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Dear Vapors, we are sorry to report that we have received negative feedback from customers regarding this company. Their vaporizers (cig-a-like type) Are considered an older product. Therefore, continued usage and refills will be more expensive. These products uses cartridges that can be pricey to replace. Newer e-cigarette models work with tanks that can be filled with e-juices for a much cheaper price. Over time, using this product will be more expensive. Please consider the other recommended vaping companies suggested on this site.

Blu Cigs E-Cigarettes Pros & Cons

  • Great Prices
  • Ideal For Beginner Smokers
  • Stylish Design
  • Vaporizers Aren’t For Sale
  • Not a Vast Selection of Flavors

Blu eCigs are one of the more established vaping companies on the market, and so have built up a bit of a reputation for themselves. The company was purchased by Lorillard (manufacturers of Newport and Kent) in 2012 and expanded quickly soon after. As one of the more recognizable names in the industry, BluCigs is very much famed for their cig-a-like devises and their choice in starter kits. On top of this, their flavors are definitely some of the best when it comes to quality, all be it, there is little variety of flavors to choose from. It is worth noting that the brand doesn’t manufacture or sell devises for the more advanced smoker: it caters mainly to smokers who are new to e-vaping.

Blu Tanks

First Impression

Blu cigs are cool. This is the first thing you will notice about this brand. The packaging is stylish, the devise is elegant, they’ve even thought of the blue glow tip that distinguishes the brand. Blu is ultimately designed for people who are new to e-smoking: they don’t cater to heavier, more seasoned e-smokers, specializing solely in the cig-a-likes. This brand is definitely aimed for the light smoker or the ones who are new to the vaping world. They are not so recommended for the more moderate or heavier smoker.

BluCigs Vapor Production

Blu is particularly celebrated for its vapor production. There is no need to take a few priming puffs to get things going and the devise produces a satisfyingly thick mist of vapor. This is particularly note-worthy for a cig-a-like, which tends to lack in impressive cloud production. As the battery runs out, so does the amount of vapor produced, this is pretty standard for an e-cig this size but it makes up for this by producing a satisfying vapor once the battery has been changed. Unfortunately, the throat-hit isn’t very noticeable, however, this isn’t something to be expected from a cig-a-like. With regards to the nicotine, they don’t offer a choice of strengths to their customers. Selling all of their cartridges with 18mg of nicotine is one of Blu’s drawbacks.

Blu eCigs Accessories

The choice of accessories are mainly limited to replacement items such as PCCs (available in either black or white), as well as replaceable batteries for Plus+, Premium 100 e-cigarettes and the regular Blu Rechargeable e-cigs.

Ashless Tray

On top of selling the replaceable items, customers can purchase the ‘Ashless Tray’. This gadget is designed to cradle the e-cigarette when it is not in use. Sit it on a desk in the office, or on a nightstand in your bedroom and rest the e-cigarette on the Ashless Tray, limiting the chance of the devise rolling off the table and being damaged.

Blu Flavors

Considering other leading companies offer a significant choice of flavors, Blu doesn’t have much of a selection. Cartridges can be purchased in Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Piña Colada or Peach Schnapps. One cartridge is the equivalent to about one packet of regular cigarettes and has a built-in atomizer. Customers can select the color of the cartridge in either black or natural. There is less choice of flavors with the tanks, with only the option of Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla or the limited flavor: Carolina Blend.

Limited Release blu Tank Carolina Bold

Don’t be put off by the limited selection of flavors, it is all about quality, not quantity and that definitely rings true for the Blu cartridges and tanks.
The Classic Tobacco isn’t so much a replication of a Marlboro or Camel due to the added sweetness found it the aftertaste. This is definitely a great tasting flavor, however, if you are looking for an accurate tasting tobacco flavor, this isn’t so advisable.
The Magnificent Menthol is cool, fresh and icy, without it being too overwhelming. For the menthol lovers of the world, the Magnificent Menthol has the flavor desired. It is, in fact magnificent.

The Vivid Vanilla is exactly as it is described: The flavor is very accurate to the name. It produces a full, sweet flavor without being too uncomfortable or sickly. There is nothing bland about this one.
Once again, Blu nails it on the head with the Peach Schnapps. Users can definitely taste the sweet liquor flavor of the much-loved drink but without having to deal with the headache in the morning.

blu Tank Magnificent Menthol

The Java Jolt has a smooth, robust complex taste, imitating coffee as best it can. The only downside to this is the slightly burnt tasting aftertaste.
Cherry Crush is a fun flavor with the sweet taste of real cherries. This could arguably be the best flavor Blu has on offer and no wonder; they actually make this flavor with three different types of Cherry. This flavor definitely gets two thumbs up and is highly recommended.
With the Piña Colada, there is a definite taste of pineapple with a coconut-like aftertaste. This is a fantastically sweet and pleasurable flavor. Perfect for the summer months and perfect for the sweet teeth of the world.
Although the e-liquid is made and manufactured in the USA, it is not a product of Blu. However, the highly regarded, much loved Johnson Creek Smoke Juice makes the liquid. For those of you who are unsure of the name being dropped here, all you have to worry about is that it is a respected name in the e-smoking community and they are recognized for creating and manufacturing high quality e-liquid. On top of this, they create the seven flavors exclusively for Blu E-cigs.

