e-cig coils, although the sub-ohm coils appear to last awhile. All of these additional costs can result in a significant outlay to move to a sub-ohm tank. Yet for those who love the vapor, it can be a move worth the cost.

Still the Sub-Ohm Tank Has Benefits

When it comes to finding the benefits of the sub-ohm tank, the first is the amount of vapor that the tank can produce. It easily gives the user plenty of vapor, allowing for him or her to enjoy a fuller flavor as well from the e-liquid of their choice. Thus, while you might go through more e-liquid, the vapor and fuller flavor can make it easier to make the choice to spend more on a sub-ohm tank.

Comparing Features On the Best Sub-Ohm Tanks

One of the realities of the sub-ohm tanks is that they are larger and typically bulkier than other e-cigs. The design usually includes a fatter and rounder body to house the larger e-liquid tank and coils. So how can designers make this stand out? Simply put, some have gone the way of stainless steel, providing a simple yet sophisticated look for the sub-ohm. Others include a view of the drip tip and an adjustable airflow valve. It’s also important that you look for a device with the ability to stop itself from turning on if the power isn’t available to match the voltage.

While the design and overall aesthetics of the sub-ohm tanks are hard to really make stand out, it’s the coil design and the ability to adjust airflow that can make the sub-ohm tank really stand out. Air holes can also be adjusted to increase or decrease airflow throughout the device, which is particularly helpful when vaping at increased wattage. Another factor to consider is how easy the device is to break down. The best sub-ohm tanks can be quickly broken down to replace coils, batteries, and e-liquid vials.

Adding your own touch is easy with the advent of box mods. Add the sub-ohm tank to the box mod and now you have a unique e-cig to vape with. However, these tanks might not hold as much e-liquid as you might hope. Various reviewers have tried to fill them and typically found that they held less than four ounces of vape liquid.

While there are other tanks out there that claim to hold more e-liquid, it is important to note that there might be a portion of the tank that can’t be filled with liquid. Hence, it can appear to be wasted space within the e-liquid holding area.

Features to Consider When Buying a Sub-Ohm Tank

Sub-ohm tanks are unique because they offer an immense amount of power, but they’re also unique for a number of other reasons. If you want to know how to find the best sub-ohm tank, you’re not going to get any one answer because the best sub-ohm tank may not be the same for every person. There is no one perfect tank, and so you’re going to have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each tank accordingly. If you want to know how to find the best sub-ohm tank, you need to know what to look for. Keep your eyes out for the following qualities next time you go shopping.

Top- or Bottom-Filling

More and more tanks today are top-filling tanks, meaning that you can refill them by easily removing a top-cap. Otherwise, you’d have to remove the tank entirely from the battery, open it up, and refill it from the bottom. While this might not necessarily make or break your decision, top-filling caps make refilling considerably more convenient especially since sub-ohm tanks tend to be juice-guzzlers. If you’re going to have to refill the tank at least a couple of times per day, you’re not going to want to spend a lot of extra time unscrewing and fiddling with the closure mechanism.

Coils Used

Atomizer coils are the heating element that turns e-liquid into vapor, so those who want to know how to find the best sub-ohm tank will also want to know how to find the best atomizer coils. Coils are measured in ohms, which determines resistance. The lower the resistance, the less the battery has to work to achieve the same effect and the more power it can command. Sub-ohm tanks will have a resistance of less than one ohm, hence the name “sub-ohm,” but there is much more to know about coils than just the resistance.

You’ll also want to check the coil material. Standard coils are built from kanthal wire, but manufacturers are increasingly using titanium, nickel, and stainless steel. If your coils are made from one of these three materials, you’re also going to have to make sure your mod can function on temperature control mode. Because the resistance changes during vaping when using titanium, nickel, or stainless steel coils, you have to adjust the temperature to make sure the entire atomizer doesn’t overheat. Temperature control mode, which is becoming a fairly standard feature on sub-ohm mods, allows you to set a maximum temperature rather than wattage. If the temperature rises above this pre-set number, the device will shut off automatically or cool down the battery to maintain equilibrium.

Lastly, you’ll want to verify the design of the coils offered with the sub-ohm tank because the way the coils are wrapped influences the way they vape. Coil-heads come with a number of different posts and coils can be wound in different ways. There are hundreds of tutorials on Youtube detailing different ways to wrap coils, all of them works of art. Plus, you can have different amounts of coils all on one head. Most coil heads only have two to four, but they can have up to twelve, which produce an enormous amount of vapor.

