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Vapor Quality
Battery & Charger

Dear Vapors, we are sorry to report that we have received negative feedback from customers regarding this brand’s products. Their vaporizers (cig-a-like version) Are considered an older product. Therefore, continued usage and refills will be more expensive. These products uses cartridges that can be pricey to replace. Newer e-cig models work with tanks that can be filled with e-liquids for a much cheaper price. Over time, using this product will be more expensive. Please consider the other recommended vaping companies suggested on this site.

EverSmoke Pros & Cons

  • Very Low Prices
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Great offers & deals for members
  • They don’t sell vaporizers
  • Flavours of cartridges don’t last as long as they should

Founded in 2010, EverSmoke has become one of the leading electronic cigarette brands in the industry. In fact, EverSmoke is the sister company of South Beach Smoke, one of the largest e-cigarette companies in the world, and so has a pretty reliable reputation for producing quality products.

First Impression

When learning that EverSmoke is the sister company to South Beach Smoke, you instantly assume the quality and manufacturing of the products would be on par with South Beach Smoke. Considering South Beach Smoke is a reputable company, expectations of EverSmoke were very high.

EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit

EverSmoke Vapor Production

The cartridges have the VaporFlo cartridge technology built in, which claims to give the smoker the smoothest throat hit and vapour flow, as well as allowing the user to draw on the e-cigarette with ease. This is very much what you experience with the EverSmoke devices. The draw was smooth and effortless and the throat hit was substantial without being too harsh or overwhelming, ideal for the novice e-smoker. All in all, the buyer will be very pleased with the vapour production.

EverSmoke Accessories

In the accessories section of the website, customers can find 3 packs of batteries available in all three colours and sizes, and with either the automatic or manual switch. Also on sale is the Portable Charging Case, as well as a power cig and any charging items that might be needed, such as USBs and wall chargers. Lanyards are also on sale in either black or red.

The Universal Carrying Case is a sleek, pocket sized metal case, perfectly measured to fit two e-cigarettes, two cartridges and a USB charger. Alternatively, customers can opt for the soft-fabric Carrying Case, which fits all EverSmoke electronic cig batteries and cartridges.

EverSmoke Flavors

EverSmoke receives mixed reviews about their flavours and so it could be advised to try the mixed selection box of cartomizers so you yourself can get a feel for them and find the flavours most suited for you.

There are ten flavours in total: Cherry Crush, Cool Menthol, Classic Tobacco, Very Vanilla, Coffee Creation, Peppermint Party, Piña Colada, Peach Passion, Royal Tobacco and Golden Tobacco.

The Classic Tobacco has a sweet after taste, which can be favoured by some smokers, however, considering its name is Classic Tobacco, that sweetness shouldn’t be expected.

EverSmoke Cartridges

As for the coffee flavoured cartridges such as the Java Coffee and the Coffee Creation, this is definitely a winner for the coffee lovers of the e-smoking world. But the winners are definitely the sweet Very Vanilla and the Cherry Crush. The flavours do stay true to their name and the flavours are rich.

One of the downfalls to the cartridges is that the flavours don’t last very long. A cartridge will last around six hours for an average smoker, however after about three to four hours you might notice that the flavour slowly dissipates.

EverSmoke Battery Performance & Charging

EverSmoke actually uses the same batteries as South Beach Smoke, which is a wise idea on their part as South Beach Smoke produce high quality products. EverSmoke batteries are available in three different sizes, so depending on which size the customer chooses depends on the capacity of the battery.

Normally, the manual batteries drain quicker than the automatic, but not significantly so that customers feel obliged to purchase the automatic version. The electronic cigarette lithium ion batteries perform as well as expected for a cig-a-like battery.

The website claims that the standard size battery releases about 250 puffs of smoke. This works out to around 16 to 17 regular cigarettes, which is very compatible with the cartridges (they claim that one cartridge is the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes).

The high capacity long battery releases about 350 puffs of smoke, perfect for the heavy smoker who has just converted to e-cigarettes.

In general, all of the batteries perform well and the marketing literature on the website is true to the actual using of the product.

EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit


The option of Starter Kits is pretty diverse with EverSmoke, however, they only manufacture and sell cig-a-like devices, limiting their inventory. This is perfect for customers new to e-smoking, however they don’t cater for more advanced enthusiasts of the e-cigarette community. This is a pity considering their manufacturing and design is quality.

With the choices of flavours, the cartomizers are available in ten different flavours and five different strengths (bold, full flavoured, light, ultra light and no nicotine). This is a fantastic selection of cartomizers that elevates EverSmoke even more so. On top of this, the EverSmoke devices are compatible with the South Beach Smoke cartomizers, offering more of a selection of flavours.

Packaging & Design

The good thing about EverSmoke compared to her sister company South Beach Smoke is that there is the option of choosing the colour of the battery, which is available in black, white and stainless steal.

The starter kits are presented in a small, white box with a magnetic clasp. The front and sides depict the EverSmoke green smoke logo, and when the box is opened, the products are neatly presented.

EverSmoke Shipping

All standard orders are shipped the next working day. It will take approximately five to seven days for the package to be delivered for all standard deliveries within The US. They also offer free shipping to any US order over $100.

