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vaporin review
Vapor Quality
Battery & Charger

Dear Vapors, we are sorry to report that we have received negative feedback from customers regarding this company. We strongly recommend against purchasing this brand for now. Please consider the other recommended electronic cigarettes brands suggested on this site.

VaporIn Pros & Cons

  • Average Prices!
  • Generous Warranty
  • Currently They Don’t Offer E-Pipes & E-Cigars
  • Standard Flavors E-Juices

When it comes to vaping, most vapers prefer choices and options over a limited selection. VaporIn provides a variety of choices, especially in terms of signature flavors and accessories. The question is, does the variety of options available on this site make it a good shopping experience?

E-Liquid & Flavors

This particular site offers an e-liquid selection that gives a number of options, but there are not more than about twenty overall. Within the selection, there are mostly fruity flavors versus more traditional tobacco or mint. The e-liquids come in containers that allow them to refill different devices, depending on their particular cartridge.

There is also an e-liquid that mimics the menthol flavor, which is associated with more traditional smoking options. The e-liquids are made in the USA to food safety standards. There are also several varieties of nicotine levels available. When purchasing your e-liquids, you will have the option of selecting that nicotine strength. However, some of the flavors only come in one strength versus the traditional options.
VaporIn E-Liquid & E-Juice

Vapors Selection & Production

The site offers several different vaporizers, box mods and more traditional e-cigs. There are plenty of ways to make adjustments to meet your own personal taste. The devices allow you to adjust the voltage, air flow and other options to personalize your vaping experience. Pocket sized vaporizers that can be discreetly carried into a variety of environments or simply provide another option to an experienced vaper are also available. Many of the devices also offer LED lighting, which indicates when the device’s battery is getting low.

The devices are produced in the USA. They come in several colors and other selections that make them affordable but compatible to a variety of vaping options. Even the simplest design comes with a recharging option and is easy to travel with. However, the struggle with these devices is that the choice of device may also dictate the amount of nicotine available, particularly in regards to those devices that are meant to be on the go or geared toward traveling.

Batteries & Charging

All the devices come with charging options, which appear to be primarily using a USB connection. This makes these devices more compatible when it comes to getting them charged. The batteries are all rechargeable. For a battery no longer holding its charge, the batteries can be replaced by three different options, which are based upon the particular device.

These batteries are made to handle a heavy vaper’s use, so they should be able to hold a charge throughout a traditional day’s use. The batteries are also threaded to fit most clearomizers, even those that might not be from their particular line. However, it is important to check your device’s specs before using a battery not from the original manufacturer’s line.
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VaporIn Starter Kits

Depending on the device, the starter kit may or may not include an e-liquid. However, all devices come with a charging cord, a vaporizer and battery. However, none of the starter kits include additional e-liquids as part of the kit. Therefore, a consumer will need to purchase e-liquid in addition to the device’s starter kit as well. While the devices are not unreasonably priced, it can make this a more costly route to start out on the road to vaping.

Pricing & Shipping

The pricing is not unreasonable, but there are limited options in starter kits to make it cheaper for someone just starting out in the world of vaping. The site does not offer any free shipping options and does not list the shipping options they offer. Thus, it can be assumed that the shipping costs are standard to both the USA and the various fees associated with international deliveries.

When it comes to a budget friendly alternative to traditional smoking, this particular manufacturer might not fit the bill for every device provided, but there is a reasonable selection of devices and an average amount of e-liquid flavors available. When you factor in the flavor choices based on nicotine amounts, the flavor choices get more limited, but the costs are constant regardless of nicotine choices.
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Packing and Warranty

The packaging is pretty standard and does not stand out from many other devices available on other sites. They offer limited color choices and few options for customization. The packaging is not really marketing to any particular group, but the to-go devices are packaged to resemble more traditional cigarette package and the devices are made to mimic the more traditional cigarette.

The warranty is a standard manufacturer’s warranty, but they also offer a thirty day money back guarantee. However, the items must be returned in good condition and within the first thirty days after purchase. The standard warranty is only in place for the first year of ownership of the device. It is also limited, so it will not cover issues related to improper use of the device.


This site provides a reasonable amount of devices and flavors, but it does not necessarily mean it is budget friendly. The devices can only be modified slightly, so those who prefer to tinker will be disappointed. The flavor choices are fairly reasonable, but each flavor does not offer all varieties of nicotine. Therefore, the flavor choices get more limited for the high levels of nicotine and some of the flavors are only available in the high nicotine option.

Additionally, the site gives little indication of shipping options or costs unless you actually start the purchasing process. For those trying to make a purchasing choice based on a specific budget, this can make it difficult to estimate the shipping portion. Additionally, the warranty and return information is limited on the site. One assumes that better information is included when the purchase is completed, but with limited instructions, it would be difficult to take advantage of the money back guarantee.

Finally, it appears that this site wants to be user-friendly, but it lacks the tools to allow the user to make good choices based on their specific needs and vaping choices.

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