How to Find the Best Vaporizer Battery Charger

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If you give a vaper an e-cig, he’s probably going to ask you for a battery. If you give him the battery, you can bet he’s going to ask you for a charger. A charger, you say? How do I find a battery charger? I’m glad you asked! Finding a good battery charger is sometimes just as important as finding a good battery because while the battery serves as the engine behind a master work of machinery, if it’s dead, it’s not going to serve you very well anyway.

When selecting the best battery charger, you’re going to want to keep in mind what you’re going to do with it. How many batteries are you going to be charging at one time? How quickly do you need to be able to charge your batteries? Would you like your battery charger to be sleek and portable?

The type of charger you buy will depend on your level of experience and the number of devices you own. E-Cig Brands has everything you need to know about in order to find the best battery charger for your vaporizer. Read on to discover relevant safety points, important information, and our reviews.

Battery Life Calculation

How to Charge Batteries Safely:

We’ve spoken quite a bit on our site about batteries and why you shouldn’t ever skimp on a good-quality battery because it will completely alter your vaping experience. Well much the same is true for battery chargers because if you’re dealing with high-discharge batteries, you’re not going to want to play around with them. You could really get hurt if you settle for a cheap piece of machinery.

What Type of Battery Are You Using?

Now not all batteries are compatible with every device. While 18650 batteries seem to be fairly standard, they are not, by any means the sole battery in the vaping world. If you are charging 18650 batteries, you want a charger that can get you right to 4.2V without overcharging and therefore harming your batteries in the long-term.

On the other hand though, if you are charging a different kind of battery, make sure to look for a charger that can accommodate that kind of battery. There are battery chargers that can charge multiple different types of batteries at the same time, but in any case, do note that this is not always the case. If you have a 26650 battery or a 18350 battery, you need to be more selective. Not any device will do. Sub-ohm vaping becomes even more particular.

What Criteria Should You Consider When Trying to Find the Best Battery Charger?
You want to charge your batteries as quick as possible, and so the faster a charger can do just that, the faster you can start vaping again. A good battery should be able to manage two batteries at 1.0 amps or four batteries simultaneously at half that power. Faster is always better, but that should serve as the very minimum.

Battery chargers today like batteries and vaporizers are very modern. They come with sleek LCD screens and multiple ports. On some of the more modern displays, you’ll be able to monitor everything from amperage to charging current to voltage all on one convenient little screen.

Other vapers might value convenience and portability, and indeed a large number of chargers are sweet little designs that hold your batteries neatly inside a jeans or shirt pocket. With these chargers, you won’t have to worry about dragging around a big clunky black box of batteries. On the contrary. Many of them resemble packs of cigarettes. You may not even notice that they are battery cases because they blend in so well.

What do you care about most? Well we’ve organized our search by criteria. When you read our tips, you’ll be able to identify the best battery charger in each separate category. Sit back and relax. E-Cig Brands has got you fully covered. You are just a few clicks away from finding your own best battery charger, so read on.

  • Number of Ports
  • Multiple Battery Types
  • Value for Money
  • Portability and Convenience
  • Design
  • High-Efficiency Charging
  • Where to Find Them

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The Best Battery Charger for Multiple Uses:

EFEST LUC V4 Charger

We really love this charger because it can accommodate so many different kinds of batteries. If you happen to use multiple kinds of batteries, then this could really prove to be a great option for you. This battery charger has four ports each with their own charge meter, and can charge most 3.7V lithium-ion and lithium manganese batteries including 18650, 26500, 10440, 14650, 17670, 18700, 26650, 14500, and 18500. The Efest Luc V4 has charging rates from 0.5-2.0 amps and can charge batteries more accurately than many of the other chargers on the market. Do, however, make sure to check that your batteries can handle 2.0amps. Though most high-discharge lithium batteries should have no problem with it, it’s always better to check.

We also admire this port because it can be used to charge other devices. Truly multi-talented, this charger is compatible with smartphones, iPads, and other devices. The EFEST LUC V4 Charger acts as a great little all-in-one device, and for such a reasonable price, we really can’t argue with it. Customers were particularly satisfied with the device’s ability to recognize multiple different kinds of batteries and its over-current protection.

If this kind of battery charger is calling your name, then don’t hesitate. Head over to Direct Vapor by clicking here to get yours today.

