VaporFi Review

VaporFi Ecig Review
Vapor Quality
Battery & Charger

VaporFi E-Cigarettes Pros & Cons

  • Large Selection of E-Cig Devices
  • Long Lasting Batteries
  • An Abundance of Flavors
  • Well Manufactured, Durable Devices
  • Fast Shipping
  • Good Quality & fair Price
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • The Starter Kits Don’t Include E-Liquids Or Cartomizers

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VaporFi is one of the leading e cig brands. Although it offers a plethora of e-cigarette devices, VaporFi specializes in high-powered devices designed for enthusiasts.

VaporFi  E-Loquid

First Impression

VaporFi is known for its professionalism. You can see it in both its well thought-out website and its products. VaporFi sells everything from e-cigarette starter kits to e-liquids. It is obvious VaporFi doesn’t like to cut corners when it comes to manufacturing: its thoughts are on quality.

VaporFi Vapor Production

VaporFi’s Express device offers a bigger battery with more power, leading to more vapor production. The throat hit is substantial for a cig-a-like, without being too overwhelming. However, this too can be altered depending on the nicotine strength in the cartridge.

VaporFi All Kits

The Pro range has even more vapor production than the Express due to the larger battery. If you want a strong throat hit, the large 650mAh delivers. When comparing the vape-pen to other models on the market, the Pro range is one of the best. The mist is impressive with each puff, and it doesn’t lessen significantly as the battery runs low. For vapor production, this is one of the best. This applies considerably to the Pro Platinum device, which has a larger 1000mAh battery and improved technology to the Pro standard device.

Considering the size of the Pro 3, it packs a punch when it comes to vapor production and throat hit. The mist released from the device is substantial, raising the bar for the Express e-cigarette. Don’t be fooled by its size. The Pro 3 offers more than is expected.
The intensity and immense vapor production released with the Rocket 3 is well worth noting. Whether a novice with the vape-pen devices or a seasoned smoker, the Rocket 3 delivers. If a satisfying and fierce throat hit is what the customer craves, then this device is the one for you. With a variable voltage battery as large as this, there is definitely the potential to suppress all cravings a smoker might have.

VaporFi E-cigarettes

With the high-powered Rebel and VOX, prepare for a vape production that will amaze and astound. VaporFi doesn’t fall short on producing quality mechanics that result in vasts amount of mist with every puff. Due to the strength of the batteries, the vapor continues to impress even when the power is slowly diminishing.

VaporFi  Charger

VaporFi Accessories

VaporFi ensures its customers receive everything they could ever need for their e-cigarettes, and more. The accessories department offers replacement tanks, batteries, and chargers that fit all the e-cigarettes VaporFi manufactures. The same is true of atomizers and cartomizers. VaporFi provides an impressive collection of cases and lanyards, including a sleek, extra skinny flip-top PCC, suitable for the Express, with a built-in LED screen displaying the battery life. If add-ons are what the customer is looking for, VaporFi also has a range of lanyards in all different colors and styles, appropriate for any of its e-cigarettes. For the more seasoned smoker, there is a section dedicated to selling mod cons that work with the high-powered, advanced e-cigarettes, such as the Rebel and the Bolt. This includes batteries, tanks, coils, and even RDAs. Whatever the item, VaporFi supplies it.


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VaporFi E-Liquid Flavors

VaporFi offers an extensive collection of e-liquid flavors, from classic tobacco and menthol tosweet dessert and fruity flavors. They have recently added the Artisan Collection, which includes flavors like “Summer Lovin” and “Monkey Business.” VaporFi celebrates the art of custom flavors, specifically choosing its flavors to allow its customers to adapt and create their own DIY e-liquids. Each 30ml bottle comes with the option of six different nicotine strengths, the strongest being 3.6% nicotine. VaporFi halso came up with the genius idea of allowing customers to decide how strong the flavor should be. When deciding on a bottle of e-juice, select between either a single, double, or triple shot of flavor.

