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Dear Vapors, we are sorry to report that we have received negative feedback from customers regarding this company. Their vaporizers (cig-a-like type) Are considered an older product. Therefore, continued usage and refills will be more expensive. These products uses cartridges that can be pricey to replace. Newer e-cig models work with tanks that can be filled with e-liquids (electric juice) for a much cheaper price. Over time, using this product will be more expensive. Please consider the other recommended e-cigarette brands suggested on this site.


The Greensmoke site is primarily an e-cigarette site, offering limited options for those who prefer to have different device choices or more personalized vaping choices. As we explore this site, we will find that many of the selections are geared to those making the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping. Let us explore the options available on this particular manufacturer’s site.

GreenSmoke E-Liquid Flavors

These devices have seven different e-liquid blends. One of the blends includes a menthol option. These liquids do not leave a nasty odor after they have been vaped. Thus, while a more traditional smoker might find their family and friends complaining about the smell, these e-cigs only leave a pleasant odor that matches the flavor being vaped.

The e-liquids offer four different nicotine concentrations, but they can also be used with no nicotine at all. They are delivered in cartridges and the liquid appears to be made in the USA. You will need to purchase additional cartridges along with your e-cig device. There are no vials of refill e-liquid to allow for reusing the cartridges.

Vapors Selection & Production

There are the traditional devices, meaning that one cannot adjust your device to change the voltage or resistance. In addition, the site does not offer box mods, vaporizers or other devices that would appeal to the more experienced vapers. The device does offer a light to let you know when the device needs to be recharged and the glowing tip to simulate the experience of more traditional smoking.

As a result, this site is geared to those who are newly interested in vaping or those that do not want to move into the more complex devices. It does not allow for you to grow your vaping experience via devices, flavors or even the voltage provided by the battery.

greensmoke e-cigarettes starter kit

Battery & Charging

Each device comes with a standard charger and at least one battery. The site also offers designer battery packs to give you the ability to customize your device, at least slightly. However, this is the extent of the modifications that are really available to the consumer. You can also purchase three packs of batteries, so you have several batteries in addition to the charging option. This is great for when you are on the go and cannot just stop and charge your device. Other charging options, including for the wall and the car, are also provided on the website.

Green Smoke Starter Kits

The starter kits are limited to just three options. The most basic kit includes the device, one cartridge and one USB plug in charger. The next biggest option provides more cartridges, a device and a wall charger, as well as a case for the device. The pro kit has several devices, a couple different flavors and provides multiple charging options. There is a charger for the car, the wall and the computer via the USB port.

These kits are reasonably priced for a beginner, while providing a quality device for anyone who wants to move away from traditional smoking. Yet when it comes to experienced vapers, the kit does not offer the same amount of options as others do in terms of devices, customization and even the number of flavors available. But if you are just hoping to mimic the traditional smoking experience, these kits will do that without a problem. The design of the device is even similar to the regular cigarette, so it will contribute to that smoking experience.

Prices & Shipping

The prices are reasonable compared to a variety of other sites. However, the lack of device choices means that the site primarily appeals to the beginner vapers versus the more experienced vapers. The shipping within the USA is free, no matter the size of the order. If you order more than $150 in any one order, then you can get upgraded to free 2-day shipping. International shipping has the typical costs, but also will include the costs of customs and any VAT fees or other applicable taxes. The packages are also shipped with an adult signature option, so that means that an adult must sign for them and be able to show ID to the delivery person verifying their age.
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Packing and Warranty

The money back guarantee includes paying for the return shipping costs, plus the refund of your purchase itself. The company wants to guarantee that you are happy with their product. In addition, they offer a traditional manufacturer warranty for their devices, particularly the starter kits. Thus, if the product does not work appropriately or to your level of satisfaction, then you can get it replaced.

The packaging appears to be similar to a package of gum. It does not appear to be very sophisticated, and it does not target any one specific demographic. Those who want a more traditional smoking experience out of their e-cig device will appreciate this simple packaging, but those hoping to move into an extensive vaping habit, might find it limiting to use this device and packaging as they move beyond the beginner’s stage of vaping.


If you are starting out in vaping and you want a site that provides the tools in a painless fashion, then this site can work for you. But for the more experienced vaper or a beginner hoping to expand their vaping experience, then this site might be limiting in terms of overall options and devices.
The flavor selection is extremely limited compared to other sites. In addition, the flavors are only available in cartridges, versus being able to refill the cartridges several times before discarding them.

The starter kits are not complex, but they do provide the basics for a relaxing vaping experience. Still, it is important to note that this site does not offer any other devices beyond the e-cig. As a result, the options for exploring vaping in terms of flavors, throat hit and amount of vapor are limited to the predefined limits of the device. Therefore, most experienced vapers will shy away from this site due to the lack of options and inability to make modifications, both in terms of the cosmetic appearance of the device and how it performs.

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