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Dear Vapors, we are sorry to report that we have received negative feedback from customers regarding this brand’s products. Their vaporizers (cig-a-like version) Are considered an older product. Therefore, continued usage and refills will be more expensive. These products uses cartridges that can be pricey to replace. Newer e-cig models work with tanks that can be filled with e-liquids for a much cheaper price. Over time, using this product will be more expensive. Please consider the other recommended vaping companies suggested on this site.

Cigees Pros & Cons

  • Affordable prices
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Vapour production is one of the best on the market
  • Good selection of e-liquids
  • Cartomizers are only available in two different flavours.
  • There is a limited selection of starter kits

Founded in 2009 in South Yorkshire, Cigees has become one of the leading UK brands in the e-cigarette market. Since the company was launched, it has grown from strength to strength with a significant increase in sales in a short time span. It is highly regarded amongst the vaping community for its excellent quality e-cigarettes and e-liquids as well as the vapour production.

Cigees Vaporizer Kit

First Impression

From the rave reviews and the fact that it is one of the best e-cigarette brands on the UK market, expectations were high. The initial impression got from the website was not particularly notable. Cigee’s title as one of the best UK brands was definitely not reflected in the design of the website. However, once you began to dig deep, read the reviews and learn about the manufacturing of the products, it was obvious why this is one of the more highly regarded electronic cigarette brands.

Cigees Vapor Production

Normally, e-cigarette brands produce their e-juices containing either Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine. With Cigees, they mix both of these ingredients together. This means that the vapour production is more impressive, with thick voluminous clouds, adding to the vaping experience. The throat hit is pretty impressive as well. This is most likely due to the larger battery working with the quality e-liquid.

What is particularly noticeable about the quality of the smoke is that the users won’t experience an itchy or dry throat when smoking. This is something that can be common in other brands, again confirming that Cigees is one of the better companies for its vapour production. It is suffice to say that the vapour production definitely lives up to its glowing reviews.

Cigees Starter Kit

Cigees Accessories

The accessories section is basically just a section dedicated to replaceable items for the starter kits. Available are the classic batteries in either a twin pack or five pack. These are sold with both the red and green LED light up tip. Customers can find spare clearomizers and coils for the CE5 Refiller model. There is also the USB, wall and car adaptors as well as lanyards and carry cases on sale at the accessories section of the website.

Start Vaping with Cigees

Cigees E-Liquid Flavors

There are 14 different flavours of e-liquid to choose from, all suitable for the CE5 model. Unfortunately they only sell their e-liquid with 16mg, high-strength nicotine. The flavours to choose from include: Tobacco, Menthol, Menthol Extra, Coffee, Cappuccino, Cherry, Liquorice, Apple, Orange, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cigar, Whisky and Chocolate flavoured. Unfortunately, the cartomizers are only available in Methol and Tobacco, but they are developed with their own formula of e-liquid, which means that they at the same standard as their juices when it comes to quality of flavour.

The tobacco flavour does a good job at mimicking a regular cigarette, which is always a bonus. There is no false, chemical aftertaste and it stays true to the name. This is also true with the menthol. It provides a smooth, enjoyable drag and minty after taste. With regards to the quality of the flavour, Cigees definitely delivers.

Cigees E-Liquid Flavors

Cigees Battery Performance & Charging

The classic High Capacity 240mAh battery is a normal sized battery that is usually compatible with a cig-a-like devise. It measures at 82mm long; slightly longer than other cig-a-like batteries found on the market, which is great for having more smoke time, but not so great for the aesthetics and the feel of the devise, considering that cig-a-like models tend to mimic the look of a real tobacco cigarette. With regards to its performance, the 240mAh battery releases around 200 puffs and a single charge of the battery will normally last an average smoker a whole day of vaping. On top of this, the e-cigarette batteries are easily charged with the LED tip designed to screw into the USB, wall or car adaptor. It takes about three hours for the battery to charge to full capacity. All in all, this is a pretty decent battery for its capacity.

The 1100mAh rechargeable battery for the Majestic devise can last approximately 1300 draws while the cartomizer lasts approximately 250 draws. The fact that the two items don’t synchronise together is particularly irritating for smokers as it means that users have to refill the cartomizer before the battery dies. However, don’t let this put you off, considering a standard cig-a-like battery normally range from 120-280mAh, the power difference on the Majestic battery is significantly larger. Like most of these batteries, it comes with an on/off switch, which, when pressing the button five times quickly, you can turn the devise on and off as you please. This stops any unwanted activations when it is in your bag or pocket, helping the battery life to last longer.

Cigees Extra Batarry


The e-liquid is available in 14 different flavours; a reasonable selection for flavours. However they are only offered with 16mg of nicotine. The cartomizers are only available in two flavours: tobacco and menthol, which isn’t so great for the cig-a-like customers.

Moreover, the devices they do manufacture are only appropriate for the novice e-smoker. They do have a vape-pen device, but other than that, they don’t go any further into the advanced smoking products.

