Liberty Flights Review for 2018

Liberty Flights
Vapor Quality
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Liberty Flights Pros & Cons

  • Well Designed
  • Great Range of Flavors
  • Value for Money
  • Only Vape Pen Vaporizers
  • Expensive Shipping

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Liberty Flights is a UK based e-cig company. They sell e-cigarettes and their accessories along with the e-liquids to go alongside them. among the products that Liberty Flights sells, there is a heavy focus on starter kits. They concentrate on cheaper and simpler high quality e-cigs. These are designed to allow for an easy transition into vaping. We took a look at their AU site and tested some of their products, to let you know what we found out about them.

First Impression

Our first impressions of this company as a whole were definitely positive. The products look good, and are well designed. As for price, the products aren’t the cheapest on the market. Yet they are within a good price range for the quality of their products. The website is easy to navigate and well designed. We were particularly impressed by the liquids, which Liberty Flights offers in a huge range of flavors. they are also brilliantly cheap to buy in bulk. While we already know that the quality of a company’s branding and website is by no means a sign that their products are up to scratch (I won’t name drop here, but we all know a few), it is definitely a good starting place. Then we received some of their products to test, which settled it for us. We are definitely fans of Liberty Flights.

Liberty Flights Vapor Production

Liberty Flights boasts a strong throat hit and lots of vapor from all of their products. They don’t offer a particularly large range of batteries, but they do offer a couple of variable voltage options. This means that you can adjust the vapor production and throat hit to your tastes. The intensity of the vape really is pleasantly surprising. Considering, after all, that the only products they offer are just a basic compact e-cig pens. However, it still has its limits in comparison to many of the more advanced products on the market. It seems like a shame that the pen is the only product that Liberty Flights caters to. On the plus side, the limited range they offer could likely be one of the reasons why what they do sell is so high quality. They are able to sell one brilliant product instead of lots of average ones. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one for now, but we would like to see more from them. Box mods, for example, aren’t offered at all, and many people rely on such additions for the perfect vapor production.

Liberty Flights vaporizer and liquid

Liberty Flights Vaping Accessories

When it comes to accessories, we find Liberty Flights at one of their few downfalls. Their selection is much more limited than we’d like, and they only seem to stock the basic essentials. Things like chargers, lanyards and cases, with little variation among these. There are no options for different colors, sizes, or any kind of customization. The accessories they sell are still good quality products and they’re inexpensive for their quality, but it would be nice to see a wider range of stock from them. What Liberty Flights do have, however, are the bare-boned necessities for keeping your e-cig maintenanced and functioning. While it may not have much in the way or handy or aesthetic accessories, it does have all the coils, atomizer heads, chargers, and anything else you’d need to keep you vaping. Simple, but as always, effective.

Liberty Flights E-Liquid

The selection of e-liquids, as mentioned earlier, was something that we really liked about Liberty Flights. Every liquid offered by the company has an intense and unique taste, so if you want your vaping to be seriously flavorful, these liquids are perfect. We were also very excited to see the sheer range of liquids on offer! They stock thirty-five different flavors from the time of posting this review. Each flavor is available across four different strengths, and many of them are truly interesting and unique. We really enjoyed the fruit flavors, which offer a pleasant and vibrant taste, but their sweet and exotic flavor section is definitely worth a browse. These provide some much more unusual and interesting flavors like ‘Sarsaparilla,’ ‘Cinnamon Legend,’ ‘winter nip,’ and even a light tobacco and caramel blend. Liberty Flights also has an option to save money by buying in bulk, which allows a mixed basket of whichever flavors you prefer – so, though the fruitier flavors are much safer and certain to taste good, you can always try out a few more of the exciting flavors too, without worrying about throwing away too much money if you end up not liking the taste. In addition, they don’t just sell a tobacco and a menthol flavor. No, they have a range of each, with every different liquid offering a slight twist on the classic. Subtle changes in flavor, richness or intensity allow you to choose your favorite kind of tobacco or menthol. We are definitely impressed with the e-liquids.

Check Out Liberty Flights E-Liquids

Packaging & Design

All of the items are sleek and compact, and have a simplistic design that gives the products a modern and stylish look. This means that if bright colors and customizable pens are a big selling point for you, then you might want to head elsewhere, but the dark and metallic chic colors that are offered have a fashionable and classy feel to them. The packaging, too, is simple and professional, and so minimal that the packaged product is almost the same size as the product itself, especially with the pens. This is all in keeping, of course, with the minimalistic chic style that seems fairly consistent throughout the company – in their website, all of their products, and even their packaging.

