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If you find yourself to be an individual who is looking to change into a new type of smoking habit or wants to start smoking electronic devices, then V2 Cigs has lots of different electronic cigarettes for you to choose from. There are a lot of different websites that will tell you that their number one choice is the brand V2 Cigs.

The V2 Cigs Company has done well with getting their name out to the public and maintaining an excellent image. And when you think about all the different electronic cigarette companies out there, you will be able to realize that this is no small feat.

However, are all the positive remarks that V2 Cigs have received truly deserved? What if you do not have a whole lot of money to spend on a new habit, but want to find a quality electronic cigarette that will allow you to stay true to your healthier habit?

First Impression

All the way back in 2009, V2 Cigs was founded; Florida was the birth place of this glorious company. Since V2 Cigs was just founded in 2009, they were one of the first companies who started to develop electronic cigarettes before the trend starting getting big in the United States.

V2 Cigs is proud to be an American founded and an American run company; V2 Cigs is also proud of their status when it comes to their sales and their reputation. Fast forward a few years later, and now it is 2015. Now, V2 Cigs is selling their electronic cigarettes nationwide and worldwide. V2 Cigs is one of the top distributors in the world and they are incredibly proud of that and are extremely grateful for all of their customers who have helped to get them that far.

Either way, with both cases, you will be able to choose the length and the color of the battery that you want. Whether you want the Standard kit or the Ultimate kit, you will find everything that you will ever need to begin your new vaping experience.

V2Cigs Vapor Production

There have been many satisfied customers who have stated that the experiences that they have had with V2 Cigs have been comparable with smoking an actual paper cig. Those customers have stated that another comfortable thing with using electric cigs from V2 Cigs is that their products have weight to them and have an exceptional vapor production.

Customers have raved about the vapor product that the electronic cigs produce from V2 Cigs; thick clouds of vapor, with satisfying, robust, and amazing throat hits. The manual battery produces a better vapor production in comparison to the automatic battery. However, both battery produces a smooth, straight vapor that will not irritate your throat over a period of time.

If you are looking into switching over from paper cigs to electronic cigs and you are worried about the amount of vapor that you may not get from the electronic cigs, you will be pleased to know that you will receive a satisfactory hit when you use V2 Cigs. One downside is that the vapor is cooler, so the hit on the back of your throat will not be the same. However, you are going to receive a lovely, thick fog that is going to satisfy all of those cravings that you have.

If you are an experienced electronic cig user and are looking to switch into a cheaper brand, you will be very surprised at how dense the vapor is that V2 Cigs produces. Many customers have stated that they are very, very pleased with the production of vapor of that V2 Cigs.

V2Cigs Personal Vaporizer Production

While on one hand, V2 Cigs does cost more when it comes to their choices of flavor, they do have quite the extensive amount of choices. V2 Cigs had three different tobacco blends, which are Sahara, Congress, and Red. They also have three minty choices, which are Peppermint, Mint Tea, and Menthol. If you ever have a craving for a lot of sugar, V2 Cig offers several different types of flavors, like Chocolate, Cherry, Grape, Coffee, Cinnamon, Cola, and Vanilla.

If you are one of those customers who plan ahead and are going to make a lot of purchases, you will be able to customize your options if you put in an order of over one hundred cartridges or more. If you ever do decide that you want to purchase more than one hundred e-cigs, when it comes time for you to customize your cart, there will be a variety of other flavor of cartridges.

The Camel-esque Sahara wins out over the Red blend for imitation of popular cigarette brands. It emphasizes the iconic elements of the Camel flavor, like a caricature you instantly recognize despite the exaggerated features. The other tobacco blend, Congress, is a potential favorite – reducing the decision between it and Sahara into the realms of personal preference. Menthol is the strongest minty variety, but the cool Peppermint is one of the more pleasant cartridges to vape.

When customers begin to delve deeper into to the fruitier and sweeter flavors, things start to become even more interesting. The Vanilla and Coffee cartridges are pretty standard e-cig flavors, and both are definitely very enjoyable to smoke and vape; some customers would like there to be more of punch behind the flavoring of the Coffee cartridges.

Vaping Cola is a bizarre experience, and although you will recognize the overall taste is more like the gummy cola bottles you find in candy stores than the drink. Out of these cartridges, the Cherry takes the prize for accuracy to the intended taste and the sheer depth and complexity of the flavor. Overall, it’s an excellent selection.

In addition to all of that information, V2 Cigs now offers all flavors in e-liquid form too. This is a great positive for any individual who is wanting the V2 flavor to go with their mod or eGo. You need to buy big (50 ml) bottles if you want 24mg juice, but 18mg is more than suitable for most smokers looking to make the switch. You can also use these e-liquids with your V2 battery with the addition of some blank cartridges or the clearomizers they’ve started to offer.

