Refillable E-Cig

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Refillable e-cigarettes can refer to two things: refillable liquids for e-cigs, e-hookahs, and vaporizers or disposable e-cig cartridges that are meant to be used with an e-cig battery. Disposable e-cigarette cartridges, also known as cartomizers, can be refilled as well, but it’s highly discouraged by e-cig manufacturers.

VaporFi’s award winning rechargeable e-cigarette comes with refillable cartridges that last about 1.5 times that of a regular pack of tobacco cigarettes and are much more cost efficient at a mere $3 per refill. VaporFi offers about 36 different flavors for refillable e-cig liquid and e-cig cartridges, ranging from traditional tobacco and menthol to desserts, sodas, and breakfast foods. Additionally, there are hundreds of different flavors to choose from in the world of refillable e-cigarette flavors, plus you can craft up your own unique flavors if you feel like experimenting. Refillable e-cigarettes are the epitome of customization and personalization.

E-Cig Cartridge

When one refers to refillable e-cigarettes, they may be referring to the liquid, or more recently they are referring to e-cig cartridges. E-cig cartridges are small disposable cartridges that look like traditional tobacco cigarette filters and attach to a reusable battery pack stem that completes the traditional cigarette appearance. They normally are made of three parts: the atomizer, the flavored nicotine (or nicotine-free) liquid, and the soft tip. The atomizer is what makes the vapor. As you take a draw on the soft tip of the e-cig cartridge, the liquid is pulled into the atomizer, which is then heated up to create the smooth vapor that you taste, feel, and see. The liquid is contained in a leak-proof section of the e-cig cartridge and can be made from any of the same liquid flavorings as those that are available in larger refillable liquid amounts. This means that there are literally hundreds of smooth vapor smoke flavors that you can choose from depending on the brand and product you use. Additionally, besides just choosing your flavor, you can also choose your nicotine amount. This is convenient for someone who is trying to quit the addiction, for someone who’s just starting out and doesn’t want to be addicted, or for people with nicotine sensitivities. The final aspect of the e-cig cartridge is the soft silicone tip. The tip is soft and flexible to give you the same feeling of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette through a filter along your lips when you take a long and deep drag. The soft tip has a single hole that allows for vapor to escape from when inhaling. The single outlet of vapor allows for maximum pull on your drag and maximum vapor retrieval for you.

Over time, the atomizer will wear out from continual use, so by smoking e-cigarettes with refillable e-cig cartridges, you are ensuring that you get a fresh and new atomizer with each cartridge. Never again will you have to worry about a dwindling vapor effect or have to buy an expensive atomizer kit again. Rather, you can smoke the e-cig cartridge until it’s empty and then dispose of it and attach a new one. Voila!

E-liquid Flavors

Refillable Liquid

When e-cigarettes first came to the public, the refillable liquid method was the only way to enjoy smoking different flavors. Over time though, and as technology has advanced, e-cigarette manufacturers have developed e-cig cartridges that are disposable, compact, and really easy to use. In general, it is simply more economical to refill your e-cig with e-liquid instead of purchasing a pre-filled e-cig cartridge. You may also find that you have developed a certain preference in how you smoke – e-cigarette, e-hookah, or vaporizer (all similar methods but with slightly modified means of function, style, and appearance) — or you may have developed a strong preference for a certain flavor and have found that the flavor is easier to get as an e-liquid rather than in an e-cartridge form. Regardless, you are likely to experience refilling your e-cigarettes with e-liquid at some point if you continue to use electronic cigarettes on a regular basis. Refillable liquids come in hundreds of flavor choices, making it a suitable choice for even the pickiest of palettes. And, like the e-cig cartridges, they come in customized versions of nicotine strengths, ranging from the heaviest of smokers (36 mg, high levels of nicotine) to the former nicotine product smoker or newbie (0 mg, non-nicotine).

