How to Find the Best Dry Herb Atomizer

Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank Parts

Smoking loose leaf can be just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes because of the carcinogens emitted during combustion. Vaporizers eliminate the risk of inhaling carcinogens that will damage your lungs and put your life at risk. If you are using loose leaf or dry herbs for medical purposes, then you need a dry herb tank..

How do you choose one though? Good question! An ideal dry herb atomizer is going to heat up your loose leaf until just below the point of combustion. Don’t be fooled though, poor-quality vaporizers still will still cause combustion. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself with a dry herb atomizer that still gives off carcinogens.

A great atomizer will allow you to “sub-herb” without burning your flower. Unfortunately though, there are not nearly as many tanks for sub-herbing as there are for sub-ohming. A cloud-chaser will find a dozen different e-juice tanks in any retail store he pops into, but dry herb tanks are harder to find.

There are a few reasons for this. First of all, dry herb devices typically come with special cartridges with atomizers built right in. This means that you have to purchase a whole new cartridge rather than just replace the atomizer every few weeks.

Secondly, the dry herb market is still rather limited, so there is no guarantee that a tank specially designed for dry herb vaping would be compatible across devices even for the product line of one company. Most companies don’t even specialize in dry herb vaping, and those that do haven’t developed it to that point where they would be have multiple series of dry herb devices to coordinate.

However, dry herb vaporizers sure do cost a pretty penny. A decent vape pen will cost you at least $100 if it is a quality one, but if you are looking for something more complicated, be ready to shell out $200+ for a box mod that will give you high performance and a battery that will have you vaping all day. It sure would be easier if you could pop a tank onto the device you already have and then just fill up and vape.

In any case, here are the qualities you should look for in a dry herb atomizer.

Honey Stick Oz Dry Herb Vape Tank Review

1. You Need A Glass Tank For Your Dry Herb Atomizer

A high-quality glass tank that is sure and stable will provide the best vaping experience. Stay away from any plastic or low-grade materials because they might melt at high temperatures required for dry herb vaping. On the other hand, many dry herb devices come with enclosed cartridges, and without glass slits on the side, it’s impossible to tell how much you have left. A clear glass tank allows you to see the vapor swirl from the atomizer up through the mouthpiece.

2. Look for Dry Herb Atomizers That Hold At Least 1.7ml

The only thing worse than running out of battery at 3pm is constantly having to fill up your tank. Look for a tank that holds at least 1.7ml of liquid if not more. 2ml would be better. Grinding herbs and filling up a tank is not incredibly convenient, so make sure that your tank can take enough at one time to at least get you through the day.

3. You Need a Dry Herb Atomizer With Compatible Threading

An atomizer is going to screw right into the battery on your mod, so it is crucial that it does, well, screw in properly. Look for the standard 510 threading on your atomizer or whatever threading you use. If you cannot connect your atomizer to your battery, then you really have nothing more to worry about because you won’t be vaping any time soon.

4. Don’t Purchase a Dry Herb Atomizer Without Adjustable Airflow

We all know how it feels to try to suck a thick vanilla milkshake through a straw, and too many tanks nowadays imitate this experience. Without an adjustable airflow ring on your tank, you won’t be sub-herbing any time soon. New vapers might be satisfied with a mouth-to-lungs vape that mimics the way analog cigarettes function. However, if you are looking for that intense direct-to-lungs experience, then need slots on the side of your tank to let air in and out.

5. A Dual-Coil Design Makes For the Best Dry Herb Atomizer

When it comes to coils, two heads are always better than one. If you want enough power, you cannot settle for a single head. The two coils will provide the kind of heat you need to maximize all of your flower. A dry herb vaporizer shouldn’t leave any leaves dry. Otherwise, it isn’t performing at maximum performance. Single-coil designs either won’t provide enough heat or will overheat and burn your leaves.

6. Ceramic Coils Provide Optimal Heating for Dry Herb Atomizers

The tank should ideally be crafted with ceramic coils with stainless steel plating. Stainless steel and ceramic conduct heat evenly and consistently. These reliable, durable materials will last you far longer and won’t ever give leave a burnt taste in your mouth.

7. How Low Can Your Dry Herb Atomizer Go? Aim For Low Resistance!

If you want intense vapor hits, then you have to make sure your atomizer has the lowest resistance possible. Ideally, go for one with a resistance of 0.9Ω or lower for sub-herbing. A number of tanks nowadays come with interchangeable atomizers so you can leave the cloud-chasing for home and bring a 1.2Ω or 1.5Ω atomizer to work with you.

8. Utility & Functionality in a Dry Herb Atomizer

A number of dry herb atomizers can function as tanks for wax concentrates as well. It’s worth considering how you plan to use a tank because if you can get two uses out of one device, you are that much better off. However, do note that more times than not, devices that claim to do two things at once typically cannot do either one all that well.

Here Are Our Top 3 Dry Herb Atomizers:

3. Honey Stick Oz Dry Herb Vape Tank

You can get this pyrex glass dry herb vape tank with ceramic coils and sub-herb capacity for only $24.95 from Direct Vapor. It comes with a concentrate tank and is 510 threaded so that you can use it with most of your mod batteries. It can withstand up to a whopping 716℉ and 27W. This tank is a definite steal. You won’t be sacrificing cost or efficiency with this incredible atomizer.
Honey Stick Oz Dry Herb Vape Tank

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2. La Queef (La KEEF) 510 e-Nail for Concentrates and Flower Herbs

The La Queef tank has an pyrex glass bubbler to mitigate the heat from the atomizer. Much like hookah, the La Queef will give off pleasantly warm vapor every time.The tank itself comes with a pin to push down your herbs, and the entire device heats up in three minutes or less. Not only does it produce great-tasting vapor though, it also has an exceptionally unique design.

La Queef 510 e-Nail for Concentrates and Flower Herbs

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1. Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank from Mig Vapor

This tank can plug right into a sub-ohm battery on any mod so you don’t need to buy any extra equipment. For $42.95, you can have a whole new device. This tank comes with two silicone mouth pieces, two extra mesh inserts when the original becomes clogged with resin, and a rubber tank protector. It takes a mere three seconds for the device to heat up, and utilizes ceramic heating technology for optimal taste.
Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank Review

Check Out the Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank!

Hopefully, dry herb vape tanks will become more commonplace and there will be a larger selection from which to choose. There are still plenty to choose from if you are willing to do some searching. However, be careful to check for these seven factors before purchasing. Lastly, you’ll want to get a cleaning kit with your dry herb tank because loose leaf can get messy, and if you let residue build up you won’t get a clean, flavorful vape. Go out and get your dry herb atomizer today! They are relatively inexpensive and will open up so many new opportunities for vaping.