If menthol is your preferred flavor, try out “Mighty Menthol.” This e-juice definitely delivers a minty punch to the back of the throat . As for the tobacco flavors, the ‘Cuban Cigar’ gets two thumbs up. It has a rich, woody flavor that really imitates flavors found in a Cuban cigar.

The “Blend of the Month Club” is a great bonus for the flavor lovers of the world. Customers who join get a sneak peak into new flavors before they are released to the e-liquid shop. Receive free shipping on any e-liquid orders placed and take advantage of VaporFi’s exclusive discounts on batteries, tanks, kits and accessories.

With so many options to choose from, VaporFi has made selecting flavors just a little bit easier. Purchase a sampler pack and select any three flavors that catch your fancy. The pack comes with three 10ml bottles of e-liquid.

VaporFi Battery Performance & Charging

The small 180mAh battery found in the Express starter kit isn’t particularly impressive, but when compared to other batteries of that size on the market, it is one of the best. As for the 280mAh battery, the smoker can stretch around 400 puffs from a fully charged battery.

VaporFi  Batterries

The Pro range boasts a 650mAh battery with around 24 hours of average use between charges. Vaporfi added a standby mode, which helps conserve the battery, resulting in less charge time. The only downfall with the Pro battery is that it doesn’t come in variable voltage. The VV battery is quite common for a vape-pen, and this is where Vaporfi falls short .

Even though the Express battery has a small capacity of 350mAh, it has power. A heavy smoker could stretch a day of smoking out of it, and it only takes a couple of hours to recharge.

The Rocket 3 button-activated battery includes a built-in LCD screen that informs the smoker of the amount of puffs taken and how much battery power is left. The 650mAh battery gives the casual smoker about twelve hours of vape time. When it comes to charging the battery, the starter kit includes a cool, circular charging plate that is attached to the USB cable. The plate glows red while charging, changing to blue when charging is complete. The battery only takes a couple of hours to charge. This is a fun and original touch that makes Rocket 3 distinctive to its Vaporfi counterparts.

VaporFi Dimonds Kit

The button-activated battery of the Rocket is very easy to set up and use. The variable voltage dial is located at the bottom of the battery and allows the user to adjust the range between 3.2v and 4.8 volts. The large 1600mAh battery means an average smoker can continue to use his or her Rocket all day without any need to recharge.

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Vaporfi has a particularly large variety of e-cigarettes to accommodate all types of e-smokers. With twelve different e-cigarette starter kits available, the customer is bound to find the device that is best suited for him or her. Moreover, the selection of e-liquids is neverending.

VaporFi Starter Kit Pro

Packaging & Design

Although similar to other cig-a-like devices with the traditional minimal design, the Express is one of the better options on the markey. Noteworthy for its size, the Express is both thin and comfortable to hold between the fingers. Take into account that the 280mAh battery is not only larger in capacity but also more aesthetic. Although the e-cigarette is only produced in one color, it is very subtle in a classic white finish. In addition, VaporFi’s jeweled-tipped battery glows red with each puff. Vaporfi truly endeavors to mimic the traditional tobacco cigarette, which is apparent in the weight, appearance, and detailing of the Express device.

VaporFi New Vaproizer

The Pro range is a little less elegant than the Express cig-a-like with its chunky body and long design. However, Vaporfi released the Pro Color range, selling the Pro device in ten different colors for the customer to choose from. The Platinum pro is one of the most graceful and elegant vape-pens around. The platinum-silver finish and the thin, yet sturdy hold makes for a stylish statement.

The Pro 3 is small and compact, sitting nicely in the palm of your hand. The design is a happy medium between the Express and the Pro device. Unfortunately, it only comes in black or white. However, because it’s so petite and minimal, it is barely seen when held in the palm of your hand.

VaporFi 30mm E-liquid Bottle

The first thing you’ll notice about the Rocket 3 is its stunning finish and vibrant colors. While this e-cigarette is pretty standard in terms of appearance, its visual features ensure it stands out. Similar to The Pro, it is slightly smaller to hold. The glass tank is about half the size of the device, and with the contrast to the mouthpiece and battery, there is something quite chic about the aesthetics of this cigarette.

