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  • Volcano Manufactures Top Quality E-Cigarettes
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  • They Have Good E-Liquids But You Can Find Better In The Market

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Founded in Honolulu, Hawaii about six years ago, Volcano has become quite a recognizable brand in the e-smoking community. They have built up a bit of a reputation for themselves due to their expertise in manufacturing quality, innovative and durable e-cigarettes. They also have a range of homemade e-liquids in a variety of strengths and flavors as well as a selection of accessories.
Volcano E-Liquid Veprozier

First Impression

First and foremost, Volcano is revolutionary in the e-cigarette community. This is reflected firstly in the expensive and futuristic website. However, as you discover more about Volcano, you can really appreciate the amount of thought and research has gone into the creating and manufacturing of the cigarette devises. Volcano endeavors to produce top of the range devices and components.

Volcano Vapor Production

The magma cig-a-like device produces the least amount of vapor in comparison to the other Volcano e-cigarette devises. This is understandable as it is the smallest of the three. The vapor production is minimal and the throat hit is weak, with only a tiny tickle felt with each puff taken. However, this e-cigarette was designed solely for the novice smoker and so it’s best not to expect the same vapor production as what is released from the larger Lavatube. This device is ideal for new smokers.

Volcano E-cigarettes Lavatube Kit

When it comes to the Inferno’s vapor production, it’s safe to say that it is neither weak, like the vapor production from the Magma, nor is it strong vape like the Lavatube. Rather, it sits comfortably between the two. This is a bonus for the smoker who has become accustomed to the e-smoking experience after using the cig-a-like devices and now wants to upgrade. The mist released is significant, and with the larger 900mAh battery, you’re sure to notice the hit in the back of the throat without it being too harsh or overwhelming.

When vapor production is concerned, Lavatube is the boss. Usually other devises of its size on the market produce, on average about seven watts. When it comes to the Lavatube, we’re talking 12 watts. That’s pretty impressive when comparing the Lavatube to its competition. The mist released is copious and the throat hit is fears and brawny. This sort of vapor’ production isn’t for the faint hearted. The only downfall is that, if used continuously at full voltage, the battery runs low quickly and the vapor production reduces with it.

Volcano Accessories

The selection of accessories, whether it’s replacements or additional parts, Volcano supplies them for all three of their e-cigarettes. On sale for the Magma is an extra charging bundle with all adapters and chargers that might be needed. They also sell the chargers and adapters individually. The accessory section also includes a needle tip bottle cap. Attach this to a bottle of e-liquid to ease the process of refilling the cartomizers, clearomizers and tanks. The batteries supplied for the Magma include replacement 65mm batteries. This is what is found in the starter kit however, if the smoker is in need of a replacement or additional battery, Volcano also sells them. One of the benefits of buying the magma cig-a-like is that, unlike other e-cigarettes of its kind found on the market, the customer has the option of buying additional manual button-activated batteries. The website sells the standard 65mm, 180mAh manual battery as well as the mega version that has a longer battery life.

Volcano E-cig & E-liquid Accessories

Similarly to the Magma, Volcano sells USB car chargers for the Inferno. Volcano has produced more accessories and parts for the Inferno, partly because it’s a more complex device to that of the Magma. These include the Lanyards. Sold in either stainless steel or in the soft fabric in a selection of four colors. Additional batteries are also available in an array of colors and can be purchased in either the 650mAh capacity or the 900mAh. Atomizer cones can also be bought in a variety of colors and are sold in the standard size or the extra large. Any extra accessories to add to the Inferno tool kit include a USB battery cap, a tube sock to fit over the tube tank and sets of five replacement o-rings fitted for the super and the inferno USB battery.

Purchase rechargeable lithium batteries for the Lavatube. Volcano has a selection of the batteries in the 1600mAh and the 2000mAh capacity. If the battery case or carry case is in need of replacing, Volcano also has them on sale. To add to your tool kit there is the Ideal Noatox. The anti-oxidant lubricant is designed to protect aluminum threads from wearing.

