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JAC Vapour E-Cigs Pros & Cons

  • Large selection of starter kits
  • Caters to every smoker from beginner to advanced
  • Detailed and helpful guides
  • Free delivery both for national and international orders
  • They don’t offer disposable devices
  • Customer Service department is only contactable through e-mail

Based in the UK, JACVapour was founded in 2010. Since then, JAC has grown to become one of the leading e-cigarette companies in the world. The initials JAC does in fact stand for ‘Just Like a Cigarette’, reflecting on their innovative manufacturing and design. JAC Vapour has continued to expand their inventory, recently releasing their advanced range, catering to the enthusiasts of the e-smoking world.

First Impression

On first impressions, you get the idea that JACVapour is all about options. They have a great variety of products for all different types of smokers. Even though they do cater to every e-smoker, they still ensure quality. It is obvious that they put a lot of time and research into ensuring they deliver the best. They have also recently released the new Advanced Range. Here customers can find a variety of accessories and starter packs for the more accustomed e-smoker.

JAC Vapour Battery Aero Tank and Closed Case

JACVapour Vapor Production

JAC products can boast good vapour production without the need of any primer drags, which is definitely a bonus.

JAC Vapour Ecigs Accessories

The accessories section on the website have a variety of replaceable items for starter packs such as chargeable items and cases. Moreover the have a section dedicated to battery accessories. This includes cartomizer adaptors, beauty rings for 510 batteries, coloured batters tips, cones and lanyards.

JAC Vapour Battery Tips
The mouth tips and bungs section is specified for extra mouthpieces. These items are great for enhancing your vaping experience. There are a variety of mouthpieces designed for all types of devises.

JAC Vapour Flavors

The e-liquid range consists of three different types of vape juice. On offer is the Standard e-liquid the UK made e-liquid and the Clear stream range. All of their e-juices are available in 0mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg nicotine.

JAC Vapour E-Liquid Tester

The standard range has 26 flavours on offer, all of which have been tested in the UK. Each flavour is available in VG or PG. As far as the flavours go, the standard tobacco flavours are some of the best on the market. The flavours are very realistic and not too unlike a traditional tobacco cigarette. The fact that they come in a variety of strengths makes it all the more reason to purchase JAC e-liquids.

As for the UK made e-liquid range, the Real Raspberry is definitely worth a try, especially if the customer prefers the fruity flavoured e-liquids. The taste was strong without being too sweet; JAC did well in ensuring the flavour was as similar to raspberry as possible. This is definitely the best flavour out of the UK made range.

JAC Vapour E-Juice

The real tobacco lite was the better out of the Tobacco range. The smoker experiences a smoky aftertaste without the sweetness (which is quite common amongst tobacco flavoured e-liquids). It wasn’t too overwhelming either, unlike some of the other tobacco flavours they sell.

The JAC Vapour Clear Steam e-liquid range is quite innovative for the e-smoking community. The idea of the Vapour Clear Steam is that the e-liquid produces little or no vapour. This is great for the smokers who don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves, but it is quite unusual as the smoke production is one of the most recognisable aspects of a quality e-cigarette. Either way, the clear steam e-liquids are available in 6 different flavours. Customers new to the Clear Steam will be pleasantly surprised: The flavours are impressive and the throat hit is strong. Not bad for an e-juice that doesn’t produce any vapour. The flavour that is worth mentioning in particular is the Menthol. There was a very icy, fresh menthol flavour that continued. Like all of the Clear Steam flavours, they are very similar to the UK made e-liquids and you don’t loose the flavour or quality of the smoke.

JAC Vapour E-Juice Taster Tin 4

Battery performance and charging

JAC offers both automatic and manual batteries with capacity ranging from 150mAh to 1300mAh. Generally speaking, the battery performance on the JAC’s is pretty impressive; the vapour production is consistent and the smoker receives a throat hit right down to the last puff. As well as this, the battery life is pretty good when discussing the brand as a whole compared to their competitors. For example, the battery on the series-e device can last up to two days for a moderate smoker, while a heavy smoker can stretch the battery to a full day.

JAC Vapour Items

With the smaller cig-a-likes, a customer can’t expect to get two days of smoking out of the battery; after all, it is only a small battery. However, the PCC makes up for this with a large capacity that is quick to recharge. If you are interested in the PCC devise, JAC has even released a range of PCC starter kits. This is perfect for the new e-smoker and there is a choice of two types of PCCs with different capacities.

The life cycle of the JAC batteries can last around four to six months, which is what to expect from a quality battery.

JAC Vapour Batteries in all Colors

JAC Vapour E-Cigarettes Selection

One particularly notable thing about JAC Vapour is their impressive selection of products. The starter kits alone are substantial with devices that accommodate all types of smokers. Moreover, they have a good selection of e-liquid flavors that vary from the standard, the UK made e-liquid and the vapourless e-liquids.

Packaging & Design

All in all, the packaging and design of JAC kits and devises are pretty sleek. The starter kits arrive in a plain white box with a bold coloured stripe at both ends. The logo is printed on the centre of the box and it truly stands out against the plain white background.