Both of these require filling, but the clearomizers give the entire thing a more eGo-like appearance and will allow you to quickly gauge how much liquid you have left. Regardless of the way you’d prefer to do things, these options from V2 really give you more choice in the way you vape.

V2Cigs E-Cigaretes Starter

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V2 Cigs Accessories

V2 Cigs offers a decent variety of different accessories for the e-cig products. For cases, they offer a soft case, a portable charging case, a portable charging case XL, a metal carry case, and a metal carry case XL.

V2Cigs Electronic Cigarettes Case

The only differences between the cases and the cases that are XL are that the XL cases are actually bigger; these cases will be able to hold longer batteries, an extra charger, or whatever else you want to carry.

The soft case will be great if you just plan on carrying your case around in your pocket and you do not have an issue with having your e-cig drop or bumping into objects. If you want to keep a backup cig at the office, or anywhere else, a soft case will be the perfect place for you to store your cig and your supplies.

V2Cigs E Cigarette Metal Carry Case

The metal carry case will be better if you plan on using your e-cig to carry around on the job, and you have a job that is physically demanding. The metal carry case will help to keep your e-cig protected, as well as keeping all of your other supplies safe and protected.

V2 Cigs Charging Cases

A charging case has a charger inside of it that will allow you to charge an extra battery while you are carrying around your e-cig. This is a great idea to have if you are always on the run and you are a heavy smoker; this is also a great idea if you always tend to forget things.

V2 Cigs also offers a variety of different chargers that you can purchase. You have the international wall adapter, the charger kit, and the car adapter that charges your e-cig. With all of the different charging options that they have available, you will never have to worry about your battery running out, no matter where you are in the world.

Let us not forget the other two super cool products that V2 Cigs offers; the Power Cig and the Notebook Cig. If you are on a very strict budget and want to switch over as soon as you possibly can, then these two cigs may be something of interest for you to purchase. Both of the cigs offer you amazing amounts vapor, but there is no super expensive battery in there to power your device; these devices are both powered by USB cables.


V2Cigs E-Liquid Flavors

V2 Cigs has twenty two different flavors. In comparison to other companies, that is a lot, right? One thing that most customers are definitely afraid of was the actual flavoring of the V2 Cigs. The most popular flavor is Vanilla. It truly does taste like Vanilla, not some of the cheap, trashy flavoring you get from some of the companies. V2 Cigs offers other flavors like cherry, coffee, chocolate, Sahara, congress, V2 Red, Peppermint, Menthol, and Mint Tea. All of these flavors are mouthwatering and super tasty.

V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridge Samples

V2 Battery & Charging

When you order any V2 Cig Standard kit, you are going to receive at least one battery, maybe more. What this means, when you order one of these kits, you can choose the style of the battery that you want to use. The first thing that you get to choose from is either a short battery or a long battery.

V2 E-Cigarettes Battery Guide

The next thing that you will be able to choose from is automatic and manual batteries. From there, you will have the choice of choosing what color you want your battery to be and whether you want the long, short, or standard variations.

There have been some individuals who have stated that they have found that the long batteries have lasted for more time in comparison to the shorter or standard batteries. However, the one downfall is, is that the long batteries are very long. They stick out and do not look like a normal battery.

Many people have had many positive things to say about the speed of charging. The V2 Cig battery charger had a long chord. You will be able to charge when you are in the car, on your laptop, at home, at work, or with a portable universal charger.

It takes about an estimated two hours for each battery to be fully charged, even though it depends on how old the battery is and how dead the battery is. A lot of people have purchased multiple batteries to have a backup one just in case their one battery runs out of charge.

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V2Cigs E-Cigarettes Selection

As for the different nicotine levels that the consumer can choose from, V2 Cigs gives the customer the ability to choose from five different levels. The different levels are as follows:

  • Zero – No nicotine
  • Light – 6 Mg of nicotine
  • Medium – 12 Mg of nicotine
  • Full – 18 Mg of nicotine
  • Strong- 24 Mg of nicotine

For those of you who are interested in gradually decreasing the amount of nicotine that you are using, the different levels of nicotine that V2 Cigs offers will allow you to slowly get yourself off of nicotine, without spending thousands of dollars on remedies that will not work. The different cartridges the V2 Cigs offer to their customers will appeal to those across all sorts of spectrums; whether you are a heavy smoker or have now found yourself to be nicotine free, V2 Cigs has something that will appeal to you.