Wicking Material

A sub-ohm tank needs wicking material to draw the vape juice from the tank onto the heating element. Most vapers these days are using Japanese organic cotton, the main brand name being Koh Gen Do. Japanese organic cotton is particularly popular because it’s incredibly absorbent and easier to prepare than standard cotton balls from your beauty-supply store. However, you can use the same cellulose cotton balls ladies pick up at the drugstore for removing nail polish. Cellulose cotton burns less than sterile cotton and remains cleaner overall. You can also use rayon cotton, which looks almost identical to cellulose cotton, but wicks much faster. Unfortunately, as a result, it cannot hold as much juice, but it’s perfect for RDA’s.

Adjustable Airflow Control

You shouldn’t even consider a sub-ohm tank that doesn’t have a decent adjustable airflow control gauge. A good sub-ohm tank should have a ring around its base with slots in it that allow for more or less air depending on your preference. If you are a former smoker, you may prefer to only open the airflow vents slightly to preserve that mouth-to-lungs vape, but if you are a cloudchaser that can’t resist hard throat hits, you’ll want to open them up completely so you can feel the vapor go directly to your lungs.

Optional RBA Head

You can purchase pre-built coils, but if you need to save a few dollars or if you are good with your hands, then you’re going to want a tank that comes with an RBA. If you build your own coils, you can control the resistance and vapor production and tailor the build to your liking exactly. Not all tanks come with an RBA option, but it might be worth it in the long-run if you know you’re going to want one a few years down the line.

E-Juice Capacity

Since sub-ohm tanks suck up juice so quickly, a one or two ml tank just isn’t going to cut it. The larger the tank the better, so aim for at least 5-6 ml. However, do note that if your tank is too large in diameter, it may not fit snugly on top of your mod. Make sure you compare the size of your mod to the size of your tank before purchasing so that there is no overhang when you screw it on.


No one wants their tank to spill. Most of the time tanks spill because vapers have filled them beyond their capacity. In this case, it is, of course, their own fault, but poorly built tanks spill because they are constructed sloppily. Check reviews on the tank online to see what other customers have said. Even if you’re looking for a less expensive mod, you definitely don’t want your mod to leak e-juice.


You can personalize your tank just like you can personalize your mod. If you already have a mod, then you will want to match the color of the tank to the color of the mod. Tanks come in all different colors and styles including metallic rainbow.

How Much Do Sub-Ohm Tanks Cost?

Sub-ohm tanks vary widely in cost, but thankfully, we can tell you how to find the best sub-ohm tank even on a tight budget. Some of the higher-end tanks will cost somewhere between $30 and $40, and the cheaper ones will be in the high teens and low twenties. You can, however, purchase premium sub-ohm tanks as RTA’s for over $100 if you really want to splurge. For $100, you’ll be getting an enormous tank, rebuildable atomizer deck where you can build your own coils, and only the finest quartz glass and stainless steel construction. Of course, you really can get decent flavor and vapor production from a $20 tank. A number of discount sub-ohm mods also offer tanks in their starter kit. Companies like SMOK and Kanger will throw in one of their more popular tanks into a number of their starter kits so that you will use their products. So, if you want to save money, you might as well get them together. In general though, since tanks don’t range widely in price, you’re better off basing your decision on other factors. Consider the size, coil heads, and even the color options before considering price.

Who Would Use a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Former Chainsmokers- Vapers who were formerly two-pack-a-day smokers will enjoy the intense vapor hits from sub-ohm tanks. You simply cannot get the same kind of nicotine hit from cig-a-likes as you can from analog cigarettes. By upgrading to a sub-ohm tank, you’re more likely to stay smoke-free

Cloud-chasers- There are some who just revel in the competition. They probably like vaping less than they actually like showing off the kind of clouds they can produce. If you are one of these guys or gals, and there is no shame if you are, then you need a sub-ohm tank. If you want to be able to blow vapor with the big leagues, then you’re also going to want a sub-ohm tank.

Juice-Guzzlers-Some vapors love the flavor options. These gourmands have a whole pantry full of e-liquids that are fruity, sweet, sour, tangy–you name it, they have it. Sub-ohm tanks offer you the best flavor per puff especially if you have an RBA and build your own coils. If you will only tolerate the best of the best, then sub-ohm tanks are for you.