Liberty Flight Shipping & Warranty

Although Liberty Flights is a UK based company, they thankfully ship worldwide, the site has a few offers for shipping, with free shipping on orders over $135, or on starter kits (for a more accessible transition into vaping), and there are often sales and deals from time to time to watch out for. However, for the most part, shipping is a little too expensive. There is a fast shipping service via DHL costs $30, which is pretty pricey, but the Royal Mail cheaper alternative (at $9.95) can take 2-3 weeks to arrive, (or even 3-4 weeks for Western Australia), which also isn’t ideal.

In terms of warranty, Liberty Flights doesn’t offer great warranties on most of their products, but they’re fairly reasonable and their products are a high enough quality for us to let it slide for now. Except for the starter kits, which come with a guarantee valid for thirty days that you’ll like it or your money back (not quite a warranty in case of damage, but it’s something, at least). The rest of the products are only warranted to arrive at your doorstep in one piece – and that’s about it. Thankfully, (and not a bad sales ploy on their end) Liberty flights also sells all of the extra components you might need to maintenance your e-cigarette.

Liberty Flights Starter Kits

The starter kits are perhaps some of our favorites of the products offered by Liberty Flights. These seem to be what the company’s main focus is. They don’t market themselves towards experienced vapers, but towards smokers looking for the best possible alternatives to cigarettes. This shows in the quality and range of their e-cigarette starter kits. The free shipping makes it accessible and simple to take your first steps to quitting smoking, and the full warrantee lasting thirty days makes it a safe purchase. The prices aren’t the cheapest we’ve seen, but they correspond with the quality, and we concede that the starter kits are excellent value for money – there are the more basic kits for a little cheaper, or for $10 extra you can opt for a better more amplified product with more vapor, more flavor, longer lasting batteries and liquid. An excellent way to make your very first step into e-cigarettes.


Liberty Flight Prices

As we’ve already found that the starter kits are, more than anything, the main product that Liberty Flights is trying to sell, then it is the prices of those, in a way, that are most important. A starter kit can be either $50 or $60, depending of course on the decision you make about whether to put quality over cost or vice versa. There is, however, an ongoing promotion at the time of this being posted (though there is no indication of whether it is permanent, or how long it will last if it is temporary). This promotion allows you to buy two premier starter kits – the $50 kits – with a buy one get one half price offer, bringing the price down to $75 for two. We love the idea, especially as it is aimed at those who would be buying the cheaper starter kits anyway – meaning those who might be struggling to afford it to begin with. It is excellent value for money, and more than anything seems fair to the customers. The same can’t quite be said for the other products, which are a little pricier for their apparent value. However, nothing sold by Liberty Flights seems to be at a ridiculous or extortionate price, which is certainly a nice change – especially when you see so much of that in this market in particular. Their e-liquids will set you back $16.95 per 10ml bottle, but this goes down to $13.95 each if you buy ten together, which is still a lot more than some might be prepared to pay, but admittedly an improvement of sorts. The cheapest battery on offer (at 650mAH) is $35, increasing in cost up until the variable voltage batteries, with the strongest offering 1600mAh at $69, and the slightly cheaper variable voltage option costing $59 for 1300mAh. The upside to this, however, is that the range of prices allows you to decide how much you would prefer to spend, getting what you consider the best value for your money. If you’re on a budget, you can go cheap. If not, then there are stronger more impressive products offered for you to buy. Atomizers start at $5, but with an option to buy a pack of five for $17.95, which is fair. Clearomizers, too, start cheap enough at $9.95, but ranging as high as $35 for the higher quality, non-disposable Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC Clearomizer.

Ease Of Use

All of these products are very easy to use – simple e-cig pens with nothing more complicated than the basic five-click on and off function. The simplistic design gives an easy experience to those recently making the switch from cigarettes. It goes without saying that most if this is down to the lack of range, but that is at least one upside to the limited product choice – everything is very simplified.


To sum up, we recommend Liberty Flights highly to anybody looking to quit smoking and start vaping. This company is excellent for beginners, for those in need of simplistic, easy to use starter e-cigs without the confusion of extra mods. On that note, however, because of the restrictions on the product range, we wouldn’t recommend them to more experiences users hoping to find something a little more advanced. Liberty flights offers e-cig pens, and that’s about it for the main show, but the pens themselves are really good. They work well, they look chic and sophisticated, and they’re easy to use. They even offer a hard throat hit and lots of flavor – more than you might usually expect for something aimed at beginners. We love the e-liquids more than anything though, the range and the intensity of them impressed us. So, regardless of whether or not you intend to buy the e-cig itself from Liberty Flights, it’s at least worth a browse at their liquids. For all of their downfalls however, Liberty Flights is good at what they do, and overall they’re a high quality and professional company.

Check Out Liberty Flights E-Liquids