Are E Cigarettes Safe?

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The number of teenagers that are using e-cigarettes has doubled between the year 2011 and the year 2012. A recent study has shown that almost 60 percent of Americans are known to use a smokeless electronic cigarette device. That being said, you may begin to wonder if the e cigarette is really as safe and non-polluting as one would like to believe?

Stephen Dorf has been quoted saying that it may come as a small surprise why the popularity of electronic cigarettes has blown up into a 2 billion dollar industry over the last few years. The thought of guaranteed safety and using a nicotine dosage without all the carcinogenic side-effects is hard to pass by. But are the gadgets and the fluids they pulverize really that safe? Science, on the other hand, tells us that this study is complicated.

FDA Approved Stamp and Rubber

More Research = More Answers

The FDA has started requests for more research of e cigs effects, in reply to the possible health dangers that these gadgets may initiate. In spite of the FDA’s aggressiveness about more strict regulations for the e-cig market, scientists just haven’t had time to completely comprehend the results of vaping in a long-term or its effectiveness as a gadget that helps smokers quit smoking.

Nevertheless, we only have more questions than answers when it comes to the long-term health results of these gadgets. Okay, they are safer than normal tobacco cigarettes, present research makes that clear, but are they truly a little away from the word “safe?” At the same time, there is a subject matter to be understood, that even by minimally decreasing the risks caused by cigarettes can be a positive thing. The electronic cigarette has the purpose to become a safer, less‐toxic replacement choice to smoking normal tobacco cigarettes, but not necessary as a “cure” for the addiction of nicotine, some experts say.

The Beginning of Something New

It began in 2003 when a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik, designed an e-cig with an ultrasonic high-technology system. He was an inventor, greatly influenced by his father, who was slowly passing away because of lung cancer at that time. From then, most of the e cigs makers have changed the ultrasonic high-tech with a raising one element’s temperature for vaporizing the nicotine solution in the mouth-piece of the electronic cigarette for the purpose of inhaling.

Vaping Premitted

The conception behind electronic nicotine delivery system (e-cigs) is intelligent, because the cigarettes are said provide all the joy of normal tobacco cigarettes without any of the risks. They use a hot small, coil for vaporizing the nicotine’s flavor answer into an aerosol mist. By breathing in the mist, smokers enjoy the same delight they would receive from a normal cigarette. Such products offer smokers the freedom to use vapor cigarettes in many places, public places that once were forbidden for them to smoke.

This has driven many users to believe that they are healthier than normal tobacco cigarettes. Although, there have been little studies performed on the solution for nicotine used in e-cigs. Carcinogens may be in fewer quantities, but e-cigarettes still carry nicotine and other ingredients that could be when vaporized as toxic as traditional cigarettes.

Vapor Versus Tobacco

Until now, evidence demonstrates that e cigs may be safer than normal cigarettes. At the moment there is no question that the nicotine contained in them causes addiction; which is one motive many public health experts have become alarmed by their fast growing popularity. Among their concerns – electronic-cigarettes could draw ex-smokers back to original cigarettes.

The smokeless cigarette is a battery-powered gadget that transforms liquid nicotine into a vapor that the ex-smoker breathes in. No more fire, no more ash, and no more smoky smell, because the vapor cigarettes do not contain all of the chemical dangers associated with tobacco cigarettes, like tar and carbon monoxide.

E Cig Vapor

It is well known fact that the currently-available smoker’s therapy is known for replacing the nicotine, like nicotine gums and nicotine patches. These prodcuts are mainly unsuccessful, with only 7% success rate after 1 year of use. This is mainly because of the fact that the biggest percentage of smokers are not addicted to the nicotine itself; they are addicted to the habit of just smoking a cigarette. It is a system of relaxation for them that can be even more powerful than the actual addiction of nicotine. However, the biggest risk in tobacco cigarette smoking is not the nicotine. While highly addictive, nicotine is a similar inducement to caffeine. In low portions the nicotine is not toxic, this triggers the motive for using it in nicotine replacement therapies. Nicotine does not generate cancer, but is studied to have side effects.