EverSmoke also delivers worldwide. International deliveries can take from seven to thirty working days to arrive.

EverSmoke Warranty

The 30-day money-back guarantee is set up for customers who might not be satisfied with their purchases. The 100% money-back guarantee is available for any product except the cartridges. Customers can return the product within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

The Lifetime Replacement Warranty is set up for the EverSmoke Home Delivery Program Members. Should anything happen to the product, members can contact EverSmoke and they will replace the item free. This also applies to their 1 Year Replacement Warranty.

EverSmoke Open Kit

Customer Service

Customers can call the customer service department on the phone line, which is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm EST. The line is toll free in The USA.
Alternatively, they can go onto their website to find a list of e-mail addresses where customers can contact the preferred department for any questions of queries.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a live chat option, but they do have FAQ page for general questions or queries.

EverSmoke Starter Kits

TEverSmoke sells eight different starter kits, all of which include a cig-a-like device (They don’t produce vape-pens or any other devices for the more advanced smoker). Keep in mind that all kits include a USB charger and wall adaptor.

The EverSmoke Starter Kit includes two batteries: the standard capacity and the long battery with extra capacity. Each kit also comes with a pack of five nicotine cartridges, which equals to about five packs of ordinary tobacco cigarettes. When ordering the starter kit, customers can select the preferred flavour (10 to choose from) and strength of the cartridges.

The Basic Starter Kit is very similar to the EverSmoke Starter Kit but with more advanced technology. Both the standard and high-capacity batteries included in the kit are available with an automatic or manual switch, giving the user that bit more control over their smoking experience. The buyer can also choose the colour of the battery (white, black or stainless steal), which they weren’t able to do with the EverSmoke Starter Kit.

Double up on the Basic Starter Kit with the Couples 2 Kit Combo. Perfect for the couples who want to give up smoking together.

Moving on from the Basic Kit is the Pro Starter Kit. This is EverSmoke’s most popular starter kit as customers get much more for their money. The kit includes batteries and choices that are found in the Basic Starter Kit but it includes 10 nicotine cartridges rather than 5, plus a car-charging adapter. The kit is ultimately aimed at giving the user not only flexibility (with the two batteries that are available in automatic or manual) but also with the ability to recharge while on the go.

The EverSmoke website claims that their Ultimate Starter Kit is the most impressive electronic starter kit available on the marker today. This is an important comment to make, but it could be partly to do with the fact that it has basically everything you might need to help people to convert to e-smoking. There are three batteries sold in this kit: two high capacity batteries, one with an automatic switch and the other being a manual device. The third is the standard capacity battery with an automatic switch. The kit also has an additional PCC with the ability to hold five cartridges. The downside to this PCC: it only works with the standard automatic battery. The power cig that is also featured allows the smoker to continue vaping at home or in the office without having the problem of a drained battery. Moreover, customers who purchase this kit will receive 15 nicotine cartridges along with a black carry case.

The Reusable Express Kit is EverSmoke’s ‘no-fuss’ kit. It has one standard battery and two 18mg cartridges available in either tobacco or menthol. The selling point of this kit is its size: The box mimics the design of a traditional cigarette box in its size and design. Along with the low price, this is EverSmoke’s way to lure in the newest of e-smokers and the ones who are considering converting.

EverSmoke Pro Starter Kit

EverSmoke Prices

Initially, the prices of the starter kits were unrealistic and unaffordable. However, maybe the company picked up on the extortion of the price because all of the starter kits are now sold at discount price. For Instance, the EverSmoke Starter Kit was priced at $79.99, but is now on offer with an 80% discount, driving the price of the kit down to a realistic $15.99. This is definitely a bargain price; especially considering the pack includes cartomizers and two batteries.

The Basic Starter kit is reduced from $79.99 to $49.99. The Pro is priced at $79.99, allowing the customer to save $20. The Ultimate Starter Kit is down from $179.99 to $149.99. The Couples Kit is a particularly good deal: priced at $99.99, EverSmoke was once selling it at $189.96. The Reusable Express Kit is the cheapest at $29.99, down from $39.99.


The Ever Rewards System allows for customers to reveive rewards for shopping with EverSmoke. For every dollar a customer spends, they will receive 1 point. If a customer earns 200 points, or spends the equivalent of $200, they will receive $20 to spend on EverSmoke products. By signing up to the Home Delivery Program, customers are awarded 25 points.

As a customer, you are automatically enrolled in the EverSmoke Rewards Program. You can also get points through social media websites: By liking EverSmoke on Facebook, you can receive 5 points; sharing your purchase on Facebook can gain you 5 points. By following them on twitter, you can gain 5 points. If you choose to leave a product review on their website, you can receive 1 point and you can even get 20 points just for having a birthday.


By becoming a member of the Home Delivery Program, customer can are offered numerous benefits such as a Lifetime Replacement Warranty, 20% off all cartridge refills purchased through the Home Delivery program, exclusive discounts and sales, and assurance that each month they will receive their monthly supply of cartridges delivered straight to their doorstep.


Considering expectations were high, EverSmoke has done itself justice. The company is definitely on a par with their sister company, South Beach Smoke, although they don’t have the name for themselves yet, the quality is unmistakable. If you’re interested in South Beach Smoke products, you’ll be interested in EverSmoke.

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