Volcano E Cigarettes & E Liquid Lavatube

Volcano E-liquid Flavors

Volcano develops and manufactures their own USA e-liquids, boasting 50+ flavors of e-juices. Choose from variety of the classic tobacco and menthol flavors, or the sweet fruit, candy and dessert flavors. They even have a beverage category to try from. In true Volcano fashion, they have a selection of Hawaii-inspired tropical fruit flavors such as the ‘Halawa Guava’, ‘Kawika’s Kiwi’ and the ‘Pele’s Papaya’. Although the vapor production of Volcano’s e-liquids isn’t the best on the market, they still produce a mist that will keep the smoker satisfied. All of the flavors are smooth with a comfortable throat hit and the names match their taste. The e-liquids can be bought in nicotine levels varying from 0mg, 8mg, 16mg and 24mg.

Volcano E-Liquid 30mm Bottle

The ‘USA tobacco’ is a pretty accurate impersonation of a traditional tobacco cigarette. It isn’t regarded as the best tobacco flavored e-liquid on the market, but it does produce a basic, smooth tobacco taste.

The best menthol flavor Volcano makes is the ‘menthol burst’. It does exactly what it says on the tin: it releases a burst of menthol freshness in your mouth, a similar feeling to what you get after brushing your teeth. This could arguably be the best e-liquid Volcano produces.

For the smoker with the sweet tooth, try the exotic Hawaiian-influenced ‘Pele’s Papaya’. If a fruity burst of flavor is preferred to that of menthol, ‘Pele’s Papaya’ is the e-liquid for you. The sweet taste isn’t too overwhelming or sickly, and the smoker can really taste the papaya.

Volcano E-juice & E-liquid Bottle

The ‘Red Hot Lava’ has a strong cinnamon flavor: the taste is spicy without it being overly sweet. Volcano makes sure and rids any artificial taste that can sometimes be experienced when smoking cinnamon flavored e-juices.

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Volcano Battery Performance & Charging

The 180mAh battery that comes with the Magma starter kit can give about an hour of normal vaping time before it needs to be recharged. The good thing about the Magma battery is that there is no need for any pre-smoking preparation drags, so the user can instantly enjoy the Magma experience from start to finish. Although the battery life isn’t particularly impressive, the magma starter kit includes a portable charging case and an extra battery, so the user can carry on smoking even after the first battery runs out.

Volcano Electronic Cigarettes USB Charging

The 650mAh Inferno battery can offer four hours of vape time for the average smoker while the 3.7v 900mAh battery can reach up to around six hours of continuous vaping before it needs to be recharged. These are the types of batteries true enthusiasts like to have in their e-cigarettes. It doesn’t stop there. The batteries act as a pass-through charger meaning the smoker can continue to enjoy smoking even while it is connected to the power source. The sky’s the limit with these types of batteries.

Volcano sells both 1600mAh and 2000mAh variable voltage batteries for the Lavatube. These high-powered batteries offer strong vapor production and a decent amount of smoking time. However, depending on how much voltage is released can dictate the battery life. If the voltage is altered to the highest amount, the battery life rapidly diminishes along with the vapor production.

Volcano E Cig Battery


The choice of accessories for the e-cigarettes is substantial. With additional batteries and other products to add to your toolbox, the customer is bound to find something they are looking for.

Volcano’s selection of e-liquids amounts to more than 50 flavors with a variety of nicotine levels bottled up in either a 15ml or a 30ml bottle. With one of the largest ranges of e-liquids on the market, there’s no shortage of choice.

E-Liquid Red Vaporizors

Although they only produce three types of e-cigarette devices, take note that they only manufacture high value materials. It is obvious that Volcano meticulously designed these devices being wary to produce only the best to launch them into the premium e-cigarette market. When it comes to Volcano e-cigarettes it is true that it’s all about quality over quantity.