Packaging & Design

The Majestic is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing of the Cigees devices. When you hold the device in your hand, you definitely feel quality. The battery has a rubber-like finish with a golden steel trim. Even the manual button is rubber, which adds to the overall comfort and style of the device. The Majestic Starter Kit box that it comes in is designed to reflect the devise itself with the plain black background against the gold boarder and writing. The crown logo is a nod towards its ‘majestic’ design.

Cigees Shipping

UK customers can receive free delivery on orders over £50.00. Orders before 4.00pm are dispatched on the same day. Delivery is usually through First Class Royal Mail and if you choose the Royal Mail Special Delivery, expect the package to arrive the next working day (this is only available for UK addresses). Take note that free shipping does not apply to overseas orders of £50.00 or more and they will be charged at normal Air Parcel prices.

Cigees Cartomizers

Cigees Warranty

This is where Cigees falters. Unlike the majority of electronic cigarette brands on the market, Cigees do not offer warranty on any of their products. Other than a 30-day money back guarantee on the New Break Free Super Kit, there is nothing that assures quality of manufacturing, which makes us question how long these products are able to last.

Customer Service

It is possible to contact the customer service department via their e-mail address or telephone number. You can find their mailing address on the Cigees website. Unfortunately, they don’t have a live chat option, however you can reach them through their contact form if you choose to do so. Their customer service department is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm GMT.

Cigees Starter Kits

Cigees have four different starter kits on the market, the smallest of which is the Cigees Classic Starter Kit. The contents of the kit include one 280mAh battery, two tobacco flavoured high strength cartomizers and a USB charger. This is the smallest starter kit Cigees have on offer and is perfect for the smokers who are looking to convert to e-smoking. The two-part devise is easily assembled, meaning there is less construction time and more smoke time. On top of this, if a customer chooses to purchase from the Cigees website, they will receive a free classic pouch and a lanyard.

Cigees E-Cigarettes Kit

Moreover, the Cigee Classic Starter Kit with Carry Case is another alternative to the regular Classic Starter Kit, but with an extra high strength tobacco flavoured cartomizer. The kit arrives in an elegant black and silver carrying case. Again, if customers purchase the kit from the website, they are given a free pouch and lanyard.

The New Break Free Super Kit is basically a larger version of the Classic Starter Kit, with more content. Customers will receive three high capacity classic batteries, two chargers and twelve refills in both tobacco and menthol flavours. As well as this, customers will find a classic pouch and lanyard and a stylish leather effect carrying case. There is a mains and car charging adaptor. With all of this, the website claims that it works out to about 200 normal tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, unlike the Classic Starter Kit, customers who purchase the New Break Free Super Kit on the Cigees website will benefit from free shipping and the 30-day money back guarantee.

The Majestic E-Cigarette Starter Kit is Cigees most popular kit. Each kit comes with two 1100mAh rechargeable batteries, three high strength cartomizers available in either tobacco or menthol flavour. These cartomizers are in fact designed for the Majestic model. The kit also includes a USB, car and mains charger.

The CE5 Refiller high capacity battery measured at 1100mAh. The Cigees website claims to be larger than most batteries found on the marker and last much longer. It is true that an average smoker can find that it lasts all day, but this is usually what to expect from a high capacity vape-pen battery.

Cigees Classic Kit

Cigees Prices

The Classic Starter Kit is priced at £15.00, which is an appropriate price tag for an express-like starter kit. However, as the kit also includes a free pouch and lanyard, it is even more of a deal. While at £18.00 for the Classic starter Kit with Carry Case, it is only an extra £3.00 more than the Classic Starter Kit. It could be worth purchasing the kit with the carry case.

At £48.00 a pop, the New break Free Super Kit is significantly more expensive than the Classic Starter Kit. However, considering the kit includes an extra battery and twelve cartomizers as well as free shipping, you get what you pay for.

The Majestic E-Cigarette Starter Kit will set you back £36.00. The website claims that it is the best value kit on the UK market. It is true that the customer does get their moneys worth when you consider that the quality of the manufacturing is a little better than the Classic Starter Kit. The CE5 Refiller, on the other hand is in fact great value with a price tag of £39.00 and it includes everything you might expect from a starter kit. It is no wonder that this is Cigee’s most popular kit on sale.

The price of a 10ml bottle of e-liquid is £4.20. This is usually what you would expect for its size. However, it is advisable to opt for the 10 pack of 10ml bottles which is priced at £37.90. Customers can then save 10% on the normal price.


Cigees does not offer a reward system for their loyal customers. This is something that they should consider incorporating into their company. Although it may be something minor, customers appreciate the points system and considering the biggest brands on the e-cigarette market offer rewards to their customers, Cigees could benefit by following suit.

Cigees Pack


Cigees definitely deserves recognition for its vapour production and e-liquids. Moreover, the quality of their devices, particularly the Majestic, puts Cigees above the rest. This is definitely an electronic cigarette company that deserves to be in the premium market. What makes them even more highly regarded is the fact that the prices of the starter kits and e-liquids are very reasonable, meaning that customers won’t feel cheated or put off. They also regularly have discounts and deals on their website which is another incentive to buy Cigees products. They offer great flavour options for the CE5 device, however they could do with producing more flavours for the cartomizer. All in all, they get two thumbs up.

Start Vaping with Cigees

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