How to Find a Cheap E-Juice

If you’ve switched from smoking to vaping, you’re probably smiling to yourself about the chunk of extra change you have in your pocket every month. With rent, insurance, food, and transportation, it sometimes seems like money flies out the window. Where does all that money go? If you’re young or living paycheck to paycheck, then even vaping can get expensive. Plus, you constantly have to purchase new equipment–atomizers, cartridges, e-liquid, batteries. Vaping is never one and done. Unfortunately, it involves a never-ending process of maintenance and upkeep.

There are plenty of budget vaping devices out there, and if you’re looking for budget vaping in general, we highly recommend browsing the Direct Vapor website. Today though we’ve compiled a list of the most budget-friendly vape juices available on the market. E-Cig Brands did the searching so you don’t have to. Read on for the essential guide to top inexpensive e-liquids.

Tips & Tricks in Finding a Cheap E-Juice

#1: Mix Your Own E-Liquids

There is no shortage of e-liquids out there, but if you are short on change, you might have a limited selection. You can still go for cheap e-liquid without sacrificing on your favorite flavors. Simply stroll into the kitchen and get out your mixing bowls. You aren’t limited to the flavors available to you. Today, you’ll find bright concoctions made from exotic treats, subtle blends designed to imitate your favorite desserts, and even vape juice intended to imitate your favorite caffeine-infused morning beverages.

Buy two e-liquids, and then you can blend them to suit your tastes. Even blend three! For instance, don’t just settle for tobacco if you want something more interesting–try tobacco and vanilla. Mix coconut with your favorite fruit-flavored e-juice and you can be sure your taste buds will thank you. Your options are limited only by your imagination–not your budget.

Furthermore, some of the cheaper e-cig liquids don’t offer as much flexibility when it comes to concentration of nicotine. If reducing your nicotine intake is your main priority, then fear not. Simply purchase two bottles with different nicotine concentrations and mix them together according to your needs. If you are going to play chef though, make sure to find a credible recipe booklet because you might end up with some nasty burns if you don’t add the liquids in the proper proportions. You can also purchase e-liquids from a company’s “juice bar.” They will mix two liquids for you according to your preferred nicotine levels and PG/VG levels and send it right to you.

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#2: Buy In Bulk

E-juice is usually sold in 30ml bottles depending on where you order your e-cig paraphernalia, but many companies are willing to give you a discount if you buy their e-juice in bulk. You may not necessarily want to buy 120ml of an e-liquid you’ve never tried before because if you hate it, you’ll be stuck with it. On the other hand though, if it’s one of your all-time favorites, why not buy extra? You might even save on shipping costs if you’re ordering e-cigarette liquid less often. Also, make sure not to be fooled just because a price is lower. Different companies sell their bottles in different sized packages, so if you’re expecting a bottle to be 30ml and only discover when it arrives that it is a 10ml bottle, you might end up kicking yourself about what you thought was a bargain.

On Direct Vapor, you can find bottles of e-liquid in 180ml sized containers. Mig Vapor allows customers to buy any e-liquid in any size. All you have to do is click on the e-liquid and look at their drop-down menu. They sell their e-liquids in 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml.

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#3: Look For Sales

Vaping companies are constantly offering sales, and these sales are not just for 5% off. Most of the time you can find e-liquid for several dollars cheaper than the original price. In fact, I’ve seen sales that advertise up to 60% off. Sign up for member e-mails and weekly updates to keep up on recent activities, and keep an eye out on public holidays for discounted e-liquid. You might have to do some extra work, but no one said penny-pinching was easy. You definitely can save a fortune if you’re willing to work for it though. For heaven sakes though, there are “Sales” sections for a reason! Take advantage of them! Oftentimes vaping companies discontinue a product line and want to sell off their remaining merchandise quickly and efficiently. That doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with it. In fact, everything is brand new! They should still be covered under the company warrantee too, so you have nothing to worry about.

#4: Stick with Your Favorites to Save Money On E-Juice

Too many people waste money on e-liquids they end up never using again simply because they want to try a flavor that just doesn’t end up satisfying them. If you have a few favorite flavors, then stick to them rather than risking a purchase you’ll regret. Alternatively, most companies offer sample packs of 3 bottles of 10ml e-juice so you can test different e-liquids without buying 30ml of it. If you live in a city, you might also be able to stop in at a local vaping bar or retailer and ask if you can sample some of the latest flavors. Usually local owners are more than happy to share their preferences with you, and there is never any obligation to buy.

#5: Stay Away From Sub-Ohming

Sub-Ohm Vaping has become increasingly popular lately, and for good reason. Unfortunately though, you use up loads more e-cigarette juice when sub-ohm vaping because you have to produce more vapor somehow. If you are on a budget, then stick with vape liquid with higher levels of PG and avoid direct-to-lung vaping. While we all love those intense throat hits, it may be worth settling for mouth-to-lung vaping for the meantime so that you don’t use up exorbitant amounts of e-liquid per day. Instead of using 15-20ml per day, you will use 2-4ml. Just remember to adjust your nicotine concentration accordingly if you’ll be inhaling less vapor on a daily basis.

