The Best Dab Tanks For 2017

What Is Dabbing? What Are Dabs?

Dabs are any form of potent THC concentrates made by extracting . You can find it in the form of wax, shatter, and butane hash oil, but all of these forms can be grouped under the umbrella term dabs. These oils are extracted from various plants and condensed so they are very concentrated versions of the loose leaf or dry herbs and therefore much more potent. The phrase “a little dab will do you” didn’t come out of thin air. Just a little bit of concentrates will pack a powerful punch. It also tends to be much purer than regular loose leaf and provides a crisper, cleaner vape.

How Is a Dabs Tank Different From Any Other Tank?

Dabs were originally smoked in a bowl by heating a nail to extremely high temperatures with a blowtorch then inhaled with a dab rig, or water pipe. Of course, when heating materials up to 900-1000℉, they’re going to combust, which isn’t good for you. Nowadays though, people rarely go through the trouble they did in previous generations. Especially now that vaping has become so popular, there’s no need to go back to the original way. You can use any tank labelled for oil or concentrates for dabbing, and many tanks these days allow you to vape loose leaf and dabs with the same device. A tank designed for dabbing will have a coil like an e-juice tank, but it will also come with a bowl to hold the concentrates. In many cases, this bowl is made of ceramic, which heats evenly and smoothly. Otherwise, the coils should be more than sufficient to heat up the concentrates without getting to the point of combustion. In some cases, like the La Queef from Mig Vapor, these tanks will still come with bubblers that warm up the vapor before you inhale it.

What to Look For When Buying a Dabs Tank

The best dabs tanks will come with pyrex glass, which is stable and secure and won’t melt or break under the heat and pressure. Glass will also allow you to see the vapor that swirls around in the tank as you inhale. Also make sure that the coil is made of a safe material like kanthal wire, stainless steel, titanium, or nickel. Standard tanks will usually come with kanthal wire, and if you do choose to use one of the others, you’re going to need a temperature control mod to make sure you compensate when the temperature rises as a result of the resistance. Lastly, none of the coils should be exposed.

The Best Dabs Tanks for 2017:

#1: Best Dab Tanks from Mig Vapor: Black Sub-Herb: the dry herb and dabs tank

The Black Sub-Herb from Mig Vapor comes with a spring-loaded, gold-plated 510 connection and ceramic cups encased in stainless steel. There are no exposed coils, and it can vape both dry herbs and concentrates. The Black Sub-Herb can vape at 17W-27W, and you can disassemble it completely for easy repair and maintenance. Since this is a tank, you only need a sub-ohm battery to get puffing. This should attach to any mod with a standard 510 spring connection; however, if you do attach your Black Sub-Herb tank to a mod that vapes at higher wattages, be very careful to limit your vaping to 27W. Otherwise, you’ll end up breaking your ceramic bowls. At less than $50, you can start vaping a whole new medium–no need to buy a whole new vaporizer.

Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank Parts

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#2: Most Fun Dab Tank: La Queef 510 e-Nail Flower Attachment

The La Queef (pronounced ‘Keef’) is from Mig Vapor and can vape both loose leaf and wax. It has a standard 510 connection and comes with a nail attached to the top of the tank to help compress the concentrates underneath. The tank is attached to a bubbler mouthpiece that looks just like it would have years ago. You can add water to the bottom of the bubbler, and when you vape, the water will help regulate the temperature and flavor of the vapor before it gets to your mouth so that you get very pleasant, cool vapor. The tank is fairly small, so you won’t be able to vape for very long, but the vapor will be spectacular. Lastly, for dabbing in particular, this coil can take between 12W and 20W, and even at 15W, the vapor will be incredibly potent. Don’t let the whimsical bubbler fool you. This little tank can really pack a punch.

La Queef 510 e-Nail Flower Attachment

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#3: Best Dab Tank with Bubbler: Atmos Studio Rig Attachment System

This 510 threaded tank can snap onto any of your standard sub-ohm mods, and it comes with a rig attached. Fill your rig with water while you vape to control the temperature and flavor of your vapor. The water gives the vapor a cool, refreshing taste to balance out the intense heat from the coil. You can use the e-nail to feed concentrates into a dual-chamber 0.4Ω coil either coated with titanium or ceramic. With this tank, you’ll get extremely low resistance and either a standard ceramic tank with even heating or a special titanium tank that functions perfectly with temperature control. Best yet, for less than 100 bucks, you can start vaping not only concentrates, but dry herbs as well. A typical dry herb or concentrates mod will cost you close to $200, and now you can get a very high-quality vape for less than half that.


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#4: Least Expensive Dab Tank: Honey Stick Oz Dry Herb Vape Tank

For only about $25, you can get this cute little tank to throw on top of your mod for vaping concentrates and dry herb. The Honey Stick Oz Dry Herb Vape Tank has a standard 510 thread connection and a ceramic dish giving the vapor a pristine flavor. It heats anywhere from 7W-27W and can reach temperatures of 716℉. With a diameter of only 22mm, this tank is fairly small, which, on the other hand, means that you won’t have to ever worry about overhang. Plus, for $25, you really can’t even lose anything for trying. If you’ve heard of dabbing and have always wanted to give it a try, then this is your chance. DirectVapor offers free shipping with no minimum purchase price, so you can order your Honey Stick tank and dab without any consequences. As far as price goes, this is definitely one of the best dab tanks we’ve ever seen!

Honey Stick Oz Dry Herb Vape Tank Review

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#5 Best Dab Tank for Flavor: Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment

The Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment is designed for dabs and loose leaf and has a 510 thread connection for easy use. We rated this tank the best dab tank for flavor because with its stainless steel exterior and its stainless steel coil, this baby can get extremely hot. It can be mounted onto any box mod or vape pen with a standard 510 connection. However, do note that because it uses stainless steel coils, you might want to use a mod that has temperature control. Temperature control allows you to adjust the mod’s temperature to account for resistance. A stainless steel coil, unlike a clapton coil, will heat up as it’s used. If you set a maximum temperature, then the mod will adjust accordingly to accommodate for the coil.

greedy heating atomizer

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There are the best dab tanks out on the market today. A dab tank is really quite a useful invention, and it’s a shame that more companies haven’t come out with versions of it because it’s relatively inexpensive. Without a dab tank, you’d have to purchase a mod specifically for dabbing, and since dabbing isn’t nearly as popular or addictive as smoking, very few companies have designed full mods specifically for it. With a dab tank though, you can use your regular box mod. All of the dab tanks we’ve listed here have 510 connections, so you should have no problem using any of your standard mods or even vape pens as long as you stay within the recommended wattage range. Plus, if you’re new to dabbing, then you may not want to spend $150-$200 on a device you may not even like. Dab tanks can be used for dry herb or concentrates, so even if you don’t love dabbing, you can still continue to use the tank. Dabbing has slowly crept its way across the country from the west coast to the east coast, so if you’re living in New York or New England, then you are certainly in for a treat with these dab tanks. These are the best dab tanks we can find, and we know that, with these guys, you’re going to love it! So, go and get shopping!