Refillable E Cigs: Are Very Environmentally Friendly

Pack-a-day tobacco smokers would use an average of 31 cartridges a month (a cartridge a day) but would only require three 30ml bottles of e-liquid a month. The cost savings are outrageous and the impact that this has on the environment is substantial. Instead of throwing away 620 cigarettes filters or “butts” away a month or 31 e-cig cartridges a month, you are disposing of three 30ml bottles.

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Refillable E Cigs: Increases Your Options

E-liquids for refillable e-cigarettes are the most cost-efficient method of vaping as it eliminates the middle-man (the material cost of buying a new cartridge or e-cig) and it allows you the opportunity to buy radically in bulk. The national average of a pack of cigarettes is about $6 (some less and some much more), while the average cost of an e-cig cartridge is $2.50. In addition, the average cost of an e-liquid is $15. In a month, if you were to smoke an average of a pack a day the price difference would break down to the following:

  • 31 packs of tobacco cigarettes x $6 = $186
  • 31 e-cig cartridges x $2.50 = $77.50
  • 3 30ml bottles of e-liquid x $15 = $45

E-liquids are not a brand exclusive thing, but rather you can buy any brand’s flavor and use it with a different brand’s tank system or refillable cartomizers. You are not confined to one brand’s flavors if you’re using one brand’s e-cig product – this is great for true customization. Additionally, e-liquids are able to be mixed and combined together to create a truly new and unique flavor.

E-liquid Tank

Tank System

Tank system’s for e-cigarettes are really classy looking gadgets. They feature a similar design to that of e-cig cartridges but on a larger scale. Additionally, they look a lot more refined than just a cigarette filter. Tank systems have refillable clear tanks for the e-liquid, a tapered mouthpiece, and the atomizer. Similarly to e-cig cartridges, they attach to a rechargeable battery in order to be used. Tank systems also pack a much larger vaping experience than that of e-cig cartridges. They pack a slightly more powerful back of the throat punch and the vapor that’s exasperated is much denser.


Cartomizers are also known as e-cig cartridges. They are designed to be disposable; consist of a mouth piece, the atomizer, and the cartridge; and are meant to be screwed onto the end of a battery in order to work. While most companies will advocate against refilling your own cartomizer, it is still possible. In fact, there are ways to disassemble, clean, and reassemble the cartomizer successfully so that it can be used over and over again until it dies out.


Refillable E-Cigs: The Downside – Practice Makes Perfect

Refilling an e-cigarette is not an easy task by any means. In fact, it’s often suggested that those who are new to e-cigs should start with cartridges before attempting to refill. Refilling can be a discouraging and intimidating task. One of the key things to avoid doing when refilling your e-cig is to try and avoid overfilling the tank or cartridge as this can be both disgusting and dangerous. Too much nicotine can kill you. So if you were to overfill the e-cigarette tank or the e-cig cartridge then you’re likely to experience a disgusting mouthful of e-liquid juice when you go to inhale it for the first time and if you ingest too much of the e-liquid juice then you could feel sick or worse.

Safety Concerns

When going the refillable e-cigarette route, you want to be sure to use extreme caution. Nicotine is a known poison when ingested in high dosages. If a child or a pet were to come in contact with the e-liquid, then it could be fatal. So just remember, when choosing to use refillable e-cigarettes, always practice common sense and use extreme caution – don’t leave your e-liquid in a place where pet or children can get ahold of it.


Refillable e-cigarettes are a lot of fun to experiment with once you get the hang of, but they are not recommended for the novice e-cig smoker. Refilling your e-cig can be a challenging experience and each e-cig brand, cartomizer, and tank pose unique challenges to themselves. While it might be intimidating at first, it can be a lot of fun to refill your own e-cigarette and over time you will find that with practice you will become better and better at refilling your e-cig. E-liquids can be extremely fun to play around with when crafting your own unique flavor, but if you’re not ready to make the leap towards refilling your own e-cig you can always start off with buying and disposing of e-cig cartridges. Then if you get brave enough you can try refilling your own cartridge for extended use.