The companies that create these gadgets and satisfied customers explain that the vapor cigarette is a healthier alternative choice to normal tobacco cigarettes, which produces every year millions of deaths. Some customers’ say e-cigs have aid in reducing their “smoke cough,” improved their senses of smell and taste, and even helped with their sleep.

Electronic Cigarettes Market

E-cigs Market

Electronic cigarettes exist in a wide category of sizes and shapes and are developed for all types of users. If you are new to the e cigs world, it can be a little confusing when picking the right built-up for your starter-kit. Although there are plenty of distinct traders and suppliers to select from, the e-cigarettes types are mostly categorized in mini, mid-size or mod, or they also can be organized like disposable, individual vaporizers, rechargeable, e-Cigars, e-GOS, and other products such as e-pipes. Between these types, the rechargeable vapor cigarette has proven to be the most preferred as personal vaporizers are obtaining currency in the market with the time passing. The study comprehensively covers the different steps of the value-chain, from creators of electronic-cigarette gadgets and attachments in China’s Shenzhen district to distributors and retailers in the United States and European markets.

Furthermore, the increased movement in the market has been studied over different regions divided into North America, Europe, Australia, and more other. A detailed P.E.S.T.L.E. (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental factors) investigation of the prime vapor-cigarette markets in the world has been approached to give a better view of the aspects of e-cigs.

V2Cigs E-cigarettes

One of the leading e-cig brands that cover most of the internet and electronic-cigarette commercials, are the V2 Cigs. We have seen V2 Cigs grow from a small company to one with the most popular and top rated brands of electronic-cigarettes on the market. Reviews on V2 Cigs can be found in all places. All the reviews are positive and V2 carries on to be ranked as 1st across most online sites. They are the most favored brand for a bunch of reasons: reasons like innovation is non-stop, like the consistency that it shows and the price that makes it accessible for most of us.

E-cigs Present Reality

Is the electronic cigarette a better, healthier alternative for smokers? Or is it a harmful gadget with unseen risks?
As the dispute flashes-up, big tobacco investors with deep-pockets are purchasing most of the e-cig companies, introducing millions of dollars in the market and building on a clear future for these gadgets. Hundreds of e cigarette companies are now struggling to survive for the matter of smokers and non-smokers alike. The prosperity of all these companies depends on the statement that smokeless cigarettes are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Companies like to show a black-and-white image of a new smoking-safe age.

Vapor cigarettes did not spend enough time to be determined if they are truly dangerous to users in the long-term. However, many persons are under the impression that e-cigarettes are safe and successful when it comes to help people quit smoking.

Electronic-cigarettes have enabled an aggressive dispute among health experts who have the same objective to reduce the illness and even death generated by tobacco. Given that smokers are smoking primarily for the nicotine inside but actually die primarily from the tar, we would imagine that e-cigs should be welcomed as a way to prevent such deaths and sufferings caused by normal cigarettes. In the UK for example, for each million smokers who turn to an e-cigarette we could anticipate a decrease of more than 6.000 premature deaths each year.

In Conclusion

These battery-powered puffers can greatly decrease traditional cigarette use without generating harmful side effects, but lots of carefully managed and controlled tests will be required before a final answer about the safety and smoke-less efficacy of these gadgets can be put into words. Some of these tests are already in progress in parts of New Zealand and in Italy and many more should be anticipated to follow in the next years. The new research will also be obligated to address long-term safety, this including patients with chronic-respiratory illness; to address the role of nicotine quantity flavors in protecting against relapse, depletion in the prevalence of related tobacco illnesses and effectiveness. More research in the “passive vaping” section would be truly important for legislators. With hope, this analysis will shape the basis for solid efficient decisions. Furthermore, for the future, the liquid in these items will be fabricated under sanitary conditions, with the use of pharmaceutical grade nicotine.