The Rocket is sold in either basic black or stainless steel. The size of the device is compact considering the magnitude of the battery. What particularly stands in the design of the Rocket is its curved mouthpiece. It is sleek and noticeable as it protrudes from the main body of the device.
VaporFi designed Rebel devices from high-quality stainless steal. The telescopic tube located at the bottom of the Rebel II allows the user to extend and reduce the device as he or she pleases.

The Boom is large in the hand, mimicking a shisha pipe hookah. While it comes with a sleek black finish, users can purchase a mouthpiece in another color. A little added detail is the built-in bubble sound giving more of an authentic shisha experience.



VaporFi E-Cigs Shipping

If the order is placed before 12pm EST, the package is dispatched that same day. The regular delivery time within the USA is between 5 to 7 working days. VaporFi does ship worldwide, and depending on the country, the package can take between 7 and 30 days to arrive.

VaporFi is now offering fast shipping to Australia, with 2-4 days transit time door to door!

VaporFi Warranty

The 30-day money back guarantee is available for all VaporFi products aside from e-liquids, allowing the customers to test out the manufacturing for themselves. If the product fails to live up to any expectations the customer might have, or the manufacturing is faulty, this guarantee protects the buyer from losing out. Additionally, you can smoke easily knowing all VaporFi items, excluding the clearance items, come with a 90-day warranty.

Customer Service

Customers can contact VaporFi via e-mail or its toll-free number, which is open Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm and Saturday 10am to 6pm. Unlike other premium e-cigarette brands, VaporFi doesn’t have an online live chat section. However, there is a blog on its website that keeps customers up-to-date with new information on the company. There are also tutor videos to advise you on how to use and maintain a newly purchased product.

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VaporFi Starter Kits

The VaporFi Stratus is the latest dry herb vaporizer pen produced by VaporFi. The Stratus offers several upgrades over its predecessor, the Orbit. The Stratus vaporizer features an innovative variable temperature control, which ranges from 350 Fahrenheit to a scorching 430 Fahrenheit. However, the Stratus vaporizer also includes an improved metal ring right below the mouth piece that is not too hot to the touch. In addition to the temperate control settings, which can be adjusted in 1F increments, the VaporFi Stratus can hold up to 1.5g of loose leaf tobacco in its chamber. While not the largest out there, it’s enough to satisfy even the most demanding of vapers.

VaporFi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Stratus comes with a 2200mAh battery, which provides enough juice for a about a day’s worth of vaping. The total weight of the Stratus is about 2.6oz, and the device is discreet enough to carry in the palm of your hand without attracting too much attention. The VaporFi Stratus has a price tag of $129.99. While certainly not the cheapest vaporizer on the market, when you take into account VaporFi’s 90-day warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, and quality build, it certainly makes the Stratus an attractive option, especially if you’re looking for a solid, reliable vaporizer.

VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

The express is VaporFi’s cig-a-like device. Although the starter kit is pretty basic, it includes everything you need, including two batteries: the standard 180mAh express battery and the high-capacity 280mAh express battery. The customer can also expect to find a wall adaptor and a USB charger. He or she is also rewarded a VaporFi membership card (which comes with every purchase of an e-cigarette). The express device corresponds with the VaporFi cartridges on sale on the website, although the starter kit does not include a free batch of cartridges. The express device is, as it says in the name, express: the two-piece e-cigarette is quick to build and dismantle, ideal for the novice smoker.

VaporFi Vaporizer Express Kit

VaporFi has also released its Pro range with three different models: the Pro, the Pro Colors, and the Pro Platinum. The Pro starter kit comes with a 650mAh, a 3.7 Volt battery, a cartomizer, a USB charger, and wall adapter. The tank holds 1.5ml of e-liquid, although the customer must buy the e-liquid separately from the starter kit. As for the Pro Color range, the kit is exactly the same except that the customer is offered more choices. As the name of the kit suggests, the customer has ten colors to choose from, including the standard black found in the standard Pro starter kit as well as other bright, eye-catching colors. Moreover, the Pro Colors kit offers the customer a chance to choose from either a 650mAh battery or a larger 100mAh battery.

