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E-cig cartridges are made from very few ingredients, are a very convenient method for smoking on the go, are discreet in size, and pack a powerful flavor experience in a tiny and compact cartridge. Their unique design provides users with the opportunity to smoke as effortlessly, if not more, than a traditional tobacco cigarette. Made with three key features — the atomizer, the e-cig liquid, and the soft tip — the cartridges are designed to seamlessly connect to a battery to provide you, the user, with an exciting and simple smoking method. When the e-cig cartridge gets low (there is little to no vapor and the flavoring is all but nonexistent), then disposal is easy as “1-2-trashcan.” The user can quickly grab another cartridge and start smoking again without skipping a beat. E-cig cartridges are made with the modern day society in mind. They’re flavorful, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

Unique Design

E-cig cartridges are unique in design. They are smaller than a tobacco cigarette, disposable, and last a long time. With traditional tobacco cigarettes you usually dispose of the filter portion of the cigarette, in a similar manner to how you would dispose of the e-cig cartridge when finished with it. What’s interesting is that in the lifetime of a regular pack of tobacco cigarettes you would dispose of 20 filters, or in other words, 20 butts. With e-cig cartridges you would dispose of one cartridge for the same amount of time and use what it would take for you to smoke a pack and a half of regular tobacco cigarettes. Think about it. One e-cig cartridge replaces 30 butts. Now that is huge! The environmental impact alone is remarkable, not to mention the amount of money and time you’ll not running to the store all the time for a new pack of cigarettes.

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E-cig cartridges are designed to look like a standard tobacco cigarette filter that attaches to the battery of an e-cigarette. The cartridge is designed with three key features in mind — the atomizer, the liquid with or without nicotine, and silicone tip – making them different than any other smoking method out there. Epuffer’s e-cig cartridges have a very unique and superior design with their three stage process and trademarked VaporFlo technology. They are designed to create a smooth draw with the maximum amount of vapor achievable to really contribute to the experience and create the maximum atmospheric effect.

The atomizer is what creates the vapor smoke that you taste, feel, and see when smoking an e-cigarette. When you take a draw on the e-cig it pulls the liquid through to the atomizer which heats it up using the attached battery and allows you to get the enjoyable smoking experience that you’re after. The greatest benefit to using e-cigarette cartridges is that you are always guaranteed a fresh atomizer with every new cartridge. Atomizer’s can wear out over time from excessive use, but with a cartridge you never have to worry about your atomizer wearing out and producing little to no vapor – you will always have an abundant amount of vapor smoke.

Within the e-cig cartridge there’s also the liquid. The liquid is what gives you the robust flavor that you’re after and delivers the nicotine potency of your choice. This is the part that is unique for every cartridge. With literally hundreds of different flavors to choose from, there’s no way you can’t find one you’ll enjoy smoking.

Finally, the e-cig cartridge is completed with a silicone tip that allows for a very natural feeling when inhaling the vapor. The silicone tip is flexible and soft, meaning that it feels very similar to a standard tobacco cigarette filter when smoking. The smooth tip features a single hole to ensure that the maximum draw potential is achieved. Additionally, the tip is leak proof so that you can comfortably carry your e-cig cartridges within your purse or place it in your pocket and know that liquid flavoring will not be lost and left to spoil the contents of your bag or stain your clothes.

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Fewer Ingredients

The less ingredients something has, the less of a chance it has of being unhealthy for you. While the full effects of vapor smoke from e-cigarettes have not been tested to the lengthy extent that traditional tobacco cigarettes have been, it’s safe to assume from known research that the vapor from e-cigarettes is healthier for you than smoke from tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes have more than 4000 chemicals in them, whereas the e-cig liquid vapor that is in the cartridge is made up of 5 or less ingredients. So with that being said, there’s clearly a huge defining beneficial difference here between traditional tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

With the added health benefits for you, there also comes along the added health benefits for those around you. No longer do you need to risk harming your family, friends, and anyone else around you. This is because vapor has no known 2nd-hand effect, not to mention 3rd-hand effect. With traditional tobacco cigarettes one usually fears not for their own health but for the health of those that come in contact with the smoke or items that have lingering residue left behind on them. Often times people will report having headaches, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and ear infections from coming into contact with second-hand tobacco cigarette smoke. Additionally, everyone that comes into contact with 1st hand, 2nd hand, or 3rd hand tobacco smoke risks being exposed to many of the carcinogenic chemicals within them as well. Third-hand smoke for tobacco cigarette users usually refers to the tar build up that occurs in areas that get smoked in regularly. This can cause yellowing of white surface, tar and carcinogenic residue buildup, and a definite and often unappealing smell. With e-cigarettes you don’t need to worry about any of that! No more second hand smoke or third hand smoke talk and vocal complaints from others. Instead, you can just sit back and enjoy your sweet and smooth vapor.

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Environmentally Friendly

E-cig cartridges produce much less trash than traditional tobacco cigarettes, making them a lot more environmentally friendly than alternative forms of smoking. Cartridges for e-cigarettes last longer than a standard pack of tobacco cigarettes. For the average user, a cartridge will last about a pack and half times that of a regular pack of tobacco cigarettes. This means that for each e-cig cartridge you get about 30 tobacco cigarettes worth of smoking, which means for every one e-cig cartridge you dispose of you’re saving the planet from 29 extra cigarette filters . When disposing of an e-cig cartridge you are keeping the roads clean, the seas free, and the planet green from accumulating cigarette filters or nasty “butts.”

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Enhanced Flavor Experience

E-cigarette cartridges pack a powerful flavor punch in a tiny and compact device. Additionally, they will always taste fresh and never seem dull or stale. Since every e-cig cartridge is designed with its own atomizer, you can always guarantee that you’re getting a fresh and new atomizer with every new cartridge you use. Since atomizers can wear out over time and with regular use, other forms of e-cigs with built in atomizers are susceptible to wearing out. This can eventually lead to a very dull and lack-luster smoking experience. When an atomizer wears out the vapor is nearly non-existent, and therefore the flavor is negatively impacted and will taste noticeably weaker and rather bland. With an e-cig cartridge you don’t have to concern yourself with any of that. In fact, all you have to think about is which flavor you want to smoke next. There is no fuss in using and disposing of an e-cig cartridge when the time comes, and with every drag on the cartridge’s soft tip you’ll experience a lively and very flavorful vaping experience.


E-cig cartridges offer a healthier and more environmentally friendly way of smoking. The vapor produced from the atomizer that is held internally within the very compact and discreet cartridge is thick, robust, and oh so tasty. The cool vapor will never falter or weaken as the atomizer never has the opportunity to wear out and potentially ruin your vaping experience. Rather, you are always guaranteed a fresh and new atomizer with every new cartridge. With every new cartridge comes the opportunity for new flavors that suit your taste buds and are fitting for every occasion, whether it be after dinner as dessert or in the early morning with your cup of coffee. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with each inhale from the e-cig cartridge and are guaranteed to enjoy a long-lasting and enjoyable smoking experience. With less than five ingredients, hundreds of flavors to choose from, varying nicotine levels based on personal preference, there is no reason not to give an e-cig cartridge a try.