Where to Look to Find the Best Sub-Ohm Tank for You

You can find sub-ohm tanks anywhere you can find sub-ohm mods. Your top choices are going to be VaporFi, South Beach Smoke, and MigVapor because they tend to cater to more advanced vapers. ePuffer, Vaper Empire, and V2 tend to create products intended for beginner vapers or older vapers, so you will find more e-cigs and vape pens. Your largest selection of sub-ohm tanks will be at DirectVapor, and they will most likely sell tanks from the abovementioned three companies as well. So, if you want to know how to find the best sub-ohm tank, then you have no further to look. You will find all you need there.

Wrapping Up Sub-Ohm Tanks

Here is what you really need to know about how to find the best sub-ohm tank. They are truly meant to enhance flavor and create a large cloud of vapor. They are especially designed for vapers who want the smoke to appear like a chimney, but do not want the after effects of regular cigarettes. Still, there is a significant outlay when it comes to cost. After all, most original e-cig devices are not equipped to hold a sub-ohm tank, so a new device will be in order. Plus, the sub-ohm tanks go through more e-liquid at a faster rate to create the large cloud of vapor.
Battery life is also a consideration with sub-ohm tanks, because they use more power to achieve the balance between voltage and wattage. Thus, you will find that the sub-ohm tank goes through more power at a faster rate, while, at the same time, not really allowing for a full day’s usage out of one vial of e-liquid or even one full charge. Thus, charging or carrying additional batteries will be necessary for a heavy user.
Overall, the sub-ohm tank is the next step for a heavy user of e-cigs, but it is also not recommended for beginners as it requires knowledge of all the very different parts. So for those looking to move to the next level of vaping, the sub-ohm might be just the thing for you!

Our Top 10 Sub-Ohm Tank List:

#10: VaporFi Vibe Tank

This classic VaporFi sub-ohm tank offers plenty of good vibes! The tank has a capacity of 3.5ml, and it is built to produce incredible flavor and preserve your coils as long as possible. This kit comes with a pre-installed 0.25Ω atomizer as well as a second 0.5Ω atomizer. Best of all, this tank can function either as a direct-to-lungs device or a mouth-to-lungs device depending on how you configure the settings. If you’re feeling some good vibes like us, then click here and get yours!

This tank is amazing. I’ve never seen a better sub-ohm tank that produces the same kind of flavor and vapor. The throat hit is just about perfection, and it fits nicely in the palm of my hand. Thanks VaporFi! This tank is a definite win. Nobody makes tanks like you.

VaporFi Vibe Tank Review

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#9: South Beach Smoke UWell Crown 2 Sub-Ohm Tank

We loved the UWell Crown 1, and now it’s back and better than ever with a capacity of 5ml and an automated locking system to prevent e-juice from leaking. Don’t hesitate, they’re sure to go fast!

Great price, great tank! The Uwell Crown 2 is the one of the best sub-ohm tanks. I’ve used it every day this past month, and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it. No tanks compare. I can’t get hits like this anywhere else. That’s for sure! I’d by the UWell Crown all over again if I could.
-Scotty James

Kanger is definitely one of my favorite brands. Their tanks are reliable and durable for sure. Here the coils were sturdy, and the entire tank was large enough to hold enough liquid for an entire day. I vape more than most, so I needed a tank that would last me. I didn’t have any problems assembling it or filling it. In fact, I loaded her up as soon as I got it. The Protank will get your job done!

UWell Crown 2 Sub-Ohm Tank Review

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#8: Mig Vapor Morpheus Sub-Ohm Vape Tank

The Morpheus Sub-Ohm Vape Tank uses Mig Vapor’s standard 0.25Ω and 0.4Ω coils and can hold 3ml of e-juice at a time. The tank is built from pyrex glass and stainless steel allowing you to see the level of e-juice left in the tank as you vape. The Mig Vapor Morpheus Sub-Ohm Vape Tank even comes with an elegant gift box of its own. Customers all rated the tank five stars out of five, and we couldn’t agree more.

Top of the line. Won’t disappoint.
-Cassie Teper

Morpheus Sub-Ohm Vape Tank Review

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#7: Mig Vapor Neo Vape Tank

You can get your hands on the Neo Vape Tank, one of if not the best sub-ohm tanks from Mig Vapor, is sure to impress. It has a standard 510 connection and is compatible with the Neo, Morpheus, and Z Stick e-cigarette kits. It also works with the Minion but hangs over the battery about 2mm. The atomizers come in resistances of 0.2Ω and 0.4Ω for extra large clouds. Mig Vapor includes a few extra seals for extra protection, and customers reported no spills! That sounds like a winner in our books!

