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HaloCigs Pros & Cons

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  • Limited Choice of E-Cigarettes

Halo Cigs may not be as well known as other e-cigarette companies, but do not be put off by this. The New Jersey company is celebrated for their quality and performance in e-cigarettes and accessories. Halo Cigs are particularly renowned for their excellence in producing e-liquids. With their delicious selection of flavors and their impressive throat hit, Halo stands out from the rest of the crowd. Halo might not be a familiar name in the e-smoking community, but it is definitely a clear leader in the market.

Halo Cigs  E-Liquid & E-Cig Triton Starter kit

First Impression

On first impressions it is obvious that Halo has built up a reputation on the basis of their homemade e-liquids. However, they are expanding. Although their selection of e-cigarettes is limited, they have a fantastic variety of accessories. On top of this, the prices of the products are reasonable, but don’t let that factor sway you, the quality and standard is still commendable.

HaloCigs Vapor Production

With Halo e-liquids, the vapor production is particularly notable. Accompanied with the Triton e-cigarette, the smoker can discover the full force of Halo manufacturing. The Triton Tank System guaranties a remarkable volume of mist with each puff. The quality cartomizer used with The Triton means the vapor is consistent and plentiful. If a stronger throat hit is desired, then try the variable voltage battery that works with The Triton. This is ideal for the heavy smokers. When it comes to the subject of vapor production, The Triton delivers. Due to the tank system and the customizer, The Triton competes with other top vape-pen cigarettes on the market.


With regards to the G6, the smaller, cig-a-like design means that the vapor production is less to that released from the vape-pen designs. However, when comparing the G6 to other cig-a-like brands, G6 is on top form, especially when discussing the vapor production. The G6 releases an abundance of vapor, however, the battery causes the vapor to rapidly diminish after a few hours of smoking. The G6 is recommended more for the beginner smoker, as the throat hit is smoother and less harsh than what would be expected of The Triton.

Halo Cigs Accessories

Halo offers a variety of accessories for e-liquids and e-cigarettes alike. For the more advanced smoker, there is the fusion e-liquid base. This unflavored nicotine juice is ideal for creating different flavors and strengths that the user would prefer. This is a chance to mix and alter the juice to the customers liking. By buying a pack of five empty e-liquid bottles, the smoker can combine different flavors and strengths with the fusion e-liquid. As well as this, Halo sells stainless steal needlepoint tweezers. Designed to remove and adjust the foam found in the cartridge, this little tool is what is needed for the smokers who enjoy the DIY element of e-cigarettes.

HaloCigs Starter Kit

The accessories available for the G6 e-cigarette include the elegant gentlemen-style carry case. The sleek and minimalistic design can fall perfectly into a pocket or purse without it being too bulky. Alternatively, there are the necklaces available in silk, nettle or hemp netting, making it easier to carry a G6 e-cigarette. Halo has a selection of aluminum drip tips available in ten different colors. These mouthpieces are intended to make refilling easier.

Triton accessories on offer are limited to cones. However, in true Hero fashion, they come in eleven different colors and can be purchased in the standard size or the large. By attaching it to the Triton battery and inserting the customizer, the smoker can customize the aesthetics of the cigarette to their preference.

HaloCigs Flavors

Halo boasts an expansive range of award-winning e-liquids. Categorized by tobacco, menthol and gourmet flavors, there is an abundance of flavors to choose from. With e-liquids such as ‘Shamrock Mint Chocolate’ and ‘Twisted Java’, their gourmet range can be considered somewhat exotic and slightly outlandish.
The tobacco and menthol range is particularly worth mentioning, especially when comparing the options to other top brands on the market. One of the better tobacco flavors is the ‘Turkish Tobacco’. If you are a true tobacco lover, then this is the one for you. The taste is rich with smoky undertones. The flavor is quite dry but with a noticeably sweet aftertaste. The throat hit is particularly powerful, perfect for the enthusiasts and the heavy smokers.

HaloCigs  E Liquid & E Cig Flavors

If the smoker prefers a juice that isn’t overly sweet, then the ‘Freedom Juice’ is highly recommended. With a pure tobacco flavor there is also a note of spice and pepper. Similarly to the ‘Turkish Tobacco’, it has a powerful throat hit without being overly harsh and uncomfortable.

The menthol ‘SubZero’ could arguably be the best menthol flavor on the market. The flavor is clean with a distinct menthol flavor. However, it’s not what you would assume from a menthol e-liquid: It isn’t sweet as much as it is fresh; what is expected from a peppermint. The flavor is plain and natural. This is where Halo e-liquids excel the most.

If you’re curious to find out what the ‘Shamrock Mint Chocolate’ tastes like: Surprisingly, the flavor wins top marks. The equal flavor mint and chocolate is complimentary and the vape is clean and smooth. With any chocolate flavored e-liquids there is the risk that the chocolate would taste false and chemically; this is definitely not the case with Halo. The Shamrock Mint Chocolate tastes just like the chocolate that would be offered at the end of an expensive meal in a top restaurant.