JAC Vapour Kit

The PCC cases are also particularly worth mentioning. Unlike other PCC’s on the market, JAC ensure that even the PCC is quality manufactured with a sleek alum finish that glides effortlessly in and out of the pocket.

The V3i range was specifically designed to be as minimalistic and slender as possible. This range is for the new e-smoker and so JAC purposefully ensured that they would design the devises in a way that is as similar to a regular tobacco cigarette. Even with the V3i tank cigarettes, JAC ensured that it was as elegant as it could be.

JACVapour Battery Pro tank

Understandably, tank devises are never going to be the same size as a tobacco cigarettes, but as afar as Tank devices on the market go, this is definitely the most stylish.


JAC Vapour offer free UK delivery to all orders valued at £50 or over. These orders are delivered on the 2-3 working day service. There is also the option of a 1-2 working day service.

With regards to international shipping, orders over €80 are eligible for free shipping to the EU. Orders over $150 are eligible for free shipping to The USA. For any other international countries, orders over £80 can also receive free delivery. All international deliveries are posted via Royal Mail Airmail. The length of time it takes to arrive depends on the country.

JAC Vapour E-Liquids

JACVapour Warranty

JAC guarantees all batteries and chargers for a minimum of 42 days. They also offer a 14-day return policy. If a customer experiences any malfunctions within this time period, JAC will send a replacement. Warranties that cover manufacturing faults, or malfunctions developed under normal usage is eligible for repair. Returned products are normally processed within 5 working days. Terms and Conditions apply. For more information, visit the JAC Vapour web page.

Customer Service

For general questions and queries, the JAC Vapour website has a FAQ section. You can contact the customer service department via e-mail and their opening times are between 9am and 5.30pm from Monday to Saturday. Unfortunately they don’t have a live online chat service or a contactable phone number.

JAC Vapour at The List Party.

JAC Vapour has a section to assist customers in selecting the ideal starter kit best suited for them. On top of this they have tutorial videos and a blog, which allows customers to learn more about their new purchases.

JAC Vapour Starter Kits

There are five different varieties of starter kits to choose from, catering to all types of smokers. The smallest of the starter kit is the Series-E. Within the Series-E there are two types of kits: the E-Series basic starter kit, the Protank starter kit and the version 2 Aero-Tank. The basic starter kit comes with a 1000mAh battery, USB charger, a beauty ring and a hard case. When purchasing the starter kit, customers have the option of including an additional battery.

JAC Vapour Basic Kit

The Pro tank is similar to the basic starter kit, however it includes a Pro tank 3 tank and two coils. Continuing on from this, the largest of the Series-E starter kit is the Version 2 Aero Tank. This kit has everything that is found in the other two kits but with a more advanced Aero Tank. If you’re wondering what the difference is between the Aero Tank V2 and the Pro tank 3, basically the Aero Tank has a newer, more advanced airflow. It can be adjusted with a push button, as well as producing substantial airflow.

If a more compact e-cigarette is preferred, then look no further. The V3i starter kit series are ideal for the smoker who is looking to transfer from the regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. JAC designed this device for the smoker who prefers the simpler things in life. It is easy to assemble and to maintain and there are many types of starter kits found in the V3i range:
The smallest kit in the V3i range is the Basic V3i kit, designed for the medium to heavy smokers. Two batteries are found in the kit, offering flexibility and more smoke time when you’re on the go. The kit also includes five cartomizers available in a choice of different flavours and strengths, as well as additional V3i colour tips. The social kit is equal to the basic, but with only 1 battery included.

JAC Vapour Battery

The V1P PCC kits are part of the V3i range. There are four types of V1P kits to choose from and each vary depending on what is included in the kit. Firstly, all of them feature a portable charging case (PCC), available in white gloss, black gloss or graphite. The packs also come with five cartomizers, available in four flavours, five different strengths and in either black or white. Customers are also able to choose the colour of the battery. They are available in black, white or stainless steal.

The difference between each kit from the V1P is depending firstly on how many batteries are found in the pack, and how advanced the PCC is. For instance, the V1P+PCC kit has a PCC with a capacity of 2300mAh with a charge time of approximately 6 hours. On the other hand the PCC in the Standard V1P kit has a capacity of 1200mAh with only a charge time of 4-5 hours. Although the capacity of the PCC case might seem like a minor detail, it is worth considering opting for the more advanced kit.

Moving on from the PCC kits, V3i also offer a tank range. There are two types of kits within the tank range, the Basic V3i Tank Kit and the Social V3i Tank Kit. This range was designed more for the medium to heavy smokers who are new to e-smoking but require a stronger throat hit. Thanks to the sophisticated tank system, smokers can experience this significant throat hit along with an abundance of vapour. JAC keeps to the true fashion of the V3i by designing the body of the devise in as minimal a style as possible, making it more comfortable to hold and more portable. The kits also include a 10ml bottle of e-liquid, two batteries, available in a colour and size of choice, 3 mini tanks and a USB charger and mains plug. The sizes of the batteries can be bought in 55mm, 65mm or 78mm and the colours are available in black, white or stainless steal. As well as this, the kit comes with coloured tips that change the colour of the LED glow.