Vapour2 Packing & Design

When you receive the V2 Cig, you will receive your electronic cigarette product in a magnet, flip-top box that is decently sized (not too big, but not too small either). All of your products that you ordered are neatly packaged in this box with Styrofoam and bubble wrap; this way, you will not have to worry about any of your items getting damaged in the mail. When you receive your products, they will be in the best condition that they will ever be in.

V2 Standard_E-Liquid Starter Kit

Another positive is, is that everything that you order is laid out in the box with ease and that will make everything easy to unpack; no worries about struggling with anything or accidently damaging one of your items.

One super cool thing that you and your friends will benefit from while using V2 Cigs, is that when you order a kit, V2 Cigs will send you a decently sized packet of electronic cig coupons that have discount codes on them. When you hand these out to friends and they use them, they will receive a fifteen percent discount on their order. On top of that, every time one of your friends uses one of these codes, you will receive a fifteen dollar credit on your account, which will go towards your next order. If you pass out all of the cards, you could save a lot of money!

V2 Cigs features a very solid makeup of their electric cigs; they are sturdy, solid, and distinctive. Who would not want that in a brand? The e-cigs that V2 Cigs manufactures are all the same industry-standard cartomizer style cartridges; this means that all of the electronic cigs that you purchase are all in the same style of two pieces.

If you are ever in a tussle and need a replacement part ASAP, you can use a part from any other brand. V2 Cigs does not use a distinctive model to make their e-cigs. This means that their cigs are compatible with other brands, which could save you money in the long run.

V2 EX Menthol Prefilled E Cig Flavor Cartridges

There is a more common complaint with the more experience smokers, who do not like the gap between actual cig and the battery attachment. However, there is nothing that actually interrupts the experience with this attachment. This is more of an appearance preference.

The LED light tip will light up when you inhale and will dim down when you exhale just as you expect. As a protective feature, the e-cig will shut down if you take a drag of over ten seconds in length; this is to prevent you from inhaling too much nicotine. You will know that this is going to happen because the tip of the LED light will begin to blink blue three times. The good news is that this shut-down is only temporary, and your smoking device will be right back on. While this is a possible situation, it is very unlikely to happen, because it is not comfortable to breathe in for ten seconds.

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V2Cigs Shipping

V2 Cigs offers free shipping anywhere in the world on orders on their website that cost more than fifty dollars. V2 Cigs also offers international shipping. The average time for is about a week and a half, but this is based upon USA timing. If you do not live in the USA, it may take more time to get to you, depending upon where you live.

V2 E-Cigs Warranty

The quality of the manufacturing that goes along with V2 Cigs is something that cannot be truly called into any sort of question. V2 Cigs have their own products created in Florida and California, and each and every component that makes up a part of the e-cig, goes through several meticulous testing protocols before going being sold.

Every assembly plant that V2 Cig uses has to meet their stringent standards, as well as FDA standards; you can see that this level of effort is evident when you screw together one of the e-cigs and have a puff.

Everything single part is going to fit together snugly and is going to work perfectly; all of the batteries are going to fire fiercely with every puff and charge comfortably. Little extras like the short wire on the charger (which makes it much less precarious than the pen-drive style options often provided) gives the impression that V2 Cigs really takes the customer into account.

Another top notch feature that V2 Cig offers is the batch testing, which is available for free on cartridges and e-liquids. V2 Cigs chemically test all their e-liquids as part of their many vigorous quality checks and you can simply enter the batch number and email address to access your free PDF. This provides all the important details. The very fact that this service is offered reveals that they are proud of the quality they offer and you are going to be impressed with the results.

V2 Cigs offers to all of their customers a lifetime warranty, but there are some limitations in place to prevent abuse of the system. It only covers five replacements, which is not ideal (on the off-chance that you actually receive a consecutive string of six defective units), but that is unlikely to really pose an issue given the manufacturing quality of the products. The usual guidelines apply for replacements.

You are not covered for consumable components, like cartridges, disposables or electronic cig liquids. On top of that, you cannot claim if you have either modified or otherwise misused your e-cig.

Some believe that the five-cartridge limitation renders this not a lifetime warranty, but the offer of five replacements for defective products does not have an expiration date provided that you’ve made a purchase of cartridges or e-liquid within the last 90 days. This is pretty much guaranteed if you’re using V2 Cigs, so it will last for life.

The cap on the number of replacements you can have is an issue, but if you’d gotten even four defective units in a row from a single manufacturer it seems unlikely that you wouldn’t merely request a refund and choose another company instead.

