Are E Cigs Safer Than Cigarettes?

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Sales of these electronic nicotine delivery systems have tripled in the past three years after they were acclaimed as a safer substitute to regular smoking.

Research, Research, Research…

Researchers say that a new analysis of about 81 studies sustains e-cigs as a safer substitute to regular cigarettes, and there is even some proof that these devices may aid smokers to quit.

Researchers have also compared the poison levels in both aerosols and the e-liquids versus tobacco smokes. They found that aerosols and e-liquids are much inferior in toxicants and that their content of carcinogen was so small that it is considered unimportant. Roswell Park Cancer Institute researchers investigated 12 e-cigarette brands and found that toxicant levels are 450 times lower-leveled than in normal cigarettes. While this might indicate that e cigs are less dangerous than conventional cigarettes, this does not indicate they are free of carcinogens. Particularly, some e-cigs send distinct amounts of nicotine with each puff, probably because of the instability or lack of quality control in manufacturing.

Ecigs Research on The Internet

Other research states the idea that the battery-powered puffers can reduce smoking impulses and could aid motivated smokers to quit. These devices have been revealed to have similar effectiveness to nicotine inhalers in reducing both withdrawals and craving effects.
Whether vapor cigarettes can safely aid people to quit smoking remains to be seen. Since e-cig brands have not introduced an application to the FDA for their usage in smoking cessation, these devices are not currently FDA-approved for such usage.

Vapor Cigs Could Be The Way

Scientists argue for the idea that substituting normal tobacco cigarettes with electronic ones could reduce the deaths of smoking even though long-term effects are not known. In the Addiction journal, researchers propose electronic cigarettes should face less harsh regulations than tobacco. But experts put an exclamation mark on encouraging their use without clear proof. Instead of inhaling smoke from the tobacco cigarette, vapor cigs users inhale vaporized liquid nicotine.

About 2 million people use electronic-cigarettes in the UK for example, and their popularity is increasing world-wide.
This has driven many users to believe that they are healthier than normal tobacco cigarettes. Although, there have been little studies performed on the solution for nicotine used in e-cigs. Carcinogens may be in fewer quantities, but e-cigarettes still carry nicotine and other ingredients that could be when vaporized as toxic as traditional cigarettes.

E-Smoking Allowed

Regulations & Investigations

The FDA presented new electronic device regulations that intimidate the smokeless vaping industry, which enthusiasts say has aid thousands of people quit and has even aid millions cut-back on their cigarette smoking.

The presented regulations would make e-cig creators get FDA approval for any new products, an action that could put down small vaping companies from the industry, leaving tobacco e cig products to control the market.
Instead of investigating the potential health well-beings of vaping over smoking tobacco, government groups such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and some law-makers are pressing on for complete abstinence, stating that electronic-cigarettes’ flavored nicotine e-juices could not possibly be appreciated by adults.

Costs & Benefits

What is The Cost Difference Between The E Cigs & The Tobacco Cigs?

The cost of vaping is less, about half the price of your analogue smoking, except if you get carried away, like some of us, with purchasing many distinct types of gadgets. Even up-front, the costs of purchasing an electronic-cigarette may not be that much more costly. After you have read all the information links, I’m sure you will be able to pick which e-cigarette is the perfect match for you.

E-cigs Save Money


Some Benefits of The Vapor Cigarettes:

  • No burning tobacco / no flame
  • No more nasty smells in your clothes, or in your home
  • No more filthy ashtrays
  • No more search for matches / lighters
  • Have a puff wherever and whenever you want
  • Satisfies your nicotine-craving, substitutes the cigarette smoke
  • Control over the nicotine intake, or if wanted – no nicotine at all
  • Can be used under the non-smoking sign
  • No more passive smoking => no more angry faces towards you
  • Economical, affordable, reasonably priced

Then are electronic cigarettes safe or are they not? No one is stating these devices are a completely safe and danger-free substitute to the highly addictive and deadly tobacco cigarettes. They can’t because the research just is not there to see. A professor at the University’s School of Public Health in Boston says: “Clearly, it would be great if smokers could quit completely. But if that isn’t able to be done, I think they would be a lot better off with e-cigarettes. They are a safer substitute.”