Battery performance and charging

The regular sized battery will give the smoker around four to five hours of regular smoke time. This is equivalent to about 75 to 100 puffs. This isn’t too much to worry about because all of the kits include a PCC so you don’t have to panic about running out of precious smoke time when the user hasn’t got access to a power source. However, the downfall is that the battery only lasts about two to three months before it needs replacing. This is fine for the beginner e-smoker as there comes a point where the user would want to change from the cig-a-like to a more advanced device. On top of this, all starter packs comes with a replaceable battery so there is no need to purchase extra batteries.

Universal Car Charger

For charge time, a single battery takes about 105 minutes to fully charge from empty. It’s not great, but the PCC makes up for this.


What is particularly noticeable about Blu is the selection of starter kits on sale. Blu has one main cig-a-like devise that it elaborates on: alternating the size of the battery, or varying between a cartridge and a tank option. Their starter kits are definitely one of their strong suits, and customers have the luxury of choosing the kit that’s best suited for them.

Unfortunately, as far as selection goes, the starter kit is the only part of the company worth talking about. The options of flavors and their strengths are measly, especially when compared to competing e-cig companies. The cartridges are only available in seven different flavors, and the tanks have even less option. This isn’t very impressive when some of the other leading brands offer more than thirty different flavors.
As well as this, their accessories section has little to offer. Other than replaceable items, Blu doesn’t sell extra products such as lanyards or different styles of cases. This may be a minor detail, but there are users who appreciate a choice of accessories.

Premium E-cig Rechargable Kit

Packaging & Design

The design and packaging of Blu products are definitely what sets the brand apart form the rest. This is by far their strong suit. The Blu e-cigarettes are particularly recognizable for the blue glow-tip that lights up with each puff. That, contrasting with the black body, is somewhat cool and fashionably sleek and eye-catching.

It is worth mentioning the battery size when talking about the design. It is small and pretty light compared to other cig-a-likes on the market. It’s not quite as light as a real cigarette, however as far as e-cigs go, when the device is constructed, it is about the same size as a regular cigarette.
Batteries can be bought in either black or white. Cartridges are sold in either black or natural. When combining a natural colored cartridge with a white battery, the devise basically looks like a regular cigarette.

The PCC is slim and compact. Bought in either white or black, with the recognizable Blu logo on the front, it is easy to carry and the flip-top lid mimics that of a regular cigarette box. The detailing is particularly notable as the logo lights up when the lid is opened and a three LED display located on the side of the case informs the user how much charge is left. Blu doesn’t go cheap when it comes to the quality of manufacturing a PCC. The case has a rubber coating, which allows for it to effortlessly slide into the trouser pocket.

With regards to the actual packaging, the Primium 100 kit is presented in a minimalistic black box decorated with Blu’s signature blue and white text surrounding an image of the PCC case. As a reflection of the brand and their products, the packaging is sleek and futuristic. When the box is opened, all of the items are strategically placed and well presented to the new owner. Under the items, you will find the manual, cartridges, charger and USB cable.

Blue eCigs Shipping

Blu not only ships within The US but also to most international countries. The company uses the shipping companies UPS and USPS for domestic orders. Orders are normally packed within two business days and are delivered within the time specified at the checkout.


The one-year warranty applies to products that have workmanship or manufacturing defects (excluding cartridges and disposables). The warranty is void if the devise has been tampered with. BluCigs also offers a 30-day money back promise on the starter kits and the premium kit, even if it has been used. Bare in mind that the terms and conditions should be read through carefully. Blu do charge for a restocking fee for returns on a kit. Customers who are in need of re-imbursements need to fill in a form, that can be found on their website, and provide proof of purchase. After sending off the right paperwork, it may take a coulpe of weeks for them to process the replacement, which isn’t the best, but it is a great warranty deal non the less.
It’s always comforting to know that companies offer such a generous warranty as it is a sign of their faith they have in their own products. The ‘CE’ and the ‘RoHS Complaint’ labels proudly displayed on the exterior of the starter kit also confirm this. These are independent quality control teams that conduct their own thorough tests on the products, ensuring the very best in manufacturing.

Customer Service

To contact the blu service department you can submit a customer service enquiry through their website or via e-mail. Alternatively, a customer can reach them on their online chat found on the website. The customer service department is open seven days a week from 7am to 11pm EST. If a customer has a general question or query to be answered, there is always the FAQ section of the website. Blu eCigs has made it as easy and convenient as possible to get in contact with them.