JAC Vapour Battery

The Social V3i tank kit is the same as the basic, however customers can choose between a manual and automatic battery.

The JAC 510 manual starter kits are distinguished by the size of the battery. Customers can choose from either 400mAh, 650mAh and 900mAh sized batteries. As well as this, each kit contains a 1.50hm Evod 2 tank with the ability to hold 2ml of e-juice. There is also a dual coil, USB charger and a faux leather case.

Similar to the JAC 510 Manual starter kit is the Twist starter kit, with the same products and detailing found in the Manual, but with a Variable Voltage battery.

The Pro VGO2 is one of JAC’s best selling premium kits. The kit can be purchased with either a 400mAh or a 650mAh Variable Voltage battery. The metal windowed Nova tank holds 2ml of e-liquid and can be used up to 10 times before it needs replaced. The kit also comes with a travel case and USB cable.

JAC Vapour E-Cigarettes Prices

When looking at the cost of the products, it is safe to say you get your money’s worth. The smaller cig-a-like starter kits are priced between £39.99 and £46.78, which isn’t bad for what you get. When we’re looking at the advanced range, it is more pricey, however, the professionals will agree that it is well worth it due to the quality of the manufacturing.

With regards to the e-liquids, a 10ml bottle of the standard e-liquid costs £4.35 but if you purchase five or more, you can save £1 per bottle, so it is recommended to buy in bulk. The UK made bottles and the vapourless e-liquids cost a little bit more at £5.19 per 10ml. All in all, JAC offers a good deal on both their devices and their e-juices.


Like most e-cigarette companies, JAC Vapour offer a rewards system to their customers. By signing up with an account, customers are rewarded Gold Points from purchasing products, liking and sharing on Facebook and Twitter or just by leaving a review on their site. Each Gold point is worth 1% of a purchase, however, they do change from month to month depending on promotions. Customers can redeem their points when they make purchases and go to the checkout section. Take note that the points do expire after 90 days.

JAC Vapour Colours.adj

Other Products For Advanced Vapours

JAC has recently released an advanced range with a section dedicated solely to the enthusiasts of the e-smoking world.
They sell four different starter kits, all with a different function. The Variable wattage box mod is called The SMOK XPRO and is priced between £49.99 and £116.95. This is great for the smoker who likes power options and it works with a range of 510 tanks. Perfect for the DIY e-smoker. It also has the ability to operate at 65W.

The SMOK Magneto 3 Telescopic Mechanical MOD will set you back between £39.99 and £106.95. This device is compatible with IMR 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries. This device can also work with just about any 22mm tank and looks and feels solid in the hand. This is a very sleek design available in stainless steel. As you can guess by the name, the design is not much unlike a telescope.

The SMOK Prospect mimics that of a smoking pipe but with a futuristic matt-black design. It is sized perfectly to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand. This will cost you between £39.99 and £101.95

Similar to the XPRO, the SMOK Guardian 2 starter kit is also a VW device. This starter kit is priced between £69.99 and £131.95. The design of the devise is similar to the Prospect in that is mimics a traditional smoking pipe, however, with a wooden finish, it looks even more so like a pipe.
The advanced High Drain IMR batteries are available in four different models, the smallest capacity being 750mAh. The IMR18650 model is the battery particularly worth mentioning. The functioning of this battery can impress even the most experienced of smokers, with the ability to allow the average smoker to continue on well into the second day without the need for recharging.

With regards to each model of battery, the smaller 18350 models work best with pipe-style mods, while the bigger 26650 cells are only really required for the very large devices.

The SUB-OHM tanks are quality designed and perfect for any advanced device. The SMOK VCT is a 22mm sub-ohm which works with a number of different coils including the A1 coil (with variable e-liquid feed control) and the X2 (with dual, organic cotton wick). Moreover, they have the Kanger Subtank Mini, also 22mm and the Nano, which is smaller at 18.5mm. These sub-ohm tanks are meticulously designed to produce a significant amount of heat, increasing the vapour production and releasing an even stronger throat hit. These tanks are not for the faint-hearted.

JAC Vapour coloured_crystal_tank_mouth_tips


JAC are innovative. They are one step ahead of the game when it comes to manufacturing and producing quality products. This is obvious in not only their e-liquids (the vapourless e-liquids are quite rare), but also in their advanced range. JAC definitely brings it up a notch, and at the reasonable prices they set, they aren’t about to rip you off.


In conclusion, JACVapour is definitely an e-cig brand to consider. Whether you’re new to e-smoking or an enthusiast, JAC have everything you might be looking for. Moreover, they are conscious about quality manufacturing, so without a doubt the customer won’t be disappointed. Another thing to note about JAC is the customer service department. Although they are pretty difficult to get a hold of, the people are extremely friendly and helpful.

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