I would give this tank an A+ without a doubt. It doesn’t leak, it has a solid construction, and it withstands immense amounts of power. I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. It’s always by my side.
-Caroline Schwab

Neo Vape Tank Review

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#6: VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank

VaporFi’s favorite sub-ohm tank is a hybrid meaning that you can use it either with pre-built atomizers or you can build your own. This five-star tank must be used on devices that produce 15 watts or higher for safety reasons. It has a capacity of 4.5ml, comes with two RBA 0.5Ω coils and 0.5Ω pre-installed coils, and it is meant to last.

This tank has a solid construction and comes with a spare Pyrex piece, set of O-rings, and a small screwdriver. Whenever I need to clean it, I disassemble the entire mod including the steel frame and glass so that I can reach every spot.
The Volt Hybrid Tank gets my full approval!

VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank Review

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#5: SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank

The Baby Beast TFV8 is an easy candidate for best sub-ohm tank of 2017. With this tank you’ll be puffing up a storm! This tank screws in easily to any standard sub-ohm mod with a 510 connection and holds 3ml of e-juice. Its top cap makes it easy to fill, and customers reported that it was totally leak-proof. The tank comes with an RBA two-post deck and three atomizers with resistances of 0.4Ω, 0.15Ω, and another 0.15Ω. All for an unbelievably low price! Go to Direct Vapor to see what all the hype is about!

I usually throw this tank in my purse without a second glance, and even though it’s probably rolling around on the bottom all day long, it hasn’t leaked even once. Not even one time! Otherwise, it’s really one of the best sub-ohm tanks I’ve seen in awhile, and I’ve been around the block a few times.

I’m no weatherman…but I expect to see some clouds rolling in soon!

SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Review

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#4: SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Sub-Ohm Tank

For less than $40, you can get a sub-ohm tank that can stand temperatures up to 320W. This monster can hold an unprecedented 6ml of e-juice. It comes with a duodenary (twelve) coil ahead and optional RBA coil for unmatched flavor. The Cloud Beast King comes in a number of colors including a metallic rainbow, which is simply stunning. Customers only had good things to say about it. Get yours from Direct Vapor today and see for yourself why this is the king of all sub-ohm tanks.
Read our SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Sub-Ohm Tank review.

If I had to describe the best sub-ohm tank in one word, I would just direct you to this one. It takes my breath away (pun intended)

This beast produces unreal clouds. It is the best sub-ohm tank I’ve ever seen.
-Papa Vape

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Review

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#3: South Beach Smoke Kanger Protank 4 Sub-Ohm Tank

You can always rely on South Beach Smoke to give you exactly what you need, and this is no exception. This tank has a side-filling port to ensure mess-free vaping, which is a relief! It holds an impressive 5ml of e-juice, and with SSOCC coils, each puff tastes clean and crisp. It even comes with an RBA 0.3Ω tank for good measure. Get yours today from South Beach Smoke!

It’s the best sub-ohm tank I ever had!

Kanger Protank 4 Sub-Ohm Tank Review

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#2: Mig Vapor WTF Sub-Ohm Vape Tank

The Mig Vapor WTF Sub-Ohm Vape Tank holds 3.7ml and comes with organic cotton for a clean-tasting vape. The coils included in the kit have resistances of 0.2Ω and 0.5Ω for optimal sub-ohm vaping, and there is a standard 510 connection so you can connect your tank to any of your sub-ohm batteries. To top it off, this tank comes in a lovely lime green color with lively orange splotches along with your standard black, stainless steel, and gunmetal gray.

This is my, what, my fifth purchase from Mig Vapor, and every time I am more impressed. This tank is sturdy and powerful. It can withstand the power from any battery! You just screw it on and go.
-Annie Fry

Mig Vapor WTF Review

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#1: VaporFi vShock Tank

If you’re a cloud-chaser, then this tank was definitely made with you in mind. It holds 5ml, and though it heats up to very high temperatures, the pyrex glass distributes the glass evenly. The adjustable airflow makes puffing a breeze, and it comes with an ni200 Nickel wire 0.15Ω atomizer for out-of-this-world vaping. It’s more than powerful enough to handle e-juice with high concentrations of VG, and it should easily connect to any mod with a 510 thread connection. Click here to get yours for an amazingly low price.

This is really quite the tank. There was clearly a lot of effort put into it because every part of it is just crafted with the utmost attention to detail. The o-rings, the multiple gaskets, the metal work, and the changeable glass are all really well-thought out. Plus, it can be disassembled completely in only a matter of minutes.

VaporFi vShock Tank Review

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