Top 15 Vaping Tips & Tricks

Vaping Tip #1

Come to vaping with an open mind. If you are looking for something that tastes and feels just like your old brand of conventional cigarettes, you are setting yourself up for disappoint. You won’t find your previous brand, instead, you will discover a wonderful world of exotic flavors instead. Vaping brings you the option of everything from more typical flavors like menthol, to unexpected flavors like piña colada, caramel mocha or raspberry cheesecake. There will always be a flavor out there to match your mood or your meal. Of course, if none of that is your cup of tea, flavors like various types of tobacco itself are also available. Although none of them will ever map on identically to an existing tobacco product, some manufacturers have still gotten quite close to the real thing.

Vaping Tip #2

Always be sure that there is enough e-liquid in your device. No one wants that nasty taste of a dry hit and, more importantly, doing that could damage your device. It’s a double whammy of unpleasantness that no one wants to deal with.

Vaping Tip #3

Try different inhalation techniques until you find what’s right for you. In addition to not tasting exactly like a traditional cigarette, vaping doesn’t constantly burn or burn at all for that matter. As a result, learning to inhale properly can take some time. Start out slowly and gently until you find what’s right for you.

Vaping Tip #4

Start with something similar to what you know. In order to make the transition work for you, start with a device that has a similar hand feel to a conventional cigarette. Although there are some fantastic devices that bare absolutely no resemblance to any kind of traditional smoking implement, to transfer one habit to the improved new one, start with something on the similar side. In particular, if you are trying vaping for the first time, starting off with a disposable device is often the right thing to give it a try. It also, of course, mimics the disposable nature of an analog cigarette.

Vaping Tip #5

Once you know vaping is for you, don’t skimp too much on your first major device. Most smokers are used to spending a bit here and a bit there. Your vaping device, on the other hand, is reusable, so of course it will cost a bit more upfront. You don’t need to go all out right away, but going too cheap is likely to leave you feeling unsatisfied. Find that happy medium so you don’t feel tempted to go back to less healthy, traditional smoking methods because your new device is too cheap to satisfy.

Vaping Tip #6

Make sure you know how to turn your device on and off properly. In the same way that every appliance you own — from your cellphone to your microwave — turns on and off a little bit differently, these cool pieces of tech will not be any different. Make sure you have a look at the instructions before getting started.

Vaping Tip #7

Similarly, always start cautiously with a new device in terms of heat settings. Some devices come with variable voltage or variable wattage options. Start on the lowest for either of these. Turn it up slowly as needed.

Vaping Tip #8

Once vaping is old hat, experiment! Have fun with it. There are so many different types of devices out there, in addition to all of the fun new flavors you can play with.

Vaping Tip #9

Never be without your vaping supplies. A small downside to vaping is that you can’t just go to a corner shop and buy a lighter and a pack. Given it is a reusable device, you don’t exactly want to have to buy one every other time you go out. That said, we are all used to leaving the house with important, reusable things like our keys and our phones. Make your vaping kit part of that routine. Your kit should include the following: the device itself, a charged battery, a few spare coils, and, naturally, the e-liquid.

Vaping Tip #10

Figure out what you need. Who has time to be constantly shopping? In order to never be without your vaping supplies, you need to learn what’s right for you. What’s more than enough for one person may well be woefully inadequate for someone else. Figure out how long your batteries last, how often you need to change them, how often you go through e-liquid, etc. Once you know this, you can always plan ahead properly so there’s no hassle.

Vaping Tip #11

Practice good battery safety. Even though vaping is healthier than traditional smoking, it is not without its own dangers. Fortunately, these are generally easier to avoid. The first thing to consider is that your device will naturally require a battery. Batteries can be dangerous if used incorrectly. The number one cause of battery problems with vaping devices is using the wrong charger. Make sure you only use the charger that goes with your device. The same advice that applies to charging any kind of batteries does here as well. Don’t leave it unattended for an excessive amount of time, don’t let it keep charging when it’s reached full charge, and don’t leave it somewhere extremely hot — all of these things will shorten your battery life in the same way that our laptop and phone batteries last longer when we take care of them correctly. On the other hand, something that may be new to you in regard to your vaping device is the need to keep an exposed battery away from other batteries and from metal as well. Having a proper case for your batteries will keep them in optimum condition and keep you safe.

Vaping Tip #12

Go for rechargeable batteries. If you want to make vaping more economical than traditional smoking, definitely use rechargeable batteries. Imagine if you had to replace your laptop or phone battery every time it ran out. Keep in mind that a good rechargeable kit is much cheaper in the long run than disposable batteries.

Vaping Tip #13

Be careful with your e-liquid. Unlike traditional cigarettes, these could appeal to young children or pets because of their lovely smells. E-liquid contains a concentrated dose of nicotine and the fatal dose for children and pets who could get into your e-liquid will be much lower than it is for you. Even for adults, if it happens to get on your skin, wash it off right away as you will be taking in a much higher dose than you would from vaping itself.

Vaping Tip #14

Make sure you are allowed to vape wherever you happen to be at the time. Even though vaping is much less unhealthy than traditional smoking and does not create second hand smoke, some parts of the world have passed anti-vaping legislation. Make sure you know what the rules are in your city and in your workplace. If you are in a new place and are unsure, err on the side of vaping in places where you know you would be comfortable smoking a traditional cigarette both to be sure of respecting the law and the people around you. Vaping is still a very new technology and not everyone is aware of how much better it is than traditional smoking for both the vaper and the people around them.

Vaping Tip #15

Be aware of the regulations of vaping supplies on flights. In an increasingly global world, many of us fly a few times a year or more. Make sure that if you do need to get on an airplane, you are prepared and don’t get your supplies confiscated. First off, obviously make sure you have what you will need for the duration of your trip in the same way that you would make sure you have your phone charger. Such items are not as easy to replace on the fly as a forgotten bottle of shampoo or a toothbrush. The most important thing is to remember to separate your battery from the cartridge. This will make it easier to clear security and avoid the risk of the battery overheating. The vaping device or devices will have to be kept in your carry-on luggage because it could be a potential fire hazard in a checked bag in the hold if it accidentally turns on. Also, remember any e-liquid you have with you is considered a liquid the same as any other. If you are traveling in the United States, a country with rules about liquids on flights, remember that those rules will apply to your e-liquid, too. In addition to concern about having enough supplies and keeping them in the right parts of your baggage, keep in mind that the airport will likely have the same rules for vaping as smoking. If it’s a no smoking airport, it is likely a no vaping one as well. If not, make sure to use the designated smoking areas for any vaping.

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