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The Best Battery Charger for Value for Your Money:

ESYB M2 2-Bay High Drain Battery Charger

At only about $10, this battery charger is probably one of the cheapest options out there, but it works like a charm and will have one to two batteries up and running in no more than four hours tops. For the price you might pay for a meal at a fast-food restaurant, you can get back to vaping in record times. The ESYB M2 allows one amp of charge though protects it from ever actually reaching 4.2V.

The case is plastic, and the springs hold the batteries securely in place. There are three green lights on the side for each battery, and when all six of them light up, you know that both batteries are fully charged. So, if you’re not near a USB port, you can just plug your batteries into the ESYB M2. That way if there are no outlets anywhere in the vicinity, you’re not necessarily out of luck. The charger is small and light enough too that you can throw it in a pocket of a bag and bring it with you either during the day at work or even on bike rides when you’re mobile.

If you want a useful, inexpensive battery charger that will provide great value to you on a regular basis, then look no further. Click here to visit the Direct Vapor online vaping outlet to purchase your new battery charger today!
ESYB M2 2-Bay High Drain Battery Charger

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Most Aesthetically Appealing Battery Charger:

VaporFi Express Portable Charging Case

This case is meant to charge VaporFi’s own Standard Express batteries, but it’s so innovative that we thought we’d share it anyway. You can charge up this little case with a USB cable, and then during the day you can keep your batteries charging so that you’ll always have a fully-charged battery. How great is that? It comfortably slips into any pocket, and because it looks like a regular cigarette package, you’ll barely notice it.

There is an LED display for battery life, a built-in flashlight for convenience, and an interior case light. The battery has a capacity of 1000 mAh, which is enough to charge the batteries four times before needing to be recharged itself. Plus, there is even extra room in the pack to hold surplus cartridges. Customers complained about the fact that the surface material sometimes smudged and that the case didn’t close completely when batteries were charging. Otherwise, they only had positive things to say about it.

If this seems like your kind of charger, or if you are a huge VaporFi fan, then follow this link and check it out for yourself today!
VaporFi Express Portable Charging Case for E-Cigarettes

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The Best Battery Charger for High-Efficiency Charging:

VaporFi High-Capacity Battery Charger

This battery charger was designed to charge one battery at a time. The idea behind the device is that a stronger charge will charge a single battery faster than ever. If you’re an all-day vaper, and you don’t always have access to a car charger or an outlet, then this could be your life-saver. This tiny little charger charges up batteries in an hour or less, and after you charge up one you just pop it out and charge up another. One of VaporFi’s customers comments:

Really great dual charger. Quick, convenient and still works great!! You just put the one size battery in and when it’s charged, you can charge another battery that’s a different size. Still works as well as it did when I got it.

If you need to get those babies in and out to charge them on the fly, then consider the VaporFi High-Capacity Battery Charger. For only about ten dollars, you’ll be charging faster than ever before. It might not have a fancy LCD display or charge multiple batteries at one time, but if you’re a vaper on the go, then boy does it get the job done.

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The Best Battery Charger for Charging Power

EFEST Lush Q4 Intelligent LED Battery Charger

The EFEST Lush Q4 is meant for the advanced vaper who needs to charge multiple batteries every night for his multiple devices. It has four independent battery ports and has charging rates of either 0.5A, 1.0A, or 2.0A of input power. Plus, the EFEST Lush Q4 comes with overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and reverse-polarity protection to keep you safe and make it easier than ever for you to keep your batteries married.

If you need a battery charger that is really a powerhouse in disguise, then look no further. This here is your charger. Click here to check it out more closely on the Direct Vapor website.
Efest Lush Q4 Intelligent LED Battery Charger

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Chargers come in a whole host of shapes and sizes, and before shopping for one, you need to make sure to narrow down your focus. Your specific needs more than anything else are going to determine which charger is perfect for you. We’ve tried to list the best battery chargers in each category here, and so regardless of where you are in your vaping journey, you should have at least somewhere to start. Whether you need a four-port charger with LCD screen, a high-efficiency single battery charger, or a simple carrying case for e-cig batteries that doubles as a charger, you should be satisfied with one of these devices.

And so, if you give a vaper an e-cig, make sure you’re ready to give him a battery charger because, well, you all know how the story goes already. Go out and get your battery chargers today.