#6: Ditch the Cartridges

Cartridges cost far more than bottles of e-liquid because they are designed specifically for certain vaping devices. Plus, they can only be purchased from the same company from which you bought the device, so there is no incentive for them to lower the price. While convenient and hassle free, cartridges will cost you a load of money over time. It’s far more cost-efficient to spend money on a good mod or vape pen and then save money by refilling your tank with e-liquid. Now you can refill cartridges, but it’s really not worth your effort. You’ll only get a few refills out of them anyway before it becomes dangerous to continue using them.

Top Vape Liquids

So Where Can I Find Cheap E-Juice?

So those are our top six tips to vaping on a budget and saving money on e-juice. We also found some great inexpensive bottles of e-juice we thought might interest you. Now do note that when it comes to vaping, you get what you pay for. The ingredients just aren’t of the same quality. Nonetheless, we tried these and we were satisfied with the taste of the vapor even if we weren’t blown away.

Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor is our number one stop for affordable vaping devices and accessories. They are well-known in the vaping world and have built up a solid reputation for the quality of their customer service and the variety of their products. Here you’ll be able to find 60ml bottles of e-liquid for only about $20-24, about $8-$10 cheaper than e-liquid sold elsewhere. There are a number of e-liquid flavors sold in bottles of 100ml or more for less than $30. One Hit Wonder has a list of e-liquid flavors sold on Direct Vapor in bottles of 180ml for less than $40. I don’t know if it’s possible to beat that price. Check it out by clicking here . If you’re looking for cheap e-juice, then this brand is for you! Direct Vapor also has a slider bar on the left hand side of the screen that allows you to filter e-juice bottles by price so you won’t have to sort through pages of bottles above your price range. This is really a great site whenever you’re looking for affordable options because their prices are consistently lower than their competition’s.

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Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor is relatively new to the vaping scene, but they’ve been continually surprising us the past few years with their inventive devices and unique ideas. They can usually afford to control their prices because they offer niche items thereby subverting their competition. Mig Vapor attracts our attention because they know exactly how to sell what you didn’t know you needed. Definitely take the time to check out their e-liquid selection. Their prices aren’t properly labelled on the front page because each flavor is sold in different quantities. Once you click on a flavor you like, you’ll be brought to its individual page where you can find out how much each bottle costs. While this format makes it rather annoying to compare prices, which might, after all, be the point, they are one of the few that offer such a variety of sizes for each flavor. It’s not always easy to purchase in bulk because companies will frequently offer only the size that sells the best. On Mig Vapor, you can get a 120ml bottle for just about $50. Each ml costs about $0.40, which is significantly cheaper than vape liquid found on ePuffer or V2, which mind you are delicious if not budget friendly. There sure is no shortage of flavors available from Mig Vapor! Browse the website and see what kind of e-liquid is right for you.

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different e-liquid flavors combinations

South Beach Smoke: E-Liquid Flavor of the month!

South Beach Smoke offers a flavor of the month every month for 25% off. Right now, you can get Independence Day-flavored e-juice with tones of liberty and a hint of freedom for $11.99 rather than $15.99, the usual cost of their 30ml vape liquid bottles. With sun-ripened strawberries, freshly-picked blueberries, and a full-bodied vanilla, this Red, White, and Blue cake will have you belting the star-spangled banner at the top of your lungs because of the few extra dollars that get to remain in your wallet. Sit back and enjoy the fireworks display because you live in the land of affordable e-liquids and the home of abundant vapor.

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ePuffer: Sales for all!

At any given time, about one-third of all of ePuffer’s e-juices are 20% off of their usual price. While their prices are not cheap in the first place, they are more than reasonable with the discount. ePuffer also has a large clearance section filled with e-liquid priced at over 60% off. Typically, when they discontinuing or revising a product line, ePuffer will put their remaining merchandise in their clearance section for absurdly low prices. All of these products are as good as new, and they aren’t in the clearance section because customers didn’t like them. They are simply there because ePuffer is constantly revising and revamping what they offer. Definitely don’t miss this section though. It’s pure gold if you are on a budget.

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Conclusion: Cheap E-Juice Is Easy To Find!

There are some vaping companies like Vaper Empire where you’ll end up paying more than a dollar per ml, and while we love the silky smooth flavors from our Aussie neighbors, they aren’t meant for the vaper on a budget. High quality extracts and ingredients will cost more, and we cannot argue the fact that those e-liquids are overpriced because they aren’t. Any connoisseur will be able to tell you the difference between a high-quality vape juice and a mediocre one. Heck, even a beginner will be able to identify a poor vape when he sees it. We understand though. Sometimes you run into hard times when extra change is scarce. Lots of vapers are young trying to pay back student loans while saving up for a down payment on a home and maybe pay for a car besides. Vaping is not everyone’s top priority, but you have nothing to fear if it seems like your expenses are adding up by the minute. With a little bit of extra work though and a few guiding links from your favorite review site E-Cig Brands, you’ll be saving money in no time.