The Pro Platinum starter kit is similar to the standard Pro kit and is one of Vaporfi’s best selling e-cigarette kits. The Pro Platinum is a step up from the regular Pro with a larger 2.5ml cartomizer tank for more smoke time. As an added bonus, the Pro e-cigarette range is interchangeable, allowing the more advanced customer to adapt the pro cigarette to his or her liking.

The Pro 3 starter kit includes a 350mAh battery and a Pro 3 cartomizer, which has a 30 to 90 day lifespan, depending on how often the smoker uses the device. The tank has a modest 0.9ml capacity. The Pro 3 stands out with its subtlety in size, both in the physicality and the technicality of the device. This is ideal for new e-smokers as it is easy to assemble and use.

VaporFi  Pro Kit

Vaporfi moves onto more advanced e-cigarette technology with the Rocket 3 starter kit. This kit includes two large 750mAh batteries, two cartomizers with a tank capacity of 2.5ml, the regular USB charger and wall adapter, and a bonus circular charger.

The variety of vape-pen starter kits continues with the Rocket. With a powerful 1600mAh variable voltage battery that operates up to 4.8 volts, the user can alter the vapor production to his or her liking. In addition, the starter kit consists of a dual coil airflow control tank that can hold up to 2.5ml of e-liquid. The customer can also find a pack of five extra atomizers. With all the added extras, this starter kit is well worth the investment. This particular vape-pen shifts into the more higher-powered device range for the enthusiasts.

VaporFi E-Juice

As for more advanced starter kits, VaporFi has released the Rebel and the Rebel II. The Rebel in unique for its versatility and durability. VaporFi has developed this product to ensure a smoker can use the machine with other commercial items, such as tanks and coils. With the standard Rebel kit, the customer receives a telescopic VV vaporizer, a 600mAh battery and a 2200mAh battery, and a 3.0ml dual head tank cartomizer. The Rebel II offers a larger 4ml tank clearomizer, as well as a standard battery with a capacity of 750ml and a high capacity battery boasting a whopping 2800mAh. These devices aren’t for the faint-hearted.

The Boom starter kit includes a hooka-style device that is comprised of a 2200mAh battery (with a built-in bubbling sound that can be turned on or off), two 1.3ml reusable clearomizer, and two mouthpieces, one whose color the customer can choose.

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VaporFi 30mm E-liquid Bottle

VaporFi Prices

The price range of VaporFi products is quite high when compared to other brands on the premium market. For instance, the price of a bottle of 30ml e-liquidis $14.99. The reason for the high price tag is that the e-liquid is developed and manufactured by an external company,. As for the starter kits, the Express is priced at $29.99, which is very reasonable for a cig-a-like starter kit. The Rocket, meanwhile, will set you back $119.99, which sounds pricey, but it does come with a packet of five extra atomizers, which is a rarity for an e-cig company. The most expensive starter kit is the VOX, priced at $249.99. This is a lot of money to invest in an e-cigarette, but what’s important to remember about VaporFi is that the price is based on the quality of the manufacturing.

Other Products

Like most e-cigarette companies, VaporFi sells gift cards–a perfect gesture for the friend who wants to give up smoking and take up e-vaping. Select an amount between $10, $25, $50, $100, or $250, and the receiver can redeem the credit on VaporFi’s website.
The Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer starter kit includes a 2200mAh rechargeable vaporizer, a cleaning brush for maintenance, and five mesh replacement filters. Customers can select between a black or red device. This is perfect for the seasoned smoker who enjoys dry herb smoking.

VaporFi Charging


The company has built up a reputation based on its starter kits and devices, which are some of the best on the market. Moreover, it offers an excellent selection of e-liquids, with a flavor for every taste. VaporFi has thought of everything to ensure it caters to all types of e-smokers. This is evident in its wide array of products and accessories.


VaporFi is by far one of the leading companies in e-vaping. It truly believes in quality, manufacturing a wide range of high-end e-cigarettes and catering to the novice and the connoisseur alike.

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