Vape Mods: Taking Your Vaping to the Next Level

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When it comes to vaping, there are plenty of options available to those who vape frequently. Even those who might not vape as often might find themselves wanting to vary their vaping, either with a greater voltage or the ability to vape throughout the day without recharging a battery or refilling an e-liquid vial.

But there are also other options for those who like the sleek look of a vape pen, but want many of the features of a box mod. It’s called the Vape Mod. Imagine your sleek vaping pen on a steroid and weight lifting program. While slightly bulky, it gives a quality and enhanced vaping experience. What are a few of the unique features of the Vape Mod and what are options to look for?

Understanding the Vape Mod: What’s the Hype?

Vape Mods are vaping pens that provide a better experience with an increased amount of vapor, allow for an enhanced throat hit and an overall sense of enjoying the e-liquid fully. The battery is also bulkier, providing more power to the person vaping. The slightly larger body of the Vape Mod also allows for a larger vile of e-liquid. The overall design is meant to provide flexibility in the vaping experience, from the amount of vapor to the length of time you can vape.

Change up the power in your Vape Mod by changing the coils, the batteries and even adjusting the wicks. It gives the user the ability to adjust everything about this particular vaping experience. One of the downsides is the bulky size, making it harder to carry discreetly. However, it makes up for its size with the increased power and vaping ability. Still, these type of vaping options are not typically for a beginner, as they involve a better knowledge of how the wattage and voltage effect the overall vaping experience.

So what can you find that will work for you in the Vape Mods?

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Make it Unique: Getting Creative

Vape Mods can be customized with various tanks, colors and styles. Thus you can express your personality with every puff on your Vape Mod. Additionally, Vape Mods provide options when it comes to coils, batteries and the size of the tanks. There are slimmer options available as well, so it gives the user the ability to make a powerful Vape Mod that is still slim and portable for the user.

Battery technology has come a long way from the days of the early Vape Mods. In the early days, Vape Mods came into focus because the users wanted to have an increased battery life and thus a better experience. Today’s batteries allow for the slim look, but at the same time, they have the unique ability to last all day, even with those who are heavy users of the Vape Mods.

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Getting Down to the Pros and Cons

With Vape Mods, a new user needs to remember that there are plenty of different options. That can itself be a bit overwhelming. So Vape Mods are typically better for those who don’t mind a bulkier option, but they also have a bit more experience with vaping and perhaps a history with vape pens and their usage.

Thus, you will want to take your time to get to know the various options and find the ones that will fit your vaping style the best. Understand that Vape Mods will be bulkier and are typically more expensive than the standard vape pen. As we have discussed, there is also a much greater learning curve, so be prepared to do your homework on the best atomizer, battery and wiring options for you.

In the end, all this customization can be pricy. Other vaping options might be more cost effective, while still providing a longer vaping experience. However, the customization options with Vape Mods can make them appealing, even at the heftier price.

Other Mods Available

There are other mods available for your e-cig, including battery, voltage and wattage modifications. With all these different changes and adjustments, your e-cig can burn through e-liquid at a quicker rate to produce a larger amount of vapor. You can also choose to adjust the voltage or wattage to limit the vapor, but allow for a more frequent vaping experiences.

Adjustments to the size of the battery and tank for your e-liquid can also have an effect on your vaping experience. Most of these types of adjustments are made by those who are more experienced in the vaping world. After all, adjusting voltage means that you need to understand Ohm’s Law. The voltage and wattage are intertwined, so making adjustments without an understanding of how they relate to each other could mean burning out your e-cig’s heating coil by overheating it. You might want to try reducing the voltage on your e-cig. By doing so, you can still receive a high temperature from your heating element, but you will need to make sure that you have installed a low resistance cartomizer. This type of device, which combines the tank and the atomizer, might mean that you notice your e-cig is more sensitive when burning the liquid, especially if you are using a LR cartomizer and take advantage of the higher voltage option.

There are also various wicks that you can find to change the absorption rate of your e-cig. However, it is important to note that you might see some differences in the flavor as you try various wicks. Once you find the one that seems to fit your habits and gives you the amount of flavor you prefer, then make note of it. Remember that when you make different adjustments to your e-cig, you can also have an effect on other aspects, including the amount of vapor produced and the overall flavor taste of your e-liquid.

Wrapping Up on Vape Mods

Overall, when it comes to vape mods, anything can be adjusted to enhance your vaping experience. Just be prepared for a bulkier device, versus some of the more traditional e-cigs. recommends you to check out the following vape mods brands: Apollo E-cigs, VaporFi and V2Cigs.