Rechargeable E Cig

Girl Smoking Rechargable E-cigarette

What Is a Rechargeable E-Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a battery powered smoking device. While you are smoking an e-cig, you are inhaling the vaporized form of nicotine. This form of smoking still provides you with the pleasurable feel of inhaling smoke without the smell that other forms of smoking cause. Rechargeable cigarettes are a replacement for pipes, cigars, and cigarettes. The vapors come in a variety of different flavors from the smoker to choose from, so each experience will be pleasurable and relaxing.

Using a rechargeable electronic cigarette allows you to have more freedom in your decision of what you smoke and when you smoke. While a rechargeable e-cig is not for everyone, many smokers find smoking an electronic cigarette a satisfying experience.

Batteries in Electronic Cigs

There are a countless number of brands of batteries for electronic cigarettes on the market. With the many different brands to choose from, how do you, a new customer, look for a battery that is perfect for you? In order to find yourself the perfect e-cig, you need to have a basic understanding of the different components that make up a battery for the rechargeable cigarette. There are a handful of decisions that you have the opportunity to make when shopping for an e-cigarette, which is great because it makes your experience a more personal and pleasurable experience.

e cigarette batteries

With the manufacturing industry revolving around three basic forms of batteries for electronic cigs, it helps makes shopping for an electronic cigarette a little easier. The three main, basic model names we’ll focus on on are called KR808, 510, and eGo. The 510 model and the KR808 model (both are also known as ‘Minis’) are both in high demand for new users currently. The physical appearance of the battery in these models looks like a paper cigarette, having the same shape and size as a paper cig. So at a glance, it would look like you are smoking an actual cigarette.

The eGo battery is just a little bit larger in comparison to the ‘Minis’. The eGo battery is common among people who are long-time, regular smokers; this is due to the size and complimentary features of the eGo battery. The eGo battery is larger in size than the ‘Minis’ (hence the name). Also, the eGo battery provides the smoker with a feature that allows them to attain a more gratifying vapor, as well as obtaining a charge that lasts a longer period of time.

It is important for you, as a customer, to keep in mind that there are many different benefits as well as some negatives. The benefits that each battery type has will directly affect how satisfying or dissatisfying your experience is when smoking an electronic rechargeable cigarette.

Personalize Your Smoke

Your ultimate goal is to have a tobacco-free life. The easiest way for you to reach that goal is by finding the perfect e-cigarette to help you forget about the pleasurable experiences you had when you smoked tobacco, paper cigarettes. If you go to purchase the cheapest option available, you will only be hurting yourself in the long run. Worthless parts, e-liquid that is low quality, and a battery that does not last you two smokes will only discourage you from the goal that you wish to reach. Not only that, but you will also be wasting your money.

Spare yourself from all of these inconveniences and purchase quality parts. If you have already experienced this bump in the road, do not give up — all you have to do is keep on trying a variety of electronic cigarettes and cartridges until you have found the smoking device that gives you the most delightful experience and sensation.

Your ultimate goal, of course, is to find the best e-cigarette to help you forget about smoking tobacco cigarettes. Buying a pile of worthless parts, or even low quality e-liquid, will turn your hopes of a tobacco-free life into a disappointing waste of money. If this has happened to you already, do not give up. Just keep trying different electronic cigarettes until you find your perfect device.

Rechargable E-Cigarettes Selection

Different Selections

There are many different selections of electronic rechargeable cigarettes you can choose from to make the cigarette truly yours. The first option is size. Do you want your e-cig to be at a larger size, which is around the size of a paper cigarette, or smaller, which is around the size of a small flashlight? Would you like the design of your electronic cig to be flashy and fun or sleek and classy? What would you like the color of your device to be?

For individuals who just are starting out using e-cigarettes, it is suggested that you begin by using a starter kit, because of the different options that the starter kits provide. However, if you feel confident in the decisions that you have made and know for certain what selection you would like, continue with your choice. One of the better companies to go with when first starting out is v2cigs. The v2cigs provide thick smokes that are similar to smoking an actual paper cigarette. Plus, the pricing is cheaper too, compared to other electronic cig companies.

Starting Out

It is crucial for a new customer to remember to find and purchase a quality starting kit that will be able to satisfy any cravings they have. consisted rechargeable electronic cig starter kit consists of a charger, a liquid nicotine cartridge, and a rechargeable battery. All you have to do is screw on any liquid nicotine cartridge and charge the battery that comes with the kit. After this, you will be all set and ready to smoke using your e-cig.

clearette e cig kit for begginers

Since you are an individual who is just getting started using an electronic cigarette, you may want to try purchasing a kit that comes with a variety of cartridges with different flavors. This way, you will be able to test out a selection of different flavors that come with the cartridges and see which one gives you the best experience and taste.

Pros & Cons

If you believe yourself to be a customer who has a solid understanding of the product and how the e-cig is used, then you should start considering the different aspects of the device before you decide on the final product you are going to buy. Like with any product, there are pros and cons to the electronic cigarette; you should consider both the positives and negatives of the device before making a purchase.
There are many different positive aspects when it comes to smoking an electric cigarette.


  • E-cigarettes do not contain carcinogens, tar, or any of the four thousand chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes
  • Your loved ones and people around you will not be affected by second hand some when you are smoking a rechargeable cigarette, because there is no second hand smoke
  • No bad breath
  • Cartridges that are nicotine free.
  • There is no risk of a fire, because the electronic cigarette is not flammable
  • You can use e-cigarettes in public places where smoking is not allowed such as bars, restaurants, parks, and such. Only if special requests are made otherwise by the owner, you can smoke almost anywhere!
  • There is no need to have to deal with a negative image of yourself. Nicotine is an addictive substance, which may make you feel guilty or bad about yourself after a long period of use. With electronic cigs, there is no addictive substance (if you do not use the nicotine cartridges), which means there will be no addiction.
  • E-cigs feel, look, and taste just like a normal cigarette.
  • There is no smell when smoking an electronic cigarette. This means that no order will cling to your clothes or furniture.
  • You will not have to worry about butts or ash.
  • There are different flavors of the smoke, as well as different strengths of nicotine


However, as with every product, there are cons, such as these:

  • Rechargeable electronic cigarettes have not been largely tested by the FDA
  • There is most likely going to be confusion when you are in public and smoking an electronic cig, because the appearance is so similar (tobacco cigarettes vs e cigarettes)
  • In certain cartridges, there is nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.
  • Due to the low public awareness about rechargeable electronic cigs, business owners and employees may not let you smoke on their premises, thinking that the e-cig is just like a normal cigarette.
  • There is still a possibility that researchers will find e-cigarette to be dangerous and ban it from being sold or used.
  • There still may be some unidentified health risks with smoking an e-cigarette.
  • The battery in the electric cigarette may run out; you may find yourself without the electric cigarette and start reaching for a paper, tobacco cigarette.