HaloCigs  E-Liquid & E-juice

Halo eCigs Battery Performance & Charging

Considering the size of the G6 e-cigarette, the battery life is very powerful and is one of the best cig-a-like on sale. The 65mm battery has a capacity of 180mAh, which allows about 200 puffs before the battery dies. With the 78mm, the 280mAh capacity means the smoker can reach 300 puffs before the battery needs to be recharged. Both the 65 and 78mm battery typically needs between four and eight hours to reach full charge.

When discovering more about the Triton batteries, the smallest 400mAh battery can stretch out about 480 puffs, lasting between six to eight hours with average smoking, while the 650mAh can reach 780 puffs. This would be around eight to ten hours smoking. With the larger, high voltage batteries like the 900mAh can produce 1000 puffs and ten to twelve hours of average smoking before the battery needs to be recharged. With the 1300mAh, the smoker can stretch out about 1350 puffs lasting about twelve to fifteen hours of average use.

The variable voltage battery for the Triton has an adjustable range of 3.3 to 4.8 volts, giving a fantastic performance from the device. Along with the twist dial, the smoker has total control of the vapor production and the strength of the throat hit. The variable voltage batteries are recommended more for the advanced smoker.


Offering options to their customers is Halo’s strong suit. With every aspect of purchasing Halo products, the customer has control and choice. Whether it is the color of a battery or cartomizer, or the size and capacity of the battery, the customers can request rather than be told what to buy. Each part of a device, with both The G6 and The Triton, the customer is able to select a color.

Halo E-Cigs Batteries

The starter pack is where Halo shines the most when discussing selection. Every little detail of a starter pack has options: from the cartomizer in the G6 to the batteries and even the e-liquids. This is particularly unique in the e-cigarette world.

On top of this, the variety of e-liquids is particularly impressive. Halo has thought of everything in order to give their customers choice, whether it be the flavor or the strength, the customer comes first.

Packaging & Design

Every detail of Halo’s design screams ‘cutting-edge’. With the aesthetics of the products, Halo doesn’t cut corners. Right down to the wall charger, you will find the image of the fiery-haired demonic face that symbolizes Halocigs.

The first thing that a customer will discover is that Halo designs are futuristic and stylish. The G6 e-cigarettes have a matt finish, depending on the opted color. As the smoker takes a drag of the devise, the LED tip glows blue, mimicking the brand’s fiery blue logo. Partly the reason why purchasing the G6 with the 65mm battery instead of the 75mm is because of the aesthetics: the weight and feel when holding the devise also accounts for the design of a cigarette. The size of a cig-a-like is pretty important, as the smoker might prefer a classic light feel and appearance as they smoke.

Similarly with the G6, The Triton also has a very minimalistic design and finish. The battery’s button glows blue, indicating the Halo brand. The Triton starter kit arrives in the respective carry case, which is pretty unique for a starter kit, however, it’s simplistic and original; typical of the Halocig brand.

Halocigs  Kit

HaloCigs Shipping

Halo offers free shipping with orders over $75 within The USA. They use USPS as their courier service and they ship to international countries. If the order is placed before 2:30pm EST time, they are usually shipped that same day, ensuring a speedy delivery.

For national deliveries, USPS express mail takes about one to two working days. If the package is being shipped internationally, the express mail option ensures the package would be delivered within three to five working days while the priority mail option will typically take six to ten working days. Shipping prices can vary significantly. The customer can select their delivery preference when placing an order.

Halo E-Cigs Warranty

Halo offers a sixty-day defect warranty on all of their batteries while the starter kits have a thirty-day satisfaction warranty. This means that a smoker can test out the product and if they are not content, they can return the hardware for a full refund.

Unfortunately, there is no refund or warranty for consumable items such as tanks, cartomizers or e-liquids.

Halo Cigs  E-Liquid  Automated Fill

Customer Service

Halo’s customer service team is pretty impressive. They are very kind and helpful, if ever there is a query or complaint, be thankful that Halo’s staff is there to help. There is the option of the quick and easy live chat located at the corner of the website. There the customer can ask questions with a speedy reply. Alternatively there is the toll free number, if speaking to a member of staff is preferred. There is also the option of e-mailing. This is best if there is a query outside their working hours and the customer is happy to wait for their reply. The e-mail is better for more specific, detailed answers whereas the real-time service is perfect for quick, less developed answers. They also have the FAQ section for more common questions. The customer service department is open from 9am to 11pm EST, Monday to Friday. Ultimately, Halo’s customer service department is one of the best that can be found in the e-cigarette market.

HaloCigs Starter Kits

Halo has two types of starter kits, the G6 and the Triton starter kit. The G6 is designed for the novice smoker getting to grips with the e-cigarette. The cig-a-like device is offered in a variety of colors ranging from the classic black, white and titanium to more extravagant pink, purple, red green, blue and even electric lime. The G6 starter kits come with everything that is required for a starter pack, including two batteries, a pack of five cartomizers, a USB adapter and wall charger, all neatly presented in the Halo case.

