The Best USA E-Cigars 2018

Cigars are often associated with power and luxury. Smoking them is considered an art form, appreciated by a wide variety of cultural icons, both male and female. They also have a large following around the world, with brands based on where the tobacco was grown and where the cigars were manufactured. Humidors, often found in cigar stores, specialize in storing cigars in a specific environment to keep them fresh for those who wish to enjoy them. As we will see, the experience of cigars has also been translated into the vaping community, providing one more option for those who wish to vape but without the traditional e-cig or box mod. Continue reading

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Cigars and Cuban Cigars

Cigars are defined as a tightly rolled bundle of tobacco leaves that have been dried and fermented. The cigars can be a variety of lengths and widths, depending on the manufacturer and country of origin. During the 19th century, cigarettes were still rare, but cigars were common among those who chose to smoke. The difference between cigars and cigarettes is that the leaves are rolled, whereas cigarettes have the tobacco in a shredded form.

Cuban cigars are a unique brand of cigar. To be a Cuban cigar, then it needs to have been manufactured in Cuba, with all parts of the cigar, including its leaves and wrappings being manufactured within the borders of the island. Cigar production is controlled by the Cuba government. The art of hand rolling cigars is considered one of the most prestigious on the island, although not all original Cuban cigars are hand-rolled. These cigars are the biggest export of Cuba. Because of the status attributed to these specific cigars, they are often counterfeited by others.

What is an Electronic Cigar or E-Cigar?

E-cigars combine the shape of a traditional cigar with the technology of e-cigarettes. Thus, vapers have another option to use in their vaping. These devices are tar and tobacco-free. E-cigars can be puffed or inhaled. They are made up of a battery, built-in atomizer, microprocessor, heating element, along with the e-liquid mixture, which can include nicotine if requested.

Depending on the manufacturer, the device can have a very realistic appearance, including an LED light at the end of the cigar to mimic the flame that occurs when a traditional cigar is lit. However, not all manufacturers provide such a realistic product in terms of the feel and overall look. Therefore, the consumer needs to be aware of the warranty and return policies of the vendor where they purchase their product. Some e-cigar also offer a chewable mouthpiece, which gives them an even more realistic appearance and experience for the user.

There is no tar, flame, ash or odor associated with these e-cigars. While they have the look and feel of a traditional cigar, they offer a cleaner experience by producing water vapor only, but no second hand smoke. The design of these devices allows a vaper to receive the traditional throat hit from the e-cigar that they would receive when using a traditional cigar. However, if the e-cigar’s appearance is similar to a traditional cigar, is the flavor also similar?

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eCigar Flavors

The flavors of the cigars depend on the manufacturer. Most of them offer flavors similar to traditional cigars already on the market. There are even those e-cigars available that mimic the flavor of a Cuban cigar.

For those disposable e-cigars, once the e-liquid is used up, then you get rid of the e-cigar. However, there are rechargeable e-cigars. These allow for replacement of the batteries, the cartomizer and the recharging of the e-cigar to use again. This allows for you to try different flavors in your e-cigar. Another point is that not every e-liquid for your e-cigar needs to include nicotine. The e-liquid is made with a base of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, flavoring and optional nicotine.

Propylene glycol has a runny substance, but also tends to create less build up on the heating element. The vegetable glycerin is thicker, but can also build up gunk on the heating element, which might mean that you need to replace the heating element more frequently.

How to Choose the Best E-Cigar

The best way to choose the e-cigar is based on what your favorite traditional cigar is. Then you can find the e-cigar that offers a similar flavor and appearance. Another important aspect is how long the battery life is. Vaporizing the e-liquid can take plenty of energy, so if the battery does not last through more than one or two uses before needing a recharge, then it might not be the best option for you.

If you are a heavy vaper, then you will also need to look at the size of tank available with the e-cigar you are contemplating. More frequent vaping can mean that you will need to make sure the tank can hold enough e-liquid for a day’s worth of use.
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Choosing the Best Electronic Cigar E-Liquid

E-liquids can be made from both U.S. manufacturers and others around the world. Depending on the country, the standards for production can vary widely. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your e-liquid is purchased from a reputable source. Additionally, you will want to decide on the flavoring and the amount of nicotine you would like to have included in your e-liquid. Some manufacturers only offer a set amount of nicotine options. You also want to make sure that the manufacturer uses a child-resistant cap for their e-liquid, particularly if you are adding nicotine.

Disposable E-Cigar

Some E-cigars are made to be disposable, but they will typically be able to for a vaper to use at the equivalent of 20 to 30 traditional cigars. Since these e-cigars have a more traditional cigar appearance, since they are not going to be swapping out parts, such as tanks, batteries or tips. Yet, there are also plenty of options in terms of flavors and appearances within the disposable category. One thing to note is that disposable e-cigars can be purchased in larger quantities at one time.

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E-Cigars in the UK

Within the UK, e-cigars are available. They can be purchased from a variety of online sites, as well as brick and mortar stores. However, the UK does not allow for e-cigars and e-cigarettes to be sold to individuals under the age of 18. If you are purchasing for the first time, then the vendor may require you to show id prior to accepting your shipment.

Additionally, the e-liquid in your e-cigars made not be manufactured in the UK, but in another country. Therefore, you will want to review carefully where everything is being made. Shipping will also have additional restrictions and potential costs. So it is important to understand the return policy, as your travel time may eat into that return period. Warranties may also be different based on the country of origin, so you will want to make sure you understand that prior to purchase. Costs may also be slightly higher or lower, depending on how the currency exchanges.

Electric Cigar Accessories

Some of the accessories of e-cigars include disposable tips that allow for a user to chew on the end as they would with a traditional cigar. There are also the traditional elements, such as cartomizers, heating elements and batteries. However, this e-cigar is not made for customization, so there are limits to changes one can do to create a personalized e-cigar.

Still, there are specific styles associated with various traditional cigars, so many e-cigar manufacturers do their best to mimic the look of a specific type of traditional cigar. Therefore, you can find the e-cigar that works best for you based on the look you prefer with your traditional cigar. There may not be an e-cigar for every type of cigar, but looking for one that mimics your favorite traditional cigar is a great place to start your hunt.

E-Cigar Starter Kits

E-cigar starter kits vary based on whether you chose to go the route of disposable e-cigars or choose to get the one where you can recharge and replace the various parts. However, most starter kits for the rechargeable e-cigar include a charger, an e-liquid flavor, an e-cigar and an atomizer.
Disposable e-cigars will come in various options. One can purchase a pack of 5 or more, thus giving you plenty of vaping capability without having to trade out any particular parts. You can also order additional mouthpieces or chewable tips if you prefer.

When it comes to e-cigars, they have truly become the way for cigar smokers to transition from the tar and chemicals of traditional cigars. Additionally, this allows for cigars to again reclaim their space in the culture as a part of celebrations, including graduations, births and weddings. With the e-liquid providing a natural water vapor, there is no need to worry about cigar smoke lingering on your clothes or furniture. No longer does a cigar smoker need to be banished outside of the house. Instead they can enjoy their e-cigar easily within any crowd or at any event.

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