Premium E-Cig Rechargeable Kit - Black

Blu E-cigs Starter Kits

Blu sells four different types of rechargeable kits. All of the kits include a portable charging case, or a PCC, capable of carrying three cartridges and two batteries, a car charger and a USB cable. The basic rechargeable kit also includes a packet of high-strength cartridges, purchased in flavors including Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol or the variety pack. The pack also includes two rechargeable batteries. The PCC is pretty powerful: Fully charged it allows three to four batteries to be re-charged and can give an average user a full days smoking.

The Premium Rechargeable kit is very similar to the basic kit except that it includes built-in social features on the PCC. If you are wondering what a social feature consists of, it basically alerts the user when other smokers are close by or if the smoker is close to a retail store that sells Blu products. This feature is quite uncommon for a PCC, and it could be considered a unimportant, but it is an added feature none the less. Customers can also choose the strength and flavor of the cartridges with the Premium Rechargeable kit.

With the Premium 100 pack, again the PCC includes social features and the cartridges and batteries are 10% larger than the other kits, offering longer vape time. Customers can also choose between the blu tanks or the flavored cartridge, once again in any strength or flavor.

The Blu Plus+ kit comprises of two rechargeable ‘quick-charge’ batteries that last twice as long as the batteries that come with the basic Rechargeable kit. The kit doesn’t include cartridges but rather three Classic Tobacco blu tanks that have more than twice the capacity of the flavored cartridges. The Blu Plus+ kit is only on sale on the website for a limited period of time only. Alternatively, customers are asked to make their purchases for the kit at a nearby retail store. If unsure where the nearest store is, log onto the blu website where you can find a map that will locate you to the nearest retail store.


The downside to purchasing from a recognizable brand like BluCigs is the price. The starter kits are very reasonably priced for what they come with. The smallest is on sale for $34.99, which is nothing when you take into account it includes a PCC and replicable batteries and a pack of cartridges.
However, The Premium kit is going to set you back $79.95. Considering it is only slightly better than the basic kit, this is a little pricy. The Premium 100 will set you back $89.95. Once again, this is quite pricey for a cig-a-like kit but it is the one of the best kits that blu sells and one of the more popular kits on the market.

The cartridges are sold in packs of five and are priced at $12.80 a box, however, it’s advisable to purchase the cartridges in bulk as the prices lower the more pack you buy at one time. They also have a ‘clearance’ section where customers can purchase cartridges and accessories at discounted prices.

Disposables E-cigs


Sign up to the blu loyalty program and earn rewards through promoting their products. Named the Blu Nation Rewards, registered users are awarded points for purchases, newsletter registration, social media sharing, amongst other things. Members can redeem points for sharing exclusive blu merchandise, sweepstake entries and digital rewards. Points awarded vary depending on activities. For instance, by ‘liking’ their Facebook page, members are awarded 50 points. Alternatively, customers are given 100 points when they follow blu eCigs on Instagram or twitter. Take note that points expire after 180 days.

Other Products

Not only does Blu sell cig-a-like devises, but customers can also purchase disposable e-cigarettes. They can be bought in packs of four and come in flavors including Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol and Cherry Crush. Each e-cigarette is the equivalent of a pack and a half of a regular cigarette and is made from recyclable materials. For a disposable e-cigarette, Blu’s disposables are not that bad, especially for the completely new beginners to e-smoking that want to test it out before committing to a rechargeable version. They deliver a good amount of vapor for a disposable and there is a decent throat hit. Like the cartridge and tank flavors, customers will be content with their experience.


Blu is definitely celebrated for their manufacturing in cig-a-like devises. This is without a doubt a brand to consider if you are new to e-vaping and thinking of quitting the cigarettes for good. The devises are easy to construct and even easier to smoke. As well as this, the quality of the flavors are arguably the best on the market, especially when we discuss the flavors of the cartridges. Although the choice is slim, it’s the quality that counts. The price of the starter kits and cartridges are very reasonable. This is another reason why it is worth buying Blu. They don’t bump up the prices, but rather attract new customers with reasonable price tags and discounts on other items. As well as this, Blu is one of the most widely sold e-cigarette brands in the world, this is a great advantage as it means you can buy in retail stores. It might be an old-fashioned way to shop, but it is still a great advantage for people who would prefer to see, feel and touch the product before buying.


By only manufacturing cig-a-like devises, and dedicating their craftsmanship to the smaller, beginner e-cigarettes, it might be a little off-putting for an e-cig company. However, by restricting their choice of inventory, Blu commits to producing high quality cig-a-likes. Blu cares about the fine details and that’s why they have such a huge client base. The moment Blu eCigs comes under scrutiny is due to the fact that their customers become more accustomed to e-smoking and want to get more involved in the more advanced vaping devices. Customers soon evolve and move onto other, larger devises that BluCigs doesn’t manufacture. It’s harder for companies like Blu to build up a long-term, loyal client base because of this. On top of this, Blu cigarettes aren’t recommended for the heavy smoker (a pack a day smokers) as the battery strength can’t and the throat hit can’t accommodate for their desires. However, don’t be put off by this, as far as cig-a-like devises go, these are definitely some of the best on the cig-a-like market.

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