Packaging & Design

Volcano’s forward moving manufacturing is reflected in the packaging and design of their products. For instance, the Magma starter kit arrives in a sleek matt box with all the items neatly presented. The Magma case is either black or white, depending on the color chosen. The box imitates the traditional cardboard tobacco box with the flip-top lid and the minimalistic volcano logo on the front and top of the lid.

Volcano E-cigs Magma Hero

The original design of the Inferno has a chrome base coat. Instead of going for the traditional block color design common amongst most e-cigarettes, the Inferno stands out from the crowd with the pixilated white gradient running down the devise. The cool, future-like colors available are also very fitting for the Volcano brand.

Volcano E Cigs & E Liquid kit

The Lavatube is especially eye-catching. Although it is pretty bulky to carry, Volcano compensates for that by designing them in an array of different metallic colors, keeping in tune with the futuristic design Volcano is going for.

Volcano  E-Cigs Shipping

Volcano is very generous when it comes to the shipping policy. Spend $50 or more and receive free USPS priority mail shipping. If $100 or more is spent, Volcano offers free FedEx 2day shipping (This offer applies only to US orders). There is a flat rate of just $7.99 for FedEx 2day shipping service for all orders. All orders are dispatched within 24 working hours, guaranteeing a speedy arrival.

Volcano E-Cigarettes Warranty

Every starter pack or e-cigarette comes with a one year limited warranty. Batteries, chargers and charging packs are also liable for the warranty. However the warranty will be considered void if the device has been tampered with or parts manufactured by other brands and haven’t been supplied by Volcano has been applied to and used on the device. The warranty doesn’t apply to liquids, accessories or apparel.

Volcano Electronic Cigarettes

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Customer Service

Volcano offers a good support system for loyal customers and perspectives alike. They have a whole section dedicated to informing the user on e-cigarettes. This includes easy-to-read articles on how e-cigarettes work as well as a simple introduction to e-cigarette batteries. They also have instruction videos to advise the new customer on how to use and maintain their e-cigarette device. If this isn’t enough, they have a blog section where fellow Volcano lovers can keep up to date with e-cigarette news and contribute to blog posts.
The customers can contact the Volcano customer service department via the online live chat found on their website. Alternatively, they can send a support request or call their hotline.

Volcano Starter Kits

The Magma cig-a-like device is perfect for switching from the regular tobacco cigarettes to the electronic cigarettes. The device is simple and easy to assemble; perfect for the novice smoker. The Volcano kits are generous; with the Magma, there are two packs of five prefilled cartomizers and the customer can choose between ten different flavors in any of the three nicotine strengths: zero, light and full. The kit also includes two batteries, a USB charger and a wall adapter, all presented in the stylish Magma flip top box. The customer can purchase the device in either black or white.

Volcano ECigs Magma Kit

The Inferno kit is one of Volcano’s biggest sellers. The device includes a BC Tube Tank System. The advanced tank holds 2.5ml of e-juice and is designed for making refilling easier and faster. The revolutionary coil boasts durability and performance, and the kit has a bonus pack of three replacement coils. Also included in the kit are two button batteries: a 650mAh capacity and a larger 900mAh battery. The customer is also invited to choose a 15ml bottle of e-liquid in any flavor and strength desired. The USB charger is particularly notable: the true revolutionary development in vaping, the user is able to smoke while the device is on charge.

For the more experienced smoker, Volcano has manufactured the Lavatube. With ten different colors to choose from, the Lavatube device has a built-in LCD indicator screen, allowing the customer to keep track of the voltage outage. The kit also contains a battery case and a carry case as well as a multi-charger and a 15ml bottle of e-liquid in any flavor and strength preferred. There is also a Tube Tank System with a drip tip and a large 2000mAh rechargeable battery. The cartomizer can hold up to 3.5ml of e-juice, meaning less refilling and more smoking.

Check Out Volcano’s Top Products:

Volcano E Cigs Prices

With Volcano, you get what you pay for. Although the prices aren’t the lowest on the market, they are still pretty reasonable for the quality of the devices. The Magma started kit is reasonably priced at $39.99, which is a bargain considering what is included in the kit. The Inferno starter kit is a little more expensive at $79.99. Considering it’s one of the top vape-pens, this price tag is pretty appropriate. As for the Lavatube starter kit, it will set you back $139.99. Although this sounds like a lot of money, the enthusiasts will agree that, for the standard of the devise, this is what is expected.