V2 eCigs Customer Service

Customers rave about the quality of customer service that V2 Cigs provides. V2 has made some great improvements to their customer service, which, just a little while ago, used to be their weakest point. V2 Cigs used to send out wrong cartridges, there were constant, delays, no one could ever reach customer service. Basically, everything that they could do wrong, they did. But there is not much to complain about anymore. Lately, users have mostly given very nice V2 Cigs reviews, there are just some complaints about some cartridges being duds. From the positive side, the quality, flavor and vapor is great. Worth mentioning again is the ability to choose between automatic and manual batteries; most producers have only automatic ones, although there are some users that do prefer manual ones.

V2Cigs Starter Kits

The V2 Cigs Standard Kit will cost you around sixty dollars. Your sixty dollars will get you one manual battery, one automatic battery, one wall adapter, ten flavor cartridges, and one USB Smart Charger.

V2 Cigs Electronic  Cigarettes Classic Standard Starter Kit

Another kit that V2 Cigs offers is the V2 Ultimate Starter Kit; this kit has been one of the bigger hits among customers worldwide. The V2 Ultimate Starter Kit will cost you only around one hundred and fifty dollars and you will buy yourself twenty five cartridges, a charger that you can use in your car, an additional battery, a USB powered battery, a portable charging case, a lanyard, and a metal carrying case.

Top V2 Cigs Starter Kits Reviews

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Vapor2 Prices

V2 Cigs features a unique customer referral program called “Smoke For Free,” which is basically where all of the new customers will receive coupon cards that they can pass out to refer friends and family, and new orders receive a fifteen percent discount on any V2 Cigs starter kit, and the referring customer receives a fifteen dollar credit in their V2 Cigs store account. From there, these individuals can go to the V2 Cigs online store and use the credit to purchase additional V2 merchandise, including cartridges, batteries, accessories, and anything that they sell on the site.

V2 Cigs offers their customers a wide range of electronic cigarette accessories; they also offer a large number of different types of kits that have the ability to accommodate all types of smokers.

The beginners kit costs around thirty five dollars and it contains; 1 battery, 6 cartridges, Express Charger, one disposable e-cig. If you are a customer who is just thinking about trying out V2 Cigs, or you are brand new into the e-cig world, this kit is the perfect one for you.

There is also another e-cigarette that is named Power Cig that costs around twenty five dollars. It contains one USB power cig, five cartridges. The only downfall is you can only use this when you connect it to your computer’s USB port.

The standard kit costs sixty dollars and comes with two batteries of your choice, ten cartridges, one USB charger, a charging case, and A/C wall adaptor. The ultimate kit will cost one hundred and fifty dollars, and comes with three batteries of your choice, twenty five cartridges, a USB charger, a car charger, a charging case, a V2 Power-Cig, a lanyard, and an A/C Wall adaptor.

Another largely selling kit is the couple’s kit, which costs around one hundred and fifteen dollars. This kit comes with four batteries, twenty cartridges, two USB chargers, and two A/C wall adaptors.

V2 Cigs E-liquid Flavor Samples

V2 E-liquid Products

The V2 Cigs Standard E-Liquid Kit is the best introduction to the e-liquid vaping experience. An easy solution for any individual who has never smoked an e-cig before, the V2 Cigs Standard E-Liquid Kit comes with everything you need to get started with electronic cigarettes, clearomizers and E-liquid. V2 Cigs offers all of the same strengths of nicotine in their E-liquids as they do in all of their other products. The flavors that they offer are Sahara, V2 Red, Congress, Menthol, Peppermint, Green Tea Menthol, Grape, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, V2 Cola.


Over time, V2 Cigs has built up their product lines with new innovations and lots of neat accessories. One of the biggest new crowd favorites is the personal charging case XL, which carries a battery and three cartridges, and has the ability charge one of your batteries up to eight times. This case is also slim and sleek with LED light indicators for the battery you are charging in the case itself.

One reason that customers keep on coming back to V2 Cigs is that the company offers very generous loyalty rewards and promotions. Their customer care is world class with free shipping, thirty day money back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty. If you ever find yourself to have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can contact V2 Cigs through letter, telephone, e-mail, Twitter, and even Facebook!

With these benefits, there is really no risk to you, as a customer. If you find yourself to be not satisfied for any reason, just send your kit back and get your money back. V2 Cigs will contact you, ask you a couple of question, and will try to consolidate any troubles that you may have had. V2 Cigs will work with you; that is why they are almost number one in sales in the entire world! You will likely be one hundred and ten percent satisfied with the quality of production that V2 Cigs offers you as a customer, and how they treat you as a customer.
Now, the only thing that is left for you to do is find the right kit you and purchase it!

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