One of the many perks about buying a starter pack from Halo is that the customer can choose the type of battery. Selecting from either a manual or automatic battery as well as having an option of either a 78 or a 65mm battery, Halo lets you customize the e-cigarette best suited for the user. If you are a novice, it is recommended to opt for the automatic battery.

Customizing the perfect starter pack doesn’t stop at the batteries; Halo also lets the user choose the ideal pre-filled cartomizers. With the option of nine different flavors ranging from a low quantity of nicotine to an X high strength. If the customer is unsure of the flavors, there is always the option of purchasing a packet of blank cartomizers.

Halo Cigs  E-Liquids & E-Cigs G6 Starter kit

With regards to the Triton starter kit, the user will expect to find a vape-pen devise with an option of eleven different colors, a case, wall charger and a USB adapter. In addition to this, the kit comes with a cone and two crystal clear tanks. Similarly to the G6 starter pack, the customer can choose the most suitable manual battery, whether it has a 400mAh or 650mAh capacity (there is the option of buying high voltage batteries but they are not part of the starter kit). Unfortunately, the kit doesn’t come with a bottle of e-liquid, but with the quality of the merchandise, the user truly gets their money’s worth.

Halo Prices

Considering the quality of the Halo products, the low prices are not what are expected. The starter packs in particular are significantly cheap. At only $44.99 for the G6 starter kit, including a choice of two batteries and a pack of prefilled cartomizers, this surely is an extraordinary deal. The same goes for the Triton Tank kit. Costing only $64.99, the kit comes with all the mod cons a respected kit entails, plus more.

With prices for e-liquid circulating around $5.00 a bottle, the customer is bound to find what they are looking for. The reason for the low cost is also due to the fact that the company creates and produces homemade liquids, bringing the price down to an affordable and attractive number.

The customer really gets their money’s worth when buying from Halo and their reward system makes it all that more appealing to purchase a product from them.


The user can fully appreciate Halo’s customer service with their reward system. When buying a product from the Halo website, customer’s are given Halo Points. When enough points are accumulated, customers can exchange them for products found in the Halo Rewards Catalogue. For every $20 spent, the customer receives 100 Halo Points.

Customers can also earn Halo Points by spreading the word about their products. By sharing a Halo product on a social media website such as Twitter, Facebook, Google or Pinterest, the customer can earn an additional 15 points. The more shares you make, the more points you earn. Alternatively, by referring a friend or family member, Halo offers a whopping 250 points as soon as the friend places their first order. Earn 25 points by writing a review on a product. Once approved and published on the website, you will be awarded the points.

With the opportunity to win Halo products through their award system, the customer can only profit from buying Halo products.

HaloCigs  E-Liquid & E-Cigarettes Bottle

Other Products

Like most e-cigarette companies, Halo sells gift certificates. If there is a close friend or family member who wants to give up smoking and try their hand at e-cigarettes, this is the perfect gift. Otherwise, the gift certificate is perfect for that avid Halo fan. The gift certificates are ideal for a birthday or Christmas present.

Halo also sells branded t-shirts. This is a little extra if the loyal customer wants to ‘pledge their allegiance’ to the company. Available in black, charcoal grey and white ranging from small to XXL, Halo goes all out with the apparel. Priced at $14.99 the customer can really boast their devotion to Halo. Alternatively, it would make a perfect gift for an e-smoker friend.

Also on offer are the e-liquid sample packs. This is perfect for the smoker who is new to halo products and wants to get a feel for the e-liquids. It is also perfect for the novice smoker and is unsure what flavor is best suited. Packs are available in tobacco, menthol and gourmet. Priced at $24.99, the sample packs include six bottles of their most popular flavors. On top of this, the customer can select their preferred level of nicotine, ranging from a low 6mg per ml to an extra high 24mg per ml nicotine level. A variety pack is also on offer. Here the pack includes six bottles of e-juices including a bottle of the Tribecca, Turkish Tobacco, SubZero, Malibu, Kingle’s Curse and Belgium Cocoa. Perfect for the customer is unsure if they prefer the menthol, tobacco or exotic flavors.


The quality versus the price is what stands out with Halo. The products are some of the best in the market and the price tag does not correspond with the quality. As well as this, there is an abundance of different types of e-liquids to choose from. The flavors have character and are arguably some of the best found on the premium market. With regards to the vapor production, again, Halo surpasses any expectations. Particularly with The Triton Tank System, the smoker experiences an abundance of vapor with every puff. As well as this, the starter kits are well worth the investment. There are no shortcuts with the kits: offering all that is expected from a kit and more.


Halo takes pride in their manufacturing and production. Even though their name isn’t well known in the e-cigarette community, they are definitely regarded as a premium brand. They consider all aspects of e-smoking in order to deliver quality at a high standard. Although then don’t have a wide selection of e-cigarette devices, their choice of e-liquids is impressive. One of the main points to make about Halo is the design aspect of the e-cigarettes. They encourage their customers to experiment with their e-cigarettes, giving them options to alter the color and style. They really excel at putting the customer first, offering them choice even when purchasing a starter kit. This is one of the main reasons why Halo is a premium brand.