Volcano E-Juice Made in USA

As for the e-liquids, at $12.99 for a 15ml bottle, it is a little too pricey for what it’s worth. Considering Volcano makes their own branded e-liquids, the prices should be lower. There are better e-liquids out there for a fraction of the price.


Like most e-cigarette companies, Volcano offers a reward system for their loyal customers. Earn point by buying Volcano products on their website. With every $4 spent, the customer is given 1 volcano point. Alternatively, by referring friends or family members to Volcano, they award you 25 points as soon as that friend places their first order. Collect the points and when you have enough you can redeem them at the checkout. Every five Volcano points is worth $1. Collect points until there is enough to exchange them for more Volcano products. There is also the option of giving your points to a friend if you choose not to redeem them yourself.

Other Products

Volcano has a good selection of pre-filled cartomizers on sale. Like the e-liquids, the cartomizers are all manufactured by Volcano and are made in the USA. The cartomizers are sold in packs of five and available in ten different flavors: tobacco, menthol, vanilla bean, milk chocolate, pineapple punch, coocoo coconut, Waikiki watermelon, kona coffee, blue water punch and cherry lava. The recommended customizer to try would be the cherry lava. The throat hit is quiet strong without it being uncomfortable or harsh. The flavor is very sweet and similar to the glacier cherry.

Volcano has a selection of branded apparel including sunglasses and baseball caps in black and red and priced at $19.99. The range of t-shirts are also priced at $19.99 with a variety of styles, colors and sizes. The t-shirts are available for women from extra small to extra large while the men’s t-shirts can be bought in sizes from small to 4XL. This is where the customer can really boast their loyalty to Volcano.

The 24oz aluminum water bottle sports the volcano logo and is priced at $6.99. Alternatively, brighten up your items with the Volcano vinyl stickers. Choose between black, red and white, the stickers are sized at 2”x4”.

Unusual in the e-cigarette community, Volcano sells their own grade-A house coffee blend. This specially roasted coffee is grown in Hawaii by Waipuna Rise.

Have a friend or family member who has a birthday coming up? Buy them what they want: a Volcano gift card. Load the card with $25.00, $50,00 or $100.00 and the receiver can redeem the money on the Volcano website.

Volcano offers an additional extra for their customers: a deals section which includes ‘flavor of the week’, ‘vape specials’ and a ‘deals club’. Each week, they offer a deal on an e-liquid that is particularly favorable amongst their buyers. The sale gives customers a chance to test an e-juice they wouldn’t usually try.

Within the vape specials section, Volcano selects a few accessories and e-juices and puts them on sale for a limited time.
As for the deals club, customers can sign up to become a member and enjoy exclusive offers and sales as well as being kept up to date with any information on new products.

Volcano E-liquid LavaTube


Volcano researches and manufactures the best e-cigarette devices. When it comes to quality and durability, they don’t take any shortcuts, ensuring they are one of the best companies. The parts they do design and manufacture are all revolutionary. They are clear leaders when it comes to the topic of innovative inventions. The people of Volcano take pride in their work and we see this through their e-cigarette devices. On top of this, they have an expansive range of e-liquids and cartomizers to choose from. Although they might not be consistent in producing quality e-liquids, the customer can definitely find the perfect e-juice that will suit their taste.


Volcano has endeavored to ensure they are one of the best e-cigarette companies on the premium market. They stop at nothing to manufacture the finest materials and parts for an e-cigarette. On top of this, Volcano has a established following due to their own e-cigarette community section which has been built up through their own blog. Their customer service is outstanding, helping new customers and avid fans maintain and use their e-cigarettes with the help of their tutorial videos and easy-to-follow user manuals. They have thought of everything to ensure their customers are content with their purchase.

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