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The Idea of Electronic Cigarettes

The battery-powered puffers, with their ads and commercials featuring sexy individuals’ vaping on futuristic tubes with colorful lights, seem very modern. But the idea was actually first thought back to 1963, when a man by the name of Gilbert A. Herbert, a two-pack-a day smoker imagined a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette device” that offers flavored water vapor without burning. Sadly, the world of the 1960’s was not ready for Herbert’s brilliant idea, and it didn’t receive much attention. In 2003 for the e-cigarette to find attention in the public, a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik, whose father had died of lung cancer, created a device to vaporize liquid nicotine, which is the electronic cigarette we know today.

It was the proper idea at the proper time. By the period e-cigs were presented to the US market in 2007, smoking percentages were smaller than half what they were in Herbert’s time, and the new item presented a risk to an industry that was not giving knowledge of the public health risks of its product. While normal tobacco cigarette sales have been decreasing for decades, e cigs, though still a fairly small part of the market, are on the rise. In 2012, a Wells Fargo survey estimated that the industry of these devices, that were valued at about 300 million dollars in earnings, would jump to 1 billion dollars within the next couple of years.

Tobacco Habit

Throwing away the cigarette habit is surely one of the best things that smokers can accomplish for themselves. Electronic cigarettes come in a wide-range of shapes and styles. Some look like cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, while others are hidden as pens or other more commonly acceptable items. Whatever their form, they all are assembled around a battery-operated heating element, a nicotine-replaceable cartridge and other chemicals, and the atomizer that transforms the chemicals into a breath-in vapor.

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A study that was made public this spring in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine deduced that e-cigs may help smokers quit. If they are a safer quitting possibility is another question – initial studies from the FDA, Greece, and New Zealand provoke some concerns.
There are 3 reasons to concern about electronic cigarettes. First, the quantity of nicotine inhaled with each puff may vary substantially. An FDA study registered nicotine doses from 26.8 to 43.2 micrograms per puff. It also found nicotine in products labeled as nicotine free.

Second, electronic cigarettes offer an array of other chemicals, including “diethylene glycol,” a high-toxic substance, diverse nitrosamines – powerful carcinogens found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, and at least 4 other chemicals suspected of being dangerous to humans. To be certain, the dose of these mixtures is usually smaller than found in “real” cigarette smoke, but sure it isn’t zero as others would suggest.

In the event that you are “burning” tobacco, not to mention using an open-flame to light it up, normal cigarettes by start are serious fire hazards. Cigarettes are in fact the number one motive of fire-related deaths in the US and seven other countries. With vapor cigarettes, you are not burning an open flame and the chance to burn yourself, your clothes, or your furniture doesn’t exist.

In the early year of 2012, there was some kind of incident where an electronic-cigarette exploded in the user’s face. It was discovered though that the specific device the user was using was a MOD, which is an option for altering the gadgets for more puff power and battery life. When used by others as recommended, there haven’t been any reports of an e-cig exploding.

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To Vapor Or Not To Vapor

Over many years, smoking has continuously been seen negatively by society for plenty of reasons. The smell, the health risks, and even the health-care prices – all combine to give traditional tobacco cigarettes a very bad name these times. If you are a smoker, you have surely spotted the increased amount of restrictions all over the world, even at private festivities where the host is a non-smoker.
Also, normal cigarettes can produce impacts on your social life, literally. Let’s take a look at dating for an example – It is quite rare for a non-smoker to be with a smoker. Also, smoking can affect your job since more employers are having a more careful eye against traditional cigarettes.

As you can see, electronic smokeless devices hold many advantages over traditional smoking. Many have found out how they can still appreciate smoking and get the nicotine they seek without using options that are continuously seen as unwanted and unwelcomed.